Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez

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Catalina La O 00:00 Tools
I Like It Like That 00:00 Tools
Tambo 00:00 Tools
Micaela 03:02 Tools
Catalina de la o 00:00 Tools
Dulce Con Dulce 00:00 Tools
Alto Songo 00:00 Tools
I Like It (I Like It Like That) 00:00 Tools
Primoroso Cantar 00:00 Tools
Esos Tus Ojos Negros 00:00 Tools
Soy La Ley 00:00 Tools
El Conde Negro 00:00 Tools
Que Rico Pa' Bailar 00:00 Tools
La Esencia del Guaguancó 00:00 Tools
Pastorcillo 00:00 Tools
Pueblo Latino 00:00 Tools
Sonero 00:00 Tools
Babaila 00:00 Tools
Soy El Rey 00:00 Tools
Mi Negra Mariana 00:00 Tools
La Esencia Del Guaguanco 00:00 Tools
Los Compadres 00:00 Tools
Fiesta En El Cielo 00:00 Tools
Encantigo 00:00 Tools
Si Quieres Bailar 00:00 Tools
Mi Bongo Antillano 00:00 Tools
Tumbakutun 00:00 Tools
La Abolicion 00:00 Tools
Recuerdos De La Escuela 00:00 Tools
El Hueso 00:00 Tools
El Rincon 00:00 Tools
Sombras Que Paso 00:00 Tools
Que Rico Pa Bailar 00:00 Tools
Sentimiento 00:00 Tools
PUNTO FINAL 00:00 Tools
Pete's Madness 00:00 Tools
Guaguanco De Amor 00:00 Tools
Mi Bongó Antillano 00:00 Tools
Un Toque Pa' Yambao 00:00 Tools
Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez - I Like It (I Like It Like That) 03:04 Tools
El Cantar De Los Piñales 00:00 Tools
Se Vende Un Corazon 00:00 Tools
Soy Guajiro De Verdad 00:00 Tools
Here Comes The Judge 00:00 Tools
Convergencia 00:00 Tools
I Like It ( I Like It Like That) 00:00 Tools
Vacila Con Tu Trago 00:00 Tools
El Instrumento 00:00 Tools
I'd Like It Like That 00:00 Tools
Rayo Veloz 00:00 Tools
3 And 1 00:00 Tools
La Rumba es Mia 00:00 Tools
Amor Perdido 00:00 Tools
Cabildo 00:00 Tools
Los Genuinos 00:00 Tools
Encántigo 00:00 Tools
Areito A Sonar 00:00 Tools
Baila Conmigo 00:00 Tools
Yo Soy El Rey 00:00 Tools
Azuquita Mami 00:00 Tools
I Like It 00:00 Tools
Oh Thats Nice 00:00 Tools
Cuando Estoy Contigo 00:00 Tools
Blanca Paloma 00:00 Tools
Ponle Punto 00:00 Tools
Amor De Mis Amores 00:00 Tools
Salsa 00:00 Tools
Gandules 00:00 Tools
Do the Boogaloo 00:00 Tools
El Necio 00:00 Tools
Yo Quiero Ser 00:00 Tools
Hipocrita 00:00 Tools
Lo Quiso Dios 00:00 Tools
Reliquias 00:00 Tools
Pete's Boogaloo 00:00 Tools
Punto Bare 00:00 Tools
Las Chicas De Venezuela 00:00 Tools
Que Te Pedi 00:00 Tools
Que Te Pedí 00:00 Tools
Perdon Y Olvida 00:00 Tools
Catalina La O - Pete El Conde Rodriguez 00:00 Tools
La Escénica Del Guaguancó 00:00 Tools
Carmela 00:00 Tools
Mi So Den Boso 00:00 Tools
Congas Callejeras 00:00 Tools
Los Que Lloran Son Los Niños 00:00 Tools
El Rincón 00:00 Tools
I like it that 00:00 Tools
Guaguancó No. 1 00:00 Tools
Se Vende Un Corazón 00:00 Tools
Vamonos de Fiesta 00:00 Tools
Guagaloo 00:00 Tools
El Cantar De Los Piñares 00:00 Tools
La Abolición 00:00 Tools
Get Together 00:00 Tools
Hipócrita 00:00 Tools
Pueblos De Borinquen 00:00 Tools
Like It (I Like That) 00:00 Tools
Oh That's Nice 00:00 Tools
Piroleando 00:00 Tools
Esa Prieta 00:00 Tools
Oh, that's nice 00:00 Tools
Mi Viaje 00:00 Tools
Huyes De Mi Amor 00:00 Tools
Rie 00:00 Tools
Here Come The Judge 00:00 Tools
Aqui En Mi Pueblo 00:00 Tools
Areito Va Sonar 00:00 Tools
Micaela-El Conde Rodriguez 00:00 Tools
El tumbaito 00:00 Tools
I Like It (Like That) 00:00 Tools
People Want To Know 00:00 Tools
Son caliente 00:00 Tools
Catalina Lao 00:00 Tools
Guaguancó de amor 00:00 Tools
L Like It Like That 00:00 Tools
meneame la cuna 00:00 Tools
Rumba Oriental 00:00 Tools
Arranca En Fa 00:00 Tools
La Rumba Es Mía 00:00 Tools
Asi, asi 00:00 Tools
Besito Con Mozancha 00:00 Tools
Boringuen (El Cuini Tiene Bandera) 00:00 Tools
Yaguajay 00:00 Tools
Sombra Que Paso 00:00 Tools
Plante Bandera 00:00 Tools
Catalina La O - Pete "Conde" Rodriguez 00:00 Tools
ME"? 00:00 Tools
Soneros de Bailadores 05:13 Tools
Tomatero 00:00 Tools
Perdon Y Olvido 00:00 Tools
Dile 00:00 Tools
un toque pa yambao 00:00 Tools
Sombras Qué Pasó 00:00 Tools
Asi Son Bonco 00:00 Tools
Soy Hijo Del Siboney 00:00 Tools
Bailando Contigo 00:00 Tools
Dame Un Traguito 00:00 Tools
Hierba Brava 00:00 Tools
Babaíla 00:00 Tools
La Gloria Eres Tu 00:00 Tools
Harina Con Boniato 00:00 Tools
Blanca 00:00 Tools
Qué Rico Pa' Bailar 00:00 Tools
El Cantar De Los Pinales 00:00 Tools
Macho Cimarron 00:00 Tools
Perdón Y Olvida 00:00 Tools
El divorcio 00:00 Tools
Los Que Lloran Son Los Niños 00:00 Tools
I Like It Like That/A Mi Me Gusta Asi 00:00 Tools
Un Toque Pa'yambao 00:00 Tools
Seduceme 00:00 Tools
Tentando Mis Ganas 00:00 Tools
La Mujer Novela 00:00 Tools
El Faisan 00:00 Tools
Catalina La "O" 00:00 Tools
La Escencia del Guaguanco 00:00 Tools
mujer divina 00:00 Tools
Me? 00:00 Tools
Un Toque Pa’ Yambao 00:00 Tools
Ala ala ale 00:00 Tools
Tu Barriga 00:00 Tools
Mujer Ingrata 00:00 Tools
Ries 00:00 Tools
I Like It Like That - A Si Me Gusta Si 00:00 Tools
You Quiero Ser 00:00 Tools
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Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez Singer, Composer, Percussionist and Orchestra Director FULL NAME: Pedro Juan Rodríguez Ferrer DATE OF BIRTH: January 31, 1933 PLACE OF BIRTH: La Cantera, Ponce, Puerto Rico DEATH: December 2, 2000 in Bronx, New York (USA) Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez is not only recognized as one of the most extraordinary vocalists in the history of salsa, but also as the one that best assimilated the essence of son among those born in our country. That is why, in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and other international places in the salsera culture - including Cuba -, connoisseurs often identify him as "the most Cuban of Puerto Rican soneros". This teacher of rumba, son, salsa and bolero Antillean was the second of three children born by Emiliano Rodríguez and Anatilde Ferrer Colón. Intuitive musician. At the age of ten years he was already playing the bongo in the Conjunto El Gondolero, which was directed by his progenitor. At thirteen, he went to live with his family in the Barrio Latino, in New York. In this metropolis would spend almost the rest of his life. At 17, he began to work in a printing press, a job he held until he was recruited by the US Army to perform his military service in the Korean war. During this period (1953 - 1956) he was parachutist of the Air Force. After his discharge and return to the Great City, he found accommodation in the set of Johnny Soler. Shortly afterwards he joined the Cuban Oriental Orchestra, whose repertoire followed the most genuine sonic tradition. From that organization went to another focused on the same wave: The Young Stars of Cuba, directed by the trumpeter and singer Roberto Rodriguez, who later would be the bastion of the orchestra of Ray Barretto and Fania All Stars. His internship for this group covered the period 1959 - 1961. It was then that he had the opportunity to record for the first time. After appearing briefly in the Orquesta Típica Novel, by pianist Willie Ellis (1961 - 1962), he was recruited alongside Chivirico Davila and Monguito El Único to replace Rudy Calzado and Elliot Romero in Johnny Pacheco's charanga. From then on he would begin his promotion to fame. From his first stage with collective boy dating hits like "Suavito" (1963); "As Mango" and "I am Guajiro" (1964); "Alto Songo", "Guachinango" and "Soy del Monte" (1965). However, frictions between his colleague Monguito and he motivated him to leave this successful group. He then joined the sensation group of pianist Ray Roig (1964 - 1966). But when Monguito decided to go to the ranks of the orchestra of Larry Harlow, he returned to the charanga de Pacheco. The binomial that formed with this, which the fanaticada salsómana known as "The Perfect Combination" and "Los Compadres" - a term that alluded to the title of one of his most successful albums, although they were also in real life - has been One of the most striking and influential in the history of salsa. Although Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez directed his own band during the period 1974 - 1980, he never separated artistically from Pacheco, who was the producer par excellence of his recordings. In 1980 - enthusiastic for the success of his performances in Puerto Rico accompanied by the Orchestra La Terrífica, by trumpeter Joe Rodriguez in 1979 - he tried to project his career from his homeland and settled here with his family. He then organized a new band. During the first few years he did very well. But from the second lustrum of that decade, due to the fever generated by the merengue genre and the boom of the so-called erotic sauce, the work began to be scarce, being necessary to return definitively to the New York square. Still, "El Conde" lived one of the most significant nights of his career on Saturday, September 7, 1996 when he presented the lucid spectacle "35 years of royalty" at Teatro La Perla in his native Ponce. He celebrated three and a half decades of musical career - in fact, he had been in the stages for more than 40 years - surrounded by many of the companions and friends with whom he had shared during such a long journey. In this event, produced by businessman Frankie Moreno, were present: Johnny Pacheco, Papo Lucca & La Sonora Ponceña, Andy Montañez, Ismael Miranda, Bobby Valentin, Camilo Azuquita, Los Guayacanes de San Antón and Ruth Fernández. Their children Pedro Emilio "Little Pete" and Cita also participated in the function. As evidence of his personal life emerges that Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez married Frances Caraballo. Fruits of this union are Pedro ("Cholo"), Lydia, Pedro Emilio and Cita. Pedro Emilio "Little Pete" is trumpeter, arranger and singer. On the other hand, it can be added that the last performance of this talented Ponceño before his compatriots was in the concert "Masterpiece", presented / displayed by Eddie Palmieri & Orchestra Tito Bridge with the singers that intervened in the recording of the same title, in the Theater Amphitheater Tito Puente, on the night of Thursday, October 26, 2000. He then toured South America with Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz. Pete "The Count" Rodriguez died while sleeping at his home in Bronx, New York (USA) on December 2, 2000, as a result of cardiac arrest. His remains were exhibited in the Bomb Park of his hometown and at the Buxeda Funeral Home in Hato Rey. On Thursday the 7th they were creamed, being buried in the National Cemetery of Bayamón. Shortly afterwards, Calle Mayor Cantera, principal of the La Cantera neighborhood where it was raised, was renamed with its name. It should be noted that Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez always assured that his first idol in musical art was the great Pedro Ortiz Dávila «Davilita» (1912 - 1986). Likewise, his main artistic influences were received from Felix Chappotín and Sus Estrellas with sonero Miguelito Cuní and the no less revered Cheo Marquetti, Abelardo Barroso and Benny Moré. Awards and recognitions: • Tribute, shared with Johnny Pacheco, by the administration of the Tropicana Club, in Hato Rey, in the framework of a dance - show in which Sonora Ponceña, Los Hijos de la Salsa and other popular orchestras participated (April 28, 1989). • Homage by the Association of University Teachers (APPU); The Students Council of the University of Puerto Rico and the folk groups Paracumbé and Plena de Ponce in the Amphitheater. 1 of the UPR (1990) Discography as a soloist: • "El Conde" (Fania, SLP - 459), 1974. Includes the jitazo "Babaila" (by Tite Curet Alonso). • "This black is tasty" (Fania, SLP - 489), 1976. Music Producer: Louie Ramírez. Contains the hit "Catalina La O" (by Johnny Ortiz). • "A Touch of Class" (Fania, SLP - 00519), 1977. Music Producer: Louie Ramírez. • "I am the law" (Fania, SLP - 550), 1979. Music Producer: Louie Ramírez. It generated two hits: "Mi negra Mariana" and "Soy la ley" (by Ramón Rodríguez). • "Fiesta con el Conde" (Fania, SLP - 606), 1982. • "The King" (Fania, JM - 663), 1990. • "Generations" (Trademarks 700B690A), 1993. • "Pete & Papo" (RMM, RMD-697), 1996. Of boleros. Music Producer: Papo Lucca. Discography with Johnny Pacheco: • "Suavito" (Alegre, SLPA - 8220), 1962. • "Spotlight on Pacheco" (Alegre, A - 827), 1964. • "Cañonazo" (Fania, SLP - 325), 1964. First production in the history of the company. • "Pacheco at the NY World's Fair" (Fania, SLP-326), 1965. • "Typical flavor" (Fania, SLP - 339), 1968. • "Flying Low" (Fania, SLP - 363), 1969. • "Perfect combination" (SLP - 380), 1970. • "Los compadres" (Fania, SLP - 00400), 1972. • "Three of coffee and two of sugar" (Fania, SLP - 00436), 1973. • "Pacheco and" El Conde "with Celia Cruz" (Fania / Vaya, V - 90), 1980. • "New Los Compadres" (Fania, SLP - 625), 1983. • "Jícamo" (Fania, JM - 638), 1985. • "Salsobita" (Fania, JM - 644), 1987. • "Celebration" (Fania, JM - 652), 1989. Basic Discography as a Lead Vocalist or Guest Artist: • Ray Roig & Orchestra Feeling: "Swing" (TLPR 4602), 1965. It generated three successes: "El rincón", "Baila conmigo" and "El pregón pastelero". • Fania All Stars: "Live at Red Garter", Vols. 1 & 2 (1968, edited in 1969); "Live at Cheetah", Vols. 1 & 2, and "Our Latin Thing", soundtrack of the homonymous film (1971, published in 1972); "Live in Africa" ​​(1974); "Live at Yankee Stadium," Vols. 1 & 2 (JM-465/1975); "Tribute to Tito Rodríguez" (JM-493/1976); "Commitment" (JM-564) and "California Jam" (Latin Music, ML-583/1980); "Latin Connection" (JM-595/1981); "What people ask for" (JM-629/1984); "Viva la Charanga" (JM-640/1986); "Bamboleo" (JM-628/1988) and "Fania All" Stars With Pete «The Count» Rodriguez (Sony International, ASIN-B000002 / nineteen ninety six ). Compilation. • Larry Harlow & Junior Gonzalez: "Hommy" (Fania), 1973. • Tito Puente & Orquesta: "Tribute to Benny Moré, Vol. 2" (Tico, TLP-1436), 1979. • Larry Harlow & Latin Legends Band: Idem (Fania / J & N, LP-82449), 1998. • Jimmy Bosch & Orchestra: "Soneando trombón" (Ryko Latino, RL-1004), 1999. Vocalizes the theme "Seagull", original of Jimmy. • The Gold Stars: "Salsa Mask / Enjoying!" (Asefra Music), 1996 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.