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I skuggan av mig själv 04:53 Tools
A life worth losing 01:14 Tools
Urban enlightenment of desolation 05:36 Tools
Västerås 05:36 Tools
Livets dystra gång 05:05 Tools
Ensam kvar efter dödens år 05:49 Tools
Befrielsen 04:38 Tools
Under my influence (Guided to damnation) 05:49 Tools
Bury them under nails and crust 04:30 Tools
Irrfärd 04:30 Tools
Bitterljuv Nostalgi 04:30 Tools
Omöjligheten till lycka 04:30 Tools
En vandrares börda 04:30 Tools
Generations of hurt 04:30 Tools
Mod 03:31 Tools
En fragmentarisk resa genom tidsrymden 03:31 Tools
Mother Earth, Devour Me 03:31 Tools
Ungdomssår 01:49 Tools
Beneath a Starlit Sky 01:49 Tools
Wither 05:00 Tools
Into the Streams of the Black River 01:49 Tools
Swallowed by the Night 01:49 Tools
The Swan 01:49 Tools
Skymningsvisa 01:49 Tools
Bury me under nails and crust 01:49 Tools
Herr Mannelig 01:49 Tools
Ensam 01:49 Tools
In I Natten 01:49 Tools
As the Northern Wind Cries 01:49 Tools
Grey 01:49 Tools
Köldvisa 01:49 Tools
Gryningsvisa 01:49 Tools
Livets dystra gеng 01:49 Tools
Ensam kvar efter dцdens еr 01:49 Tools
Vдsterеs 01:49 Tools
I skuggan av mig sjдlv 01:49 Tools
Omцjligheten till lycka 01:49 Tools
Våra minnens klagosång 01:49 Tools
Nostalgi 05:40 Tools
Life worth losing 03:23 Tools
Våra Minnenas Klagosång 03:23 Tools
Ensam Kvar Efter Dodens Ar 03:23 Tools
I Skuggan Av Mig Själv (subtítulos español) 05:00 Tools
Livets Dystra Gang 05:00 Tools
I skuggan av mig sjalv 04:53 Tools
Livets dystra gĺng 05:00 Tools
Vasteras 05:35 Tools
Urban Enlightment of Desolation 05:35 Tools
Ensam kvar efter dödens ĺr 05:35 Tools
Bury them 05:35 Tools
Västerĺs 05:35 Tools
As The Northern Winds Cries 05:35 Tools
Ensam Kvar Efter Dodens Ar (NEW 2014) 05:35 Tools
A Life Worth Losing... 05:35 Tools
Ensam Kvar Efter Dödens Ar 05:35 Tools
Under my influence 05:35 Tools
Omojligheten till lycka 05:35 Tools
Under My Influence (Guided To 05:35 Tools
Gryningsvisor ( Stream) 05:35 Tools
Bury Them Under Nails And Crus 05:05 Tools
Syndafloden 05:05 Tools
Ofdrykkja - Västerås 05:36 Tools
Ofdrykkja - Livets dystra gång 05:05 Tools
Ofdrykkja - I skuggan av mig själv 04:38 Tools
Urban Enlightenment Of Desolat 03:31 Tools
Irrfärd ( 2017) 04:38 Tools
I skuggan av mig själv (Sub Español/English) 05:35 Tools
Irrfard 03:31 Tools
Mother Earth, Devour Me (Irrfärd / 2017) 03:31 Tools
Intro 03:31 Tools
Ofdrykkja - Befrielsen 04:38 Tools
Höst 04:38 Tools
En vandrares borda 04:38 Tools
Ensam Kvar Efter Dödens År 04:38 Tools
Västeras 05:05 Tools
Ofdrykkja - A life worth losing 03:31 Tools
Ofdrykkja - Bury them under nails and crust 04:38 Tools
Ofdrykkja 04:38 Tools
Ungdomssar 03:31 Tools
Ofdrykkja - Mod 03:31 Tools
Ofdrykkja - Under my influence (Guided to damnation) 03:31 Tools
Omöjligheten Till Licka 03:31 Tools
A Life Worth Losing.. 03:31 Tools
I Skuggan Av Mig Själv 6996 03:31 Tools
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Taken from their Soundcloud page: Autumn 2011. Drabbad (Lepra, Suicide) had spent two and a half years institutionalized, after a suicide attempt which ended up with him being clinically dead for several minutes. He was now getting himself ready to face the outside world once again. Pessimisten, (Apati, there known as C9H13N) had recently disbanded his former band Apati, as a result of the death by overdose of one of the members. The two ended up with starting Ofdrykkja, and just a few months later, The Associate (Death under siege, Suicide) Arkomann and Bödeln joined them. 'Ofdrykkja' means "excessive drinking" in Old Norse, and pretty much explains the theme of the lyrics and musical influence for the band. The main valuation of Ofdrykkja is to reflect our view of our contemporaries which often can be quite tangled and complex. But we try to be honest with what we do and do not exaggerate or fictitious catch on with the DSBM culture of total negativity. Though we sometimes use extreme expressions (as a kind of visual art or authentic presentations). But those incidents that rarely happens and affects the members of the band are unfortunately parts of our lives. In 2015, Johan Gabrielson (ex-lifelover, ex-vanhelga, eskapi) joined the band to serve as lyricist and vocalist alongside Pessimisten Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.