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Suddhosi Buddhosi 07:52 Tools
Roots 08:17 Tools
I Sense Your Presence 19:24 Tools
All That I AM 05:14 Tools
Communion 08:57 Tools
Mother of My Soul 06:45 Tools
Better Way 07:28 Tools
Destination of Creation 06:50 Tools
Pure 04:14 Tools
Psalm of Creation 06:07 Tools
Suddhossi Buddhossi 09:52 Tools
Be Here Now 09:35 Tools
Yeshu-Maria 07:59 Tools
La Semilla - Be In The Now 06:06 Tools
Abba-Amma 07:44 Tools
Hara Mahadeva 05:52 Tools
Ang Sang Wahe Guru 07:09 Tools
Communion (Remastered) 10:01 Tools
Shalom 05:28 Tools
Yes Bless 06:15 Tools
Deliverance 06:15 Tools
Minha Mãe Oxumaré 03:38 Tools
Promesa 04:13 Tools
I Believe 07:18 Tools
Way Within 05:21 Tools
Yeshu Maria 07:59 Tools
Malachei Ha Shalom 06:27 Tools
Nyabinghi 01:25 Tools
Camino De Estrellas 03:25 Tools
Sitaraga 01:32 Tools
Me Ilumina 05:48 Tools
Move Mountains 02:15 Tools
Yeshu-Maria (Remastered) 07:24 Tools
Las Flores 05:26 Tools
Destination of Creation (Remastered) 06:16 Tools
Cachoeira 02:15 Tools
Charanguero 03:41 Tools
Ke Aloha 05:16 Tools
Better Way (Remastered) 06:16 Tools
Zampoña 03:55 Tools
Covenant 07:24 Tools
Seer Prophet Son 06:04 Tools
Al Hamdulilah 07:33 Tools
Shivayah 09:59 Tools
Honor 04:01 Tools
Angel of the Dawn 03:55 Tools
Come 06:16 Tools
Memories 06:01 Tools
One Divine 05:23 Tools
Home Is Where 09:59 Tools
Why Wonder 05:23 Tools
Yavo 04:44 Tools
Great Mystery 04:05 Tools
True Heart 04:59 Tools
Shivaya 10:01 Tools
Waking One 05:58 Tools
Jai Ma 05:10 Tools
Psalm of Creation (Remastered) 07:24 Tools
Rejoice 05:14 Tools
Look Inside 05:33 Tools
Yearning For 02:24 Tools
Ocean Child 05:07 Tools
Roots (Remastered) 06:04 Tools
Agua de estrellas 04:34 Tools
All That I Am (Remastered) 07:24 Tools
La Semilla (Be in the Now) 06:04 Tools
Promesa del Cielo 04:10 Tools
Give Thanks (Reprise) 04:13 Tools
Interlude 05:53 Tools
Cunaq (charango) 02:24 Tools
Forgiveness 04:27 Tools
Minha Mae Oxumare 05:06 Tools
I Sense Your Presence (Kaminanda Remix) 07:24 Tools
Como las flores creciendo 07:24 Tools
Shamuankuna cayari 09:44 Tools
Mariri icaro (charango) 05:53 Tools
Seer Prophet Son (Acoustic Mix) 04:13 Tools
We Give Thanks 08:22 Tools
Jai ambe 06:01 Tools
Ayahuasca takimuyki 05:51 Tools
Mariri icaro 05:14 Tools
Ilumina 04:45 Tools
Suddhosi 07:54 Tools
Come (charango) 05:07 Tools
Mira como cura el agua (charango) 05:58 Tools
All may safely rest 04:13 Tools
Ancient voices 07:13 Tools
Pure (..Like the Water..) 07:13 Tools
Dejame mirarte por esa ventana 04:27 Tools
La semilla (charango) 06:48 Tools
Ancient song 08:51 Tools
Yoyo yoyo 10:25 Tools
Comunion 07:31 Tools
Qemandu dentro (charango) 04:02 Tools
Music of Silence 05:25 Tools
Gayatri mantra 03:45 Tools
ki aloha 04:17 Tools
La semilla 06:05 Tools
Eh Yemansha 04:34 Tools
Interlude: Wayra Tira 05:10 Tools
Hey Amba 05:10 Tools
Interlude: La illa'llah 00:00 Tools
Shalom alaje 08:25 Tools
Om Mata 00:00 Tools
Just Be 05:55 Tools
Hidden Track 05:56 Tools
Yearning For (Over & Over) 00:00 Tools
Move Mountians 00:00 Tools
Yeshu-Maria: Hymn of the Living Christ 00:00 Tools
Sarva Mangala 00:00 Tools
Hara Hara Mahadeva 00:00 Tools
Hare Mahadeva 00:00 Tools
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Whether singing the ancient Sanskrit mantras of India, the traditional folklore songs of South America, or performing his original works of divine inspiration, Shimshai’s music invokes a sentiment of ancestral devotion and a dedication to higher consciousness. A self-proclaimed seeker of truth, described by many as possessing the voice of an angel, Shimshai is gifted with the innate ability to deliver his message flawlessly in several languages; most profoundly the universal language of Love and Oneness. Surrounded by music from birth and formally trained on piano in his native state of Washington, today Shimshai performs effortlessly on guitar, sitar, flute, and a variety of woodwinds. He plays many of the instruments on his self-composed and self-produced albums, ‘I sense your Presence’ (2001), ‘Toward the One’ (2003/2006), and ‘Live on Maui’ (2003/2006) all which have been highly revered by the worldwide spiritual community. His collaboration with fellow artist Tina Malia, ‘Jaya Bhagavan’ (2004), has also been met with tremendous success, being signed to the independent record label Spirit Voyage in 2005, and his most recent release, ‘Deliverance’ (2006), showcases his abilities as a solo performer. He continues to offer his talents to various studio projects, including current collaborations with traditional healers and several undertakings with indigenous communities throughout south and Latin America. Whether playing at large festivals, yoga studios, or spiritual retreats, Shimshai’s live performances throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Europe, Australia, Mexico and The Americas have helped to create a devoted and ever-growing global fan base. His unique blend of reggae, jazz, kirtan, and folk, infused with a worldbeat influence, provides a diverse palette of musical expression and attracts a wide range of listeners. Performing solo or with his group, The Natural MystiquEnsemble, which features percussion, guitar accompaniment, and harmony vocals, Shimshai’s energy always provides a sacred, intimate, heart-opening space for all who are present. Along the way, Shimshai has had the honor of opening for and sharing the stage with such luminaries as Michael Franti, David Grisman, Mickey Hart, Jai Uttal, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Bhagavan Das, Dezarie & members of midnite, jah levi, Hamsa Lila, Sasha Butterfly, and many other gifted musicians and visionaries. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.