Premonitions Of War

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Mother Night Revisited 01:20 Tools
Layover 01:46 Tools
Night Soil 00:56 Tools
Stolen Breath 00:56 Tools
One Constant Volume 01:10 Tools
Black Den 05:30 Tools
The Octopus 02:15 Tools
Covered In Lights 01:20 Tools
Citizen 01:22 Tools
Capsule Hotel 01:48 Tools
Dim Light District 02:36 Tools
Cables Hum Overhead 05:16 Tools
The True Face Of Panic 01:35 Tools
Hanging Man 03:28 Tools
Correspondences 03:02 Tools
Best Day Ever 01:28 Tools
Abomination 01:50 Tools
A Minor Correction 01:01 Tools
Glorified Dirt 01:56 Tools
I'd Settle for Sleep 06:18 Tools
Foolish 01:19 Tools
Not a Word 01:34 Tools
Hope Dealers 06:18 Tools
Marathon 01:03 Tools
Illiad (Hector's End) 02:11 Tools
Time for Iron 00:58 Tools
66 00:58 Tools
Switchboard Scientist 00:58 Tools
A Useless Language 01:26 Tools
Vertical Slum 01:26 Tools
Sugi Walks 01:26 Tools
Hi-Tech Boom 01:26 Tools
Cyber Attack!! 01:26 Tools
Written In 01:27 Tools
Mississippi Queen 02:35 Tools
@ The Station 02:35 Tools
Shoes (Pleh) 02:35 Tools
Fire Hose 02:35 Tools
Born Under a Bad Sign 04:04 Tools
Running a Marathon Without Legs 01:48 Tools
4 R E A L 01:06 Tools
The Foolish Fooling the Fool 01:25 Tools
The Best Day Ever 01:28 Tools
A Time for Iron 00:56 Tools
The Abomination 01:50 Tools
Zonin in Zona 01:50 Tools
Iliad 01:06 Tools
Cannot Deny It 01:06 Tools
I’d Settle For Sleep 06:16 Tools
Not A Word (Live) 00:00 Tools
Where are my keys 02:28 Tools
Premonitions Of War - A Useless Language 02:28 Tools
Set Me Free 02:28 Tools
Bzurk 02:28 Tools
Came Here For 05:26 Tools
On a Mission 02:28 Tools
Harpers Blues 06:16 Tools
狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon(ファミコンアレンジ) 06:16 Tools
Monsoon Blues 06:16 Tools
Can You Feel 06:16 Tools
えいえんてい めどれー 06:16 Tools
Late Nite Version 06:16 Tools
7th Time 06:16 Tools
not a war 00:00 Tools
04 小沢健二 - 痛快ウキウキ通り (pow's uki-uki extended edit) 00:00 Tools
Flying high 00:00 Tools
Get Connected 00:00 Tools
Key to Me 00:00 Tools
A World Against Me 2 01:08 Tools
Iliad (Hector's End) 01:08 Tools
Pow (Ground Piano) 00:00 Tools
bassboosted by Gretckov 01:08 Tools
Confused Mind 01:08 Tools
Night Soil (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
God in my Heart 00:00 Tools
One Constant Volume (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Revelation 00:00 Tools
Emotions 00:00 Tools
The Octopus (live) 00:00 Tools
Stolen Breath (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Project X (Part 2) 00:00 Tools
Connecting 00:00 Tools
Ignorance 00:00 Tools
The Octopus (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Black Den (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Farthest Shore 00:00 Tools
Carpe Diem 00:00 Tools
Night Soil | Live 00:00 Tools
02 - Layover 00:00 Tools
P.O.W./S.A.D. 00:00 Tools
Flying high... 00:00 Tools
Bullet For My Valentine 00:00 Tools
The Razor 00:00 Tools
Capsule Hotel (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Not a Word [Live][*] 00:00 Tools
Wishful 00:00 Tools
Lethal Bizzle 00:00 Tools
The Heart & The Spade 00:00 Tools
Covered In Lights (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Citizen (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Back On The Grid 00:00 Tools
DNS 00:00 Tools
01 - the true face of panic 00:00 Tools
05 - One Constant Volume 00:00 Tools
01 Mother Night Revisited 00:00 Tools
Dim Light District (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Heavens 03:02 Tools
POW 00:00 Tools
小沢健二 - 痛快ウキウキ通り (pow's uki-uki extended edit) 00:00 Tools
Illind (Hector's End) 00:00 Tools
02 Layover 00:00 Tools
Cette Histoire 00:00 Tools
The Octopus Live 00:00 Tools
Hanging Moon 00:00 Tools
Fuck up 00:00 Tools
Fiend 00:00 Tools
Cables Hum Overhead (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
09 The Octopus 00:00 Tools
02 - correspondences 03:02 Tools
We're Free 03:02 Tools
01 The True Face Of Panic 03:02 Tools
Cyberattack #3 03:02 Tools
here comes the spade 03:02 Tools
04 - Abomination 03:02 Tools
10 - Covered in Lights 03:02 Tools
07 - I'd Settle For Sleep 00:00 Tools
07 - Cables Hum Overhead 00:00 Tools
Eternity 00:00 Tools
08 Citizen 00:00 Tools
06 Black Den 00:00 Tools
10 Covered In Lights 00:00 Tools
03 Night Soil 00:00 Tools
Energizer 00:00 Tools
The Octopus | Live 00:00 Tools
Jerk Off Boy 00:00 Tools
02 Correspondences 00:00 Tools
Ouija Prayer 00:00 Tools
09 - The Octopus 00:00 Tools
03 - best day ever 00:00 Tools
04 Stolen Breath 00:00 Tools
05 - Hanging Man 00:00 Tools
05 One Constant Volume 00:00 Tools
Black Acid Moon 00:00 Tools
12 - Dim Light District 00:00 Tools
06 - A Minor Correction 00:00 Tools
Fashion Victime 00:00 Tools
Heavens part deux 00:00 Tools
J'm'en Fous 00:00 Tools
Point Of View 00:00 Tools
Dreaming of you 00:00 Tools
Intro 00:00 Tools
06 A Minor Correction 00:00 Tools
Iliad [Hetor's End] 00:00 Tools
Ancient Memories 00:00 Tools
04 Abomination 00:00 Tools
Nothing But To Pray 00:00 Tools
Snake Eyes 00:00 Tools
Evil Sky 00:00 Tools
Smoke 00:00 Tools
Shoes 00:00 Tools
Pure Body 00:00 Tools
01-premonitions_of_war-mother_night_revisited-its 00:00 Tools
Trapped 00:00 Tools
Blown 00:00 Tools
08 - Citizen 00:00 Tools
11 - Capsule Hotel 00:00 Tools
Cicatrice 00:00 Tools
Premonitions Of War 00:00 Tools
Infinity 00:00 Tools
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Formed in September of 2000 in Ohio, United States of America, Premonitions Of War was manifested by three close friends, M. Gaytan (guitar), P. Meyers (guitar) and D. Schoenhofer (drums) who had been playing in bands together for close to four years. Their overall dissatisfaction with the hardcore scene and the world in general inspired them to create music that would incorporate all of their influences - from metal to rock to electronic and more- while keeping their feet planted firmly in hardcore. "We're not a metal band - we don't have long hair and we don't wear bullet belts. We want to make music that will combine different types of heavy music without expressing the shortcomings of any of them. We like to keep people on their toes and bring in elements from music scenes generally geared towards older audiences while still keeping it interesting to us," said Gaytan. Premonitions oO War added two more members, T. Amstutz on vocals and A. Amstutz on bass to solidify their assemblage and started writing music. They released a self-titled EP in 2000 and started playing shows throughout the U.S. Next, they wrote and recorded the notable 'The True Face of Panic' released by Goodfellow Records in November of 2002, touring in support of it with bands like The Red Chord, Between the Buried and Me and The Black Dahlia Murder. In 2003 Premonitions Of War would see a lineup change that added B. Wharton on vocals and N. Hale on bass and the band now had a solid touring arrangement. They began garnering interest from various record labels and were approached by Victory Records in February of 2003, signing a deal with the label shortly thereafter. Premonitions Of War had already received outstanding press from the likes of Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, MTV News and Outburn. The buzz on this band was building with unrelenting force. Premonitions Of War headed south to Tampa, FL to record their Victory Records premiere, "Left In Kowloon", in October of 2003 at Mana Recording Studios with Shawn Ohtani and Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal fame. M. Gaytan said, "Recording 'Kowloon' included a lot of late nights fueled by coffee and Cuban guava pastries. We worked through evenings and mornings for 3 weeks straight, which definitely added to the genuine bitterness and the emphatic bleakness of the recording. It was amazing to record with [Erik] Rutan as we've all looked up to the bands he's been in and the recordings that were done in this studio like Hate Eternal and Krisiun". Unsurpassingly volatile and irascible, Premonitions of War is a monstrosity that is ready to storm the front lines of the heavy music scene and "Left In Kowloon" is a paradigm that will go unmatched by today's standards of angst-ridden hardcore. After the release of "Kowloon", PoW had a few changes in lineup. Former drummer Dustin now plays with Walls of Jericho and was replaced by Cory Grady, who used to be in The Black Dahlia Murder. Bassist Nick Hale also left the group and now plays guitar in Burnt By The Sun. He was replaced by Danny Garcia, a friend of the band. Singer Brad Wharton also quit, and was replaced by Nate Johnson of Deadwater Drowning fame. This new lineup was featured most recently on the "Glorified Dirt + The True Face of Panic" album, which featured a re-recording of the long out of print first album with the new members as well as the hard to find and absolutely awesome "The True Face of Panic" EP. Nate Johnson officially joined Through the Eyes of the Dead, and was featured on their recording Malice, replacing Anthony Gunnels on vocals.Since then Nate Johnson left to do vocals for Since The Flood. Premonitions of War has been on hiatous for the past couple of years since then. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.