Poets & Pornstars

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Rock & Roll 03:48 Tools
Rock And Roll 03:45 Tools
Get Your Kicks 04:02 Tools
In the Dark 05:54 Tools
Monkey 02:23 Tools
Strange 02:42 Tools
Partners in Crime 05:33 Tools
War on Gravity 02:47 Tools
Spy Vs. Spy 03:52 Tools
Earthman 04:54 Tools
My Devil's Song (Sexwinewomensongsugarmagicmoney) 03:26 Tools
My Devil's Song 03:27 Tools
My Devil's Song (sex Wine Women Song Sugar Magic Money) 00:30 Tools
my devils song (sexwinewomensongsugarmagicmoney) 03:26 Tools
Rock 'n Roll 03:46 Tools
Man Of A Thousand Faces 04:29 Tools
Rock And Roll OST Californication 03:46 Tools
I Wanna Be Your Monkey 02:24 Tools
Dead Dog Summer 03:39 Tools
Nothin' To Lose 02:24 Tools
Inflatable Girl 04:26 Tools
Earthman / Son of a Gun 10:46 Tools
Nothing to Lose 03:23 Tools
Electric Life 04:46 Tools
Monkey (Album) 02:24 Tools
My Devil Song (sexwinewomensongsugarmagicmoney) 03:27 Tools
Earthman/Son Of A Gun 10:44 Tools
Strange (Album) 02:43 Tools
My Devil's Song(sexwinewomensongsugarmagicmoney) 03:27 Tools
My Devil's Song (sexwinewomensongsugarmagicmoney) (Album) 03:27 Tools
Rock 'n' Roll 03:46 Tools
Inflatable Boy 03:27 Tools
Spy vs. Spy (Album) 03:53 Tools
Rock And Roll (Album Version) 03:53 Tools
Earthman/Son of a Gun (Album) 10:47 Tools
Rock and Roll (OST Californication) 03:46 Tools
Rock and Roll (Radio Edit) 10:47 Tools
Patners In Crime 03:46 Tools
Rock And Roll (Explicit Ver) 03:46 Tools
Rock & Roll (Radio Edit) 03:46 Tools
Son of a Gun 04:46 Tools
Rock'N'Roll 04:46 Tools
Rock And Roll (Californication) 03:46 Tools
Rock And Roll [Блудливая калифорния 2с] 00:00 Tools
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Poets & Pornstars have broken up. A Los Angeles-based group in the classic California rock band tradition of Mötley Crüe, GNR, and Van Halen, Poets & Pornstars specialize in three-chord stompers full of characters straight out of pulp fiction. Led by frontman, singer, guitarist, and writer Hal Ozsan, the band also includes lead guitarist Tom "Domo" Domaracki, keyboardist Randy Austin, bassist Sally Hope, and drummer Dave Plesh. Ozsan, who was born in Cyprus but raised in Essex, England, moved to L.A. when he was 19 years old. After playing for a time in the short-lived band the Beautiful Spiral, he began committing some of his songs to four-track, and Poets & Pornstars were officially born when he drafted in some musician friends to help him with the project. The initial version of the band didn't quite click correctly, but in time the current lineup came together in fine fashion. The group released the self-titled Poets & Pornstars in 2005. A revamped version of the album appeared from Adrenaline Records in 2007. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.