Poi Dog Pondering

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Complicated 04:32 Tools
Bury Me Deep 04:54 Tools
Living With the Dreaming Body 03:53 Tools
Pulling Touch 05:17 Tools
Everybody's Trying 06:15 Tools
I Had To Tell You 02:47 Tools
Catacombs 04:54 Tools
Thanksgiving 04:29 Tools
Collarbone 04:41 Tools
Spending the Day in the Shirt That You Wore 03:31 Tools
Pomegranate 05:11 Tools
Diamonds and Buttermilk 04:11 Tools
Aloha Honolulu 03:26 Tools
Be The One 05:11 Tools
Fall Upon Me 03:33 Tools
Big Constellation 06:26 Tools
Sugarbush Cushman 02:37 Tools
Lackluster 03:36 Tools
Jack Ass Ginger 05:01 Tools
The Chain 05:07 Tools
Shu Zulu Za 05:51 Tools
Natural Thing 05:54 Tools
Circle Around the Sun 04:15 Tools
Sandra at the Beach 05:13 Tools
Get Me On 03:56 Tools
Postcard from a Dream (Toast and Jelly) 06:13 Tools
The Ancient Egyptians 03:04 Tools
I've Got My Body 05:10 Tools
Big Beautiful Spoon 04:16 Tools
God's Gallipoli 05:33 Tools
Love Vigilantes 03:48 Tools
Wood Guitar 04:25 Tools
Big Walk 04:46 Tools
The Hardest Thing 04:25 Tools
Fact of Life 05:05 Tools
Fruitless 04:32 Tools
Praise The Lord 02:55 Tools
Watermelon Song 05:14 Tools
Sound of Water 04:29 Tools
Aint No Stopping Us Now 07:25 Tools
The Me That Was Your Son 03:56 Tools
Ta Bouche Est Tabou 05:40 Tools
Tall 03:16 Tools
The Shake of Big Hands 05:20 Tools
U Li La Lu 03:57 Tools
Falling 03:49 Tools
That's the Way Love Is 06:33 Tools
Al Le Luia 09:00 Tools
Building 00:38 Tools
U-Li-La-Lu 00:00 Tools
Entrance 04:02 Tools
Te Manu Pukarua 02:05 Tools
Blood And Thunder 03:35 Tools
The Watermelon Song 05:15 Tools
Perfect Music 02:11 Tools
From This Moment On 03:30 Tools
Mele Kalikimaka 05:15 Tools
Jealous 05:31 Tools
Come Together 04:59 Tools
Lay My Love 06:57 Tools
Endtrance 05:55 Tools
Lemon Drop Man 03:54 Tools
Octavio/Beautiful to Meet You 08:53 Tools
Postcard From a Dream - Toast And Jelly 06:15 Tools
Berry 02:43 Tools
Platetectonic 05:19 Tools
Sticky 03:14 Tools
Ta Bouche Est Tabou (French Mix) 05:47 Tools
candy 02:12 Tools
All Saints Ascension (Peter Vogelaar & DJ Madrid Remix) 04:32 Tools
Postcard From a Dream 04:18 Tools
Hard Sometime 05:16 Tools
Butterflies 05:09 Tools
Angelika Suspended 03:20 Tools
Jackass Ginger 04:32 Tools
God's Gallipoli - Arqueen Remix 06:53 Tools
Outta Yer Head 02:38 Tools
Rusted Weather 03:22 Tools
Spend My Life (Moorea Mix) 08:33 Tools
Tracery/Tana Dery Na (Waterlily Mix) 08:09 Tools
Palm Leaf Effigy 03:45 Tools
Super Tarana 02:44 Tools
Baby Together 04:31 Tools
In Comes The Night 03:58 Tools
You Move Me 06:43 Tools
Ecstasy 04:17 Tools
Ta Bouche est Tabu 05:36 Tools
Had I Known 03:06 Tools
Heaven Only Knows 04:37 Tools
God's Gallipolli 06:22 Tools
Searching For the Fertile Fields 03:46 Tools
Diva 07:03 Tools
Space Dust 06:47 Tools
Simple Song 10:21 Tools
Bury Me Deep (Special version) 04:55 Tools
So Real 04:45 Tools
A Love Rains Down 05:29 Tools
Hangover 06:34 Tools
Daytrippin' 05:43 Tools
True 06:14 Tools
Keep the Faith 07:57 Tools
Bizarre Love Triangle 04:42 Tools
10-28 04:48 Tools
Hotel Seze 05:57 Tools
Rise Up and Walk 06:16 Tools
In Seed Come Fruit 04:57 Tools
Going Up the Country 02:31 Tools
Everybody's Trying - Single Edit 04:04 Tools
Equatorial 04:52 Tools
Spend My Life 09:26 Tools
Wood Guitar/Falling (live) 08:00 Tools
JAG 05:43 Tools
God's Gallipoli (Arqueen remix) 06:51 Tools
The Turning 04:52 Tools
All Saints Ascension 03:54 Tools
Catabombs 04:52 Tools
Living With the Dreaming Boy 03:58 Tools
Burnin' Higher 04:30 Tools
When I wake in the morning 04:52 Tools
Baby I'm Scared of You (If U Got Real Love 4 Me) 03:54 Tools
Fruitless (remix) 04:30 Tools
Hard Sometimes (M-theory remix) 03:54 Tools
Everybody's Got a Star 05:14 Tools
Be The One - Single Version 03:56 Tools
Living with the Dreaming Body - Live Track 04:27 Tools
Electron Flux 04:31 Tools
Diva (Bliss mix) 07:35 Tools
Sound of Water "Feel Good, Feel Strong" 04:30 Tools
Steve Marriott (1:46) 01:46 Tools
Diamonds and Buttermilk (Matt Warren remix) 05:14 Tools
Fact of Life - Live Track 04:36 Tools
Dream Onward Angel 04:35 Tools
Uncertain Smile (4:27) 04:27 Tools
All Around (8fatfat8 Mix) 07:50 Tools
If I Were Music 04:36 Tools
In Comes the Night (Discothèque) 04:35 Tools
Sweet Thing (4:32) 04:31 Tools
Zap Disco (House-o-matic mix) 07:59 Tools
Postcard from a Dream - Live Track 03:38 Tools
Jeremy Brett (3:38) 03:37 Tools
Steve Marriott - 1:46 01:46 Tools
Uncertain Smile - 4:27 04:27 Tools
Everybody's Trying (Single Edit) 04:04 Tools
Stepper's Delight 02:57 Tools
Ta Bouche Est Tabou - French Mix 05:49 Tools
Diva [Live at House of Sound] 07:50 Tools
Complicated (Berlin Remix) 04:35 Tools
Diva (Live at House of Sound) 04:35 Tools
Sweet Thing - 4:32 04:32 Tools
Fever 02:57 Tools
Rock Your Baby 03:40 Tools
Thanksgiving (Live) 04:59 Tools
Say That You'll Be The One 05:13 Tools
The Hardest Thing - Live Track 07:50 Tools
10-25 04:05 Tools
Let Love 04:59 Tools
Take Care of Your Thing 04:05 Tools
Falling "Turn, Turn, Turn" 03:50 Tools
Jeremy Brett 03:14 Tools
Toast and Jelly 01:55 Tools
Jeremy Brett - 3:38 03:38 Tools
Fall Upon Me - Live Track 07:50 Tools
Absolute Perfection 04:05 Tools
That's the Way Love Is - Single Edit 04:12 Tools
Plate-Tec-Tonic 07:08 Tools
Ta Bouche Est Tabou - Live Track 04:33 Tools
Diva (Live at the House of Sound) 07:50 Tools
Win (4:36) 04:36 Tools
Pulling Touch - Live Track 05:02 Tools
Over the Top 04:44 Tools
To Be in Love 05:25 Tools
Spacedust 06:47 Tools
Younge & Wilde - 2:28 02:28 Tools
Younge & Wilde (2:28) 02:28 Tools
Jackass Ginger - Live Track 05:02 Tools
Sound of Water - Live Track 05:02 Tools
I Had To Tell You (Album Version) 02:49 Tools
Diva - Live at House of Sound 07:50 Tools
Starlight (5:02) 05:25 Tools
Sticky (Live 2006) 03:11 Tools
Everybody's Trying - Live Track 05:34 Tools
Watermelon Song - Live Track 05:02 Tools
Thick N Thin 05:04 Tools
I Had to Tell You - Live Track 05:34 Tools
The Me That Was Your Son - Live Track 05:02 Tools
Money Is Tight 05:07 Tools
Spend My Life - Moorea Mix 08:35 Tools
Can I Change My Mind 03:50 Tools
The Wine Song 03:30 Tools
Better Than This 03:44 Tools
Jack A*s Ginger 05:31 Tools
Circle Around the Sun - Live Track 05:45 Tools
Willem Dafoe 04:37 Tools
Get Me On - Live Track 00:00 Tools
Pomegranate - Live Track 02:39 Tools
Simple Song - Live Track 01:42 Tools
Zap Disco - House-o-matic Mix 04:33 Tools
That's The Way Love Is (Single Edit) 04:11 Tools
Starlight - 5:02 05:02 Tools
In Seed Comes Fruit 04:57 Tools
Complicated (Live 2006) 04:33 Tools
SWEET THING 00:30 Tools
Be the One - Live Track 00:00 Tools
Mele Kalikimaka (with The Dirty Dozen Brass Band) 00:39 Tools
Love Vigilantes (live New Order cover) 04:11 Tools
The Original Chain 04:45 Tools
Thanksgiving - Live Track 00:00 Tools
Tall - Live Track 02:39 Tools
Simple Song (Soul Kitchen Edit) 05:34 Tools
Thanksgiving [Live] 04:33 Tools
Love Vigilantes - Live Track 04:59 Tools
Cotton & Wood Pulp Paste 05:34 Tools
Been Down So Long 02:39 Tools
Win - 4:36 04:36 Tools
Jack Ass Ginger (Live 2006) 05:02 Tools
I've Got My Body - Live Track 00:30 Tools
Blood and Thunder - Live Track 04:59 Tools
God's Gallipoli - Live Track 01:42 Tools
Spend My Life [Moorea Mix] 05:34 Tools
Tracery / Tana Dery Na - Waterlily Mix 08:12 Tools
Be The One (Single Version) 05:34 Tools
Lackluster - Live Track 08:35 Tools
The Chain - Live Track 01:42 Tools
Black Hole 04:30 Tools
Fiddle & a Bow 02:26 Tools
Complicated - Berlin Remix 04:36 Tools
Steve Marriott 01:42 Tools
Wood Guitar - Live Track 01:42 Tools
Plate.tec.tonic 05:45 Tools
Bury Me Deep - Live Track 05:12 Tools
Jack Ass Ginger [Short Version] 05:45 Tools
All Around the World 05:45 Tools
3 Summer Stories 05:45 Tools
Sweet Caroline 00:00 Tools
Natural Thing (Sonic Air Conditioner Mix) 05:45 Tools
Complicated (Berlin mix) 08:35 Tools
Uncertain Smile - Live Track 06:16 Tools
Ancient Egyptians 08:35 Tools
Ain't No Stopping Us Now 09:00 Tools
Polyamoré 08:35 Tools
Falling - Live Track 05:12 Tools
Perfect Music - Live Track 04:49 Tools
Rusted Weather - Live Track 03:37 Tools
Complicated (Live) 03:41 Tools
Godless Church 03:41 Tools
Diva - Bliss Mix 07:37 Tools
Thankgiving (live) 04:59 Tools
Big Constellation - Live Track 03:37 Tools
Rip it up 03:37 Tools
That's the Way Love Is (Blue Groove House Mix) 09:00 Tools
Polyamore 04:41 Tools
Collarbone [Album Version] 04:03 Tools
Poi Dog Pondering - Complicated 04:36 Tools
Win 06:18 Tools
Catacomb - Live Track 05:30 Tools
Berry - Live Track 03:37 Tools
That's The Way Love Is (Ruckus Vocal Mix) 06:16 Tools
From This Moment On - Live Track 05:30 Tools
Complicated [Berlin Remix] 07:37 Tools
Diamonds And Buttermilk - Matt Warren Remix 05:16 Tools
Complicated (Live Version) 07:37 Tools
Me That Was Your Son 07:37 Tools
I've Got My Body [Album Version] 05:12 Tools
Starlight 05:01 Tools
Sandra at the Beach - Live Track 02:18 Tools
Butterflies - Live Track 02:18 Tools
Shu Zulu Za - Live Track 06:17 Tools
Fruitless - Remix 04:31 Tools
Natural Thing - Live Track 04:49 Tools
That's the Way Love Is (Deep Soul Dubb) 06:09 Tools
Pulling Touch (live) 07:31 Tools
Your Silent Face 07:31 Tools
Postcard from a Dream (Toast & Jelly) 06:14 Tools
Jack Ass Ginger [Album Version] 05:32 Tools
That's the Way Love Is - Live Track 05:32 Tools
Simple Song - Soul Kitchen Edit 05:36 Tools
You Think Too Much 00:00 Tools
That's The Way Love Is (Sound Clash Mix) 05:43 Tools
Diva [Live At House Of Sound] 07:50 Tools
Jack Ass Ginger (short version) 04:31 Tools
Ta Bouche Est Tabou [Album Version] 04:33 Tools
That's The Way Love Is (Deep Soul Vocal Mix) 08:43 Tools
Sweetness 08:43 Tools
Hard Sometimes - M-theory Remix 08:43 Tools
Jack Ass Ginger (full length version) 05:30 Tools
Suspicious Minds 00:00 Tools
10 - 28 04:49 Tools
Shake of Big Hands 05:30 Tools
You Move Me - Live Track 05:32 Tools
Complicated - Live Track 04:49 Tools
Blood And Thunder [Album Version] 03:37 Tools
Sono Qui 03:37 Tools
Complicated (Sidetracked Dub) 06:19 Tools
Living With The Dreaming Body (Live) 00:00 Tools
Young and Wilde 02:18 Tools
That's the Way Love Is - Ruckus Vocal Mix 06:18 Tools
True - Live Track 04:03 Tools
So Real - Live Track 04:30 Tools
Diva [Bliss Mix] 04:31 Tools
Everybody's Trying on Letterman 00:30 Tools
Pacifica 00:30 Tools
Living With a Dreaming Body 06:19 Tools
Thankgiving 02:18 Tools
Natural Thing - Sonic Air Conditioner Mix 06:19 Tools
In Seeds Come Fruit 02:18 Tools
Diamonds and Buttermilk [Matt Warren Remix] 02:18 Tools
God's Gallipoli [Arqueen Remix] 02:18 Tools
I'm in love with Jeremy Brett 02:18 Tools
Complicated (Boom Boom Room Vocal Mix) 09:13 Tools
Collarbone (Album Version) 09:13 Tools
That's The Way Love Is (Ruckus Instrumental) 06:17 Tools
Lackluster [Album Version] 03:38 Tools
Sugarbush Cushman [*] 03:03 Tools
Be The One [Album Version] 05:13 Tools
Pulling Touch (Live Track) 06:19 Tools
Tall [Album Version] 03:03 Tools
Everybody's Trying (Live Track) 03:03 Tools
Building [Album Version] 00:39 Tools
Zap Disco [House-O-Matic Mix] 00:39 Tools
U-Li-La-La 00:30 Tools
The Chain (Live Track) 00:30 Tools
Everybody's Trying "Memphis" 00:39 Tools
Jack Ass Ginger (Album Version) 05:32 Tools
Platetectonic - Live Track 04:05 Tools
Hotel Seze - Live Track 04:05 Tools
Space Dust - Live Track 04:05 Tools
Sweet Caroline - Live Track 04:05 Tools
Younge & Wilde 04:05 Tools
Entrance [Album Version] 04:03 Tools
Walk Away from Love - Live Track 04:05 Tools
Young and Wilde - Live Track 04:05 Tools
That's The Way Love Is (Bunky's Way Mix) 04:03 Tools
Te Manu Pukarua [Album Version] 02:05 Tools
Catacomb (Live Track) 06:19 Tools
Uncertain Smile (Radio Edit) 02:05 Tools
Fruitless [Remix] 04:30 Tools
Lay My Love (live) 06:19 Tools
Equatorial (Feat. Abra Moore) 06:19 Tools
Fact of Life (live in the Studio) 06:19 Tools
That's the Way Love Is - Blue Groove House Mix 00:30 Tools
Pomegranate (Live Track) 06:19 Tools
Can't Hardly Wait 03:21 Tools
Everybody's Trying [Single Edit] 04:05 Tools
Full Clip/Sticky Fingaz Verse 04:05 Tools
That's the Way Love Is (Live Track) 04:05 Tools
That's the Way Love Is - Sound Clash Mix 06:19 Tools
Octavio,Beautiful To Meet You 04:05 Tools
Ta Bouche Est Tabou (French Mi 04:05 Tools
Living with the Dreaming Body (Live Track) 06:19 Tools
That's the Way Love Is - Ruckus Instrumental 06:19 Tools
Get Me On (Live Track) 06:19 Tools
Complicated - Boom Boom Room Vocal Mix 06:19 Tools
Be the One (Live Track) 06:19 Tools
Sandra at the Beach (Live Track) 06:19 Tools
You Think Too Much (acoustic) 06:19 Tools
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Poi Dog Pondering is an American musical group, noted for its cross-pollination of diverse musical genres, including various forms of acoustic folk music, and electronic music. Founded in Hawaii in 1985 around the creative vision of lead singer-songwriter Frank Orrall, the band moved to Austin, Texas in 1987, where they recorded their first three albums. In 1992, the band (with ever-evolving membership) relocated once again, this time to Chicago, Illinois, and began to incorporate elements of house music into their style. Orrall took the band's pop folk direction into electronic & ambient house music in the later 1990's ,but has since returned to explore the soft rock, folk, country & soul influences that gave the band it's initial audience on the indie Texas Hotel imprint and eventual major label contract with Columbia/Sony in the late 1980's. Poi Dog Pondering "the little big band with the strong back and supple/stubborn heart" has been following its intuition for 20 years. From bohemian street buskers to impossible-to-market major label sacrificial lambs, PdP have ripened into staunchly independent musical voyagers. Every sound that has excited them flows through their music and floods it with ever changing colors - acoustic, folk, global music, big band disco, electronic textures, orchestral collaborations, ROCK and SOUL - threaded with lyrics that embrace both the beauty and pain that life can bring. Poi dog Pondering formed in Hawaii in 1986. The first live performance was at the Honolulu Arts Academy. Filled with youthful exuberance and inspiration from ready about Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground's "Exploding Plastic Inevitable" projected film and music happening, PdP projected films of lava eruptions, ocean and other natural environments over the band as they performed. The tradition of projected imagery along with PdP live performances has developed and matured over the years and continues. There is a bolstered sense of history within the band now, a swagger that comes from having steadfastly carved their own path. It is quite apparent that PdP has always been, and ever will be in it for the love of it; creating and performing. Line up changes are par for the course. PdP is an organic entity, it changes like life does. But there is a core with strong roots, open to new eras and ready to experiment. That's what keeps it vibrant. Band leader, Frank Orrall's interest in electronic music garnered him respect from the Chicago House/Electronic music community for his solo project 8fatfat8, and lead him to become a member of Thievery Corporation as percussionist and vocalist. All this influenced 2 of PDP’s Natural Thing and In Seed Comes Fruit albums which saw the band experimenting with electronic textures, beautiful lush arrangements and un-hurried, sometimes instrumental song structures, letting musicality determine the song structure, rather than traditional "verse / chorus / bridge" style song writing. Poi dog Pondering delivered a Rock and Soul record with " 7 ",their 7th studio album, 14 cuts deep and layered in horns, strings, immediate guitars; sometimes shimmering and liquid, & sometimes "crunch and gristle". A painter's pallete of unique instruments, vintage keyboards, "on the sleeve" lyrics, gripping bass & drums and beautiful harmonies. Known for following their heart, this record finds PdP playful, intimate, honest, cocky, boisterous and definitely ready to take it live. “Poi is becoming one of the longest running and most spirited do-it-yourself musical institutions in the country, defying the odds of commerce and interpersonal relationships by keeping a 12 piece band viable…” – GREG KOT, CHICAGO TRIBUNE “The Poi Dog sound happens because of the real and deep connection between the players, which shows in how they listen to one another in performance. The fact that most of them have been doing just that for two decades only increases the power of community they bring to the stage.” - NO DEPRESSION (January 2008, Live Review) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.