Rocco Ventrella

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Winelight 05:01 Tools
Alleria 05:05 Tools
Come Morning 04:14 Tools
Where Is The Love 03:17 Tools
Make Me A Memory 07:38 Tools
Soulful Strut 03:58 Tools
Let It Flow 05:27 Tools
On The Night 05:03 Tools
Sensuality 04:17 Tools
A Night In Tunisia 03:24 Tools
She's Ready 05:48 Tools
Feel Like Makin' Love 05:06 Tools
Give Me The Groove 05:48 Tools
Secret Agent 04:23 Tools
Mr. Grover 03:42 Tools
Tres Palabras (Three Words) 03:58 Tools
I Receive Your Love 04:42 Tools
I Receive Your Love - Instrumental 04:47 Tools
Feel Like Makin Love 04:52 Tools
Stay Close To Me 04:52 Tools
Sweet Temptation 04:01 Tools
Night In Tunisia 00:00 Tools
Swagger 03:53 Tools
Quando 03:59 Tools
I Receive Your Love (instrumental) 04:45 Tools
Soulful Strut [SJ247] 11:06 Tools
Mediterranea 03:59 Tools
Where Were You 03:41 Tools
Juicy 04:14 Tools
Say Goodbye 04:14 Tools
Magic in Your Eyes 04:14 Tools
Another Time 08:20 Tools
La Farfalla (Butterfly Kisses) 03:53 Tools
03-Where Is The Love 03:41 Tools
Tres Palabras (Three Words) [SJ247] 00:30 Tools
Stay With Me 05:18 Tools
Summer Nights 05:18 Tools
Alleria [SJ247] 00:30 Tools
Il Volo Della Farfalla 03:06 Tools
Stay With Me (Instrumental) 05:07 Tools
Rocco Funk 03:59 Tools
06-On The Night 04:14 Tools
Hypnotic 03:59 Tools
Tres Palabras 05:10 Tools
Keep in Touch 05:10 Tools
What About Love? 03:38 Tools
Swagga 00:51 Tools
Precious of Life 00:01 Tools
Summertime 05:18 Tools
11-I Receive Your Love 03:53 Tools
04-Come Morning 03:53 Tools
Teresa Margarita 04:28 Tools
What About Funk? 00:40 Tools
Sweet Temptaion 04:56 Tools
Snap Your Fingers 05:18 Tools
07-Winelight 03:06 Tools
A New Song 07:01 Tools
01-Soulful Strut 05:18 Tools
08-Sensuality 05:18 Tools
Jet Stream (Tribute to G.W.) 02:57 Tools
2 Lovers 05:06 Tools
10-Night In Tunisia 05:18 Tools
Lombard Strut 05:00 Tools
Secret Agent (full) 04:26 Tools
02-Alleria 05:07 Tools
09-Give Me The Groove 05:07 Tools
Where Were You(single) 03:59 Tools
05-Feel Like Making Love 05:00 Tools
Say Goodbye [SJ247] 05:00 Tools
On The Night (R. Ventrella) 00:01 Tools
Knockin' on Heaven's Door 00:01 Tools
Unleash the full potential of SKY.FM. Get SKY.FM Premium Now! 00:01 Tools
See You Smile 00:01 Tools
G. D. 00:01 Tools
Mr Grover 00:01 Tools
Don't Ask Me 00:01 Tools
Love 00:01 Tools
Secret Agent - single 00:01 Tools
I Receive Your Love(single-remix) 00:01 Tools
Let's Funk! 00:01 Tools
Hippo Steps 00:01 Tools
I Recieve Your Love 00:01 Tools
My Inspiration 00:01 Tools
Sweet Temptation (f. Brian Lucas) - Single 00:01 Tools
Alleria (Giuseppe 'pino' Daniele) 05:07 Tools
Feel Like Makin' Love (E. Mcdaniels) 03:58 Tools
Winelight (W. Eaton) 03:17 Tools
In My Arms 03:17 Tools
SKY.FM Radio TSTAG_60 ADWTAG 00:44 Tools
Soulful Strut (E Record) 03:58 Tools
Stay Close To Me - Another Time 03:58 Tools
Juicy - Sweet Temptation 03:58 Tools
NEW RELEASE - Another Time 03:58 Tools
I Will Be Here 03:58 Tools
Yah Mo B There 03:58 Tools
Where Is The Love (R. Macdonald) 03:17 Tools
I Receive Your Love (remix) - single 03:17 Tools
Come Morning (G. Washington, Jr.) 03:17 Tools
Summer Nights (radio edit) 03:17 Tools
Sensuality (R. Ventrella) 03:17 Tools
Give Me The Groove (R. Ventrella ) 03:17 Tools
A Night In Tunisia (J. Gillespie) 03:17 Tools
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"Give Me The Groove" CD obtained reviews from George Duke, Dave Koz, Bob James, Everette Harp, Chris Standring and in November 2007 Rocco has been Pre-Nominated for the 50° Grammy Award Contemporary Jazz Best Album 2007(Top 50). "One can only smile when hearing the music of Rocco Ventrella. The joy of the music that exudes from his soul is undeniable. His passion for smooth jazz is so obvious with every note he plays. This cd is truly representative of this joy and passion. Thanks Rocco for your love of the music“. ~ Everette Harp Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.