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ほどけた靴紐 03:28 Tools
Last Dance 06:25 Tools
Hey 06:03 Tools
opening 01:05 Tools
Guideman 03:54 Tools
Kaleidoscope 02:48 Tools
Back To The Beach 02:50 Tools
魔法 04:37 Tools
Lily 04:23 Tools
MAGIC J 03:49 Tools
Time Time Time 06:12 Tools
Man is no more than coconut 02:36 Tools
Fools 04:24 Tools
134 03:46 Tools
Fun run 03:58 Tools
Along The Sands 03:59 Tools
Mexican Bandito 07:26 Tools
Differences 03:29 Tools
For All We Done 02:28 Tools
Loyal Isolation 04:05 Tools
Stone 02:41 Tools
Question #7 03:50 Tools
Same Old Shoes 03:40 Tools
Northern Wind Blew South 04:32 Tools
QUESTION#7 03:50 Tools
The Way 03:13 Tools
Flamingo 04:28 Tools
Information kills 03:57 Tools
21 04:24 Tools
Natuke 03:30 Tools
Spiral Time 03:35 Tools
In The City 07:23 Tools
ボーダーライン 03:39 Tools
Transformer 04:55 Tools
Tiny Step 02:59 Tools
Broken Arrow 03:54 Tools
Summertime 02:03 Tools
Good Night Sweet Amanda 03:36 Tools
Alarms 02:26 Tools
Juggernaut(Beatrix Remix) 00:00 Tools
BIG BOY 02:28 Tools
The Man Who Knew Too Little 02:41 Tools
Sinu silmades 03:23 Tools
JOY OF A TOY 03:12 Tools
Hamburg 04:28 Tools
Bounce tou Bounce 04:37 Tools
Lands of Miracle 03:17 Tools
Wonder Words 03:47 Tools
Elu Kui Filmis 03:17 Tools
Peg o'My Heart (1993) 01:38 Tools
Hey (2009 new recording ver.) 03:41 Tools
zzz 04:26 Tools
100 miles 03:04 Tools
Loyal Isolation -CHABE'S MIXX BEAUTY MIX- 05:23 Tools
Clumsy Man 04:01 Tools
Lady Sunset 03:48 Tools
I Live Without Something That You Want 04:49 Tools
Elu Kui Filmis (Edit 4DJ's) 03:18 Tools
Elu Kui Filmis (Radio Edit) 00:38 Tools
It's Alright 02:29 Tools
Summer Sun 04:34 Tools
Black Night Humanoid 04:52 Tools
Here Comes the Rain 04:28 Tools
Rising Up 05:05 Tools
Lonesome 05:28 Tools
Shooting At The Moon 00:00 Tools
Strange Dance In The Beat 04:38 Tools
21old man blues 00:00 Tools
Warm Hearted People 03:45 Tools
Hanging Around 03:04 Tools
Elu kui filmis (Extended 4DJ' 05:14 Tools
Haze 04:55 Tools
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (1993) 04:55 Tools
Baar 02:50 Tools
Last Dance 04:14 Tools
Bounce To Bounce 04:37 Tools
July Rain 03:46 Tools
Päikesekiiri 03:44 Tools
Kaleidoscope - Smooth R&B Remix : Remixed by TA-1 04:35 Tools
Andeks 03:44 Tools
Last Dance - Museum of Bellas Artes Remix 06:21 Tools
Elu Kui Filmis (Edit 4djs) 03:18 Tools
Keegi peale meie 03:29 Tools
Last Dance (Museum of Bellas Arts Remix) 06:21 Tools
Last Dance (million young Remix) 05:03 Tools
Last Dance - million young Remix 05:03 Tools
Sparks & Fires 03:06 Tools
Last Dance (Museum of Bellas Artes Remix) 06:21 Tools
Kaleidoscope (Smooth R&B Remix) 04:35 Tools
FunRun 03:56 Tools
Maria Maria 03:56 Tools
Siia ma jään 03:44 Tools
Loyal Isolation(CHABE'S MIXX BEAUTY MIX) 05:23 Tools
Northan wind blew south 04:32 Tools
Intro 04:32 Tools
Hodoke Taku Tsuhimo 03:27 Tools
Wonder World 03:47 Tools
Elu Kui Filmis (Extended 4dj's) 03:47 Tools
Rock on südamele 03:47 Tools
Ei ei 03:47 Tools
Lands ofMiracle 03:17 Tools
Päiksekiiri 03:46 Tools
Bounce to Bounce 04:37 Tools
Elu kui filmis (Radio) 04:37 Tools
Solstice 06:22 Tools
Baar (Dance Remix) 06:22 Tools
Sick As A Dog 06:22 Tools
Hana Bi 06:22 Tools
Good Morning Woodmere 06:54 Tools
I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing 05:02 Tools
Juggernaut (Beatrix Remix) 05:02 Tools
no sleep 04:48 Tools
Hodoketakutsuhimo 03:28 Tools
Wonder Word 03:47 Tools
Baila 03:40 Tools
Authro 03:47 Tools
21 Old Man Blues 04:48 Tools
Weather Report 00:00 Tools
Magic J (Gorilla ver.) 00:30 Tools
deep into the Night 00:00 Tools
15D 00:30 Tools
Paikesekiiri 03:46 Tools
Question#7 (Gorilla ver.) 00:30 Tools
Ai vrea 03:33 Tools
Fusion 03:10 Tools
Good Day 03:50 Tools
Obsesión 03:53 Tools
Seguire Amandote 03:41 Tools
My Immortal 04:27 Tools
Beatrix 01:35 Tools
Per te 04:13 Tools
When The Dreaming Ends 03:04 Tools
Don't Wanna Miss A Thing 03:50 Tools
Floss 04:27 Tools
Silky 03:44 Tools
Intacta 04:13 Tools
Visualization 04:13 Tools
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing 05:02 Tools
Hodoketa Kutsuhimo 03:28 Tools
Loyal Isolation (CHABE'S MIXX BEAUTY MIX) 05:23 Tools
Another Brick in the Wall pt.2 03:28 Tools
its quiet round here 03:44 Tools
Regresarás 03:04 Tools
Elu kui filmis (remix) 05:28 Tools
Neiu Mustas Kleidis 05:28 Tools
MAJIC J 03:45 Tools
Lehitraot 03:44 Tools
Alright 03:44 Tools
Päikesekiired 03:44 Tools
Seguiré Amándote 03:41 Tools
Misfortune 05:23 Tools
Conviction (Long MIX) 05:23 Tools
Phase of Liquefy 05:23 Tools
Calexico | FM4 Connected 00:30 Tools
Running In Circles 04:35 Tools
Wiatr 00:30 Tools
Juggernaut 00:30 Tools
トラック 03 00:30 Tools
トラック 04 05:28 Tools
トラック 02 04:31 Tools
トラック 06 04:31 Tools
トラック 08 04:31 Tools
Mi Conguero 04:52 Tools
Elu kui filmis (Extended 4DJ's 04:52 Tools
quattro 04:35 Tools
Your Song 04:35 Tools
świnie 04:35 Tools
Sqra 04:35 Tools
watch the world 04:35 Tools
Noc komety 04:35 Tools
heavy metal hair 04:35 Tools
oMajGad 04:35 Tools
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QUATTRO is a band formed by Takeshi Iwamoto (vocalist, guitarist) along with Nakajima Keizo (ex-bassist) and Yuichi Ushioda (guitarist). because Takeshi had left Japan to study in the UK, for a few moments QUATTRO activities at that time stopped and re-started after Takeshi return to Japan. in the early time, their image was Ramones-like, this is due to their love of garage music. about a year or two years after QUATTRO formed, they are forced to part with Yuichi Ushioda shortly after Yusuke Matsuzaka (guitarist) joined the band, his reason was for wanting to do something on his own. As long as he was not in QUATTRO, Yuichi did solo career. shortly thereafter, Kahadio Del Rosario joined QUATTRO as drummer. Kahadio claimed to be the youngest member in QUATTRO. after a while, Yuichi decided to re-join QUATTRO. their bassist, Masamichi Hamada was formerly the bassist of Riddim Saunter (now disbanded), he was originally offered to be a support member, but now QUATTRO fixed with five members, they are Takeshi Iwamoto, Yuichi Ushioda, Yusuke Matsuzaka, Masamichi Hamada and Kahadio Del Rosario. their music brings together 60's blues rock and psychedelic with 90's British rock. they make music with various genres with a catchy melody. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.