Nils Bech

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
O Helga Natt 00:00 Tools
Glimpse Of Hope 00:00 Tools
Waiting 04:25 Tools
Contemporary Dancing 03:49 Tools
That Girl 04:07 Tools
Sudden Sickness 04:57 Tools
Too Little Too Late 03:54 Tools
Look Back 04:02 Tools
Glimpse of Hope - Joe Goddard Remix 04:02 Tools
I Punish You 04:57 Tools
Please Stay 05:14 Tools
A Sudden Sickness - Radio Edit 04:47 Tools
Jealousy 04:25 Tools
Apart 04:00 Tools
Tie Me Up (First Contact) 04:47 Tools
Shame 03:46 Tools
Brown/Blue 04:00 Tools
Curious Love 03:56 Tools
Trip Abroad 04:24 Tools
When You Looked at Me (First Meeting) 04:24 Tools
Echo 01:02 Tools
That I 03:22 Tools
Drip, Drip 03:54 Tools
Breaking Patterns Part 1 (The Relationship) 03:46 Tools
Let Go 01:02 Tools
I Say This Twice (A New Meeting) 05:49 Tools
Look Inside (A New Love / A New Me) 04:21 Tools
Don´t Worry 03:22 Tools
A Scar A Past (Formative Years) 04:39 Tools
In The Hallway 05:14 Tools
Breaking Patterns part 2 (The Break Up) 04:25 Tools
Drunk Love 03:48 Tools
Pass Pass Me By (Home Town / Family Affairs) 05:14 Tools
Carry Me 04:01 Tools
Indifferent 04:07 Tools
Vagabond Girl 05:18 Tools
Back Home 04:10 Tools
Medieval Times 04:01 Tools
French Affairs 03:52 Tools
That Girl/Jealousy 03:54 Tools
Space/Time - Feat. Mirejam Shala 04:10 Tools
I Looked Back 03:54 Tools
Waiting - Edit 01:02 Tools
Trip Abroad (Album version) 03:54 Tools
When you looked at me 01:02 Tools
Trip abroad (Radio edit) 01:02 Tools
That Girl / Jealousy 04:50 Tools
Don't Worry 04:18 Tools
Space/Time feat. Mirejam Shala 04:10 Tools
Breaking Patterns, Pt. 1 (The Relationship) 01:30 Tools
Drunk Love - Krazy Fiesta Version 04:40 Tools
Breaking Patterns, Pt. 2 (The Break Up) 01:30 Tools
Look Back - Punani SS "Who Is Luke Bech?!" Remix 04:40 Tools
Trip Abroad (Instrumental) 04:40 Tools
O Helga Natt (OST SKAM) 01:30 Tools
Waiting (Edit) 04:50 Tools
Drunk Love - Leo Nathorst Remix 06:36 Tools
Glimpse Of Hope (Joe Goddard Remix) 06:36 Tools
Helga Natt 06:36 Tools
Tie Me Up 04:50 Tools
Space/Time 04:20 Tools
Look Back - Punani SS Something Old Dub 04:50 Tools
A Sudden Sickness (Radio Edit) 04:20 Tools
Brown Blue 01:30 Tools
Look Back (Punani SS "who is luke bech?" remix) 01:30 Tools
look back (Punani SS something old dub) 07:29 Tools
Space/Time Featuring Mirejam Shala 04:10 Tools
Brown / Blue 03:58 Tools
Space / Time 03:58 Tools
Look Inside 04:20 Tools
Space / Time Ft. Mirejam Shala 04:10 Tools
Look Inside (A New Love/A New Me) 04:10 Tools
A Sudden Sickness 04:10 Tools
Vagabond 04:20 Tools
I Say This Twice 05:48 Tools
Brown_Blue 301007 05:48 Tools
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Nils Bech, born 1981, is a musician and performance artist from Norway, situated in the borderland between performance art, classical compositions and electronica. Nils Bech released his debut album Look Back on Fysisk Format April 19th, 2010 and followed up with huge critical success with Look Inside in November 2012. Look Inside was produced by the Norwegian electronic duo Ost&Kjex and featured arrangements by contemporary composers Ole Henrik Moe and Julian Skar. Nils Bech has performed at the 54th Venice Biennale, the New Museum in New York, ICA and Frieze Foundation in London as well as music festivals like Bylarm, Hovefestivalen, Roskildefestivalen and Øyafestivalen. He is a classically trained singer with focus on the performative aspect and used to be the singer in the Norwegian Grammy- and Alarm Prize-nominated musical group Snuten. He is now working with different genres like modern music; Jan Erik Mikaelsen, electronica; Tore Jazztobak and Even Bekkedal as well as pop/jazz; Bendik Giske. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.