Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
The Space Between Our Eyes 03:56 Tools
Scars 03:01 Tools
Intoxicated I Love You 03:47 Tools
I Didn't Know 03:49 Tools
Driftwood Heart 04:17 Tools
Song of the Sparrow 03:46 Tools
Here's My Heart 03:10 Tools
The Art of Anesthesia 05:07 Tools
Darling 04:44 Tools
Cozy Hour 03:00 Tools
Dandelion Necklace 03:39 Tools
Pavement 02:56 Tools
Someone Else (Acoustic) 04:17 Tools
Heaven Is Hell 04:45 Tools
Hearts & Flowers 03:18 Tools
Love Note for a Rainy Day 03:02 Tools
The Distance That Took You Away 02:59 Tools
Skully 02:59 Tools
Bruise My Bones 03:17 Tools
Someone Else 03:17 Tools
If I Had An Airplane 03:17 Tools
The Last Thing We'll Ever Do (feat. the Icarus Account) 03:18 Tools
Fix My Heart 03:34 Tools
I've Lost The Moon 03:23 Tools
Pavement (Acoustic) 04:00 Tools
Seventeen 02:59 Tools
I Will Follow You into the Dark 03:09 Tools
Your Heart Was No Place for a Monster Like Me 03:35 Tools
Oh, My Love 04:17 Tools
High School 04:17 Tools
I Fall Apart 03:10 Tools
Pawprints 04:17 Tools
When I Come Home 03:37 Tools
Wavelength 04:17 Tools
By the River 04:17 Tools
Tired Eyes 03:38 Tools
I Never Thought 04:17 Tools
Angel's Song 03:22 Tools
Walking Disaster 03:22 Tools
Sweetest Heart 04:17 Tools
Summer Never Came 04:17 Tools
Between the Roses 04:17 Tools
The Poet 04:48 Tools
Stardust 04:17 Tools
Blessed Are Those 03:37 Tools
Better Off Alone 02:57 Tools
Brother 04:17 Tools
Shallow 03:36 Tools
Left The Light On 02:26 Tools
They're Calling For Rain 02:14 Tools
There Are No Flowers In Heaven (Foreword) 02:26 Tools
Lucky To Know You 02:26 Tools
Most of the Time 02:26 Tools
From My Heart 04:18 Tools
The Chase 03:10 Tools
When We Die 03:10 Tools
Anything But Beautiful 02:26 Tools
Beautiful Things 02:58 Tools
Circles 02:58 Tools
Firefly 02:13 Tools
You May Live On Earth 03:10 Tools
Faithful 04:17 Tools
My Angel 02:58 Tools
Together, We're Alone 03:10 Tools
Sparks 02:14 Tools
Take Me Home 02:14 Tools
The Last Song 03:37 Tools
Home 04:17 Tools
Stacey's Song 02:58 Tools
Blessed Are Those - Alternate 03:10 Tools
Sand Castle 04:21 Tools
One By One 03:14 Tools
Song of the Sparrow (The Ready Set Remix) 03:10 Tools
That Stretch Of Highway 03:36 Tools
Tá Mé I 03:36 Tools
Sometimes (Intro) 03:36 Tools
Candle 03:36 Tools
Daisy Dew 03:36 Tools
Complicated 03:36 Tools
Super Moon 03:10 Tools
Honey 03:10 Tools
Scars (Revived) 03:10 Tools
In The Shadow 03:10 Tools
Sparks (Remix) 03:10 Tools
Blessed Are Those (Alternate) 03:10 Tools
Drown (Bring Me The Horizon Cover) 03:10 Tools
The Last Thing We’ll Ever Do (feat. The Icarus Account) 03:49 Tools
Love Letters 02:54 Tools
The Last Thing We'll Ever Do(Ft.The Icarus Account) 03:50 Tools
Teddy Bear 03:24 Tools
Girl With A Guitar 04:02 Tools
Cupid's Arrow 03:04 Tools
To Love and Lose 02:50 Tools
Keep It Safe 02:30 Tools
Alone 02:50 Tools
Packin' My Bags 02:20 Tools
Bumblebee 01:59 Tools
Breathe 02:50 Tools
All I Need 01:59 Tools
Hearts and Flowers 01:59 Tools
Drown - (Bring Me The Horizon Cover) 01:59 Tools
There Are No Flowers In Heaven 01:59 Tools
The Last Thing We’ll Ever Do 01:59 Tools
Drown (BMTH Cover) 03:49 Tools
NEU: Darling 01:59 Tools
The Last Thing We'll Ever Do 03:49 Tools
The Last Thing We’ll Ever Do (feat. The Icarus Account) 01:59 Tools
If I Had an Airplane (feat. Emily James) 01:59 Tools
Let It Go 01:59 Tools
Intoxicated I Love You VM 03:49 Tools
The Art Of Anesthesia Lyrics 03:49 Tools
In the Shadow (feat. Julie Elven) 03:49 Tools
Fade Like Flowers 03:49 Tools
Bruised My Bones 03:49 Tools
The Last Thing Well Ever Do 00:00 Tools
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Emerging from the small town of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada; the young Braden Barrie has spent his teen years writing over 100 songs, playing shows from local coffee shops to larger venues supporting touring acts and is not afraid to bring his music of peace, love, life and growing up directly to the people. Braden Barrie (also known as SayWeCanFly) is truly dedicated to the songs he writes and lets us know that we are not alone in experiencing all the emotions we feel on a day-to-day basis. We can do anything we desire, so put all of the doubts aside and SayWeCanFly. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.