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Bellacoso 04:17 Tools
Desencuentro 04:47 Tools
Sexo 03:29 Tools
Guerra 05:34 Tools
Una Leyenda China 04:29 Tools
Sexo (feat. iLe) 03:29 Tools
Intro ADN / DNA 00:00 Tools
Apocalíptico 00:00 Tools
Hijos del Cañaveral 00:00 Tools
La Cátedra 12:00 Tools
Interludio Entre Montañas Siberianas 00:00 Tools
Milo 00:00 Tools
Interludio Haruna Fati 00:00 Tools
Mis Disculpas 08:08 Tools
Rap Bruto 06:01 Tools
La Sombra 00:00 Tools
Pecador 00:00 Tools
Querido Louis (feat. Trooko) 00:00 Tools
Sexo - Continuous Mix 00:00 Tools
Desencuentro (feat. Soko) 00:00 Tools
Desencuentro ft. Soko 00:00 Tools
La Sombra (feat. Bombino) 00:00 Tools
El Futuro Es Nuestro (feat. Goran Bregovic) 00:00 Tools
Uno Menos 00:00 Tools
Se Te Va (El Negron) 03:30 Tools
No Hay Igual feat. Calle 13 03:41 Tools
Querido Louis 00:00 Tools
La Catedra 03:30 Tools
La Cátedra 03:30 Tools
Apocaliptico 03:30 Tools
Interludio Entre Montanas Siberianas 03:30 Tools
Hijos del Canaveral 03:30 Tools
El Futuro Es Nuestro ft. Goran Bregovic 03:30 Tools
Desencuentro ft. Soko 03:30 Tools
Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) 03:30 Tools
Ondas/Waves 03:30 Tools
Desencuentro (Official Video) ft. Soko 03:30 Tools
La Sombra ft. Bombino 03:30 Tools
Desencuentro (con Soko) 03:30 Tools
Interludio Entre Montañas Siberia 03:30 Tools
Suave 03:30 Tools
Bellacoso (Feat. Bad Bunny) 03:30 Tools
Desencuentro (Ft. SoKo) 03:30 Tools
Intro ADN/DNA 03:30 Tools
Se vale to-to 03:30 Tools
Intro ADN 03:30 Tools
La Madre De Los Enanos 03:30 Tools
Desencuentro feat. Soko 03:30 Tools
Intro Adn Dna 01:40 Tools
Residente, iLe & Bad Bunny - Afilando los Cuchillos (Cover Audio) 01:40 Tools
Residente - Mis Disculpas 01:40 Tools
Residente & Nach - Rap Bruto (Official Video) 01:40 Tools
Residente - La Cátedra 01:40 Tools
La Cátedra (LETRA) //Tiraera a Tempo 03:30 Tools
For The Cultura: Residente 03:30 Tools
Bellacoso feat. Bad Bunny 03:30 Tools
Somos anormales (We Are Abnormal) 03:30 Tools
Sombra (w Bombino) 03:30 Tools
El Futuro Es Nuestro ft. Goran Bregovic 03:30 Tools
Afilando los Cuchillos 03:30 Tools
La Catedra (By JGalvez) 03:30 Tools
La Sombra (Ft. Bombino) 03:30 Tools
Mis Disculpas (Tiraera Pa Tempo) 03:30 Tools
La Sombra feat Bombino 03:30 Tools
El Futuro Es Nuestro feat Goran Bregovich 03:30 Tools
Cabe-c-o 03:30 Tools
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Residente (born René Pérez Joglar; February 23, 1978) is a Puerto Rican rapper, writer, producer and co-founder of the alternative rap group Calle 13. He has won 25 Grammy awards, the most Grammys ever awarded to a Latin artist. He studied fine art for 8 years, before launching an independent career as a lyricist, performer and director of many his own music videos. His lyrics have been lauded by critics and studied by academics at universities around the world. He is most recognised for his commitment to social justice, championing educational and native rights across Latin America. In November 2015, Residente received the Nobel Peace Summit Award for his commitment to social awareness and promoting peace. He has also served as the spokesperson for several UNICEF and Amnesty International campaigns. Despite his success, Residente has never shied away from speaking his mind. In 2009, his work was notably censored for 3 years after he called the governor of Puerto Rico a “SOB" for laying off more than 30,000 public employees. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.