Snap Ant

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Saviour Piece 03:23 Tools
The Queen of No. 18 05:50 Tools
Shock Control 03:17 Tools
Function Room 02:39 Tools
The Queen Of No.18 05:50 Tools
Gunsticker 03:56 Tools
You Make Me Basic 02:39 Tools
Larva Stall 03:03 Tools
In Dark Three's 28:02 Tools
Berewind 04:05 Tools
Grumpy Nymph 04:20 Tools
Turning Ugly 03:01 Tools
She Makes All Sense 05:05 Tools
Inner Red Daze 02:30 Tools
Better One In The Hand Than Two In The Bush 03:03 Tools
Snap Ant presents The Silver Selva 38:32 Tools
The Silver Selva 38:31 Tools
iJut! 01:40 Tools
Savior Piece 03:28 Tools
Jut! 01:43 Tools
!Jut! 01:43 Tools
The Queen of No. 18 { SOFASPACE } 01:43 Tools
Archer Ray 04:23 Tools
Give Up The Juice 03:24 Tools
Keep It Up 04:03 Tools
The Cavaliers 04:32 Tools
Execute The Ping 01:04 Tools
The Queen of No. 18 { } 01:04 Tools
Saviour Piece (Ladytron Remix) 01:04 Tools
Arc Sang La 05:39 Tools
the queen of #18 05:39 Tools
Man In A Garage 05:39 Tools
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Snap Ant (b. James Morgan), is a musician / producer, based in Liverpool, UK. It has been said that a Snap Ant record sounds like it's borrowed two notes from every record ever made. If one listens to the clattering schizoid punk of You Make Me Basic next to the celestial synth pop of Saviour Piece, it's clear that Snap Ant is an avid explorer of outer sounds. Snap Ant's first release was under the moniker of Omnium on Ntone Records (Ninja Tune's offshoot electronica label). The skewed future funk went right over the heads of most bewildered critics but gained support from the Mo Wax/Warp/Ninja Tune beatheads in the late 90's. Going on to release several remixes and collaborations off the back of Omnium, Snap Ant began playing bass alongside Karl Webb and Pop Levi as Super Numeri. The trio signed to Ninja Tune and recruited several satellite musicians and honed in on psychedelic grooves reminiscent of Can's Krautrock and the Dark Magus album era Miles Davis. Snap Ant recently remixed/reversioned Coldcut and is now working on a new project called 'Bearfarm' as well as new material for his forthcoming album. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.