Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Captivating 05:24 Tools
Obsession 06:04 Tools
Outside The World 05:41 Tools
Wish I Never Met You (The Vision Remix) - Radio Edit 06:46 Tools
Stories - Radio Edit 04:47 Tools
Way Beyond 04:47 Tools
WINMY (Wish I Never Met You) - Extended Version 05:30 Tools
Wish I Never Met You (The Vision Remix) - Extended Mix 00:30 Tools
Feel So Alive 00:30 Tools
Technician (Neilio Remix) 05:30 Tools
Apache - Extended Version 00:30 Tools
Apache - Radio Version 04:19 Tools
Nothing - Radio Version 00:30 Tools
Trapped - Radio Edit 06:18 Tools
Forever - Original Version 04:19 Tools
Freezing Cold 04:19 Tools
And God Said 2K14 - Extended Version 06:18 Tools
Ain't No Dream - Original 06:18 Tools
Way Beyond [Mix Cut] - Original Mix 04:10 Tools
Way Beyond - Original 06:11 Tools
Freezing Cold - Original 06:04 Tools
Ain't No Dream 04:58 Tools
Streetmusic 07:20 Tools
Intervention - Radio Edit 06:11 Tools
Fountain Of Youth - Radio Version 00:30 Tools
Stories 06:11 Tools
See You On The Other Side - Extended Version 00:30 Tools
Freezing Cold (Original Mix) 06:03 Tools
Never Come Down - Extended Version 00:30 Tools
Intervention 00:30 Tools
True Beauty 06:46 Tools
Robotronic - Extended Version 00:30 Tools
Makes Me (Neroz Remix) 05:23 Tools
Grains Of Sand (Original Mix) 06:26 Tools
Citizens 06:17 Tools
Better Off Alone (2012 Edit) 05:18 Tools
Auditory Revolution - Outlands Anthem 2013 05:59 Tools
And God Said 00:30 Tools
Trapped - Radio Version 00:30 Tools
Stories (Radio Edit) 05:59 Tools
Trapped 08:09 Tools
And God Said 2K14 05:18 Tools
Auditory Revolution (Outlands Anthem 2013) 05:58 Tools
Robotronic - Original Version 11:06 Tools
See You On The Other Side 11:06 Tools
Makes Me (Original Mix) 08:09 Tools
Robotronic 08:09 Tools
Apache 11:06 Tools
And God Said 2K14 - Original Mix 11:06 Tools
Apache (Extended Version) 11:06 Tools
True Beauty (Neilio Re-edit) 11:06 Tools
Forever - Original Mix 04:10 Tools
Stories - Radio Version 07:31 Tools
Grains Of Sand 03:08 Tools
And Got Said 2K14 - Original Version 03:08 Tools
See You On The Other Side - Acoustic Version 05:30 Tools
Grains Of Sand (2013 Re-amp) 07:31 Tools
Forever 05:58 Tools
Stories (Original Mix) 05:58 Tools
And God Said (Original Mix) 05:58 Tools
Never Come Down [Mix Cut] - Original Mix 04:44 Tools
Ain't No Dream (Original Mix) 06:18 Tools
Obsession (Neilio's Kick Edit) 06:16 Tools
Nothing 05:30 Tools
Auditory Revolution 04:44 Tools
Street Music 07:20 Tools
Makes Me 08:09 Tools
Forever - Extended Version 04:44 Tools
Winmy (Wish I Never Met You) 04:44 Tools
Better Off Alone 06:18 Tools
Apache (Radio Version) 05:30 Tools
Neilio - Captivating 04:44 Tools
Nothing (Extended Mix) 05:30 Tools
& Got Said 2k14 (Original Version) 05:30 Tools
It's Like That (Neilio Bootleg) 04:28 Tools
The Way Beyond 04:35 Tools
Feel so Alive (feat. Ohwin) 05:30 Tools
Ain’t No Dream 04:35 Tools
Neilio - Technician (Neilio Re 05:30 Tools
Stories (Radio Version) 05:42 Tools
Neilio - Outside The World 05:42 Tools
Way Beyond (Hardbass Edit) 04:45 Tools
Ain't No Dream (Original) 02:29 Tools
Intervention (Radio Edit) 05:30 Tools
And God Said 2k14 (Extended Version) 06:07 Tools
Technician 05:30 Tools
Never Come Down - Original Mix 06:07 Tools
Nothing (Radio Version) 05:30 Tools
Stories (Official HQ Preview) 06:03 Tools
Freezing Cold (Original) 06:03 Tools
Feel So Alive - Radio Edit 04:58 Tools
Wish I Never Met You - The Vision Remix 04:58 Tools
Combina 04:58 Tools
Way Beyond (Original Mix) 06:07 Tools
Ain't No Dream (Official HQ Preview) 04:58 Tools
Better Off Alone (2012 Edit) [HQ Original] 06:07 Tools
Freedom (Radio Edit) 06:07 Tools
Freezing Cold - Original Mix 06:03 Tools
Fountain of Youth (Radio Version) 06:03 Tools
Wish I Never Met You 06:07 Tools
And God Said 2K14 (Original Mix) 06:07 Tools
Way Beyond (Official HQ Preview) 06:07 Tools
Outside This World [Short Cut] 06:07 Tools
Forever (HB Edit) 04:58 Tools
Never Come Down 06:07 Tools
Hardstyle Promo Mix | GUESTMIX 007 19:45 Tools
Captivating ( 19:45 Tools
And Got Said 2k14 19:45 Tools
And God Said (2013 Re-Amp) 19:45 Tools
Way Beyond (Original) 19:45 Tools
Obsession ( 04:58 Tools
Obsession [Monstercat Release] 04:58 Tools
Better Off Alone (feat. Sound Rusherz) 04:58 Tools
Streamrocker 04:58 Tools
Outside This World [Monstercat Release] 04:58 Tools
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Neilio started out with a basic program to make music with, but it captivated him so much, that he started to work with FL Studio, and God said, this was good. So he kept practicing and producing until some citizens came along and asked him to sign at Empire Traxx. It was there that the grains of sand started to move. He released his first True Beauties there, but he left Empire Traxx after a year since he was, 'better off alone'. Now people consider Neilio a rising star. An intervention within the hardstyle scene. He considers his tracks as his children. Neilio really seems from outside this world. In 2012 Neilio's hardstyle career has picked up considerably. He is to play the purple stage (new talent) at the worlds premier hardstyle festival, Defqon.1. Neilio has also seen a considerable boost in popularity with a track of his featuring in the 2011 Fear.FM Top 100 Hardstyle. Wasted Penguiz, another hardstyle act, have played Neilio tracks at Q-Base 2011. Check out Neilio on these pages: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.