Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
All My Neurotic Friends 01:38 Tools
She Swims like a Dolphin 01:33 Tools
We Watched Them Thru The Thick Crystal Panes 02:33 Tools
Lucid River 02:29 Tools
Exit, exit 02:42 Tools
Mosaic Devours 03:59 Tools
The Weakness 01:58 Tools
Spiral Waves 03:47 Tools
Harakiri For The Sky And The Trees 03:40 Tools
X Equals H 02:26 Tools
I Thought We Were Martys 02:56 Tools
The Racing Marbles Bloom 04:21 Tools
Fall if You Want to Fall 01:46 Tools
Dear Leonard 04:19 Tools
C'est l'Amour 02:32 Tools
- 04:22 Tools
Joseph, Maria & Romeo 01:46 Tools
Enter the Arctic 02:49 Tools
Full Mental Bucket 02:49 Tools
Trumpets Fading 04:23 Tools
Wara Waste 04:23 Tools
Joseph, I´m only drinkin´ 04:23 Tools
03-snoras-lucid_river 02:30 Tools
Emomaniac 04:23 Tools
05-snoras-mosaic_devours 04:00 Tools
04-snoras-spiral_waves 03:48 Tools
No Mojo 04:23 Tools
07-snoras-- 04:23 Tools
King Al. 04:23 Tools
The Cheat 04:23 Tools
Last Day On the Job 04:23 Tools
Nights In a Can 04:23 Tools
Junkie In The Hall 04:23 Tools
She Got Away 04:23 Tools
Life In The Gutter 04:23 Tools
Dead Sweet, Evil Eye 04:23 Tools
W, W & S 04:23 Tools
The Darkside Of Inspector Morse 04:23 Tools
C«est L«Amour 04:23 Tools
- * 04:23 Tools
Exit 86 04:23 Tools
enter the artic 04:23 Tools
-- 04:23 Tools
Untitled 04:23 Tools
joseph, maria & romeo 04:23 Tools
Joseph, I'm only drinkin' 04:23 Tools
She Swims Like A Dolphine 01:33 Tools
Spor 03 01:33 Tools
Spor 01 01:33 Tools
Spor 02 01:33 Tools
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Snöras ("avalanche" in Norwegian) is a one-man project from Norway that performs high-energy contemporary punk rock. Yngve Hilmo founded Snöras in 2005 and all music (bass, guitar, drums, vocals) is written by him, with help from Kenneth Lamond (JR Ewing) on the drums. Snöras' second album, "Plague Waters", was released on Fysisk Format in September 2008 and features members of Angora Static and Lukestar. With a search for the holy riff, the result is a cohesive mix of driving melodies which get to your head all at once. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.