Slavic Soul Party!

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Opa Cupa 04:40 Tools
Teknochek Collision 03:51 Tools
Jackson 03:22 Tools
Missy Sa-Sa 03:54 Tools
Sing Sing Čoček 04:33 Tools
Taketron 04:12 Tools
Baltika 03:20 Tools
Sisko's Blues 03:53 Tools
Opa Cup [with ESP] 05:03 Tools
Ladies (And Gentlemen) 01:23 Tools
Dance the Dust Up 01:23 Tools
Ya-Ya 03:48 Tools
Occapella (Have a Beer) 04:20 Tools
Rumenka Takes A Drive 04:06 Tools
Vranje 04:06 Tools
Get It How You Live 02:55 Tools
Never Gonna Let You Go 08:26 Tools
Into the Night 05:18 Tools
P At The River 04:01 Tools
Brasslands 04:08 Tools
Malina 04:58 Tools
Çaçak Nirvana 02:17 Tools
Draganin Čoček 05:26 Tools
Romp 04:43 Tools
Bride's Song 02:21 Tools
140 05:08 Tools
Tatiana 02:49 Tools
Curha 9/8 03:31 Tools
Rufalina 02:10 Tools
Sviraj Srecko 05:14 Tools
Djelem, Djelem [with ESP] 06:19 Tools
¡Ruchenista! 02:46 Tools
Going Down, Looking Up 04:32 Tools
Cacak Nirvana 02:19 Tools
Look-ka Py Py 04:16 Tools
down 02:06 Tools
Indinski 03:38 Tools
Sarba 01:25 Tools
Juan Colorado 04:54 Tools
Real Simple 03:53 Tools
Walter Harley 03:50 Tools
Canaan Land 03:45 Tools
Ahmet Gankino 04:28 Tools
Alcohol to Arms 01:47 Tools
Last Man Standing 05:13 Tools
Zvonce 03:11 Tools
Sancti Petri 03:23 Tools
Pavkretov Stakato 02:49 Tools
Opa Cupa (Ram Ram Remix) - Ram Ram Remix 05:57 Tools
Laughter Club 02:29 Tools
Hymn 05:59 Tools
Blue Pepper 04:10 Tools
Tourist Point of View 05:14 Tools
Teknochek Collision (Bellyhouse Remix) 03:44 Tools
Opr Cupa (With ESP) 05:03 Tools
Have A Beer 05:03 Tools
Opa Cupa (Remix) 03:27 Tools
Bluebird of Dehli 02:46 Tools
Isfahan 02:46 Tools
Ruchenitsa! 04:42 Tools
Sisko's Blues (Funke Ambiente Remix) 03:52 Tools
Have a Beer (Remix) 05:57 Tools
Djelem, Djelem 06:19 Tools
DJelem DJelem (With ESP) 05:57 Tools
Rumenka (Remix) 04:59 Tools
Cacak Nirvana (Remix) 02:59 Tools
Depk 00:00 Tools
Teknochek Collision (SSP! Remix) 03:57 Tools
9@theriver (Dub Remix) 04:35 Tools
Pavketov Stakato 02:48 Tools
Agra 02:46 Tools
Ruchenista (Remix) 02:12 Tools
Mount Harissa 00:00 Tools
01. Slavic Soul Party! Opa Cupa 02:12 Tools
Teknochek Collision (M.E.M.O.R.Y. Man Remix) 05:14 Tools
Amad 00:00 Tools
Romanian Holiday 02:47 Tools
Dafino Vino 00:00 Tools
Seva 00:00 Tools
Ad Lib on Nippon 05:33 Tools
Taketron (from Taketron) 04:12 Tools
Zajde Zajde 03:50 Tools
Leventikos 03:59 Tools
All Up And Down 03:31 Tools
Koutsos 00:00 Tools
Trite Puti 04:01 Tools
(Let's Just Call Him) Pavlos 06:43 Tools
The Wedding Next Door/Paidushko 03:07 Tools
Dervis Oro 05:33 Tools
Opa Cupa (With ESP) 05:03 Tools
Sviraj Srečko 05:14 Tools
Sing Sing Cocek - Robert Soko Remix 00:00 Tools
Sing Sing Cocek (Robert Soko Remix) 05:14 Tools
Ruchenista! 02:46 Tools
Opa Cupa (Ram Ram Remix) 00:00 Tools
juan colerado 02:06 Tools
Bluebird Of Delhi 00:00 Tools
Iruchenista! 02:46 Tools
missy 02:46 Tools
Opa Cupa Stavroz Ram ram remix 02:46 Tools
Sisko Blues (Funke Ambiente Remix) 00:00 Tools
Opa Cupa ( Stavroz Ram Ram Remix) 00:00 Tools
Ševa 00:00 Tools
Teknochek Collision (from 'Teknochek Collision') 00:00 Tools
Opa Cupa (Stavroz Ram Ram Remix) 03:25 Tools
Sing Sing Cocek 04:33 Tools
Derviš Oro 00:00 Tools
Missy Sa-Sa (from 'Bigger') 03:25 Tools
Pavtekov Stakato 03:30 Tools
ˇRuchenista! 02:46 Tools
Čačak Nirvana 02:17 Tools
Opa Cup 05:03 Tools
Shall I Throw It Down? 00:00 Tools
Slavic Soul Party! Opa Cupa 00:00 Tools
Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues) 00:00 Tools
going down 00:00 Tools
cacak 00:00 Tools
ЎRuchenista! 02:46 Tools
?Ruchenista! 02:46 Tools
Google Doodle 00:00 Tools
Welcome 00:00 Tools
Taketron (Jacob Garchik) 04:12 Tools
Real Simple (Matt Moran) 03:54 Tools
Taketron - Taketron (Jacob Garchik) 00:30 Tools
Get It How You Live (Frazier/Henry/Shezbie, Arr. Moran) 00:30 Tools
Pavketov Stakato (Ljubiša Pavković) 00:30 Tools
Missy Sasa 00:30 Tools
Opa Cupa (Stavros Ram Ram remix)DjSuperStereo Moombahton Edit 00:30 Tools
Tatiana (Ben Holmes) 02:49 Tools
Sancti Petri (Gerardo Núñez Diaz, Arr. Garchik) 02:49 Tools
Sarba (Trad. Moldovan, Arr. Garchik) 02:49 Tools
Laughter Club (Bruce Smith, Arr. Moran) 02:49 Tools
Canaan Land (Trad. American/Scottish, Arr. Garchik) 02:49 Tools
01 - Slavic Soul Party! - Opa cupa - Slavic Soul Party! - Opa cupa 02:49 Tools
01 01. Slavic Soul Party! Opa Cupa 02:49 Tools
Baltika (Brian Drye) 02:49 Tools
Sviraj Srečko (Stevo Teodosiev, Arr. Moran) 02:49 Tools
Hymn (Matt Moran) 02:49 Tools
Tourist's Point Of View 02:49 Tools
Gagak Nirvana 02:49 Tools
Into the Night xrpt 02:49 Tools
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Fiery Gypsy brass, soulful Balkan rhythms, and hip-grinding American funk. Brash and strong as slivovitz, these nine musicians forged a virtuosic brass band in the heart of NYC - melding East European, Mexican and Asian backgrounds with jazz and soul, and developing a reputation for a great party. (excerpt from SSP!'s Media Info page) "Fiery Balkan brass, throbbing funk grooves, killer Gypsy accordion and virtuoso jazz chops make Slavic Soul Party! NYC's OFFICIAL #1 brass band for BalkanSoul GypsyFunk. With Latin, Jewish, Gypsy and American roots... SSP! makes new music out of the unplanned results of immigration, proximity and globalization. Pumping a strong Balkan brass sound through the life in New York's outer boroughs. This nine piece band has won fans in Carnegie Hall, Serbian schoolyards, skate punk tours and pasha's palaces! Playing over 300 shows in the past six years and releasing four albums." Get even more up to date info by visiting the bands website at: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.