Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Terrible Love 03:15 Tools
Devil On My Shoulder 04:10 Tools
Muscle Car on a Dead End Road 05:56 Tools
Ride You Down 05:09 Tools
The Floorless Jig 04:53 Tools
My Only Love 07:09 Tools
Orphan Song 03:43 Tools
Rictus 04:35 Tools
Malimony 04:50 Tools
March to the Sea 04:31 Tools
Down In Flames 05:15 Tools
The Eyes of Others 07:28 Tools
I Got It All 04:25 Tools
One Holy Thing 05:25 Tools
Road Boy Blues 04:14 Tools
Open Road 06:16 Tools
Malamerica 01:22 Tools
Open Contempt 04:26 Tools
The Other People's Money Stomp 01:55 Tools
No One's Ark 07:54 Tools
Blindly 05:50 Tools
My Eye 04:29 Tools
Hey John 02:50 Tools
Twilight Horses 03:45 Tools
Dead Man's Dish 04:41 Tools
Open Mouth 04:39 Tools
Closing Train 06:07 Tools
Teaser Stallion Blues 03:02 Tools
Feather in the Grease 05:28 Tools
Rood Boy Blues 04:13 Tools
The Other Peoples Money Stomp 01:55 Tools
Teaser Stallion Blues (excerpt) 02:01 Tools
Teaser Stallion Blues - Excerpt 02:02 Tools
Red Grass, Black Pasture 05:59 Tools
Landlocked Blues 05:59 Tools
Muscle Car on a Dead End Road - Furnace Songs 00:30 Tools
Catalog of Woes 04:32 Tools
The Eyes of Others [War-Love Blues] 2003 07:30 Tools
Malimony [Furnace Songs] 2001 04:51 Tools
red grass black pasture 04:51 Tools
The Floorless Jig [War-Love Blues] 2003 00:00 Tools
02 Terrible Love 00:00 Tools
My Only Love [War-Love Blues] 2003 00:00 Tools
03 March To The Sea 00:00 Tools
The Other People's Money Stamp 00:00 Tools
01 Rood Boy Blues 00:00 Tools
04 The Floorless Jig 00:00 Tools
Myssouri - Devil On My Shoulder 00:00 Tools
Teaser Stallion Blues [War-Love Blues] 2003 00:00 Tools
RideYouDown 05:11 Tools
Teaser Stallion Blues [Excerpt] 05:11 Tools
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MYSSOURI was a four-piece band from Atlanta, Georgia, with a heady, haunting evocative sound woven with a dark rock/western-soul sensibility that pays homage to the band's numerous influences, delivered with a strong and cinematic sense of place--namely mythic Western America; all solidly built around the vocal and songwriting talent of group leader Michael Bradley. MYSSOURI have taken a rusted blade to the fallen tree of genre-pigeonholing and carved an ever- evolving dark-indie-rock/country/blues/goth hybrid. Sadly the band broke up. The frontman Blind Michael Bradley continues to make music under the name Antic Clay. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.