Mr. Puta

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Green Stuff 05:05 Tools
Live at Sensation 06:36 Tools
La Vida Narcotica 03:20 Tools
The Green Stuff 04:32 Tools
Green Stuff [Ayatola's Jumpstyle Remix] 04:39 Tools
Green Stuff (Radio Edit) 04:39 Tools
Panjere Del Pierro 00:30 Tools
Green Stuff (Malua Remix) 01:22 Tools
La Vida Narcotica - Original Club Mix 05:31 Tools
Panjero Del Piero 06:05 Tools
Green Stuff (Malua Remix Extended) 01:22 Tools
Mash Up (Deejay Erp's Mash Up) 06:35 Tools
pajnero del piero 06:35 Tools
Mr. Puta - Green Stuff 06:35 Tools
Green Stuff @ 06:35 Tools
pajnero del pierro 01:22 Tools
The Puta Story 01:22 Tools
Mash Up 08:41 Tools
puta madre 08:41 Tools
Mr. Puta Live At Sensation 05:37 Tools
Green Stuff (28 Robboz Remix 29) 05:37 Tools
La Vida Narcotica (Original Club Mix) 05:30 Tools
Green Green Stuff 05:30 Tools
07. Mr. Puta - Mash Up 05:30 Tools
Mr.Puta Live At Sensation 2006 05:30 Tools
The Green Stuff @ 05:30 Tools
Green Stuff (Showtek remix) 06:39 Tools
GreenStuff 06:39 Tools
Lala Song 06:39 Tools
Live at Sensation 2006 (Puta Madre) 06:39 Tools
Green Stuff [Ringtone Hardstyle] 06:39 Tools
The green stuff***compilation by ZONG****** 06:39 Tools
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MR Puta is A DJ/Vocalist and He is maybe who join together with Showtek.he makes sounds for DJ duro,DJ Dirk.... his song is succesfully populair in Benelux. Every fans awaits the voice of puta madre in 2005 and now Mr puta will show himself in Sensation black 2006..but some peoples think that he is dj duro himself... Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.