Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Cold Ain't For Me 00:00 Tools
Deep Blue 00:00 Tools
Into the Void 00:00 Tools
Lit Up Under Streetlights 08:17 Tools
Scars 04:19 Tools
Brother 08:17 Tools
Traps and Traps 04:37 Tools
Icarus 04:37 Tools
Boy Detective 09:02 Tools
We Are Ruins 05:57 Tools
Ways With Wolves 05:13 Tools
Sound of Static 03:12 Tools
City at Peace 04:32 Tools
Terrified Of What We Might Become 08:22 Tools
Your Plane Leaves Tomorrow 09:20 Tools
The Sound of Your Voice 09:20 Tools
Summer Rain 09:20 Tools
Bring Us Home 03:12 Tools
Find The Words 05:03 Tools
Martyr 04:19 Tools
Carrying Onwards 01:30 Tools
Movin' Cruisin' 03:16 Tools
Slipping Backwards 03:43 Tools
Polygamist 03:09 Tools
Define, Divide 01:35 Tools
A Call, An Answer 03:18 Tools
Creep 03:18 Tools
Left And Gone 01:38 Tools
To Its End 03:58 Tools
Change The Old 04:41 Tools
My Own Summer (Shove It) 04:41 Tools
Honest 04:41 Tools
We Are the Storm 04:41 Tools
My Own Summer - Shove It 04:41 Tools
Movin' Cruisin' - da "Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro" 03:15 Tools
Scars to Your Beautiful 03:15 Tools
Scars to Your Beautiful (feat. Anna Murphy) 03:15 Tools
Chi Trova Un Amico Trova Un Tesoro - Movin' Cruisin' 03:16 Tools
Coasts 00:00 Tools
Silencio 00:00 Tools
Subject 13 07:06 Tools
Grief Wolves 04:17 Tools
The Last Day on Earth 04:17 Tools
Stwo & ELHAE 04:17 Tools
02 + 03 05:11 Tools
Sundown 05:11 Tools
Dark 05:11 Tools
I'm Telling You 05:11 Tools
Constellations::Carrina 05:15 Tools
Boast 05:15 Tools
Would 05:15 Tools
Coldplay 03:35 Tools
Pearl Jam legendado 00:00 Tools
Le Temps Des Découvertes 05:15 Tools
Oceans 02:15 Tools
Ivy Drive 02:15 Tools
The Sound Of Static 02:15 Tools
Take the Chance 02:15 Tools
America's Next Top Martyr 02:15 Tools
I'm Aquarius 02:15 Tools
Dinner Jazz and a Tom Collins 00:00 Tools
Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro: Movin' Cruisin' - Oceans 00:00 Tools
Coldplay (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) 00:00 Tools
Always Tomorrow - Longlife Anthem Extended 09:43 Tools
A Warm Wind 00:00 Tools
It's Never Enough When You're A Polygamist 00:00 Tools
Hillsong United 04:09 Tools
Give All 09:43 Tools
1.Coasts 09:43 Tools
Rob Costlow 00:00 Tools
Pacific 09:43 Tools
Selling Souls 03:02 Tools
Apart 08:02 Tools
We're Sorry We Don't Play Football 03:02 Tools
Mallory Knox 33:45 Tools
Heaven 03:03 Tools
Let Me Live 03:03 Tools
She's Gone 02:28 Tools
Pearl Jam 02:41 Tools
Sunrise 02:28 Tools
u said u would never leave (w/ steezy prime) 03:38 Tools
Grief::Wolves 02:28 Tools
Burn 03:38 Tools
Always Tomorrow (Longlife Anthem Extended) 03:38 Tools
Mary Kay Letourneau (From Her Blackboard to my Bedroom) 02:28 Tools
Finding Love Enough 06:25 Tools
Coasts (Twice As Nice Remix) 00:00 Tools
Coldplay Live 00:00 Tools
Sonny Moore 03:06 Tools
Wanting the Moon 03:06 Tools
breathe (w/ emzhi) 03:38 Tools
Swallowed By The Earth 05:00 Tools
My Own Summer 05:00 Tools
Cold Aint For Me 04:22 Tools
I Will 04:38 Tools
Echoic Memories 03:06 Tools
Second Chance 04:18 Tools
Constellations::Carrina (Starlit Everglades Remix) 00:00 Tools
Higher 04:22 Tools
Seafret 02:08 Tools
Vex'd 00:00 Tools
The Golden Boy 07:29 Tools
Hold Back the Rain 08:11 Tools
Red 04:19 Tools
Cold Ain't for Me (Signor G Edit) 04:19 Tools
Scofield 01:52 Tools
Burrows 08:11 Tools
Love Yourself 08:11 Tools
Blue 03:09 Tools
Black 01:52 Tools
Sean Carter 08:11 Tools
Warm Wind 02:20 Tools
godlike 00:00 Tools
Crywolf & Ianborg 00:00 Tools
Paradise 00:00 Tools
Ridin' the Tide 00:00 Tools
Yellow 02:20 Tools
The Land Where Everyone Feels Free 11:59 Tools
Silent Sound 05:23 Tools
Indian Jewelry 02:08 Tools
The Night Song 03:19 Tools
Salvation 03:19 Tools
Change 02:56 Tools
Jay-Z Frank Ocean | FM4 Connected 00:30 Tools
Always Tomorrow 04:40 Tools
Johan 00:30 Tools
Oceans Collide 00:30 Tools
Saviours 02:08 Tools
Mary Kay Letourneau (From Her Blackboard, To My Bedroom) 02:08 Tools
Zion Acoustic Sessions 02:08 Tools
Jay-Z Frank Ocean | FM4 Homebase 11:06 Tools
Hasmt 02:56 Tools
Above the Clouds 00:00 Tools
Super Snooper 06:03 Tools
Tears Have No Name 06:13 Tools
Picturesque: Cataclysm Savour: And the Little Things That Make Us Smile 03:25 Tools
St. Peter 08:03 Tools
with you ~ part one 04:40 Tools
If I Were a Carpenter 09:37 Tools
Mischka [Breathe] Master 04:40 Tools
find me ○ 04:40 Tools
Free Country 05:57 Tools
Out of Sight (feat. Nü//Shadow) 05:57 Tools
Cold Ain't For Me (Official Video) 04:40 Tools
Fragile: Pictures of Silence: Melting the Skies 04:40 Tools
f e e d b a c k 03:35 Tools
Heartbeats 04:40 Tools
cheer me on 04:40 Tools
To It's End 03:35 Tools
Oce∆ns - Constellations::Carrina (Starlit Everglades Remix) 02:59 Tools
Disappear Here 03:35 Tools
The War of The Words 04:57 Tools
Untold 03:35 Tools
No One 05:57 Tools
Yerushalayim Érez haQuodes 05:57 Tools
Scars To Your Beautiful [Feat Anna Murphy] 05:57 Tools
Disappear 05:57 Tools
Mary Kay Letourneau 05:57 Tools
Esprit De Corps 03:35 Tools
Demo Song 2 03:35 Tools
Aphelion: Light Evanescence: Into Extinction 03:35 Tools
Dinner, Jazz, And A Tom Collins 03:35 Tools
Intelligence Is Sexy 03:52 Tools
breathe w/ emzhi 03:52 Tools
Cold Ain\'t For Me 03:56 Tools
The Format 03:56 Tools
ha-Shoah (Atyd Rmx) 03:56 Tools
breathe (VIP) 03:56 Tools
Release Me 03:52 Tools
Full Kalimba Cover 03:52 Tools
3am Throught 03:56 Tools
eyes w/ JAYDOT 03:52 Tools
3 A.M. Thought 03:56 Tools
CHI-KA 03:56 Tools
Ocens - Constellations::Carrina (Starlit Everglades Remix) 00:00 Tools
Lonely Love 00:00 Tools
Tag, You're It 00:00 Tools
Gypsy's Cafe 00:00 Tools
3AM Thought 00:00 Tools
Tophet (Niko Skorpio Rmx) 07:15 Tools
Jacob Lee 07:15 Tools
Angelina: Chthonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms 03:52 Tools
Untitled 6 03:52 Tools
MTV Unplugged 03:52 Tools
Selkies [Deeper Conversations] Version 03:52 Tools
Hillsong United (Live at Relevant) 03:52 Tools
V 03:52 Tools
I 03:52 Tools
blue skies w/ emzhi 03:52 Tools
Ensidya 03:52 Tools
Sizzle Bird 03:52 Tools
03 03:52 Tools
Movin' Crusin 03:56 Tools
Yen On A Carousel 03:52 Tools
Postfuturistika 05:41 Tools
Pacific Dream 05:41 Tools
The Winds of Change 05:41 Tools
3 AM Thought 05:41 Tools
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There are (7) artists with the artist name OCEANS: (1)Oceans were a post-rock, primarily instrumental band from Urbana and Chicago, Illinois formed in the fall of 2005 at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Oceans is Ryan Martin, Nick Wakim, Keith Marek, Mike Parkinson, and Luis Belorin. Oceans released a full length album, Nothing Collapses, in early 2009 on Copper Lung Records. Members have gone on to play in CSTVT and Victor! fix the Sun www.myspace.com/broceans --- (2)Oceans are an Hardcore/Progressive band based in Burlington, Ontario. www.myspace.com/oceansband The Great Divide In a time when music is readily available through a Google search and one click of the mouse, it is also a time for a new beginning. We know the stakes and the saturation of bands out there, and we know it’s impossible to stand out in the crowd without creating a scene or something new. So we’ve decided that because of your support and interest, our album should be available online for free. …And all it takes is one click. We don’t need to obey the typical formula for promoting our band but we do need you and your support. The Great Divide is an album about fighting for what it is you want and believe in; we are fighting to make it our own because this is what we live and breath for. The world fights against you every step of the way, but integrity prevails. Change the old. Oceans Since 2006 Burlington’s Oceans has been stealing attention and lighting up local stages as one of Southern Ontario’s most promising bands. Their blend of progressive yet melodic hardcore has ushered them to play alongside such acts as Misery Signals, Cancer Bats, Bury Your Dead and Blessed By A Broken Heart, while their energetic live show has put them on the radar and in high demand to journey across the rest of Canada. In 2007 the band entered Sundown Studios and recorded their debut self-titled EP (which includes crowd favourite and tribute to Nick Hurlbut, Dinner Jazz and a Tom Collins) followed by The November Demos. And now, armed with their debut full-length The Great Divide, Oceans will certainly swallow the accolades of fans and industry professionals alike. “On this album I think listeners will notice a new kind of catchiness and relatability through songs that are meant to encourage hope and positivity amongst people and the music scene,” says guitarist Jamie Ricottone. “So many times we were uncertain of the future of our band and self-destruction was always on the horizon. But we thought hard and told ourselves that hard work would pay off, and that’s how the full-length came to be. We want this album to shake the scene awake.” The Great Divide not only represents Oceans’ perseverance and faith in their capabilities and music scene itself, but it also hinders a sense of generosity as they’ve elected to make the entire album downloadable online for free. And as 2009 continues to unfold and intermingle with a barrage of tour dates, Oceans will create the waves to lift fans up and take them to a place of musical euphoria. myspace.com/oceansband www.thesoundofoceans.com --- 3) Oceans is a rock band from Hardinxveld, Netherlands. 4) Oceans is an experimental artist from Hobart, Australia. http://www.myspace.com/wearetheoceanpeople 5) Oceans are an alternative rock band from Leeds, UK. www.oceansrock.com www.facebook.com/oceansofficial 6) Oceans are a post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. http://www.facebook.com/Oceans 7) Oceans, Finland. Oceans is the alias by which 19yr old Efe Tekkanat delivers his homespun tales of yearning and life. Efe had tried honing a songwriting style via former punk band BlindSide. Moving on from punk led Efe to Ableton Live, which in turn became an avenue for Efe to channel his style and deliver short electronic songs that best showcased his songwriting. Thus, Oceans was born. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.