Roman Candle

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Eden Was A Garden 03:13 Tools
Why Modern Radio is A-OK 03:48 Tools
They Say 04:16 Tools
Something Left to Say 04:08 Tools
End of the Street 03:47 Tools
One More Road 04:09 Tools
Early Aubade 03:39 Tools
I Was A Fool 04:09 Tools
Big Light 03:56 Tools
A Heartbeat 02:51 Tools
Starting From Scratch 03:31 Tools
Sonnet 46 01:55 Tools
Woke Up This Morning 05:20 Tools
You Don't Belong to This World 03:51 Tools
Winterlight 03:52 Tools
New York This Morning 03:34 Tools
Another Summer 03:14 Tools
Help Me If You Can 04:01 Tools
Baby's Got It In the Genes 03:20 Tools
I've Got a Reason 03:52 Tools
Sookie 05:24 Tools
Merciful Man 03:55 Tools
Driving At Morning 03:48 Tools
From an Airplane Window 04:37 Tools
I Can't Even Recall 04:22 Tools
It's Christmas, go on and say hello 02:57 Tools
Small Time 04:01 Tools
Every Time 03:36 Tools
The Wee Hours Review 04:19 Tools
Not Strangers Anymore 03:51 Tools
Night is Young 03:56 Tools
Nowhere to Start 04:27 Tools
Debris 05:23 Tools
It's Christmas. Go on and say hello 02:57 Tools
Learned to Forget 04:19 Tools
The World Awaits Us All 04:05 Tools
I Drank Bourbon After I Brushed My Teeth Last Night 02:39 Tools
I Wish I Was In New York 03:29 Tools
Astral Tribe 03:29 Tools
Fairfax 1040pm 02:27 Tools
Why Modern Radio is Ok 03:58 Tools
Thoughts for a newly old lover 03:13 Tools
Eden was a garden (acoustic) 03:45 Tools
Ordinary things 03:58 Tools
Songbirds sing at the dawn 03:46 Tools
Fairfax 10:40pm 03:46 Tools
God Only Knows 03:46 Tools
Waiting on June 04:16 Tools
One Hundred Thousand Miles 03:32 Tools
cosmic dancer (live at speakeasy) 04:10 Tools
Whispering Pines (Live) 03:54 Tools
One More Song 03:54 Tools
Well, I Wish I Was In New York 03:34 Tools
You Don't Belong 03:04 Tools
Everybody Hates A Goodbye 03:04 Tools
Baby's Got It 03:04 Tools
When Does Night Begin 03:52 Tools
Merciful 03:56 Tools
I Didn't Mind At All 03:56 Tools
Barder - Original Mix 05:21 Tools
Late April - Original Mix 05:03 Tools
Small Time (from the forthcoming album, 'Debris') 04:01 Tools
Eden Was A Garden (OST Blue Mountain State 3) 03:13 Tools
i didn't mind it at all 04:22 Tools
Marble Arch 00:00 Tools
End of the Street (unreleased, from 'Live at Billy Reid') 03:47 Tools
why modern radio is a ok (mp3) 03:47 Tools
why modern radio is a ok 03:58 Tools
Cry Cry, Everybody Hates A Goodbye 04:01 Tools
Thoughts for a Newly Old Lover (from 2009, Eden was a Garden EP) 03:14 Tools
Ordinary things (from 2009, Eden was a Garden EP) 03:58 Tools
Time Is Right For Rock and Roll 03:58 Tools
Baby You're a Rich Man 03:58 Tools
[Untitled Track] 03:48 Tools
Help It If You Can 03:48 Tools
Another Summer (Live Acoustic) 03:48 Tools
Working The Kinks Out 03:48 Tools
When Does Night Begin? 03:48 Tools
Another Summer - Another Summer 04:37 Tools
Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: May (2009) - 32 - Eden Was A Garden 04:37 Tools
I can't even recall: Thad Cockrell & Starlite Country Band 04:37 Tools
Heartbeat 04:37 Tools
I Don't Mind It At All (Live Acoustic) 04:37 Tools
You Don't Belong to this World (acoustic with Jane Scarpantoni) 04:37 Tools
Song for Geddes: Keegan DeWitt and Logan Matheny 03:17 Tools
Roman Candle 03:49 Tools
Why did you say you'd be mine: Jeff Crawford 03:49 Tools
09 Learned to Forget 03:49 Tools
Baby's Got it in the Genes: Bryan Cates 03:49 Tools
08 Fairfax 10 40pm 03:49 Tools
07 Debris 03:49 Tools
Hey Ya! 03:49 Tools
Lotta Love (Neil Young Cover) 03:49 Tools
Eden Was A Garden (Acoustic Version) 03:49 Tools
05 Not Strangers Anymore 03:49 Tools
01 End of the Street 03:49 Tools
03 Small Time 03:49 Tools
Whispering Pines 03:49 Tools
10 I Drank Bourbon After I Brushed My Teeth Last Night 03:49 Tools
02 Every Time 03:49 Tools
11 The World Awaits Us All 03:49 Tools
06 Nowhere to Start 03:49 Tools
Winterlight- Django Haskins 03:49 Tools
04 Night is Young 03:49 Tools
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Roman Candle formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States in 1997. Roman Candle's flexible, soulful sound stretches from the alt-country of bands like Golden Smog and the Old 97's to the loose, confident country sounds of classic rock bands like the Band and the Rolling Stones. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.