Nü Sensae

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Swim 03:08 Tools
TEA SWAMP PARK 01:04 Tools
Dust 03:13 Tools
100 Shades 01:45 Tools
First Born 00:50 Tools
Spit Gifting 02:20 Tools
Burnt Masks 03:09 Tools
Whispering Rule 04:35 Tools
Tyjna 01:52 Tools
Eat Your Mind 01:30 Tools
Orange Roses 02:25 Tools
Curdle The Cream 02:11 Tools
First Born (Reprise) 00:48 Tools
Gumbo 02:51 Tools
Say What You Are 02:35 Tools
Graceland 01:14 Tools
Don't Panic 01:54 Tools
New Lies 02:27 Tools
Cat's Cradle 02:39 Tools
I'm A Body 02:01 Tools
Peter Tripp 01:42 Tools
Worm(s) 02:29 Tools
Throw 04:12 Tools
Skull Mecca 03:06 Tools
Sweet Thing 01:43 Tools
(Hardholio) 02:39 Tools
Disappearing Act 02:27 Tools
Born Zero 01:58 Tools
(Boots) 03:35 Tools
(Terribolt) 02:03 Tools
(Zimple) 02:46 Tools
Raven Tussle 01:33 Tools
The Witch 01:33 Tools
1992 00:49 Tools
Brain Aid 01:19 Tools
Cut Throat Nine 02:15 Tools
Total Drift 02:39 Tools
BURN ZERO 02:46 Tools
Night Talker 02:46 Tools
Strange Games 02:03 Tools
Passing the Word 03:06 Tools
Sleeping Blouse 02:08 Tools
Fantum 02:33 Tools
Mowgli And Sly 02:14 Tools
"Spit Gifting" from the album Sundowning (Suicide Squeeze) 02:14 Tools
Mens Rea 01:22 Tools
I'M A BODY directed by Cody Fennell 02:02 Tools
Total Drift (Hardholio) 02:39 Tools
Miko 01:20 Tools
Nu Sensae, 'Swim' 01:20 Tools
Graceland (live) 01:20 Tools
TotalDrift 01:20 Tools
NewLies 01:20 Tools
Zimple 01:20 Tools
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Nü Sensae are Andrea Lukić, Daniel Pitout, and Brody McKnight from Vancouver, Canada. The three-piece play the kind of mindburning, primordial skronk with bludgeoning low-end jabs that can freak the ears of a whole city. Muscle and eeriness shoved in through Andrea's feverish growls and shrieks as she shreds through bass while Daniel’s tribal death drumming gives a solid body to their music. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.