Noise Factory

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Digital Forest 06:09 Tools
Broken Dreams (Give Me More Mix) 06:09 Tools
Breakage #4 (I Bring You The Future) (Ray Keith Remix) 07:09 Tools
Can You Feel the Rush 04:24 Tools
Autopsycho 03:59 Tools
Can U Feel The Rush 04:53 Tools
Set Me Free (Remix) 05:50 Tools
Breakage #4 04:29 Tools
The Fire 05:53 Tools
My Mind 04:55 Tools
The Future 05:36 Tools
Solidodiscontinuoinforme 05:53 Tools
Survival 06:26 Tools
Klon 05:03 Tools
Dance With The Speaker 05:01 Tools
Feel The Magic 05:42 Tools
Set Me Free 04:38 Tools
John Titor Is My Friend 04:48 Tools
Breakage #6 04:40 Tools
Be free 05:26 Tools
Breakage #2 03:28 Tools
Skin Teeth 06:26 Tools
Futuroid 05:57 Tools
Straight From the Bedroom 05:13 Tools
Der Wald 03:46 Tools
The Future - Original Mix 03:46 Tools
Breakage #1 02:21 Tools
All Crew 05:10 Tools
Mr Sulu 05:26 Tools
Ladies Choice 05:27 Tools
123 O'Clock Rock 05:27 Tools
Breakage #3 04:58 Tools
The Buzz 04:56 Tools
Out Of My Mind 04:11 Tools
We Can 05:39 Tools
Jungle Maffin 04:25 Tools
The Dungeon 03:25 Tools
Future II (The Remix) 04:51 Tools
Wheel Up! 03:25 Tools
Behold The Jungle (Reissue) 00:00 Tools
Bring Forward The Noise 04:24 Tools
Breakage #5 04:14 Tools
Breakage #7 04:01 Tools
Supreme Knowledge 04:54 Tools
Come Inside 05:31 Tools
The Box Opened 02:32 Tools
Jungle Techno 04:16 Tools
Loving You 05:05 Tools
Box Bass (Warning Tune In The Bass) 04:03 Tools
I Bring You The Future (Remix) 07:22 Tools
Untitled Bonus Beats 00:00 Tools
Who Are You 03:46 Tools
Imperative 03:53 Tools
Schatten 07:52 Tools
Dreams 04:04 Tools
I Bring You the Future 03:39 Tools
Recession Time 03:39 Tools
Mixed Noises .wav 03:39 Tools
Breakage # 6 04:42 Tools
Like By A Window Of A Train ( Single Edit ) 03:39 Tools
Intoxication 03:39 Tools
Breathless (Distorted Mind Mix) 05:47 Tools
I Bring You The Future (DJ A-Sides Remix) 05:38 Tools
Behold the jungle 04:43 Tools
Breakage 4 03:50 Tools
Angst I 04:42 Tools
Time 07:16 Tools
Bondaged 04:10 Tools
Enemy 04:10 Tools
Like by a window of train (Sin 04:10 Tools
Rerelease 04:39 Tools
Can U Feel The Rush (Remix) 04:24 Tools
Broken Dreams (Demo Edit) 04:10 Tools
Feel The Music 04:21 Tools
Behold The Jungle (Original Mix) 04:43 Tools
Can U Feel It (Feelin Mix) 06:53 Tools
We Have It 05:01 Tools
Mothers Disease (Immortality mix) 06:15 Tools
Beyond The Night 04:22 Tools
Nur Ein Traum 04:22 Tools
Time (Remix) 07:06 Tools
Breathless (Mad Mix) 04:21 Tools
Run Come Follow Me 05:28 Tools
Warehouse Music 03:41 Tools
Can You Feel The Rush (The Power mix) 04:53 Tools
Warning (Dub Mix) 04:24 Tools
Broken Dreams (Lost In Silence Mix) 05:58 Tools
Black Hole ( - Mix) 05:58 Tools
Creeping Death 05:58 Tools
preacher man 03:41 Tools
Angst II 05:58 Tools
Angst 1 (Original) 05:58 Tools
Dream 04:05 Tools
Love (Club Mix) 06:22 Tools
Noise Factory 04:23 Tools
can you feel the rush (the pow 06:43 Tools
The Military System 00:57 Tools
Roll With Me (Rollin Mix) 06:43 Tools
Creeping Death (The Can You Feel Remix) 06:52 Tools
Assault Theme 02:32 Tools
To The Top 05:00 Tools
Breakage No. 6 02:42 Tools
Schatten (Remix) 07:49 Tools
Pyramid 01:30 Tools
Love 01:30 Tools
Behold The Jungle (Re-Issue) 04:40 Tools
The Future (Original Mix) 04:40 Tools
Breakage 4 (I Bring You The Future) 04:33 Tools
Barracks 00:43 Tools
Behold the Jungle (Orig Mix) 04:42 Tools
Mothers Disease 06:39 Tools
A.O.U 06:39 Tools
The Cenotaph 01:59 Tools
Marine Diver 01:43 Tools
Final Attack 02:30 Tools
Melody Of Life 07:34 Tools
Untitled 05:17 Tools
I Wanna Feel The Music 04:21 Tools
Kiss in the Dark 01:39 Tools
The Unknown World 02:21 Tools
Metamorphosis 01:54 Tools
First Contact 01:48 Tools
End Title Again 02:28 Tools
Escape 02:15 Tools
Bioinformatics 02:08 Tools
The Kidnapping 00:34 Tools
Beyond The Night (Remix) 00:34 Tools
Breakage 5 (Remix) 04:40 Tools
Peoples tune 04:40 Tools
Aus dem Tagungshaus 20:57 Tools
Need A Release 04:37 Tools
Desert 01:48 Tools
Box Bass 04:03 Tools
Free Lions 20:57 Tools
Broken Dreams (Single Edit) 20:57 Tools
Urban Music 01:38 Tools
Soukai no Kiba (Dr. Moreau no Shima) - Blue Water Fangs (the island of Dr. Moreau) 02:16 Tools
Steel Beasts 6Beets 02:15 Tools
IKZO Non-Stop MIX 441.93 01:48 Tools
Ocean Blue Fangs 04:37 Tools
Shut Up 03:13 Tools
Into the Sky 04:37 Tools
Sabaku - Desert 01:48 Tools
Mayonaka no Houkou - The Midnight Wandering 02:19 Tools
Hidden Factory 02:18 Tools
Was I Raving 05:02 Tools
Into Space 05:02 Tools
Asai Umi - The Shallow Sea 01:38 Tools
Wandering at Midnight 02:19 Tools
i bring you the future (dj a-sides mix) 05:38 Tools
Japanese Soldiers 02:19 Tools
The Future (2005 Ray Keith remix) 01:52 Tools
Nihonhei - The Japanese Army 01:52 Tools
Hard Kaichuu - Hard Water 02:34 Tools
Uchuu-e - Into the Cosmos 02:25 Tools
Ma no Bonbori - The Magic Lantern 01:55 Tools
Bring Forth the Noise 04:25 Tools
Noise Factory - Need a Release 01:55 Tools
Shallow Water 01:55 Tools
Kara-e - in the void 02:09 Tools
Himitsu Koujou - Himitsu Factory 02:09 Tools
Breakage#4 07:09 Tools
Breakage 03:27 Tools
Breakage #4 ( I bring you the future) 04:25 Tools
Futuroid (Remix) 04:25 Tools
Rave In Your Bedroom 05:38 Tools
Change 03:27 Tools
ホタルパワー 07:09 Tools
Snow Cave of Evil 07:09 Tools
Breakage #5 (remix) 03:27 Tools
Raggamuffin Mayhem 04:25 Tools
Preacher Man (Short Mix) 03:27 Tools
Dance With The 03:27 Tools
Breakage 4 (Verb & Fox Remix) 04:25 Tools
Steel Beasts 6 Beets 03:27 Tools
the future (a-sides remix) 03:27 Tools
遊星マジック 03:27 Tools
In the Hard Sea 03:27 Tools
Set Me Free (Remix) (1992) 03:27 Tools
つきなみじゃいられない 03:27 Tools
Breakage #4 - I bring you the future 03:27 Tools
濡れ衣 00:00 Tools
Breakage 4 [I Bring You The Future] 04:25 Tools
The Fire (Edit) 00:00 Tools
Warning 00:00 Tools
Can You Feel The Rush (Remix) 00:00 Tools
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There are two artists known as Noise Factory, both around in the early 90s. 1. A breakbeat hardcore act from the UK active from the early to the mid 90s. Members: James Stephens, Terry Tee Originally part of the Ibiza Records stable with tunes like "Box Bass", "Who Are You", and "Set Me Free". They then launched their own spinoff label entitled 3rd Party, and produced a string of seven EPs for said label. Their output at this time was arguably best known for "Breakage #4", also known as "I Bring You The Future", which would go on to be remixed countless times. Amidst appearances on other labels such as Entity Records, Tam Tam / Savage Records, and Strictly Underground Records, Terry and James eventually split ways. Their last collaborative output was "Dreams" for the Kemet label. James went on to continue recording for Kemet and 3rd Party as Family Of Intelligence, while Terry found more fame with his Prizna and Knowledge & Wisdom projects. In 2002, the Noise Factory name was briefly resurrected for two 12" singles on the Three Lions Recordings label alongside their former label mate on Ibiza Records, Potential Bad Boy. These releases, however, were the work of James only, as Terry did not return to the project. (Source: Discogs) 2. A Darkwave/EBM act who were recording music as early as 1991. Not much is known about them, but as some tracks of theirs are sung in German, it is most likely that they originate from Germany. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.