Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Haze Away 03:45 Tools
Blank Stare 04:52 Tools
Traces 03:01 Tools
Over the Sirens 02:52 Tools
Off White 04:52 Tools
Blame Confusion 05:15 Tools
Cold Hands 04:18 Tools
Laisser Faire 02:32 Tools
Through the Walls 04:11 Tools
Not Complaining 01:55 Tools
Terminal 04:52 Tools
Wait It Out 04:52 Tools
Erratic dogs 01:22 Tools
Blurs 02:33 Tools
Five Works (Just Fine) 03:28 Tools
Shine 04:24 Tools
Generic Town 02:33 Tools
Distant Faces 04:24 Tools
Whatever and Neverminds 01:30 Tools
Whatevers And Neverminds 04:02 Tools
Fog Friends 03:23 Tools
Blown Out 03:30 Tools
Solid Time 02:06 Tools
Soap On Your Skin 02:06 Tools
MAUCICO 02:35 Tools
Across The Overpass 02:06 Tools
Burny!!! 02:06 Tools
S.N.P 02:35 Tools
SEXY☆SENSE 03:41 Tools
Exit Of Days 02:35 Tools
My Best Year 02:35 Tools
Midnight Mystery 03:41 Tools
You Don't Know What You've Begun 02:35 Tools
TIGHT/NIGHT 03:41 Tools
Labyrinth 03:41 Tools
ライア・クライア 04:31 Tools
東京LOVEジャンキー 04:31 Tools
Judas 03:41 Tools
Dishwasher 02:35 Tools
ロミオ -ROMEO- 03:41 Tools
KARA DA KARA 03:41 Tools
どうぶつのサガ 03:41 Tools
Back On Track 02:35 Tools
COCORO 03:41 Tools
Guns 02:35 Tools
Pagan Arc Welder 02:35 Tools
桜花爛漫 02:35 Tools
Clowns Like Candy 02:35 Tools
"Fleeting Memories" (Hawkes) 03:26 Tools
Hey Beautiful 03:41 Tools
BLACK HEAVEN 03:46 Tools
CRAZY BABY SHOW(SolidS) 02:25 Tools
Roug:e(志季&大) 04:31 Tools
Twig 02:25 Tools
the future is now 03:41 Tools
01 Over The Sirens 02:53 Tools
Ladyrinth 02:25 Tools
B-15 SOLIDS (LIVE) - OFF WHITE 04:31 Tools
02 Off White 04:53 Tools
03 Traces 03:02 Tools
04 Haze Away 03:46 Tools
05 Blame Confusion 05:15 Tools
07 Cold Hands 04:18 Tools
OPドラマ「異論は認めない」 04:18 Tools
運命を越える 04:52 Tools
06 Laisser Faire 02:33 Tools
Hey, Beautiful 02:33 Tools
09 Not Complaining 01:55 Tools
EDドラマ「一度きりの決断」 01:55 Tools
10 Terminal 04:52 Tools
ドラマ「Follow your heart」 04:52 Tools
ドラマ「SolidS」 04:52 Tools
ドラマ「寮の朝」 04:52 Tools
ドラマ「ロミオとジュリエット」 04:52 Tools
Haze Away (Live on KEXP) 04:52 Tools
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Solids may refer to: 1) A rock band from Montreal, Canada. 2) An Australian improv trio. 3) A Japanese fictional idol group. 1) Solids are Xavier Germain-Poitras & Louis Guillemette. The duo formed in 2009 in Montreal and have since released an EP called 'Generic Dogs EP'. It's available on their Bandcamp. 2) "A mass exodus of Perth characters to Melbourne in the mid-'90's led to (Julian) Williams forming classic Australian improv trio Solids. Beginning as a warped, wracked pop outfit, whose early releases betrayed strong influences from The Fall and other early '80's acts whose music expanded from pop constructions to free territories, Solids eventually exploded into a pure improvised experience. While their work still roughly adheres to a 'song' format - largely due to Greg Wadley's consistently rhythmic, metronomic drum pulses - Williams and third member Jad construct juddering walls of guitar and analogue keyboard wail over the top, at times torturous, at times atmospheric. Their work has been documented on a handful of From the Same Mother cassettes, and a limited 7" single, "Padma Gling-pa"." 3) SolidS (with capital "S" in the last letter) is a Japanese fictional idol group under Tsukino Talent Production. The members are Shiki Takamura (CV: Takuya Eguchi), Tsubasa Okui (CV: Soma Saito), Rikka Sera (CV: Natsuki Hanae), and Dai Murase (CV: Yuichiro Umehara). Official page. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.