Sic Alps

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sing Song Waitress 01:41 Tools
L. Mansion 02:43 Tools
Massive Place 02:09 Tools
Bric Jaz 01:50 Tools
Bathman 01:31 Tools
Everywhere, There 04:50 Tools
Message From the Law 02:34 Tools
Gelly Roll Gum Drop 03:15 Tools
Mater 02:22 Tools
Put The Puss To Bed 01:29 Tools
Clubbing For $$ 01:55 Tools
Inventing A Common Rule 01:09 Tools
N##JJ 01:19 Tools
Love is Strange 01:35 Tools
Cement Surfboard 02:55 Tools
Do You Want to Give $$? 02:47 Tools
Quai Des Orfèvres 02:58 Tools
Jolly 02:07 Tools
A Story Over There 01:27 Tools
Eat Happy 02:20 Tools
Description of the Harbor 07:10 Tools
saint peter writes his book 01:19 Tools
The News Today 02:14 Tools
Country Medicine 01:25 Tools
Hey! Sofia 01:19 Tools
Zeppo Epp 02:12 Tools
Ball of Fame 01:09 Tools
Trip Train 03:42 Tools
Occult Display 01:59 Tools
Ranger 03:26 Tools
Dr. Bag and the Pomade Nature Giants 03:02 Tools
Wake Up, It's Over 01:36 Tools
Meter Man 02:25 Tools
My My Lai 01:32 Tools
The First White Man to Touch California Soil 02:41 Tools
Low Kid 01:30 Tools
Glyphs 03:30 Tools
Wasted at Church 00:36 Tools
Down Comes the Perm 01:47 Tools
Turtle Soup 01:49 Tools
Strawberry Guillotine 02:22 Tools
Superlungs 02:47 Tools
Bells (With Tremolo And Distortion) 01:33 Tools
I Know Where Madness Goes 02:37 Tools
Super Max Lament on the Way 02:40 Tools
May Ltd 02:54 Tools
March of the Skies 00:45 Tools
Nathan Livingston Maddox 03:40 Tools
Semi-Streets 02:21 Tools
God Bless Her, I Miss Her 03:34 Tools
I Am Grass 03:58 Tools
The Drake 01:29 Tools
Brill Building 02:46 Tools
RATROQ 02:50 Tools
And What Came Next 01:26 Tools
E.R.Q. 02:51 Tools
Moviehead 02:51 Tools
Social Strats 01:13 Tools
Bells 01:32 Tools
Caro 02:08 Tools
Surgeon and the Slave 02:07 Tools
Lazee Son 01:53 Tools
Polka Vat 02:13 Tools
Who Has Time to Protest? 01:55 Tools
Latin 02:20 Tools
Wake Up, It's Over II 03:29 Tools
Arthur Machen 02:02 Tools
Microcastle 02:23 Tools
Making Plans 02:18 Tools
Reconnection Land 03:12 Tools
Texas (Is the Right State) 02:11 Tools
Drink Up! 02:48 Tools
Stories 02:06 Tools
C'mon Pup 02:46 Tools
Thylacine Man 02:59 Tools
Speeds 01:42 Tools
Morning Waltz 01:52 Tools
Battle of Bretton Woods 01:11 Tools
Untitled/Digital Booklet/Deep Fruit 01:51 Tools
Rock Races 05:06 Tools
I am Grass (Restored) 01:55 Tools
See You On The Slopes 04:29 Tools
Battle of the Breton Woods 01:09 Tools
The Greatest 02:28 Tools
Long Cheveux 02:16 Tools
Gruxxe Bathe Ballade 02:53 Tools
When You Tell It 02:28 Tools
Clarence 02:36 Tools
Strepix 02:47 Tools
When You Tell It (The Zipps) 02:29 Tools
Breadhead 03:11 Tools
Quai Des Orfévres 02:59 Tools
Superlungs My Supergirl 02:47 Tools
Guxxe Bathe Ballade 02:51 Tools
CO/CA (for p.a.) 02:04 Tools
Battery Townsley 01:30 Tools
Can't You See 02:17 Tools
Jammy Soc 01:15 Tools
She's On Top 03:24 Tools
1/2 Rabbit Sandwich With Fries 00:30 Tools
Biz Bag 03:05 Tools
Baby's in a Coma 01:53 Tools
Egg Bun No. 3 01:29 Tools
United 03:24 Tools
Carrie Jean 03:43 Tools
Cambridge Vagina 02:31 Tools
Do You Want To Give $$$? 02:59 Tools
Shark Fucks 02:08 Tools
Spending Time 03:14 Tools
Description of the Harbor (Strapping Field Hands) 07:10 Tools
Squiddley Diddley 01:47 Tools
Dr.Bag and the Pomade Nature Giants 03:02 Tools
Quai Des Orfиvres 02:59 Tools
Change Store Chant 02:52 Tools
Quai Des Orfčvres 02:59 Tools
Vedley 09:40 Tools
Battle of Breton Woods 01:09 Tools
How Does Vedley Gather? 04:30 Tools
everywhere there 04:50 Tools
Speed 01:43 Tools
Maddy / Riley 02:18 Tools
Be a Song 00:27 Tools
i know where the madness goes 02:39 Tools
Soil 02:41 Tools
The First White Man to Touch California 01:49 Tools
Blues Festival 01:49 Tools
New Trawgs III 01:21 Tools
Bric Jaz (Reprise) 00:13 Tools
Anasazi Chemist 01:55 Tools
ERQ 02:51 Tools
Sic Alps, L Mansion. 02:51 Tools
Do You Want To Give 22226? 02:53 Tools
Drink Up 02:48 Tools
New Trawgs 02:21 Tools
United (Bonus Track) 03:16 Tools
Thyalacine Man 03:01 Tools
The Wanderings of Our Drummer Through Hell 03:01 Tools
Description of the Harbor (Strapping Fieldhands) 07:13 Tools
Untitled / Booklet / Deep Fruit 01:54 Tools
When You Tell It, Tell It Well (Zipps) 02:31 Tools
Saint Peter Write's His Book 00:30 Tools
When You Tell It, Tell It Well 00:30 Tools
I Know Where Madness Goes (includes "Come Down Easy" by Spacemen 3) 05:42 Tools
Gelle Roll Gumdrop 05:42 Tools
L.Mansion 05:42 Tools
Quai Des Orfévres 00:30 Tools
2-3 Social Strats 00:30 Tools
Bells (With Tremolo And Destor 01:32 Tools
Untitled 01:32 Tools
Semi-Streets - Skulltones Nov. 2006 (7 01:32 Tools
dr. bag & the pomade nature giants 01:32 Tools
Bells (w/Tremolo & Distortion) 01:32 Tools
Untitled (Throbbing Gristle Cover) 01:32 Tools
2-1 And What Came Next 01:32 Tools
United (TG cover) 01:32 Tools
Dr. Bag & The Promade Nature Giant 01:32 Tools
Description Of The Harbor - Awesome Vistas Nov. 2007 (12 05:17 Tools
Quai Des OrfËvres 05:17 Tools
Sic_Alps-United 05:17 Tools
Saint Mary's Square Garage 05:17 Tools
Quai Des Orf钁res 05:17 Tools
CoCa 00:00 Tools
Quai des Orfvres 03:00 Tools
2-2 Brill Building 03:00 Tools
Quai Des Orfθvres 03:00 Tools
Wake Up, It’s Over 03:00 Tools
baby's in coma 00:00 Tools
(Full Set) 00:00 Tools
down comes the perm 2 00:00 Tools
Co / ca 00:00 Tools
who has the time to protest 00:00 Tools
Do You Want To Give $$_ 00:00 Tools
surgeon and the slave 1 00:00 Tools
Pretty Miss Titty - Chain Store Chant 00:00 Tools
Sic Alps 00:00 Tools
Here Today Here Tomorrow 00:00 Tools
Love Is Strange (2007) 00:30 Tools
Bells (With Tremolo & Distortion) 00:00 Tools
Glyphs (Official Music Video) 00:00 Tools
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Sic Alps are a noise pop group from San Francisco and perennially lysergic musical outlet of Mike Donovan, who formed the band with Adam Stonehouse (The Hospitals) in 2004. Current incarnation includes Noel Von Harmonson (Comets on Fire), Douglas Armour and Tim Hellman. Ty Segall is an occasional, reoccurring figure in the live band and on recordings. Sic Alps' sound could be described as a combination of early nineties lo-fi and Bay Area's sixties psychedelia. Sic Alps are notorious for their exciting and energetic live performances. They have released music on Siltbreeze, Mt. St. Mtn, 777 was 666, Animal Disguise, Skulltones, Almost Ready, Slumberland and Drag City. Past members: Adam Stonehouse , Matt Hartman (Henry's Dress) and Bianca Sparta (Erase Errata) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.