Rochelle Jordan

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Lowkey 03:42 Tools
Follow Me 00:00 Tools
How U Want It 04:21 Tools
Day Ones 03:54 Tools
Playa 4 Life (feat. Iamsu) 03:54 Tools
How To Feel 03:54 Tools
Ease Your Mind 03:34 Tools
Losing 03:30 Tools
Shotgun 04:34 Tools
Good One 03:34 Tools
1021 03:34 Tools
What The Fuss 03:34 Tools
401 03:34 Tools
Back In The Day 03:34 Tools
Pressure 03:34 Tools
There You Go 03:34 Tools
Return To Sender 01:41 Tools
Too Long 03:54 Tools
Only If 03:37 Tools
Somebody 04:21 Tools
Shawty 01:39 Tools
Could've Been 03:36 Tools
Make Me Wanna 03:37 Tools
You Ain't My Man 03:39 Tools
All I Know 03:00 Tools
Visions 04:36 Tools
This Is Love 01:41 Tools
Touch 04:44 Tools
Dedication 00:53 Tools
Earth to Your Brain 01:38 Tools
Interlude 00:39 Tools
Oblivious 03:33 Tools
Stars Align 04:33 Tools
Protostar 02:30 Tools
Feel The Same Way (Feat Wingate) 03:41 Tools
Romeos Dagger 01:49 Tools
Sleep (Feat Thom Yorke) 03:58 Tools
What Im Sayin (feat Mel) 04:36 Tools
Fallin 03:56 Tools
Wisdom ( By P. The Other) 01:28 Tools
Here I Go 03:40 Tools
Rule The World (Feat Mat Randol) 02:59 Tools
Shot 04:21 Tools
Day Ones (reallyraw Edit) 03:52 Tools
Shotgun (Dpat Remix) 03:52 Tools
Chain Smoking [Bonus Track] 03:52 Tools
How U Want It (Dotcrawl Remix) 03:52 Tools
Lowkey (Feat. JMSN) [Bonus Track] 03:52 Tools
Impossible 05:24 Tools
Take Time 04:03 Tools
King A (Version 2) 04:14 Tools
You Aint My Man 03:40 Tools
How U Want It (Prod. Machinedrum) 04:14 Tools
KING A (Aaliyah Cover) 04:39 Tools
Chain Smoking 04:56 Tools
Marvin's Room 04:56 Tools
Shotgun (Marquis Hawkes Remix) 04:56 Tools
Tour Bus 02:49 Tools
Wisdom ( By P. The Other ) 01:28 Tools
Chain Smoking (Prod. by Omega) 04:56 Tools
Cat n Mouse ( Prod by Klash ) 04:56 Tools
Feel The Same Way ( Feat Wingate ) 03:40 Tools
REVOLUTION 02:49 Tools
Damn Baby 04:39 Tools
Madness (Have It) 02:49 Tools
Back In The Day (Prod. KLSH) 02:49 Tools
Oblivious (Prod By Klash) 02:49 Tools
Lowkey (feat. JMSN) 03:58 Tools
Take Time (prod. Klash) 04:03 Tools
*Earth To Your Brain 04:03 Tools
*Sleep ( Feat Thom Yorke ) 03:58 Tools
KING A 04:39 Tools
Sleep (Feat. Thom Yorke) 03:58 Tools
Feel The Same Way (Feat. Wingate) 03:41 Tools
Wisdom 01:28 Tools
Rule The World (Feat. Mat Randol) 02:59 Tools
So Good 03:39 Tools
Lowkey (feat. JMSN) [Remix] 03:39 Tools
L O W K E Y (Remix) feat. JMSN 03:39 Tools
How U Want It (feat. Machinedrum) 03:42 Tools
Chain Smoking (Prod. by Omega and KLSH) 03:39 Tools
Feel The Same Way 03:42 Tools
Sleep ( Feat Thom Yorke ) 03:58 Tools
Playa 4 Life (Feat. IamSu!) 01:28 Tools
Wisdom (By P. The Other) 01:28 Tools
Queen Of The Fall 03:58 Tools
K I L L A H (Hosted by Kitty Cash) 01:28 Tools
Madness 03:58 Tools
All Over Again 05:03 Tools
Sing [ Feat Jon Connor ] 05:03 Tools
Sleep 03:45 Tools
Love Bong 04:08 Tools
Worst Behavior 04:08 Tools
Feels Like 04:08 Tools
Playa 4 Life (Feat IAMSU) 03:42 Tools
Seen 04:08 Tools
Rule The World ( Feat Mat Randol ) 03:01 Tools
Shotgun (Gabriel King Edit) 03:42 Tools
Sing (Feat. Jon Connor) 05:03 Tools
Good Ones Go (Freestyle) 02:46 Tools
King A ( Aaliyah Tribute ) 04:39 Tools
KING A ( AALIYAH "10" Tribute ) 04:39 Tools
Sing f. Jon Connor 04:39 Tools
R&B Princess From The Eastside of Toronto 04:39 Tools
King A (Aaliyah Tribute) 04:39 Tools
Determination 03:53 Tools
Night Train 04:12 Tools
Take Off (Make It Hot) 01:27 Tools
How To Feel [Klash] 04:12 Tools
KILLAH (Hosted By Kitty Cash) 05:03 Tools
Good Ones Go Freestyle 02:45 Tools
Here2Me 06:45 Tools
Playa 4 Life 02:45 Tools
What I'm Sayin' (feat. Mel) 05:03 Tools
King A (Version 2) Aaliyah Cover 04:13 Tools
4 Page Letter 05:03 Tools
Marvin's Room 05:03 Tools
Intro w/ Poppa Jordan 05:03 Tools
I Just Died 05:03 Tools
i wanna party 01:39 Tools
Find You 00:30 Tools
Cat n Mouse 04:40 Tools
KILLAH 04:40 Tools
I Can Love You 04:35 Tools
Only 04:35 Tools
What the Fuss (Prod. IllAngelo) 04:13 Tools
Alien 02:11 Tools
Take Time [Klash] 02:11 Tools
Sleep (ft. Thom Yorke) 02:11 Tools
No Love 02:11 Tools
KING A (Aaliyah 10 Tribute) 04:39 Tools
L O W K E Y (feat. JMSN) [Remix] 04:39 Tools
So Good (feat. Timbaland) 04:39 Tools
Outro 05:00 Tools
Sing 05:00 Tools
Do They Ever 05:00 Tools
Sleep ft. Thom Yorke 00:00 Tools
Rule The World 00:00 Tools
02 All I Know 00:00 Tools
Losing (axxxxgxxx Remix) 03:41 Tools
Feel The Same Way (ft. Wingate) 00:00 Tools
Telescope 03:37 Tools
_Shot 03:37 Tools
Only (Produced by Klash) 03:37 Tools
Rochelle Jordan - Marvin's Room 03:37 Tools
Flight 072810 02:05 Tools
03 Sleep (Feat Thom Yorke) 02:05 Tools
04 Fallin 03:55 Tools
Marvin's Room (Stop Calling) 03:55 Tools
06 Feel The Same Way (Feat Wingate) 03:41 Tools
05 Shawty 03:41 Tools
01 This Is Love 03:41 Tools
1021 (Conducta Bootleg) 03:41 Tools
Find You (Prod By Klash) 03:41 Tools
Lowkey Remix Feat JMSN 03:41 Tools
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Born in the U.K, but raised on the Eastside of Toronto, singer/songwriter Rochelle Jordan is a pivotal figure in the future sound of R&B/POP. A glorious anomaly in an era of brooding, gritty R&B, producing brash and buoyant feminist anthems, Rochelle is known for her innovative yet throwback inspired, uncommon melody, lyrics, production and vocals. Rochelle built a cult following with past full length releases titled ROJO (2011), PRESSURE(2012) and 1021(2014). The results included critical acclaim from Billboard to Fader Magazine, countless blogs and award nominations including Sirius XM, MOBO, and BBC airplay. After relocating to Los Angeles, Rochelle wrote & performed on Childish Gambino’s Grammy Nominated “Because The Internet” with the single Telegraph Ave. Soon after, Rochelle charted number 1 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound in early 2014 with the single “Follow Me”. After teasing fans with a snippet of new music produced by Illangelo (Drake, The Weeknd,) Rochelle released the KLSH produced single “LOWKEY”. A multi-talent, she has also lended her voice to Adult Swim's "Black Dynamite" as Cindy in "How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.