Oscar Mulero

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Like A Wolf 05:41 Tools
B2 From Cr007 01:41 Tools
The Cycle 05:39 Tools
Taken to the Wrong Way 05:46 Tools
In A Silent Way 05:36 Tools
Hungry 04:29 Tools
Friday Thirteen 06:27 Tools
Intentionally False 07:39 Tools
Instant Widespread of the Dirt 05:21 Tools
Spatial Sequence Synesthesia 06:35 Tools
Disinformation 06:58 Tools
The Dirt 05:21 Tools
Tidal Acceleration 05:27 Tools
Introducing Errors 05:28 Tools
To Convince for the Untruth 05:45 Tools
Dualistic Concept 08:54 Tools
Mind-Body Interaction 03:02 Tools
Inaccurated Information 05:39 Tools
46 (Antaganists Mix) 04:48 Tools
Involuntary Response 05:17 Tools
Anatomical Variation 05:39 Tools
Mentally Induced Action 05:16 Tools
Black Propaganda 02:24 Tools
Same Shoes Different Streets 05:16 Tools
Interrelated 05:50 Tools
False Statement 05:25 Tools
Mindful Body 05:41 Tools
Mechanical Function 05:41 Tools
Road to Pleasure 05:13 Tools
Texture - Shlømo Remix 05:13 Tools
201 Element 05:20 Tools
Stimulated Reflex 01:52 Tools
Muscle and Mind 05:20 Tools
still the one i was 05:54 Tools
Mental Causation 05:48 Tools
Letters From Madrid 06:14 Tools
Unconscious 04:59 Tools
Rotula - Truncate Remix 06:04 Tools
False Statements 05:34 Tools
Repeater 05:40 Tools
Dreams of Happiness 05:41 Tools
Cova Rosa 05:33 Tools
The Darker Days 05:10 Tools
Grey Fades to Green 05:48 Tools
Rotar - Tensal remix 07:19 Tools
46 (Re-Work) 05:20 Tools
After All 05:41 Tools
Under The Steet Lights 05:09 Tools
Horses 05:13 Tools
Last Regrets 04:59 Tools
Doiras 05:21 Tools
Oscos 05:35 Tools
Hyperbolic Paths 06:18 Tools
Eccentricity 06:35 Tools
Silent Air 07:07 Tools
Dematerialization 05:31 Tools
Electric Storm 05:13 Tools
Reverberation 06:11 Tools
Seleccion Natural 05:23 Tools
Ibias 05:43 Tools
Drops 07:23 Tools
Altaria 05:20 Tools
CRUX 05:31 Tools
Texture - Cassegrain Remix 07:37 Tools
Under the Street Lights 05:09 Tools
Rotula (Truncate Remix) 06:04 Tools
Out Of Sight 06:31 Tools
Muscle and Mind (SHXCXCHCXSH Remix) 05:20 Tools
Paris Texas 06:29 Tools
Paris Texas (Quench Remix) 04:18 Tools
Inherent Progression 06:51 Tools
Second Layer 05:37 Tools
Transversal 07:22 Tools
Liner 06:14 Tools
Rotation 05:20 Tools
Transversal (Sleeparchive Remix) 04:42 Tools
Orbital Resonance 05:33 Tools
Paris Texas (Svreca Remix) 04:03 Tools
Reduction And Synthesis 04:03 Tools
Suborbital Trajectories 05:20 Tools
Mentally Induced Action (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) 05:37 Tools
Transversal - Original Mix 07:23 Tools
Sensory Deprivation 06:20 Tools
Mechanical Function (Hypnotic Edit) 05:37 Tools
Pría 05:31 Tools
Edges of Mortality 03:24 Tools
Selección Natural 05:23 Tools
Inclination 05:20 Tools
Process And Reality 05:37 Tools
Exhale and Expand 07:37 Tools
Body Of Interest 06:51 Tools
Misophonia 05:20 Tools
Electric Shades 05:20 Tools
Stimulated Reflex (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) 06:51 Tools
Echo 05:20 Tools
Rotar - Tensal Digital bonus remix 05:20 Tools
Common Frequencies 05:20 Tools
Chasing Shadows 05:20 Tools
Cabo Peñas 05:47 Tools
Mechanical Function - Hypnotic Edit 05:47 Tools
Rotula 06:13 Tools
Ataraxia 06:18 Tools
Like I've Been Here Before 03:24 Tools
faithless days 05:04 Tools
The Voyage 06:14 Tools
Intentionally False (Shifted Remix) 07:37 Tools
Cabo Penas 05:49 Tools
Form - Kangding Ray Remix 06:02 Tools
Valledor 06:14 Tools
Going To Nowhere 03:07 Tools
Signal Trace 06:57 Tools
On Eternal Power 06:28 Tools
Stimulated Reflex (Original Mix) 07:37 Tools
Unwavering Departure 06:28 Tools
Routine Operations 04:06 Tools
Catharsis 06:20 Tools
Pria 05:31 Tools
46 05:44 Tools
Surrender The Soul 05:20 Tools
Faithless Days (Pacou Remix) 05:33 Tools
Electric Storm - Original Mix 05:31 Tools
Depht in Clarity 05:31 Tools
Blackstar 05:08 Tools
Violet Dust 05:34 Tools
Embraced to the Last Breath 06:28 Tools
Cave (Tommy Four Seven remix) 06:18 Tools
On The Line 03:43 Tools
Cave - Original Mix 05:55 Tools
Subterranean 06:15 Tools
Epley Maneuver - Original mix 06:35 Tools
Mentally Induced Action - Stanislav Tolkachev Remix 06:18 Tools
Inherent progression - Original mix 06:18 Tools
Seven Kinds Of Sin 05:31 Tools
Gravity - Original mix 06:35 Tools
Acceptance 07:37 Tools
Anaconda 03:50 Tools
Spring 06:31 Tools
Take Seven 05:32 Tools
Triad 05:39 Tools
Color - Silent Servant Remix 02:21 Tools
Color - Donato Dozzy remix 06:14 Tools
Swathed in the Absolute 06:57 Tools
Return to Ash 05:20 Tools
Black Propaganda (Perc Remix) 06:02 Tools
Resolution 05:20 Tools
Crux - Original mix 05:20 Tools
Bodysnatcher 05:48 Tools
Depth in Clarity 06:14 Tools
The Arms Of Fate 06:57 Tools
Damper 06:18 Tools
Second Skin 05:20 Tools
Extension 05:39 Tools
The House Of Clouds 05:22 Tools
Muscle and Mind - SHXCXCHCXSH Remix 06:18 Tools
Rotar (Tensal Remix) 06:28 Tools
Sound Mirror 05:40 Tools
Electric Storm (Sigha Remix) 06:28 Tools
Nothing To Prove 07:19 Tools
Cuckooland 02:21 Tools
Intentionally False - Shifted Remix 07:37 Tools
Disinformation (Xhin Remix) 06:20 Tools
Drone 07:27 Tools
Transversal - Sleeparchive Remix 04:42 Tools
Cave 06:28 Tools
Ouroboros 05:08 Tools
To Convince for the Untruth (Lucy Remix) 07:27 Tools
Finality of Performance 05:08 Tools
Wandering Nowhere - Original mix 05:08 Tools
Echoes - Original mix 05:34 Tools
Particle Repositioning - Original mix 02:38 Tools
Depth in clarity - Original mix 02:38 Tools
Unnoticed Absence - Original mix 02:38 Tools
Finality of performance - Original mix 02:38 Tools
Electric Storm - Sigha Remix 06:15 Tools
Epley Maneuver 05:40 Tools
Proof Mass 06:28 Tools
Balance and Acceleration - Original mix 05:38 Tools
Dying Asteroid 05:40 Tools
Disinformation (Orphx Remix) 06:15 Tools
Second Skin - Original Mix 04:47 Tools
Structural Purism - Bonus Digital 05:08 Tools
46 (Surgeon Mix) 06:34 Tools
Second Skin (Architectural remix) 07:37 Tools
Implant 05:20 Tools
Clava 05:08 Tools
Pain - Original mix 05:40 Tools
Arcade - Original mix 04:47 Tools
Rotar 06:57 Tools
CV. Is Dead... 05:39 Tools
Residence 06:15 Tools
Dark Encounter 06:15 Tools
Gravity 05:20 Tools
Rotula - Original Mix 06:14 Tools
91/61/91 05:34 Tools
Habits (Oscar Mulero Version) 05:20 Tools
Acceptance - Original mix 05:20 Tools
Second Skin (Architectural Digital bonus remix) 05:20 Tools
Number Form 03:11 Tools
Kinesthetic Sense - Original mix 03:11 Tools
Exhale and expand - Original mix 03:11 Tools
Inside The Outside 04:14 Tools
The Nine (Loktibrada Mix) 04:14 Tools
Edges of mortality - Original mix 04:14 Tools
Break Down 05:20 Tools
Rotar (Tensal Digital bonus remix) 05:20 Tools
Process And Reality II 03:21 Tools
Reduction and Synthesis - Lewis Fautzi Remix 05:23 Tools
The Flood 02:38 Tools
Return to ash - Original mix 02:38 Tools
Ataraxia - Original mix 02:38 Tools
Out of Field - Original mix 02:38 Tools
46 (Regis Antaganists Mix) 04:47 Tools
Form - Chevel Remix 05:40 Tools
Sangre V - Original 05:40 Tools
Stimulated Reflex - Stanislav Tolkachev Remix 06:35 Tools
Embraced to the last breath - Original mix 06:35 Tools
Sangre II - Original 06:35 Tools
Lights - Original mix 02:37 Tools
CV. is Dead 05:40 Tools
Cave - Tommy Four Seven Remix 05:40 Tools
Rotar - Original Mix 03:11 Tools
Swathed in the absolute - Original mix 03:11 Tools
Disinformation (Developer Remix) 06:57 Tools
Surrender the soul - Original mix 06:57 Tools
Sangre I - Original 06:57 Tools
Carousel - Original mix 06:12 Tools
Unveiling of Reality - Original mix 06:12 Tools
Particle Repositioning 06:12 Tools
46 - 46 Remix 06:35 Tools
Color - Original mix 06:27 Tools
Form - Original mix 02:37 Tools
Tsunami Rules 06:16 Tools
Reduction and Synthesis (Lewis Fautzi Remix) 06:34 Tools
The Gothic Window Effect (Reeko remix) 05:38 Tools
Texture - Original mix 06:12 Tools
Genetix 03:11 Tools
Transparent Ray - Original mix 03:11 Tools
Two Way Mirror - Meta Remix 08:27 Tools
Black Propaganda - Perc Remix 06:02 Tools
Second Skin - Architectural remix 06:18 Tools
Descansa en Paz 07:18 Tools
To Convince for the Untruth - Lucy Remix 07:27 Tools
Adavre 07:27 Tools
Different view 02:33 Tools
Form 04:14 Tools
On eternal power - Original mix 04:14 Tools
Canal 05:41 Tools
Unwavering departure - Original mix 05:41 Tools
Texture 06:31 Tools
Disinformation - Developer remix 06:57 Tools
Ouroboros - Original mix 06:57 Tools
Transversal (Original Mix) 07:23 Tools
46 - Antaganists Mix 05:00 Tools
Simulated Visibility 01:30 Tools
Domination 04:15 Tools
Space Walk 00:00 Tools
Medusa 01:38 Tools
Residence (Digital Edition) 06:02 Tools
Iron Curtain 01:38 Tools
Opposite - Original mix 01:38 Tools
Leence 01:38 Tools
Naked Dance 02:37 Tools
Dematerialization (Lewis Fautzi Remix) 05:20 Tools
Horses (Exium Remix) 06:18 Tools
46 - re-work 06:16 Tools
Second Skin - Architectural Digital bonus remix 03:13 Tools
Dematerialization - Lewis Fautzi Remix 02:56 Tools
Friends, Family and Lovers 00:00 Tools
Resolution - Original mix 00:00 Tools
Disinformation - Xhin Remix 06:20 Tools
Form (Kangding Ray Remix) 02:02 Tools
Texture (Cassegrain Remix) 00:00 Tools
Mindfull Body 05:08 Tools
Mr. Sys (Fanon Flowers Love Reborn Remix) 05:20 Tools
Inheritance 00:00 Tools
Northern Work - Original Mix 06:27 Tools
Genetix - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Out of Field 00:00 Tools
Color 00:30 Tools
Texture (Shlømo Remix) 05:08 Tools
Disinformation - Orphx Digital Edit Remix 06:18 Tools
The arms of fate - Original mix 06:18 Tools
Waiting For Robert Pain 06:16 Tools
Color (Silent Servant Remix) 05:23 Tools
46 - Surgeon Remix 06:34 Tools
180" (Brethren Remix) 06:24 Tools
Solarized - Original mix 06:24 Tools
On The Line - Original Mix 05:24 Tools
Just Flat & Dry 01:21 Tools
Gas 01:21 Tools
Generator - Original mix 01:21 Tools
Surgeon (La Real) 06:12 Tools
Interdiction 05:33 Tools
Rotula (Original Mix) 06:14 Tools
Cyclone [Jeff Mills Remix] 03:11 Tools
Lost 06:27 Tools
The Extremist [Retro Mix By Jeff Mills On Tresor] 02:02 Tools
Color (Donato Dozzy Remix) 04:50 Tools
Number Form [digi only] 05:23 Tools
Higia 05:23 Tools
Structural Purism 05:08 Tools
The Nine - Loktibrada Remix 05:08 Tools
Ceres 05:33 Tools
Altered State 06:27 Tools
Memoria - Oscar Mulero Remix 03:36 Tools
Lights 05:22 Tools
Sans Souci 05:50 Tools
Ascension - Original Mix 05:29 Tools
Disinformation (Developer Remix) 06:57 Tools
Dario's track 03:54 Tools
Surgeon - La Real 00:00 Tools
Live @ VOID Shanghai Part1 06:27 Tools
Vesta 05:20 Tools
Black Rebel 04:45 Tools
In Full Circle 05:08 Tools
surgeon: scorn (tresor) 03:13 Tools
Intentionally false ( Shifted Remix ) 00:00 Tools
The Nine Loktibrada Mix 03:13 Tools
Failures (Original Mix) 05:30 Tools
Anaconda (Ben Sims And Mark Williams 'Mantek' Remix) 03:54 Tools
Arcade 06:31 Tools
Brno 05:50 Tools
Mind_Body Interaction 05:39 Tools
Transparent Ray 05:39 Tools
Northern Work 06:31 Tools
91/61/91 (Emote remix) 04:29 Tools
Horses - Exium Remix 04:49 Tools
Palas 05:22 Tools
CV Is Dead - Undercover Remix 05:49 Tools
Paris, Texas 06:31 Tools
Tresor mix under review 11:53 Tools
Body Bag 05:39 Tools
Dancing Barefoot - Original Mix 05:39 Tools
Kinesthetic Sense 05:49 Tools
You And Your Sister 04:50 Tools
Echoes 05:08 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 - Reeko Remix 06:26 Tools
In Full Circle - Original mix 06:17 Tools
Structural Purism (Bonus Digital) 05:30 Tools
Dancing Barefoot 05:30 Tools
Unnoticed Absence 05:30 Tools
Habits - Oscar Mulero Version 05:49 Tools
Ascension 05:23 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 - Original Mix 05:38 Tools
Anaconda (Paul Bailey remix) 05:08 Tools
Primary instincts 05:08 Tools
46 (Antaganist Mix) 05:08 Tools
(B1) Hungry 06:26 Tools
A Problem Child 04:29 Tools
Pain 05:29 Tools
2008 05:56 Tools
Summer 06:31 Tools
The Flood - Floodland Mix 06:00 Tools
anaconda (christian wünsch remix) 05:49 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 - Exium Remix 05:41 Tools
Cave (original mix) 05:29 Tools
Wandering Nowhere 05:29 Tools
Unveiling Of Reality 05:29 Tools
live set 1 05:08 Tools
Carousel 03:05 Tools
CV Is Dead - Reptile Mix 04:26 Tools
91/61/91 Outro (Emote remix) 05:29 Tools
CV Is Dead - Original Mix 06:26 Tools
Waldorf Attitude 05:29 Tools
Solarized 05:29 Tools
Beyond Pit Lane 07:02 Tools
Form (Chevel Remix) 04:26 Tools
Electric Storm (Original Mix) 05:23 Tools
CR007 (B2) 04:14 Tools
d1 cv is dead (undercover rmx by takaaki itoh) 04:14 Tools
Resistance (Go Hiyama remix) 01:52 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 - Christian Wünsch Remix 05:45 Tools
Live @ VOID Shanghai Part2 04:14 Tools
La Real 03:43 Tools
Fiction 04:58 Tools
Gas (Substance Remix) 04:58 Tools
Electric Storm (Sigha Remix) 04:14 Tools
luke slater: score one (nova mute) 02:05 Tools
Dark Encounter (Tomohiko Sagae remix) 05:45 Tools
oliver ho: dying (surface) 02:56 Tools
jeff mills: (untitled from) axis 9 (axis) 02:26 Tools
The Flood - Stimulus Dub 05:15 Tools
Rxxistance Vol. 1: Era - Continuous Mix 04:51 Tools
Breakdown (Kazuya Kawakami remix) 05:38 Tools
Isle Of Man 06:00 Tools
Sangre II 06:00 Tools
Failures 05:25 Tools
Breakdown (Ryuji Takeuchi remix) 05:38 Tools
The Re-fueler 05:01 Tools
Complex Dimension 05:01 Tools
surgeon: (untitled from) learning (dinamic tension) 02:55 Tools
Still The One I Was (Tresor.230) 01:52 Tools
Opposite 01:52 Tools
Generator 01:52 Tools
Descansa En Paz. SEMANTICA 30.1 03:09 Tools
CV Is Dead... 05:43 Tools
91/61/91 Outro - Emote Remix 03:16 Tools
polson & ruskin: (untitled from) institute for the future (surface) 02:19 Tools
B1 46 (Oscar Mulero Mix) 05:45 Tools
CV Is Dead - Black Dancer Remix 04:58 Tools
surgeon: basictonal remake(intro version) (tresor) 02:56 Tools
Black Rebel - Original Mix 02:56 Tools
46 (Surgeon Remix) 06:34 Tools
Balance and Accelerartion 00:30 Tools
Big Bottom 03:05 Tools
The Nine (Loktibrada remix) 04:14 Tools
RA.596 Oscar Mulero - 2017.10.30 04:02 Tools
Ceres - Original Mix 04:26 Tools
Sangre I 04:26 Tools
Element 05:45 Tools
91 61 91 - Original Mix 05:45 Tools
Selección Parte 4 05:35 Tools
joey beltram: drome (warp) 02:18 Tools
jeff mills: the extremist(retro mix) (tresor) 02:04 Tools
Mechanical Function ('hypnotic' Edit) 05:15 Tools
jeff mills: reverting (axis) 03:25 Tools
live at overclock festival padova 04:26 Tools
The Dirt (Original Mix) 02:07 Tools
All Fall Down 01:31 Tools
Ouruboros 05:22 Tools
91/61/91 - Emote Remix 04:13 Tools
In Full Circle (Original mix) 05:45 Tools
obscurum: (untitled from) dom (e-corn) 03:09 Tools
surgeon: (untitled from) hard education (downwards) 03:05 Tools
Habits 00:00 Tools
surgeon: (untitled from) patience (dinamic tension) 03:06 Tools
surgeon: reptile mess (downwards) 03:54 Tools
Higia - Original Mix 05:23 Tools
Disinformation (Original Mix) 05:38 Tools
Interdiction - Original Mix 05:38 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 (Reeko remix) 05:38 Tools
10 Years Awakenings (8th April 2007) 05:01 Tools
scorn by surgeon on tresor 00:00 Tools
surgeon: fivo (round) 02:51 Tools
Mr. Sys - Love Reborn Mix 05:19 Tools
dj hell & richard bartz: break the rulez (kurbel) 04:14 Tools
Live @ Locked, Manchester (14-10-2005) 40:33 Tools
robert armani: roadtour(dave clark rmx) (acv) 04:02 Tools
The Calling 04:02 Tools
Colour 05:35 Tools
Selección Parte 4 (Exium Remix) 00:00 Tools
46 (Antaganisists Mix) 00:00 Tools
Disinformation ( Developer Remix ) 00:00 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 (Exium remix) 00:00 Tools
Lifes For Rent - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
jeff mills: alarms(first mix) (purpose maker) 03:26 Tools
obscurum: dom remixes:birmingham mix(regis mix) (e-corn) 02:59 Tools
RA.596 Oscar Mulero - 2017.10.30 02:59 Tools
Seleccion natural parte 4 00:30 Tools
jeff mills: cyclone (purpose maker) 03:13 Tools
Intentionally False (Original Mix) 05:37 Tools
Disinformation (Orphx Digital Edit Remix) 06:17 Tools
Up-mile high 05:22 Tools
CV Is Dead (Takaaki Itoh remix) 03:46 Tools
DJ-set @ 10 Years Awakenings 08-04-2007 06:17 Tools
Turned Inside Out - Original Mix 06:17 Tools
(a1) untitled 00:00 Tools
magenta 05:30 Tools
oliver ho: under (blueprint) 02:35 Tools
jeff mills: medusa (axis) 02:45 Tools
Second Skin (Original Mix) 02:45 Tools
Balance and Acceleration 05:40 Tools
Selección Parte 4 (Reeko Remix) 05:40 Tools
The gothic window effect 1 02:25 Tools
D2- The King Of Spain 02:18 Tools
Vesta - Original Mix 05:22 Tools
In Memory Of Dario - Original Mix 05:22 Tools
The Flood - Original Mix 05:22 Tools
Complex Dimension - Original mix 05:22 Tools
Different View - Original Mix 05:40 Tools
e-dancer: pum the move (KMS) 03:36 Tools
Selección Parte 4 (Christian Wünsch Remix) 05:45 Tools
Introducing Errors (Original Mix) 05:24 Tools
the extremist (retro mix) by jeff mills on tresor 05:24 Tools
d-anaconda (original mix) 03:46 Tools
live at extrema outdoor festival eindhoven 05:24 Tools
Score One By Luke Slater On Nova Mute 02:03 Tools
16 - Abduction (Surgeon mix) 02:03 Tools
Tsunami Rules - Original Mix 05:24 Tools
Sangre V 05:24 Tools
female: inside the line (downwards) 02:25 Tools
Ascension (Original Mix) 05:45 Tools
The gothic window effect 2 00:30 Tools
Dark Encounter ( Tomohiko Sagae Remix ) 00:30 Tools
D1- 1969 06:20 Tools
AA1 - El Hombre Duplicado (The 65D Mavericks Mix) 05:25 Tools
Northern Work (original mix) 04:49 Tools
Black Propaganda (Developer Hypnotic Reconstruction Remix) 06:57 Tools
b1 the flood (stimulus dub by paul mac) 05:03 Tools
Breakdown ( Ryuji Takeuchi Remix ) digital bonus version 05:03 Tools
Breakdown ( Kazuya Kawakami Remix ) 05:03 Tools
Lost(B1) 00:20 Tools
Fully Sanctioned 02:54 Tools
Waiting For Robert Pain - Original Mix 03:46 Tools
ELECTROSONIC FESTIVAL 2007 - www.electrosonicfestival.com 03:46 Tools
The Flood - Stimilus Dub 02:03 Tools
Up Mile High 02:03 Tools
Dirty bets and a lot of money 01:31 Tools
GAS - Substance Remix 01:31 Tools
Live At Boiler Room (Berlin) - 15-Apr-2015 06:20 Tools
Black Propaganda (Original Mix) 02:20 Tools
False Statement (Original Mix) 05:25 Tools
Building A Better Hole 04:49 Tools
The flood (floodland mix) 05:51 Tools
Sleep Quietly (techno classics session 1998) 00:20 Tools
Palas - Original Mix 05:03 Tools
CV is dead (Reptile mix) 02:19 Tools
Dirty Bets & A Lot Of Money(A2) 00:20 Tools
Dying By Oliver Ho On Surface 02:54 Tools
c1 cv is dead (reptile mix) by cristian wunsch) 02:24 Tools
Anaconda (Original mix) 02:24 Tools
91 61 91 - Outro 05:03 Tools
Florida135 05:03 Tools
CV Is Dead (Undercover Remix) 05:37 Tools
Untitled 05:11 Tools
Kana Broadcast 018 Oscar Mulero 58:55 Tools
Rotar (Original Mix) 05:35 Tools
Unnoticed Absence (Original mix) 05:35 Tools
BRNO - Original Mix 05:59 Tools
Unknown Landscapes / MIX Vol. 1 05:43 Tools
Dario's Track - Original Mix 05:45 Tools
Down Force 05:35 Tools
Oscar Mulero @ Rockit Open Air - Maarssen - Netherlands 25-7-20009 - www.audiobeats.net 05:45 Tools
Blackstar (Original Mix) 05:45 Tools
(b2) untitled (reeko remix) 05:35 Tools
180 05:35 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 (Christian Wunsch remix) 05:35 Tools
91/61/91 (A-Side) 01:31 Tools
Modern chronicles 05:11 Tools
El Hombre Duplicado 05:35 Tools
(b1) untitled 05:35 Tools
(Untitled From) Dom By Obscurum On E-Com 05:35 Tools
Memories Remain - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Bad 1 02:19 Tools
Poison & Ruskin (Untitled From) Institute For The Future On Surface 00:20 Tools
(Untitled From) Axis 9 By Jeff Mills On Axis 02:24 Tools
(Untitled From) Learning By Surgeon On Dinamic Tension 05:35 Tools
Body Bag - Original Mix 02:24 Tools
Alarms (First Mix) By Jeff Mills On Purpose Maker 02:24 Tools
reverting by jeff mills on axis 02:24 Tools
91 61 91 - Emote Remix 02:24 Tools
The Bass Valley 05:32 Tools
Temazos 05:43 Tools
Better Than Them 01:31 Tools
Dysfunctional White Funk 00:30 Tools
Sensory Depravation 05:35 Tools
Resistance ( Go Hiyama Remix ) 05:35 Tools
Live at Strictly Techno (Rotterdam) 05:35 Tools
Faithless Days - Tresor 230 05:14 Tools
Bad 3 05:14 Tools
To convince for the untruth ( Lucy Remix ) 00:00 Tools
Oscar Mulero @ Awakenings Festival - Amsterdam 27-06-2009 05:35 Tools
Friday Thirteen - Original Mix 05:35 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 - Christian Wunsch Remix 05:35 Tools
Live at Sonar festival Barcelona 05:35 Tools
Cyclone By Jeff Mills On Purpose Maker 05:35 Tools
CV Is Dead (Black Dancer Remix) 04:58 Tools
reptile mess by surgeon on downwards 05:35 Tools
Two Way Mirror (Meta Remix) 00:30 Tools
LIVE @ OMEN MADRID 1995 05:35 Tools
The new leader of men 04:11 Tools
Awakenings Eindhoven, 28.01.2012 05:35 Tools
A1.Oscar Mulero-Body of Interest.Semantica49 00:30 Tools
_-_live_at_strictly_techno_rotterdam-stream-14-09-2007-FL 05:11 Tools
Selección Natural Parte 4 (Reeko Remix) 06:26 Tools
Biosfera (A1) Cova Rosa 05:33 Tools
The Flood (Stimulus Dub) 05:03 Tools
B2 form CR007 05:33 Tools
memories remain 07:17 Tools
Bad 2 05:14 Tools
Quiet Room - Original Mix 05:33 Tools
Gran Hermano Sintonia Remix 05:33 Tools
Tsugi Podcast 247 : Oscar Mulero 05:33 Tools
46 (Surgeon Mix) - Warm Up Recordings 00:30 Tools
medusa by jeff mills on axis 05:33 Tools
Dematerialization (Original Mix) 05:14 Tools
Dance Sessions-SAT-03-07-2010 57:46 Tools
Reduction & Synthesis (Lewis Fautzi Remix) 04:58 Tools
Misophonia (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
Elementary 00:30 Tools
Oscar Mulero @ Awakenings Festival - Halfweg - Amsterdam 27-06-2009 00:30 Tools
B1.Oscar Mulero-Spring.Semantica49 59:50 Tools
Breakdown 05:32 Tools
a2 Brno 06:00 Tools
BALANS025 - Oscar Mulero 58:31 Tools
Pax 6 04:38 Tools
Second Layer (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Biosfera (A2) Oscos 05:35 Tools
Hungry - Original Mix 06:26 Tools
Human (Oscar Mulero remix) 07:17 Tools
B1 - 180 (Brethren Rmx) 06:26 Tools
turned inside out 05:14 Tools
(Untitled From) Patience By Surgeon On Dinamic Tension 06:26 Tools
Sheik Your Money - Original Mix 06:26 Tools
b2 the flood (floodland mix by rob alcock) 05:51 Tools
basictonal remake (intro version) by surgeon on tresor 02:19 Tools
Drome By Joey Beltram On Warp 04:58 Tools
Fivo By Surgeon On Round 04:58 Tools
Carousel (Original mix) 04:58 Tools
Rotation (Original Mix) 05:19 Tools
About Discipline and Education 05:14 Tools
A Problem Child - Original Mix 05:35 Tools
Reverberation (Original Mix) 06:06 Tools
A2.Oscar Mulero-Damper.Semantica49 59:50 Tools
b2 Lost 00:30 Tools
Seven Kinds Of The Sin 59:50 Tools
Boiler Room x BAU Gijón 59:50 Tools
B2.Oscar Mulero-Proof Mass.Semantica49 05:43 Tools
91-61-91 05:38 Tools
46 (Oscar Mulero Mix) 04:11 Tools
Naked Dance - Original Mix 04:11 Tools
A11 - El Hombre Duplicado 04:11 Tools
The Nine 05:45 Tools
Selección Natural Parte 4 (Exium Remix) 05:38 Tools
routine operations (original mix) 04:06 Tools
CLR Podcast 172 - Oscar Mulero - 11th of June 2012 07:17 Tools
Liner (Original Mix) 07:17 Tools
_-_awakenings_festival_spaarnwoude_(netherlands)-stream-26-06-2010-FL 07:17 Tools
Oscar Mulero: Tresor Mix Under Review 05:03 Tools
02. 8, AE Mix (Autechre) 07:17 Tools
Resistance 05:03 Tools
The Flood (Stimilus Dub) 05:14 Tools
In BaD Company 07:17 Tools
_-_live_at_overclock_festival_fabrikka_padova-stream-24-04-2008-FL 07:17 Tools
d2 cv is dead (black dancer remix by oscar mulero) 05:14 Tools
Under By Oliver Ho On Blueprint 07:17 Tools
Roadtour (Dave Clark Mix) By Robert Armani On Acv 00:30 Tools
Mr. Sys (Love Reborn Rmx by Fanon Flowers) 00:30 Tools
Reduction and Synthesis (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
Out of Field (Original mix) 00:30 Tools
Dualistic Concept (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set 05:14 Tools
Oscar_Mulero_-_Live_at_Gothic 00:30 Tools
Live @ Tresor (Noch 2 Tage) B 00:30 Tools
Monegros 2002 00:30 Tools
Orbital Resonance (Original Mix) 05:32 Tools
Adavre (Original Mix) 05:32 Tools
Unveiling of Reality (Original mix) 05:32 Tools
TS247_Oscar_Mulero 10:21 Tools
Version 10:21 Tools
Dancing Barefoot (Original Mix) 10:21 Tools
Bad2 04:51 Tools
Subterranean (Original Mix) 59:50 Tools
distorted logic 59:50 Tools
going to nowhere (original mix) 03:06 Tools
Selección Natural Parte 4 (Christian Wünsch Remix) 05:45 Tools
‘Tidal Acceleration’ 00:00 Tools
Robert Pain 05:45 Tools
Returning Wheel 05:45 Tools
Interdiction (Original Mix) 05:03 Tools
Imperium (27.1.2006) 04:51 Tools
(Untitled From) Hard Educationby Surgeon On Downwards 05:03 Tools
Downforce 05:03 Tools
Live At Dommune (Tokyo) 23-01-2018 05:03 Tools
Won't Tell You - Original Mix 05:03 Tools
Unknown Landscapes Vol. 1 [DJ Mix] 05:03 Tools
Oscar Mulero @ Rockit Open Air - Maarsseveense Plassen - Utrecht - Netherlands 31-07-2010 - www.audiobeats.net 05:14 Tools
OSCAR MULERO 07:17 Tools
01 - Sweet Scent by Jeff Mill 05:14 Tools
Mr. Sys (Love Reborn Rmx by Fa 05:14 Tools
A1 - Building a Better Hole 05:14 Tools
AA11 - Pax6 05:14 Tools
02 - 8 (AE Mix) by Autechre 05:14 Tools
Seleccion Natural Parte 4 (Original Mix) 05:14 Tools
Phrenetic Power Music (Loca Fm)-Fm-12-01-2006 05:14 Tools
Poder en la sombra 05:14 Tools
Mentally Induced Action (Original Mix) 05:14 Tools
Oscar Mulero @ Beatport Live - Berlin (22-3-2013) 59:50 Tools
Leence (Original Mix) 59:50 Tools
Live At Sonar Festival-DAB-06-21-2008 59:50 Tools
Bad3 59:50 Tools
13 - Coda by James Ruskin 59:50 Tools
In Session (Mixmag) 13.05.2015 59:50 Tools
Friends, Family & Lovers 59:50 Tools
Still The One I Was - Original Mix 06:06 Tools
Eccentricity (Original Mix) 06:06 Tools
The Modern Genius 06:06 Tools
Gravity (Original Mix) 06:06 Tools
Building A Better Hole (The 65D Mavericks Remix) 06:06 Tools
Friction 05:45 Tools
Selección Natural Parte 4 05:45 Tools
Biosfera (A3) Doiras 05:21 Tools
Biosfera (B2) Ibias 05:43 Tools
Wandering Nowhere (Original mix) 05:43 Tools
Complex Dimension (Original mix) 05:43 Tools
(b2) fiction 04:51 Tools
The Modern 04:51 Tools
SSS Podcast #035 : Oscar Mulero 01:01 Tools
Metalix 01:01 Tools
Inherent Progression (Original Mix) 01:01 Tools
Color (Original Mix) 01:01 Tools
The King Of Spain 01:01 Tools
Crux (Original mix) 01:01 Tools
djset! at ELECTROSONIC@burgos 04:06 Tools
Side X: Brno 04:06 Tools
Oscar Mulero - Altaria 04:06 Tools
(a1) building a better hole 04:06 Tools
El Hombre Duplicado (The 65D Mavericks Mix) 04:12 Tools
Instant Widespread Dirt 04:06 Tools
Faithless Days (pacou rmx) 04:06 Tools
Inside The Line By Female On Downwards 04:06 Tools
Break The Rulez By DJ Hell & Richard Bartz On Kurbel 04:12 Tools
Selecciуn Parte 4 (Christian Wьnsch Remix) 04:12 Tools
(b2) pax 6 04:12 Tools
Live at Awakenings 03-07-2004 04:12 Tools
10 - Version by James Ruskin 04:12 Tools
A1 Going To Nowhere 04:12 Tools
(a2) el hombre duplicado 04:12 Tools
Live at 1st SCSI 04:12 Tools
Pump The Move By E-Dancer On Kms 04:12 Tools
08 - Innuendo (Meta mix) by O 04:12 Tools
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The mid-eighties, Madrid. The Spanish capital is teeming under the grip of a musical explosion the likes of which has never been seen before. In the midst of that rabid swirl, a teenager, unknown and unassuming, enters a record shop to blow his savings on an album, Standing on a Beach, by The Cure. Little did he know that this was to be his first step on the long and difficult path to becoming one of the country’s essential djs. He soon became a familiar face in the dj booths of the most exclusive underground clubs of Madrid, but the best was still to come and the first chapter was called New World, his first “proper” job. New World sessions were soon all the rave and Oscar entered the studio for the first time to collaborate in the making of the club’s official record, Nuclear Zone. His was a backseat involvement, more as a sound advisor than as a producer. It wasn’t until later on that producing and deejaying became his livelihood. The record went on sale in 1993 and was quite a success, going on to get included in many of the national compilations of the time. The New World experience finally came to an end. But it allowed for the birth of THE OMEN, which for many was the ultimate club. The Omen was so successful it quickly became a tourist attraction, with clubbers from all over the country coming to Madrid every weekend to enjoy Oscar’s sessions. This led to a change in his career. He gradually moved away from being an important resident dj to a travelling one. He started to travel regularly, taking the Omen sound all over the peninsula. Firstly to the north, and then gradually, to all four corners of the country. It was the beginning of Oscar’s intimate relationship with airports and the road. And so to the year 1996 and the third Sonar, a festival which had by then become established as one of the most important in the world. For the first time, the name of Oscar Mulero appeared among the list of national invitees, alongside others of his generation such as The Frogmen, HD Substance or Resonic. Sonar 96 served to officially confirm a whole new scene that had until then been in an embryonic state, but which was now being taken seriously for the first time and coming to be viewed as the seed of something solid. At Sonar 1996, Oscar held his own against stars of the stature of Richie Hawtin, Garnier and Mills. Outside Spain, people started talking about his unique technique and musical selection. Another mission accomplished. And so on to the next phase… There was life after Sonar. The kind of recognition and support he gained as a result of his successes brought even more work, more travel and more big festivals, such as the Members of Mayday Festival, and culminated in 1998 in his first Session CD (the first CD of its type to be released in our country) entitled About Discipline and Education, released by the Catalan label So Dens, which was at the time closely linked to the organisers of Sonar. The musical selection was, for the time, very advanced and ground-breaking. A blend of the best of the dry, industrious sound of Birmingham, courtesy of people like Regis or Surgeon, and the best US sounds of the era, represented by the likes of Jeff Mills and Joey Beltram. The CD was an huge hit. One of the biggest-selling electronic music CDs in the country ever. Already a well known name on the underground circuit among the most faithful clubbers, Oscar Mulero now started to appear in media headlines in the specialised and general press alike. Thanks to him, the DJ was now a figure taken seriously by the media who had until then viewed them as just another of the many night works. As he had done so on many previous occasions, Oscar was again opening up doors and blazing trails…  His second work was released in 1999. It was done with GROOF, an experienced producer from Madrid. The two formed the duo Quite Unusual, on the GROOF label Brainwaves. They were well received by critics and also enjoyed good sales. His first release with an international label came in 2000 on the French label Kobayashi. It was his first away match and first away victory! That very year saw the birth of Warm Up and a couple of years later, its offspring PoleGroup. From then on, all Oscar’s efforts were focused on releasing his own material, whether home or away, on the very best techno labels of the planet, such as Coda, Pure Plastic, Tresor, Sheep, Tsunami and Main Out. That put him definitively on the world techno map. Between 2000 and 2002 he released no fewer than 9 EPs, which lead to a contract with one of the biggest dj booking agencies of the time, Dynamix Booking from Berlin, an agency that also represents some of the best techno artists of the world. From then on, Oscar was seen and heard in clubs and festivals from all over the world, more and more often. In 2003 he released A Occhi Chiusi on the Pure Plastic label, under the name of TROLLEY ROUTE. This was a totally mental electronic work that was also easy to dance to. That album ended a cycle and confirmed his maturity as a producer. Since then, he has continued his relentless work producing and remixing with the very best techno labels the world over, and he hasn’t stopped appearing on the electronic stage everywhere. Dr. Smoke, his alter ego, gained strength during this period as a showcase of Oscar’s open and eclectic vision as a music selector, leaving techno aside and moving deep into territories such as electro, dub and IDM. During 2008 Oscar significantly expanded his work map. Visiting the Movement festival in Detroit, China and Japan, he has left his mark on almost every continent. During 2009, his international presence included forays into countries as exotic (from a techno point of view) as China. As for studio work, that same year saw the digital release of the Trolley Route album, the making of a CD mix for the prestigious Tresor Records label and the creation of the Selección Natural collective together with Exium, Reeko and Christian Wünsch. Following a memorable anniversary party at Fabrik, Madrid, that was a huge success with the crowds and celebrated his twenty years as a dj, we see the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. From then on he is open to the use of new technologies and new projects, such as the PoleGroup platform, which picks up the thread from Selección Natural and gathers the best of the national techno scene under one banner. Early 2011 will see the release of his first LP as Oscar Mulero, Grey Fades to Green. A double CD also released as a 4 vinyl set which will bear testimony to Oscar’s maturity and consolidation as one of the most important electronic music producers worldwide. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.