Rowan Atkinson

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I Just Can't Wait To Be King 02:51 Tools
I Just Can't Wait To Be King [The Lion King] 02:49 Tools
I Just Can't Wait to Be King (From Disney's ''The Lion King'') 02:52 Tools
The Devil 05:44 Tools
Invisible Drum Kit 00:00 Tools
I Hate The French 02:44 Tools
Man In Seat 23c 03:57 Tools
Mary Jane 01:49 Tools
Joke 05:21 Tools
Interval Announcement 01:15 Tools
Station Announcement 01:12 Tools
Senator Brea 05:05 Tools
Impatient Man In Queue Behind Student 03:53 Tools
I Just Can't Wait to Be King (From "The Lion King") 05:05 Tools
Sir Marcus Browning M.P. 06:00 Tools
Do Bears Sha La La 04:57 Tools
Interview With Elton John 05:32 Tools
Divorce Service 03:34 Tools
Fatal Beatings 04:11 Tools
Tom, Dick & Harry 05:05 Tools
Schoolmaster 07:09 Tools
Sir Marcus Browning MP 05:59 Tools
Dirty Names 01:26 Tools
Elementary dating 11:24 Tools
Road Safety 03:27 Tools
Wedding 11:23 Tools
Drunk English in Indian Restaurant 05:11 Tools
Conservative Conference 00:00 Tools
The Wedding 11:24 Tools
Indian Waiter 06:01 Tools
Reviewing the Situation 06:22 Tools
The Wedding including "Wedding March" 11:26 Tools
The Four Yorkshiremen 04:19 Tools
Beekeeping 05:15 Tools
A Small Re-Write 05:43 Tools
Roll Call 04:40 Tools
Four Yorkshiremen 04:02 Tools
Awards 04:46 Tools
Gobble D. Gook 00:57 Tools
Interview (With Elton John) 05:43 Tools
Vicar's Point 01:15 Tools
Madonna 00:57 Tools
Headmaster kills student 07:05 Tools
Tom, Dick and Harry 00:00 Tools
Perkins Intro 00:41 Tools
Award Ceremony Bad Loser 07:09 Tools
CnD 00:33 Tools
The Good Loser 00:00 Tools
Peace Camp 05:43 Tools
Reviewing the Situation (Reprise) 01:26 Tools
Welcome to Hell 05:38 Tools
Star of Mr.Bean - Funny invisible drum 00:00 Tools
Zak 04:20 Tools
Cana 04:47 Tools
37 - 0 02:49 Tools
Fish 03:30 Tools
A Nasty End 02:12 Tools
I Believe 03:55 Tools
The devil Toby welcomes you to hell 07:09 Tools
With Friends Like These 00:00 Tools
Stand-up 57:43 Tools
This is Hell 00:00 Tools
The School Master 07:05 Tools
Amazing Jesus 04:36 Tools
Rowan Atkinson - Tom, Dick and 00:00 Tools
The Actors Art [Part 1] The Characters 06:03 Tools
Mr. Bean 00:00 Tools
Conservative party Conference 00:00 Tools
And Now Nazareth, the Amazing 00:00 Tools
No One Called Jones 04:45 Tools
Jesus The Entertainer 00:00 Tools
Funny Shakespear 05:50 Tools
A day in the life of the invisible man 00:56 Tools
The Conducter 03:51 Tools
Bill Shakespeare 05:56 Tools
Live 05:50 Tools
37-0 02:46 Tools
Black Adder Theme 01:07 Tools
The Devil 'Toby' welcomes you to Hell 29:20 Tools
Not the Nine O'Clock News 05:50 Tools
Toby the Devil | We Are Most Amused and Amazed | London Palladium 05:50 Tools
A Warm Welcome 03:16 Tools
No One Named Jones 00:00 Tools
Going On Your First Date 00:00 Tools
The Wedding (the vicar, the best man, the father of the bride) 03:51 Tools
School Master 07:09 Tools
Tom Dick And Harry 07:09 Tools
Fatal Beating 07:09 Tools
The Wedding Including Wedding March 11:24 Tools
Gobble D Gook 00:56 Tools
I Just Cant Wait To Be King 00:56 Tools
Welcome to Hell (Jfl 1987) 27:35 Tools
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King) 04:36 Tools
God's Mysterious Ways 01:26 Tools
the preacher 04:36 Tools
Private Plane 04 Crikey Im Looking Forward To 04:36 Tools
Captain Cook 05 Excellent. At Ease. Now Then... 04:36 Tools
Corporal Punishment 04 I'd Like To Call My First Witness 04:36 Tools
Captain Cook 01 Baldrick, What Are You Doing? 04:36 Tools
Sir Marcus Browning M.P 06:03 Tools
The Church's Attitude To Fellatio 01:26 Tools
Man in Seat 06:03 Tools
Private Plane 02 Now If You Can Do Without Me 06:03 Tools
Private Plane 06 So I Am The Red Baron 06:03 Tools
General Hospital 04 So Very Intresting 06:03 Tools
Captain Cook 02 Permission To Speak Sir? 06:03 Tools
Major Star 04 Hey Love Him Sir We're A Hit 06:03 Tools
Private Plane 01 Oh God Why Do They Bother 06:03 Tools
General Hospital 06 Ah, Hello, Blackadder 04:36 Tools
Corporal Punishment 01 You'd Like To Book A Table... 06:03 Tools
Corporal Punishment 03 Ah, Baldrick, Anything From .. 06:03 Tools
Goodbyee 03 I Heard That It Started When.... 06:03 Tools
Corporal Punishment 06 Perfect. I Wonder If Anything... 03:15 Tools
Major Star 07 What About Corporal Cartwright 03:15 Tools
I Hate The French - Live 57:43 Tools
Major Star 06 Hello?Yes Sir. Straight Away Sir 06:03 Tools
Major Star 03 So You're A Chap Are You Bob 06:03 Tools
Major Star 02 Are You Leaving Us Blackadder 06:03 Tools
Captain Cook 06 Congratulations On Your New... 06:03 Tools
I Just Can't Wait to Be King (From "The Lion King"/Soundtrack Version) 06:03 Tools
Corporal Punishment 02 Blackadder! Attention! 06:03 Tools
Reviewing The Situation [Reprise] 01:26 Tools
Goodbyee 01 Care For A Smoke, Sir? 06:03 Tools
General Hospital 01 I Spy, With Mt Little Eye 06:03 Tools
Goodbyee 04 Fine Body Of Men You've Got.... 04:28 Tools
You've Got to Pick-A-Pocket or Two 03:15 Tools
Dish And Dishonesty 01 Well, Mrs Miggins, At Last... 01:26 Tools
Dish And Dishonesty 04 Highness, Pitt The Younger 01:26 Tools
Dish And Dishonesty 05 Mr Blackadder Assures Me 01:26 Tools
Dish And Dishonesty 03 We Must Move At Once 01:26 Tools
Dish And Dishonesty 06 Well, Well, Well, If It Isn't... 01:26 Tools
Dish And Dishonesty 02 Sir, If I May Make So Bold... 01:26 Tools
The Wedding (the vicar, the be 01:26 Tools
Major Star 05 Ah How Do I Look Darling 01:26 Tools
Private Plane 03 Driver Parkhurst Repoerting 01:26 Tools
General Hospital 03 You're Damm Right.... 28:10 Tools
Private Plane 05 Prepare To Die Like A Man Baldrick 01:26 Tools
Captain Cook 04 No, Don't Stop, Sir. It's Coming 04:28 Tools
General Hospital 05 Well, Well. Captain Blackadder 04:28 Tools
Goodbyee 05 You Know, I Won't Half Miss.... 04:28 Tools
Captain Cook 03 What Do You Want, Darling? 04:28 Tools
Major Star 01 You A Bit Cheesed Off Sir 04:28 Tools
Corporal Punishment 07 Oh, My Head! Oh, My Head! 04:28 Tools
Man In Seat 23c - Live 57:43 Tools
Captain Cook 07 Are You Sure This Is What You Saw? 04:28 Tools
Goodbyee 07 Captain Darling. 04:28 Tools
Blackadder -S04 - E01 - Captain Cook 28:10 Tools
Nob and Nobility 17 Well, Sir, Let Me Show You... 28:10 Tools
Be Back Soon 02:29 Tools
The Piano Player 04:20 Tools
Nob And Nobility 11 Baldrick, Where's The Manuscript? 28:10 Tools
Nob And Nobility 12 Bah! Bah! 28:10 Tools
Drunks in an Indian Restaurant 28:10 Tools
Blackadder -S04 - E03 - Major Star 28:43 Tools
Private Plane 07 Its Me Hurray 28:43 Tools
Corporal Punishment 05 Do Not Despair, Sir 28:43 Tools
Goodbyee 02 Baldrick! Captain B? This Is A Crisis 28:43 Tools
Blackadder -S04 - E04 - Private Plane 28:37 Tools
Amy And Amiability 02 Oh, God! Something Wrong, Mr. B? 28:37 Tools
Nob and Nobility 19 How Dare You, You Filthy Weasel! 28:37 Tools
Nob and Nobility15 Ah, Good Morning, Mrs. Miggins 28:37 Tools
Nob And Nobility 10 So, Dr Johnson, Sit Ye Down 28:37 Tools
Sense And Senility 28 To Torture Him, I Lust! 28:37 Tools
Nob And Nobility 13 How Goes It, Blackadder? 28:37 Tools
Sense And Senility 24 And What Play's This? 28:37 Tools
Goodbyee 06 Darling! Sir? Oh, Sit, Sit, Sit... 28:37 Tools
Dish And Dishonesty 07 Voila, Mrs Miggins 28:37 Tools
Nob and Nobility 18 Ah, Mrs. Miggins, I'd Like... 28:37 Tools
Nob And Nobility 09 Yes, I Gave Myself 28:37 Tools
Nob And Nobility 14 Oh, My God! Quick, Baldrick! 28:37 Tools
General Hospital 02 Right, Porkface, Where's The Grub? 02:29 Tools
Blackadder theme 02:29 Tools
General Hospital 07 Watch Out, Sir! Darling..... 27:52 Tools
Sense And Senility 25 Being But A Mere Butler... 02:29 Tools
Sense And Senility 23 I Must Say, Blackadder 02:29 Tools
Nob And Nobility 08 Oh, Oh, Oh! Blackadder! 02:29 Tools
Sense And Senility 22 You Look Smart, Mr. Blackadder 02:29 Tools
Sense And Senility 27 Oh, Sir, About Costume, Any... 02:29 Tools
Sense And Senility 26 And Now, Sir, At Last 02:29 Tools
Nob and Nobility 20 Moining, Scum. Did You Sleep Well? 02:29 Tools
Amy And Amiability 03 Right, So What's The Plan? 02:29 Tools
Impatient Man In Queue Behind Student - Live 27:35 Tools
Interval Announcement - Live 26:20 Tools
Hell 02:29 Tools
Guys After The Game 02:29 Tools
No one called Jones - Dirty words 04:34 Tools
Rowan Atkinson - Indian Waiter 02:29 Tools
12 Beekeeping 02:29 Tools
Rowan Atkinson Live 57:43 Tools
Blackadder -S04 - E05 - General Hospital 27:52 Tools
Blackadder -S04 - E06 - Goodbyeee 28:50 Tools
Blackadder -S04 - E02 - Corporal Punishment 29:05 Tools
Nob and Nobility 16 Une Toast! Encore Une Toast! 29:05 Tools
Amy And Amiability 01 Oh, God! Bills, Bills, Bills! 04:20 Tools
The Atkinson People - S01 - E01 - Sir Corin Basin 04:20 Tools
Amy And Amiability 04 I Tell You Baldrick, I'm Not... 04:20 Tools
Blackadder 04:02 Tools
Amy And Amiability 05 Sir, I Come As Emissary To The... 04:02 Tools
Station Announcement - Live 26:20 Tools
Joke - Live 26:20 Tools
Stand-Up On 7 - E19 - Rowan Atkinson 57:43 Tools
Beer 02:20 Tools
The Atkinson People - S01 - E02 - Sir Benjamin Fletcher 01:36 Tools
Nob and Nobility 21 Ah, Chaps, Good To See You 57:43 Tools
Amy And Amiability 06 Oh, I'm Overcome! 57:43 Tools
Mary Jane - Live 57:43 Tools
Teachers Roll Call 05:22 Tools
Vicars Point 04:34 Tools
BlackAdder 2 - 3 Potato 29:20 Tools
BlackAdder 2 - 4 Money 29:00 Tools
The Morning Report 01:36 Tools
The Atkinson People - S01 - E03 - George Dupont 01:36 Tools
Amy And Amiability 07 Well, Here I Am, Packed And Ready 01:36 Tools
Perkins Outro 00:19 Tools
Sir Marcus Browning M.P. - Live 00:19 Tools
The Devil - Live 00:19 Tools
That's Why I Hate the French 01:36 Tools
Rowan Atkinson - Welcome to Hell 01:36 Tools
Tom, Dick, and Harry 04:34 Tools
11 Interview With Elton John 01:36 Tools
'The Piano Player' 05:22 Tools
The wedding vicar/best man/father bride 05:22 Tools
BlackAdder 2 - 5 Beer 27:35 Tools
BlackAdder 3 - 1 Dish and Dishonesty a 27:35 Tools
Conservative 27:35 Tools
Duel And Duality 04 Excellent! Excellent! 27:35 Tools
Duel And Duality 06 So, Where's McAdder? 27:35 Tools
Duel And Duality 01 Oh, Mr. Blackadder 27:35 Tools
Duel And Duality 07 Ah, Your Highness! 27:35 Tools
The Man in Seat 23C 27:35 Tools
You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two 26:20 Tools
Blackadder - Baldrick's Plan 00:19 Tools
Rowan Atkinson - Fatal Beatings 00:19 Tools
Do Bears Sha La La - Live 00:19 Tools
Rowan Atkinson - Roll Call 00:19 Tools
The Reluctant Cannibal 00:19 Tools
Rowan Atkinson - And Now Nazareth, the Amazing 00:19 Tools
Rowan Atkinson - Conservative Party Conference 00:19 Tools
BlackAdder 2 - 6 Chains 29:16 Tools
Sense and Senility 26:20 Tools
BlackAdder 3 - 2 Ink and Incapability 29:16 Tools
BlackAdder 4 - 1 Captain Cook 29:16 Tools
Potato 29:20 Tools
Oh, very good shot, my lord 29:20 Tools
Duel And Duality 02 Tell Me All, Sir 26:20 Tools
Duel And Duality 03 Anybody Could Fight The Duel 26:20 Tools
Black Adder Theme 2 26:20 Tools
Smut 26:20 Tools
The Wedding including "Wedding March" - Live 26:20 Tools
Do Bears 29:20 Tools
I Just Can't Wait To Be King [ 29:20 Tools
"Fish" 29:20 Tools
Do Bears Sha La La ... 29:20 Tools
rowan atkinson - i hate the french 29:20 Tools
"Madonna" 29:20 Tools
"I Believe" 29:20 Tools
Rowan Atkinson Live! 29:20 Tools
Bible Story 29:20 Tools
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Rowan Atkinson was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1955. He attended Newcastle University before going to Oxford in 1975, and it was at Oxford that he met screenwriter Richard Curtis, with whom he wrote and performed comedy revues at the Oxford Playhouse and later at the Edinburgh Fringe. After an acclaimed revue at the Hampstead Theater in 1978, Atkinson was offered starring roles in two British television series, but chose instead to join the BBC's legendary "Not The Nine O'Clock News" team, where he first performed with Tall Guy director Mel Smith. The show recorded hugely successful albums, released several best-selling books, won an International Emmy Award, and the British Academy Award for "Best Light Entertainment Program of 1980." For his performance in "Not the Nine O'Clock News," Atkinson personally won the "British Academy Award" and was named "BBC Personality of the Year." His show at London's Globe Theater was sold-out for its entire run, and he won the Society of West End Theaters award for "Comedy Performance of the Year." In 1983, he began working with The Tall Guy screenwriter Richard Curtis on their 'situation tragedy' - Black Adder - for BBC Television. After touring the world with his own show and appearing in The Nerd in London's West End, Atkinson co-wrote and starred in two new seasons of the innovative series Black Adder. While filming The Tall Guy during the day, Atkinson could be found in the theater in the evenings starring in The Sneeze, a collection of Checkov adaptations. Atkinson played a British consul opposite Sean Connery in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again, and in 1989 co-starred with Steven Wright in the Academy Award-winning short film The Appointments of Dennis Jennings. He was most recently seen in Nocholas Roeg's The Witches alongside Angelica Huston, in which he was once again cast as a villian. After finishing the long run of Black Adder, Rowan starred as an officer of the law in the series The Thin Blue Line. In 1996-1997, he starred in the hit movie Bean. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.