Sha Stimuli

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Heroes 02:55 Tools
To Whom It May Concern 04:43 Tools
Pledge Allegiance 03:13 Tools
Blasphemy 03:28 Tools
Violence 03:25 Tools
I Need Change 02:15 Tools
America Happens 03:33 Tools
It Coulda Been Me Remix (feat. Torae And Sun Ny) 04:00 Tools
The Smelly Cat Song 03:56 Tools
The N Word 05:09 Tools
American Dream (feat. Tre Williams And Jim Kendrix) 03:13 Tools
Duction 01:00 Tools
My Soul 03:30 Tools
Do it for the Doe 04:30 Tools
Have You Seen Him? 04:08 Tools
Move Back (Feat. Freeway & Young Chris) 02:58 Tools
The N Word Song 03:58 Tools
Hang On (Feat. The Astronomical Kid) 04:24 Tools
March On Washington 03:57 Tools
Follow The Leader 04:13 Tools
I Believe 04:13 Tools
Good Day 05:32 Tools
What's Wrong With That? (Wake Up The World) (Feat. Torae) 04:37 Tools
Sometimes 05:25 Tools
Bucket List 05:24 Tools
My Girl (feat. Khaliq) 03:55 Tools
I Wish I Was You Ft. Bellringer 05:03 Tools
On Yea 02:58 Tools
Say Something Remix (feat. Mickey Factz) 04:06 Tools
Black President Remix (feat. Skyzoo) 03:38 Tools
The Stir 01:22 Tools
The Realist 03:21 Tools
Saviour 04:17 Tools
My Life (feat. Block Mccloud Of Brooklyn Academy) 04:06 Tools
All Falls Down (feat. Grafh & Mr. Probz) 03:56 Tools
Who I Am 05:39 Tools
Sound Off 03:30 Tools
Move Back 02:57 Tools
Game Over 03:54 Tools
The Garden 05:00 Tools
Intro 00:35 Tools
Insanity 04:36 Tools
Back Of The Bus (feat. Hassan Salaam) 04:36 Tools
I'll Be There 04:12 Tools
So Supreme 03:06 Tools
Horrorglyphics f. Nas 03:26 Tools
Today We Living (Produced By Nottz) 02:44 Tools
Coldness 02:56 Tools
Runaway Slavestyle 03:19 Tools
The MILF Song 05:35 Tools
Superstar 03:51 Tools
I Apologize 06:20 Tools
Hang On 04:24 Tools
Thee Alarm 00:40 Tools
Do It For the Doe (Overtime) 03:20 Tools
Can't Stop 04:15 Tools
Redemption 03:45 Tools
Conception 03:29 Tools
Angels & Demons 03:58 Tools
Volume 02:33 Tools
From Me To You 03:21 Tools
Brenda's Baby 04:07 Tools
My Soul (Overtime) 04:04 Tools
Blasphemy (Overtime) 03:06 Tools
Hang On Featuring The Astronomical Kid 04:25 Tools
Effortless Feat. Prince EA 06:00 Tools
Grew Up feat. King Magnetic 04:25 Tools
Overjoyed 03:33 Tools
Wake Up the World (Overtime) 04:46 Tools
I Get Up 03:48 Tools
Win The Fight 04:06 Tools
So Much More 04:11 Tools
The Awakening 03:46 Tools
Bucket List (Overtime) 04:12 Tools
Believe Me Feat. Rapper Pooh 04:32 Tools
Move Back (Overtime) 04:27 Tools
The Mirror 04:02 Tools
You Will Know 03:59 Tools
Heaven 05:00 Tools
ALONE 03:24 Tools
I Don't Care 03:24 Tools
LOOK AT US 03:04 Tools
Outro 00:45 Tools
Walk On Water III 03:48 Tools
I Wish I Was You (Feat. Bellringer) 03:48 Tools
Me (Feat. Lela Bizz) 02:48 Tools
Turntables 2 04:09 Tools
Hard 03:13 Tools
NO CLOTHES ON 03:27 Tools
DWI 06:59 Tools
SO HIGH 03:13 Tools
HOMELESS 04:04 Tools
Dream Girl 03:33 Tools
In Between 03:37 Tools
SLOWING DOWN 03:50 Tools
ALL ABOUT US 03:50 Tools
Thinkin' Out Loud 07:38 Tools
Am I Different Feat. Reks 04:42 Tools
HELP 04:16 Tools
Stop The Violence 02:10 Tools
Gotta Get Money (prod. by Soundsmith) 04:16 Tools
FEEL GOOD 03:20 Tools
Say Something 04:09 Tools
Hang On (rmx) f. The Astronomical Kid 04:22 Tools
Call On Me (Feat. Danny Sky High) 04:38 Tools
My Calling (Bonus Track) 02:42 Tools
Back Of The Bus 03:37 Tools
Unsung 04:23 Tools
The Stir (Prod. by James Newton Howard) 01:22 Tools
Saviour (Prod. by DJ Snips) 04:18 Tools
Believe Me (feat. Rapper Pooh) (Prod. by Astronote) 04:33 Tools
Wake Up & Go 03:20 Tools
Everybody Else (Feat. T-Pain) 04:06 Tools
Knocks Me Off My Feet 03:22 Tools
My Girl 03:55 Tools
Am I Different (feat. Reks) (Prod. by Abnormal) 04:43 Tools
The Mirror (Prod. by Severe Beats) 04:03 Tools
Have You Seen Him 04:10 Tools
Motherfucker 05:15 Tools
Game Over (Prod. by Jeekay) 03:54 Tools
Break It Down 03:51 Tools
Lately 03:36 Tools
Who I Am (Prod. by GZ Beats) 05:41 Tools
Epilogue 03:17 Tools
Feel So Bad 02:08 Tools
I Got You 03:33 Tools
Say Yes 02:34 Tools
The Flows (Freestyle) 02:46 Tools
Move Back/The Reason 05:41 Tools
I Tried 03:35 Tools
Am I Different Pt. 2 02:08 Tools
The Flows 02:46 Tools
Oh Yea 03:03 Tools
Televised Revolution Feat. Mickey Factz 05:45 Tools
Sound Off (Prod. by Serious) 03:31 Tools
Every Angle 03:15 Tools
The MILF Song aka Motherf--ker (Prod. by Charli Brown) 05:37 Tools
Insanity (Prod. by Astronote) 04:37 Tools
Effortless (feat. Prince EA) (Prod. by Dams) 06:01 Tools
Our Love 02:43 Tools
Million 02:00 Tools
Love Changes 02:34 Tools
3 Words 04:12 Tools
Do What It Do 03:36 Tools
FOREVER 03:36 Tools
So Many 03:32 Tools
Untitled 03:19 Tools
Good Day/Change 05:32 Tools
The Emcee 02:01 Tools
Lately By Stevie Wonder 02:28 Tools
The Difference 04:24 Tools
Coulda been Me 03:47 Tools
Tight Ones 03:18 Tools
Believe Me 03:38 Tools
The Knock 03:22 Tools
07 - Pledge Allegiance 03:18 Tools
Sometimes (feat. Lydia Caesar) 05:24 Tools
Something About You 04:23 Tools
Be Alright 03:35 Tools
Lately (Feat. Tyler Durden) 03:35 Tools
Turntables 04:21 Tools
The Garden (Prod. by Charli Brown) 05:01 Tools
Televised Revolution aka Breathe (feat. Mickey Factz) (Prod. by Mell and D) 05:46 Tools
Bounce 04:40 Tools
GO! 03:30 Tools
So Many (Tight Ones Pt. 2) 04:40 Tools
Can't Stop (Prod. by The Epixx) 04:16 Tools
These 3 Words 04:16 Tools
Ribbon In The Sky(I'm A Star) 03:07 Tools
Move Back, The Reason 05:41 Tools
Insane 05:41 Tools
All Falls Down feat. Grafh & Mr. Probz (prod. by Focus) 03:56 Tools
Epilogue (Prod. by DJ Victorious) 04:23 Tools
Effortless (Feat. Prince EA) 06:01 Tools
WHEN IT RAINS 04:26 Tools
My Only Girl 06:01 Tools
Exhibit S 06:01 Tools
Sallie Mae 03:32 Tools
Never Broken (feat. Markque) 04:13 Tools
Hood Remix (feat. Sheek Louch and Joe Budden) (Prod. by J. Cardim) 05:04 Tools
Punish the Beat (feat. Fred the Godson and Charlie Clips) (Prod. by Max Dollas) 03:17 Tools
Am I Different (Feat. Reks) 04:43 Tools
The Trueman Show 03:06 Tools
Up And Down 2 03:42 Tools
The Funeral 03:42 Tools
Spell My Name Right 03:42 Tools
My Corner 00:35 Tools
Morning Warning 03:06 Tools
The Love Song 02:01 Tools
The MILF Song aka Motherfucker 05:37 Tools
Everything 03:17 Tools
Whatever 04:55 Tools
Live Like I'm Dying 05:24 Tools
I'm A Star 05:24 Tools
Role Model 03:52 Tools
Pray For Me 04:25 Tools
Walk On Water 2 02:10 Tools
Brooklyn Renaissance 05:24 Tools
BONUS: Unsung Epilogue 04:21 Tools
Getting By 04:21 Tools
Where Did It Go Wrong? (feat. Anthony Hamilton) 03:52 Tools
Vitamin S 03:40 Tools
Next Up 03:52 Tools
Fall In Love 02:33 Tools
Nothing Changes 03:51 Tools
Be With You 02:48 Tools
Hood 03:58 Tools
Free (bonus track) 03:34 Tools
Die For U 03:34 Tools
It's Gonna Come 04:47 Tools
Paper Chase 02:57 Tools
123 03:48 Tools
The Chills (Broke at 30) (prod. by DJ Qvali) 03:34 Tools
Actors 03:03 Tools
Care for Me (feat. Lela Bizz) 05:02 Tools
Never dreamed by Stevie Wonder 02:43 Tools
The Baltimore Question 01:17 Tools
Thee Apology 01:17 Tools
Up And Down 03:03 Tools
Phillip Morris 04:14 Tools
Get $ Interlude 01:39 Tools
Famous (feat. Focus...) 04:26 Tools
Faded Away (feat. Focus...) 04:51 Tools
Lyrics to Go (feat. King Magnetic) 02:10 Tools
I Do It For Hip Hop 02:10 Tools
clap at ya 02:10 Tools
The Chills (Broke at 30) 03:34 Tools
Sometimes Part 2 06:12 Tools
The Rhythm 05:02 Tools
High 05:02 Tools
Getting By (prod. by Bangout) 03:52 Tools
Connect 4 Part 2 (Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skyzoo, And Chaundon) 03:43 Tools
I Wish I Was U 04:47 Tools
LoveStoned (feat. Justin Timberlake) 04:51 Tools
Everybody Else f. T-Pain 04:51 Tools
Gutter Shit 04:51 Tools
Unsung (feat. Smelly Biggs) 04:16 Tools
hit em up 03:25 Tools
Sallie Mae (prod. by G14 Productions) 03:32 Tools
Much More (feat. Ya Hyness) 03:32 Tools
My Baby!?! (The Plot Thickens) 04:17 Tools
Stevie Wonder medley by Dj Victorious 04:17 Tools
The Present 03:53 Tools
ToGetHer 03:24 Tools
#TMS 03:19 Tools
Wayout 04:16 Tools
So Good (Feat. Nino Bless, Crooked I, Cambatta) 04:11 Tools
Alone Feat. Lelabizz 03:24 Tools
BE ALRIGHT! 03:35 Tools
Die For You 03:43 Tools
Hard To Find Me 03:57 Tools
Last Time/Bucket List 05:23 Tools
Left Lane 03:35 Tools
Balboa 02:26 Tools
Maintain 00:32 Tools
Close To The Ground 03:35 Tools
Street Life (Feat. Sean Price And Cymarshall Law) 03:57 Tools
Good Day, Change 03:57 Tools
Full Attention (feat. Focus...) 03:54 Tools
Sometimes (Prod. By J. Cardim) 03:57 Tools
The Chills 03:34 Tools
U Don't Have To Worry 03:32 Tools
Walk On Water 02:28 Tools
Ride Around Shinin 02:28 Tools
Black President ft. Skyzoo 00:00 Tools
Never Broken feat. Markque (prod. by Radio Maschine) 04:13 Tools
Follow the Leader (remix) 00:30 Tools
We Can Make It 00:30 Tools
Freestyle 00:00 Tools
Whatever (prod. by Pezey Krack) 04:55 Tools
Bump 03:24 Tools
Paper Chase (Bonus Track) 02:57 Tools
UP AND DOWN(REMIX) 03:42 Tools
Best In New York 04:55 Tools
So Sorry (Feat. DJ Victorious) 01:35 Tools
Hellbound 03:31 Tools
Save The Day Pt. 2 (Feat. Torae) (Prod. By Illmind) 03:58 Tools
Sun Don't Shine 04:20 Tools
So Sorry 03:49 Tools
Good Day / Change 05:31 Tools
The Future (feat. Lee Wilson) 05:12 Tools
BONUS: Hood Remix Feat. Sheek Louch & Fred Da Godson 05:03 Tools
follow the leader (prod. by key kat productions) 00:30 Tools
Pissing feat. Flash Da Biskit 00:30 Tools
Nothing Changes (prod. by Nubbz) 03:51 Tools
You Don't Wanna See It 03:51 Tools
Hot 97 Freestyle Part 2 03:51 Tools
Hot 97 Interlude Part 1 03:51 Tools
I Miss You (Feat. Ne-Yo) 03:42 Tools
Day Before Tommorrow (Feat. Danny Sky High) (Prod. By Radio Maschine) 04:31 Tools
Signed Freestyle 03:58 Tools
BONUS: Punish The Beat Feeat. Charlie Clips 03:16 Tools
What's Wrong? 03:51 Tools
Natural Causes 03:51 Tools
Blowin Up 03:51 Tools
Free! (Feat. Tyler Durden) (Bonus Track) 03:51 Tools
No! (Feat. Ya Hyness) 03:51 Tools
My Life ft. Block Mcloud 04:31 Tools
9 To 5 04:44 Tools
The March 03:51 Tools
Cemetery 04:31 Tools
Tms 03:20 Tools
Never feat. Scarface 05:03 Tools
snoop speaks (courtesy of wnyc) 00:31 Tools
Intro (Cobra LA) 00:31 Tools
One Life 00:31 Tools
What Good Am I 03:13 Tools
Walk on Water 3 03:46 Tools
Eye Opener 03:31 Tools
Hood (Remix) (Feat. Sheek Louch & Joe Budden) 04:22 Tools
The Quiet 03:31 Tools
The Answer 03:31 Tools
I Believe (feat. Lydia Caesar) 03:31 Tools
Gotta Get Mine Feat. Jaz-o 03:31 Tools
1 murder me remix2 04:06 Tools
Can't Be Stopped 01:54 Tools
Am I Different 2 Feat. Reks 01:44 Tools
da funk - ft. hometown heroes (prod. narcotics) 03:45 Tools
All That I Got (prod. Drawzilla) 04:46 Tools
Stop What U Doin Freestyle 04:46 Tools
Everybody Else 04:06 Tools
140 Characters 04:52 Tools
Believe Me (Feat. Rapper Pooh) 04:33 Tools
I Wish I Was U (feat. Bellringer) 05:02 Tools
Weight Of The World 01:44 Tools
I aint a killer 01:44 Tools
I Believe (feat. Lydia Caesar & Khaliq) 04:12 Tools
Its A Massacre Feat. Tools & Pumpkinhead 01:44 Tools
01- intro 01:44 Tools
I Get Up (Part 2) 04:23 Tools
Jail University 03:12 Tools
Good God (Feat. Imyounik) (Prod. By Jaisu) 03:27 Tools
Don't Care Freestyle 02:10 Tools
DXL Freestyle 01:29 Tools
Wherever I Go 03:31 Tools
Style Changer Feat. Royce Da 5-9 01:29 Tools
Gun Jam pt 1 05:07 Tools
Everybody Else feat. T-Pain 04:06 Tools
Dreamgirl 03:33 Tools
Help (How Can I) Feat. N.I.K 04:16 Tools
Move Back/The Reason (ft. Freeway & Young Chris) 05:41 Tools
Old Rhymes [prod by WLPWR] 05:34 Tools
I Wish I Was You 05:03 Tools
Slowing Down? 03:51 Tools
Thinking Out Loud 02:01 Tools
Chosen (Feat. Nino Bless And Cambatta) (Prod. By Agor) 03:50 Tools
All That I Got 04:46 Tools
Back Against The Wall 01:45 Tools
Glory Freestyle 02:15 Tools
cop & go w. skyzoo & maino 03:36 Tools
coast freestyle 1vocal up 03:31 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 1 03:31 Tools
Emotions (3rd Verse) 01:32 Tools
it gets better ft. apryl williams 05:19 Tools
Intro - 23 Dollars (prod. Clams Casino) 01:32 Tools
Too Many! (Put Down The Mic 2) (3rd Verse) (Bonus) 01:55 Tools
My Calling (Bonus) 02:42 Tools
02 - oh yea 03:03 Tools
Are You There (Prod. By Pezey Krack) 04:46 Tools
Free Shyne Freestyle 02:01 Tools
I Get Up Part 2 (prod. by Clams Casino 04:23 Tools
U Got Me Freestyle 01:38 Tools
New fuckin york 01:38 Tools
on my shit ft. pusha t, heron, shalik rivers, kingpin slim 04:44 Tools
Niggas Bleed Freestyle 02:43 Tools
Last Time, Bucket List 05:25 Tools
Go In Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Haph of The Ranjahz 02:38 Tools
D'Angels Part 1 02:38 Tools
Intro (feat. Masta Ace & Lord Digga) 02:38 Tools
Right Now 05:34 Tools
Hellbound (Prod. By Agor) 03:28 Tools
Move Back / The Reason (feat. Freeway & Young Chris) 04:51 Tools
Pray For My Prey (Prod. By Arsenix) 03:12 Tools
Not Gon Cry 04:46 Tools
Sometimes Featuring Lydia Caesar 05:34 Tools
I Wish I Was U (ft. Bellringer) 05:03 Tools
Since I Seent You 05:31 Tools
I Believe (Lydia Caesar & Khaliq) 04:13 Tools
Change Gone Come (He's Hitting My Mom) 05:03 Tools
The Mirror Ft. Jean Grae 04:03 Tools
coast 2 04:03 Tools
Let Me Show U The Way 01:56 Tools
6th Sense 04:17 Tools
What's Wrong? (feat. Torae) 04:36 Tools
Where Did It Go Wrong 04:08 Tools
Punish The Beat (feat. Fred The Godson & Charlie Clips) 03:17 Tools
Not Goin Nowhere 02:07 Tools
05 - My Life Ft. Block Mcloud 02:07 Tools
O.d. Feat. L.g. & Jae Millz 02:07 Tools
Televised Revolution aka Breathe (feat. Mickey Factz) 05:46 Tools
Hit 'Em Up 05:46 Tools
What's Wrong? (ft. Torae) 04:37 Tools
Funeral Song 03:49 Tools
32 Twos 01:54 Tools
Strong 02:46 Tools
Hood (Remix) Ft. Sheek Louch and Joe Budden 04:13 Tools
God's Plan (Feat. I-20) (Prod. By DJ Pain 1) 03:28 Tools
Am I Different Ft. Reks 03:28 Tools
Switch Sides 03:33 Tools
FAHA Freestyle 03:33 Tools
D'Angels 04:04 Tools
crack ft. memphis bleek & peedi peedi 03:51 Tools
Old Rhymes [prod by WLPWR] 02:09 Tools
10 - Say Something 04:09 Tools
Picture Perfect 01:49 Tools
Everything You Wanna Be 02:42 Tools
Doin My Job 02:23 Tools
soul jail (prod. soulshack) 01:53 Tools
Who Feat. Sic Osirus 02:23 Tools
The Mirror (Feat. Jean Grae) 04:03 Tools
I Miss You f. Ne-Yo 04:03 Tools
So High Feat. Apryl Williams 03:13 Tools
What's Wrong With That? Featuring Torae 04:37 Tools
R.O.C. Freestyle 01:39 Tools
This Is Life Feat. Cory Gunz 03:51 Tools
Somebody's Daughter 04:00 Tools
Gillahouse Freestyle 02:09 Tools
Dead Ringer Feat. Murda Mook 01:53 Tools
Hood Remix Feat. Sheek Louch & Fred Da Godson 04:54 Tools
Punish the Beat Feat. Charlie Clips 04:54 Tools
U Don't Have ATo Worry 04:54 Tools
Never Feat. Scarface (Rmx) 04:00 Tools
Too Many! (Put Down The Mic 2) (Bonus) 04:54 Tools
Ribbon In The Sky 04:54 Tools
My Girl Featuring Khaliq 03:56 Tools
Rocking Wit The Best Feat. Flash Da Biskit 04:00 Tools
Follow The Leader - Remix 03:56 Tools
What Are We Living For 03:56 Tools
The Calling (prod Focus) 04:14 Tools
Green Grass 05:11 Tools
Glory 04:03 Tools
Last Time / Bucket List 02:35 Tools
Wherever I Go (feat. Kebba of MKS & Lydia Caesar) 03:31 Tools
Televised Revolution (Feat. Mickey Factz) 05:46 Tools
In The Hood 05:46 Tools
Both coasts 05:46 Tools
09 - Coulda been Me 05:46 Tools
Falling In Love 03:51 Tools
what i'm gonna do w. bugle 05:17 Tools
Am I Different f. Reks 04:37 Tools
Dear Summer Freestyle 03:51 Tools
Who i is 03:51 Tools
never w. scarface 04:36 Tools
Boom Box Radio Interview (Bonus) 04:13 Tools
That's How We Do Feat. Cash Kittens 04:00 Tools
Am I Different 04:00 Tools
By Any Dream Necessary 01:58 Tools
Look at you, look at me 04:37 Tools
Exercise U Feat. Gucci Mane 03:13 Tools
Be With U 05:03 Tools
My Life (feat. Block MCcloud) 04:20 Tools
Hovi Baby Freestyle 02:41 Tools
I Wish I Was You (ft. BellRinger) 02:41 Tools
Twenty-Four (Jack Bauer) (Prod. By Broad N Market) 04:13 Tools
I Dont Care Feat. Maino 04:13 Tools
Say Something (Ft Mickey Factz) 04:13 Tools
Gotta Get Money 02:56 Tools
Imagine 01:58 Tools
Over your head 2 & 3 01:58 Tools
Blasphemy (Overtime Freestyle) 01:58 Tools
Lazarus (Walk on Water IV) 03:36 Tools
I Wish I Was You Featuring Bellringer 05:03 Tools
Horrorglyphics (feat. Nas) 03:13 Tools
Hershation Feat. Hershe 05:34 Tools
dont come outside ft. cashmere (prod moss) 03:53 Tools
04- Black President ft. Skyzoo 04:41 Tools
That's Right Feat. Nickelus F 04:41 Tools
The Title 04:41 Tools
11- Colors w- A-Pinks & Malik 16 02:49 Tools
Lucifer Freeseyle f. Jay-Z 03:19 Tools
Over Ya Head pt.1 02:49 Tools
13 SO SORRY FEAT. DJ VIC 02:49 Tools
Rock On Feat. Famoso 02:49 Tools
Famous! 03:35 Tools
The Solution 04:37 Tools
15 LOVESTONED!! 04:37 Tools
Let Me Show You The Way 01:58 Tools
I Miss You 04:37 Tools
Scrubs (Prod. By Pezey Krack) 04:14 Tools
You Too 04:14 Tools
I tried it 03:36 Tools
When I Was A Boy (Feat. Jermaine Paul) (Prod. By The Narcotics) 05:33 Tools
I Cant Leave Him Alone 06:01 Tools
Sometimes (ft. Lydia Caesar) 05:25 Tools
My Baby!!! 05:25 Tools
Bk Stand Up 05:25 Tools
Remember Me 06:01 Tools
Nothing Changes (Remix) (Feat. Co) (Prod. By Nubbz) 04:53 Tools
Move Back (feat. Young Chris & Freewa) 05:39 Tools
The Fall 03:13 Tools
Ryan Seacrest (Prod. By Agor) 03:39 Tools
The Upper Room (Prod. By Agor) 04:14 Tools
Diary Of Me (feat. R. Kelly) 05:21 Tools
Save The Day Feat. Torae & Kel Spencer 05:21 Tools
04 DIE FOR YOU 03:43 Tools
D - What I'm Gonna Do w. Bugle 03:43 Tools
11- Not Gon Cry 03:43 Tools
Look at you (live) 03:43 Tools
Stay (Not Going Nowhere) 03:43 Tools
BONUS - Real Talk Feat. Ghostwridah 03:43 Tools
Who Am I 03:06 Tools
01. Everybody Else (feat. T-Pain) 03:43 Tools
Duction (feat. G-Clef - Soprano Sax & Peter Hartmann) 03:43 Tools
Two Weeks Notice (Prod. By J. Cole) 03:08 Tools
Full Attention (Feat. Focus) 03:54 Tools
FADED AWAY [ft. Focus...] 04:51 Tools
Up And Down Girl (Prod. By Nicademus) 04:24 Tools
Famous (Feat. Focus) 04:19 Tools
Change Her Life (Feat. Focus) 04:18 Tools
Put The Mic Down (Prod. By Black Metaphor) 04:12 Tools
Effortless Ft. Prince Ea 06:01 Tools
Without Her (feat. Jennifer Myles) 06:01 Tools
Televised Revolution Aka Breathe Ft. Mickey Factz 06:01 Tools
So Grateful (feat. Redd Lettaz & Jennifer Myles) 04:18 Tools
Bad Day 04:30 Tools
Hard to kill 1 & 2 06:01 Tools
On My Shit f. Clipse 01:47 Tools
Escape the Lies 04:14 Tools
Praying for Aliens 04:34 Tools
Move Back (ft. Freeway & Young Chris) 01:47 Tools
Say I Feat. Sam Scarfo 01:47 Tools
FULL ATTENTION [ft. Focus...] 03:54 Tools
Satan's Song 04:06 Tools
Lords of Flatbush Feat. Q Da Kid & Marz Money 04:06 Tools
C- Snoop Speaks (courtesy of WNYC) 04:06 Tools
FAMOUS [ft. Focus...] 04:19 Tools
My Soul Overtime Freestyle 04:19 Tools
Soul Jail 01:53 Tools
10 NO! FEAT. YA HIGHNESS 01:53 Tools
Kill the Babies 03:59 Tools
G - My Corner 03:59 Tools
12 - To Whom It May Concern 03:59 Tools
16 our love 03:59 Tools
Get Betta Feat. Apryl Williams 03:52 Tools
Change Her Life (feat. Focus...) 04:18 Tools
05 WHERE DID IT GO WRONG_ 04:08 Tools
The Calling 04:08 Tools
Duction (Featuring G-Clef - Soprano Sax & Peter Hartmann) 01:00 Tools
I Work (Prod. By Astronote) 03:22 Tools
Daily Word (Produced By Agor) 02:35 Tools
Is this what you want 02:35 Tools
We Are Here Feat. Chaundon G.o.d. & Dv Alias Khrist 04:30 Tools
All About Us Feat. N.I.K 04:18 Tools
16. Our Love (Produced By V-ladian Productions) 04:30 Tools
Baby's First Word 04:06 Tools
The Present (Prod by Rhettmatic) 04:30 Tools
CHANGE HER LIFE [ft. Focus...] 04:18 Tools
Impatience 04:14 Tools
My Life feat. Block McCloud 04:20 Tools
Colors w- a-pinks & malik 16 04:20 Tools
Up and Down (Remix) 03:42 Tools
What's Wrong With That? (Wake Up The World) (ft. Torae) 03:42 Tools
Black President f. Skyzoo 03:42 Tools
Lovestoned!! 03:26 Tools
Dreamed You Leave in Summer 03:42 Tools
I'm Not a God 00:31 Tools
Might Kill Somen (Feat. Marque, Kebba And Streets) (Prod. By Mks) 04:48 Tools
Crack Feat. Memphis Bleek & Peedi Peedi 04:48 Tools
Hip hop 04:48 Tools
S On My Chest Feat. Sam Scarfo & Straps 04:48 Tools
Talking Walls (Prod. By Agor) 03:13 Tools
So Hard (The Love Hater) 03:52 Tools
125 Grams Feat. Joell Ortiz_Ras Kass Grafh & Gab Gotcha 03:52 Tools
02 IN BETWEEN 03:52 Tools
The New Me (Produced By Dockmini) 02:38 Tools
F - Cop & Go w. Skyzoo & Maino 02:38 Tools
14 FEEL SO BAD 02:38 Tools
02- Weight Of The World 02:38 Tools
12 - We Can Make It - ft Lydia Caesar 02:38 Tools
Lovestoned 03:00 Tools
Faded Away (Feat. Focus) 04:51 Tools
Check To Check Part 1 (Prod. By David Gunckel) 02:21 Tools
Punish The Beat Ft. Fred The Godson and Charlie Clips 04:51 Tools
Pray For My Prey 03:12 Tools
Ribbon In The Sky (I'm A Star) 04:18 Tools
I Can't Leave Him Alone 02:59 Tools
I'm Not over You (feat. Jennifer Myles) 02:59 Tools
New Jordans / A Poem for Mike 04:14 Tools
Care For Me (Feat. Lela Bizz) (Prod. By J. Cardim) 03:58 Tools
Movie Villains (Remix) (Feat. Blaq Poet And Reef The Lost Cauze) (Prod. By Stu Bangaz) 03:26 Tools
M - Pray For Me 03:26 Tools
Countdown Feat. Joell Ortiz [Explicit] 03:20 Tools
Deal with me feat. pain in da ass 03:20 Tools
9 mother fucker (asap_mst) 03:20 Tools
Who Do I Pray To (Prod. By Ta-Ku) 04:01 Tools
H - Never w. Scarface 04:01 Tools
09 MY BABY!!! 04:17 Tools
I - The Baltimore Question 04:17 Tools
12 FALLING IN LOVE 03:24 Tools
Intro (The Present-ation) 02:49 Tools
Kill The Babies (Prod. By Gmo) 04:14 Tools
Since I Seent U (remix) 04:42 Tools
Wake Up The World (Overtime Freestyle) 04:42 Tools
Hang On f. The Astronomical Kid (rmx) 04:42 Tools
Save The Day Pt. 2 (Feat. Torae) 03:58 Tools
Check To Check Part 2 (Prod. By Pezey Krack) 03:37 Tools
The Edge, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 04:06 Tools
The Fall (Prod. By G14 Productions) 03:13 Tools
It Coulda Been Me Remix (feat. Torae & Sun NY) 04:46 Tools
DXL 03:37 Tools
03. Up And Down 2 (Produced by Bah) 03:37 Tools
04. Die For U (Produced by Sean C) 03:37 Tools
All Seasons (Believe In Me) 03:37 Tools
Troubles 04:00 Tools
Angels & Demons prod by Emazin 03:58 Tools
The Upper Room 04:14 Tools
Rockabye 04:14 Tools
My Calling 02:42 Tools
Bk Stand Up [Explicit] 03:10 Tools
Never (Feat. Scarface) 03:10 Tools
Now 03:10 Tools
Dreaming 03:10 Tools
I Get Up Part 2 (prod. by Clams Casino) 04:23 Tools
GOTTA GET $ 04:23 Tools
Talking Walls 03:13 Tools
The Mirror Remix (Feat. Stahhr) (Produced By Severe Beats) 04:27 Tools
I'm Not A God Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League 04:27 Tools
Help (How Can I) 04:27 Tools
The Title (I'm Gonna Win) (Produced By Radio Maschine) 04:08 Tools
Masturbation (Produced By Agor) 04:08 Tools
09- Future ft MArz Money and Kingpin Slim 04:08 Tools
03 - Deal with me ft Pain In Da Ass 02:49 Tools
Satan's Song (Prod. By G14 Productions) 04:06 Tools
It's Gonna Come (Prod. By J. Cardim) 04:47 Tools
Brooklyn ft. red cafe 04:47 Tools
I'm Not A God (Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 02:42 Tools
Baby's First Word (Prod. By The Epixx) 04:06 Tools
The Wake, Pt. 2 (feat. MeLa Machinko) 04:06 Tools
Praying For Aliens (Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 04:34 Tools
Everybody Else ft. T-Pain 04:06 Tools
02. In Between (Produced By Wyldfyer) 04:06 Tools
Move Back (Overtime Freestyle) 04:06 Tools
Are You There 04:46 Tools
03. Move Back (feat. Freeway & Young Chris) (prod. Just Blaze) 03:13 Tools
The March (Prod. By Agor) 03:51 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 3 03:51 Tools
Say Something ft. Mickey Factz 04:37 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 6 04:46 Tools
The Trueman Show (Prod. By The Epixx) 04:46 Tools
08 - Right Now 04:46 Tools
Horrorglyphics Feat. Nas 04:46 Tools
Vitamin S (Prod. By Agor) 04:46 Tools
Wake Up And Go 03:25 Tools
Maintain (Prod. By Louis G) 04:46 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 2 03:00 Tools
The Future (Feat. Lee Wilson) (Prod. By J. Cardim) 03:00 Tools
Make U Feel Good f. Nephu 02:42 Tools
Twenty-Four (Jack Bauer) 04:13 Tools
I Ain't A Killer 03:00 Tools
Q - Break it Down 03:00 Tools
Baby's First Word Prod. by The Epixx 04:13 Tools
Black president 04:13 Tools
Sha stimuli intro 04:13 Tools
K - Soul Jail (prod. SoulShack) 04:13 Tools
123 (Prod. Astronote) 03:48 Tools
L - All That I Got (prod. Drawzilla) 03:48 Tools
10 -Strong 03:48 Tools
Asthma (Feat. Lydia Caesar) 03:48 Tools
E - On My Shit ft. Pusha T, Heron, Shalik Rivers, KingPin Slim 03:48 Tools
The Return Part 2 (Feat. U.N.I., Talib Kweli, And Zion I) (Produced By Lee Bannon) 03:48 Tools
Grew Up (Ft. King Magnetic) 04:04 Tools
Dear Summer 03:48 Tools
Get Better 03:55 Tools
15. LoveStoned (feat. Justin Timberlake) 03:48 Tools
Wherever I Go (Feat. Keeba Of Mks And Lydia Caesar) (Prod. By J. Cardim) 03:48 Tools
Gun Jam Pt. 1 03:48 Tools
Move Back (Feat. Freeway And Young Chris)(Prod. By Juts Blaze) 03:48 Tools
Believe Me (Feat. Rapper Big Pooh) 04:42 Tools
The Solution (Prod. By Agor) 04:37 Tools
Be Alright (Produced by J. Cardim) 04:37 Tools
Oh Yes 04:08 Tools
05. Where Did It Go Wrong? (feat. Anthony Hamilton) 04:31 Tools
The March Prod. by Agor 04:37 Tools
Colors Ft. A-Pinks & Malik 16 04:37 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 4 04:37 Tools
06. Be Alright (Produced by J. Cardim) 04:37 Tools
Sometimes Part 2 (Prod. By J. Cardim) 06:12 Tools
Strange Her 03:50 Tools
I Get Up Part 2 04:23 Tools
Feel Good Feat. Nephu 03:20 Tools
these three words 04:00 Tools
Soup Her Power 03:20 Tools
Lately (Live 1985) 04:00 Tools
P - It Gets Better ft. Apryl Williams 05:19 Tools
Footprints (feat. Apryl Williams) 03:28 Tools
Famous 05:19 Tools
Ryan Seacrest 03:39 Tools
Cant tell me nothing 03:20 Tools
03 - heroes 03:20 Tools
Me 03:20 Tools
New Jordans 03:20 Tools
The Stars (Produced By G14 Productions) 03:20 Tools
07 - Left Lane 03:20 Tools
Bentley feat. torae 03:20 Tools
Make U Feel Good 03:20 Tools
11 BE WITH U 03:20 Tools
Never Broken (Feat. Markque) (Prod. By Radio Maschine) 04:13 Tools
A- Intro - 23 Dollars (prod. Clams Casino) 04:13 Tools
Gotta Get Money [Prod. by Soundsmith] 03:48 Tools
05 Sha Stimuli - Horrorglyphics F. Nas 04:13 Tools
The Title (I Wanna Win) (Prod. by Radio Maschine) 04:13 Tools
Two Weeks Notice 03:08 Tools
Rockabye [Explicit] 03:08 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 5 02:44 Tools
Where Did It Go Wrong? 04:08 Tools
Punish the Beat (Feat. Charlie Clips) 05:04 Tools
Oh Yea! 02:56 Tools
Do it for the Doe [Explicit] 02:56 Tools
Good God (Feat. Imyounik) 03:27 Tools
Colors Feat. A-Pinks & Malik 16 04:08 Tools
Day Before Tommorrow (Feat. Danny Sky High) 04:31 Tools
Duction (feat. Peter Hartmann & G-Clef da Mad Komposa) 04:11 Tools
Move Back (Ft. Freeway And Young Chris) 04:31 Tools
My Life Feat. Block Mcloud 04:31 Tools
10. No! (feat. Ya Hyness) (Produced by Cookin´ Soul) 04:31 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 14 04:31 Tools
Feel Good (feat. Nephu) 03:20 Tools
Who Do I Pray To 04:01 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 18 04:01 Tools
1-2-3 04:01 Tools
O - Gun Jam pt 1 04:01 Tools
N - Crack ft. Memphis Bleek & Peedi Peedi 04:01 Tools
Exclusive 04:01 Tools
Make U Feel Good (feat. Nephu) 03:25 Tools
Since I Seent You f. Anthony Hamilton 03:25 Tools
08. I Can’t Leave Him Alone (feat. Jane´t) (Produced by EZ Elpee) 03:25 Tools
Sail 03:25 Tools
God's Plan (Feat. I-20) 03:28 Tools
Rapping Paper (feat. Skyzoo & Torae) 04:03 Tools
Latch 04:03 Tools
06 - Bentley ft Torae 03:28 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 13 03:28 Tools
Who Do I Pray To? 04:04 Tools
The New Me 02:39 Tools
Follow the Leader (G-Clef Remix) 04:23 Tools
I Wish I Was You feat. Bellringer 02:39 Tools
Crack (Feat. Memphis Bleek & Peedi Peedi) 02:39 Tools
NY State Of Mine Pt 2 02:39 Tools
The Solution Prod. by Agor 02:39 Tools
05- So Sorry 02:39 Tools
Satan's Song Prod. G14 Productions 02:39 Tools
Up And Down 2 (Produced by Bah) 02:39 Tools
All Falls Down (Feat. Grafh & Mr. Probz) (Prod. By Focus) 03:57 Tools
It Gets Better (Feat. Apryl Williams) 04:04 Tools
02 Sha Stimuli - I Apologize 04:04 Tools
Cop & Go (Feat. Skyzoo & Maino) 04:04 Tools
01 Sha Stimuli - Intro 04:04 Tools
04 - Live Like I'm Dying 04:04 Tools
Stronger (Prod By J Cardim) 04:04 Tools
DJ Toshi Freestyle 04:04 Tools
11 Gotta Get Money (Prod. By Soundsmith) 04:04 Tools
Stay 04:13 Tools
Look At You 03:02 Tools
Emotions 04:13 Tools
Follow My Lead 04:13 Tools
Black President (rmx) f. Skyzoo 04:04 Tools
Hip Hop Freestyle 04:02 Tools
12. Fall In Love (Produced by Big Zik) 02:33 Tools
Another Again (feat. John Legend) 04:02 Tools
Blasphemy [Explicit] 04:02 Tools
13. So Sorry (feat. DJ Victorious) (Produced by Jim Bond) 04:02 Tools
Clap At Ya (feat. Bruce Waynne) 04:25 Tools
Forever Feat. N.I.K 04:40 Tools
Am I Different 2 (feat. Reks) 04:25 Tools
My Soul [Explicit] 04:25 Tools
Nothing Changes (rmx) f. Co$$ 04:53 Tools
Since I Sent You 04:53 Tools
Old Rhymes 04:53 Tools
I Dont Care 04:53 Tools
Brooklyn Stand Up 03:10 Tools
So High (feat. Apryl Williams) 03:13 Tools
How Does It Feel? 03:13 Tools
The Smelly Cat Song [Explicit] 03:13 Tools
07. Much More (feat. Ya Hyness) (Produced by J. Cardim) 03:13 Tools
Deal With Me 03:13 Tools
im a star 03:07 Tools
I Work 03:07 Tools
Spazztastic (feat. Reks) 03:50 Tools
11. Be With You (Produced by J. Cardim) 03:50 Tools
Bentley Ft. Torae 03:50 Tools
So Many (Tight Ones Part Two) 03:50 Tools
Horrorglyphics (ft. NaS) 03:50 Tools
Chosen (Feat. Nino Bless & Cambatta) 03:50 Tools
09. My Baby!?! (The Plot Thickens) 03:50 Tools
Back Of The Bus (Feat. Hassan Salaam) 03:50 Tools
The Stars 03:06 Tools
Movie Villains (Remix) (feat. Blaq Poet & Reef The Lost Cauze) 03:26 Tools
American Dream f. Tre Williams (prod. Jimi Kendrix) 03:12 Tools
Follow The Leader (Produced By Key Kat Productions) 03:12 Tools
Love Yours 05:33 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 15 04:03 Tools
Cop & Go (ft. Skyzoo & Maino) 03:59 Tools
Change Gone Come 04:03 Tools
I Don't Care (feat. Maino) 04:03 Tools
Interlude 04:03 Tools
Kill The Babies Prod. by Gmo 03:59 Tools
Ribbon In The Sky ( 03:59 Tools
sha stimuli-stop what u doin f 05:46 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 10 05:46 Tools
Sound Off [Explicit] 03:59 Tools
Sometimes pt.2 06:12 Tools
Masturbation 02:57 Tools
Violence (Prod. By Born For This Ent.) 02:57 Tools
sha stimuli-high 04:23 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 9 02:57 Tools
Snoop Speaks 02:57 Tools
14 Sha Stimuli - I'll Be There 02:57 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 12 02:57 Tools
Hometown ft. hometown heroes - (flash da biskit, sunny red, stimuli) 02:57 Tools
Praying For Aliens Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League 02:57 Tools
Medley (By DJ Victorious) 02:57 Tools
What I'm Gonna Do (feat. Bugle) 02:57 Tools
09 Sha Stimuli - Wake Up The World (Overtime) 02:57 Tools
J - Dont Come Outside ft. Cashmere (prod MOSS) 02:57 Tools
32 Two's 02:57 Tools
Not Gon Cry (Prod. Jimmy Kendrix) 02:57 Tools
Too Fast 03:28 Tools
Hello 04:55 Tools
The Old Me (Prod. By Pezey Krack) 03:02 Tools
Actors (Snippet) 04:04 Tools
Hang On [Explicit] 03:02 Tools
Hood Remix (feat. Sheek Louch & Fred Da Godson) [Bonus Track] 05:04 Tools
Punish the Beat (feat. Charlie Clips) [Bonus Track] 03:17 Tools
Somebody's Daughter (Prod. By J Cardim) 13:22 Tools
My Only Girl (Just Blaze Rmx) 03:50 Tools
So Good (feat. Nino Bless, Crooked I & Cambatta) 04:11 Tools
Horrorglyphics Ft. NaS 04:11 Tools
What I'm Gonna Do (ft. Bugle) 04:11 Tools
Move Back Ft. Freeway 04:11 Tools
Back Of The Bus (Feat. Hasan Salaam) 04:11 Tools
stevie wonder-lately (live 1985) 02:28 Tools
Alone (feat. LelaBizz) 03:24 Tools
Asthma f. Lydia Caesar 03:24 Tools
Weight of The World (Prod. Clams Casino) 03:24 Tools
In Between (Produced By Wyldfyer) 03:24 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 8 03:24 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 7 03:24 Tools
I Put It Down (Freestyle) 03:24 Tools
March On Washington (Marcus Garvey) 03:24 Tools
Daily Word 03:24 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 16 03:24 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly 11 05:46 Tools
I Get Up ( 03:24 Tools
I Need Change (Intro) 02:13 Tools
Black President Feat. Skyzoo 04:41 Tools
Call on Me 04:41 Tools
When I Was A Boy (feat. Jermaine Paul) 05:33 Tools
Our Love (Produced By V-ladian Productions) 05:33 Tools
The Fall Prod. by G14 Productions 05:33 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Freestyle 05:33 Tools
Countdown (Feat. Joell Ortiz) 05:33 Tools
9 to 5 (J. Cardim Remix) 05:33 Tools
Televised Revolution 05:46 Tools
I Need Change (Prod. By DJ Victorious) 05:46 Tools
sha stimuli-bump 05:46 Tools
Deal With Me Ft. Pain In Da Ass 05:46 Tools
Coast 2 Coast Weekly #2 05:46 Tools
Colors 05:46 Tools
Is It Me 05:46 Tools
To Whom It May Concern (Prod. By Blunt) 05:46 Tools
The Title (I'm Gonna Win) 04:08 Tools
Die For U (Produced by Sean C) 04:08 Tools
Live Like I'm Dying (Prod. Dao Jones) 04:08 Tools
March On Washington (Marcus Garvey) (Prod. By Clams Casino) 04:08 Tools
A Poem For Mike 04:08 Tools
Hang On (feat. Peter Hartmann & G-Clef) 04:23 Tools
So Sorry (feat. DJ Victorious) (Produced by Jim Bond) 04:23 Tools
NY State Of Mine Pt 1 04:23 Tools
The Chills (Broke at 30) prod. by DJ Qvali 04:23 Tools
Crack (ft. Memphis Bleek & Peedi Peedi) 04:23 Tools
02 The Funeral 04:23 Tools
It Coulda Been Me Remix Feat. Torae & Sun NY (Prod. By Mr. Attic) 04:23 Tools
Murder Me (Remix) 04:23 Tools
Better Man 04:23 Tools
Intro feat. pain in da ass 04:23 Tools
04 Sha Stimuli - My Soul (Overtime) 04:23 Tools
03-sha_stimuli-the_rhythm 04:23 Tools
01 - Intro ft Pain In Da Ass 04:23 Tools
S On My Chest f. Sam Scarfo & Straps 04:23 Tools
11 Sha Stimuli - So Supreme 04:23 Tools
Today We Living 04:23 Tools
Da Funk (Feat. Hometown Heroes) 04:23 Tools
I Don't Care feat. Maino 04:23 Tools
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In the beginning, it was written... We are all born with innate gifts. It is our duty to embody those gifts and share them with the world. For Brooklyn born lyricist Sherod “Sha Stimuli” Khaalis, this means provoking an emotional response through his music. Growing up, Stimuli’s inquisitive mind could not be held by your typical childhood sports and video games. He preferred to follow behind his older brother Lord Digga, one of hip hop’s notable producers. This landed him on Brooklyn basketball courts and in the mix with hip hop legends like Master Ace, members of the Juice Crew, and Big Daddy Kane. Barely a teen, Stimuli found himself engulfed in an era that exemplified the essence of real New York hip hop. Eager to become a student of the game, he digested everything in his surroundings from beats and lyrics, to talks about the business behind the music. At age 11, Stimuli picked up a pen, and brought his first rhyme to life. Stimuli officially stepped on the hip hop scene at 14, appearing on Master Ace’s Slaughter House LP. For the next few years he continued to fine tune his writing skills, with not much focus on becoming an emcee. When Lord Digga began producing tracks for the Notorious BIG, Stimuli gained much respect for Biggie and his signature flow. Having the privilege of being in the studio while Biggie recorded Ready to Die he quickly became Stimuli’s lyrical icon. When the hip hop world was rocked by the tragic and untimely death of the King of New York, Stimuli knew it was time to step up, grab the torch, and go full throttle with his gift of lyricism. Having gained knowledge at such a young age about the music game, Stimuli was armed with a dangerous flow, and equipped for the grind to come. He emerged on to the mix tape circuit, leaving a blazing trail of tracks on some of the hottest mix tapes in rotation. In 2003, Stimuli attacked the industry when he released his first mix-tape “Let Me Show You the Way”, where he unleashed his smooth, conversation like flow, combined with sarcasm and metaphorical genius. Often called “the voice of the people”, his grind had now created a serious buzz in the streets and industry alike. Testimony to that came in October of that year with Stimuli being named The Source Magazine’s “Unsigned Hype”. In 2004, proclaimed to be the “next best thing “to come out of Brooklyn since Biggie and Jay-Z, Stimuli released his second mix-tape, “Follow My Lead”. His witty, complex verses made you quickly press rewind. In 2005, staying loyal to his fans Stimuli dropped “Switch Sides”, a CD/DVD combination where he masters the art of storytelling. Similar to the hard baseline of a track, Stimuli’s voice is like the missing instrument. Street credibility and industry recognition continued to grow, and Stimuli caught the eye of Lenny S, then A & R of Virgin Records. Under the direction and support of his management team CUT Entertainment, and in conjunction with his production company Underworld Music, Stimuli soon negotiated a deal with the major record label. In 2005, Stimuli displayed his musical talent on a worldwide scale, performing in the first “I Love Hip Hop Tour” in Morocco. After being featured in several publications, performing at various venues, and making radio station appearances in 2006, Stimuli released “New York State Of Mine “. This mix tape is an official throwback, echoing the classic sounds of New York hip hop. With features from Joel Ortiz, Memphis Bleek, Peedi Peedi, and Maino, New York State of Mine has kept the streets talking. He also released a video for “Brooklyn Stand Up”, a track off of the mix tape that quickly became the new BK anthem. To date, Stimuli can be found working on his debut album, “Thee Emotion Picture” which features production from hip hop producers such as Just Blaze, Midi Mafia, EZ LP, and Chad West. With the album being scheduled to be released the third quarter 2007, Stimuli is destined to be a critically acclaimed artist, and a force to be reckoned with!!!!! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.