Sonic Animation

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
E-Ville 04:32 Tools
I'm a DJ 03:40 Tools
Theophilus Thistler 03:55 Tools
Didley Squat 04:24 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding 04:19 Tools
E Ville 00:00 Tools
Super Showbiz Star 04:13 Tools
I Funk Therefore I Am 06:48 Tools
Theophilus Thistler... an Exercise in Vowels 04:13 Tools
Pull the Trigger 04:35 Tools
I'm Afraid I Think I'm Human 09:10 Tools
4 Leaf Clover 04:36 Tools
Constipation 06:26 Tools
Joyride 06:50 Tools
Throne From the Saddle 04:53 Tools
Is That a Tear? 05:27 Tools
Love Puppet 03:43 Tools
The Nothingness 00:00 Tools
Theta State 07:40 Tools
Sugar Spun Sadness 06:14 Tools
Really Supa Doopa 03:19 Tools
Meaningless 04:46 Tools
Catacaustic 00:00 Tools
No Gravity On Jupiter 06:59 Tools
The Spirits Awaken 06:36 Tools
The Nothingness (Chaos in a Box remix) 06:46 Tools
Release 06:13 Tools
Senses May Be Numbed 08:17 Tools
Satin Filled Roof 07:36 Tools
Theophilus Thistler ... an Exercise in Vowels 03:55 Tools
I'm The One 08:16 Tools
It's Time 06:46 Tools
A Fat Man 04:19 Tools
Rhabdomyolisis 05:12 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding (House of Rector Mix) 08:16 Tools
Anxiety 05:54 Tools
Get Up 03:47 Tools
Theophilus exercise in vowels 00:00 Tools
Theophilus Thistler ...An Exercise In Vowels - Sonicanimation 03:56 Tools
Theophilus Thistler exercise in vowels 00:00 Tools
Freaky Highway 03:46 Tools
(This Is Not A) Love Poem 03:21 Tools
Move Dammit 03:56 Tools
Shed 14 03:41 Tools
Theophilus Thistler (An Exercise In Vowels) 03:56 Tools
I'm A DJ (Original) 00:00 Tools
Orchid For The Afterworld ....Or Maybe Not 21:30 Tools
But Myself 03:33 Tools
Chasing the Dragonfly 05:44 Tools
E 04:31 Tools
Say Nothing 04:10 Tools
Theophilus Thistler: An Exercise in Vowels 03:54 Tools
Magnitude 7 05:33 Tools
Get Up (EK's remix) 06:45 Tools
Orchid for the Afterworld... or maybe not 21:30 Tools
Rocktronica 03:40 Tools
Our Time Has Come 21:30 Tools
Theophilus Thistler [An Exercise In Vowels] 03:54 Tools
I Don't Wanna Stop Now 04:05 Tools
Diddly Squat 04:24 Tools
Didley Squat (Radio Edit) 04:24 Tools
Strange Shade of Black 04:32 Tools
Miss Tugs 03:04 Tools
Living in a Dream 04:28 Tools
Reticules Homecoming 04:25 Tools
Antelopes on Skates 05:44 Tools
Phoney Epiphany 05:44 Tools
Take the Time 06:01 Tools
Ding Dong the Bitch Is Dead 01:02 Tools
Preacher 10:51 Tools
00:38:19:38 00:38 Tools
Still Hungry 05:17 Tools
Ass Breakin 06:21 Tools
The Piquancy of Frequency 06:21 Tools
Life in a Snow Dome 05:02 Tools
Too Hot and Coffee 05:02 Tools
Makin Music 06:12 Tools
No-gravity On Jupiter 07:00 Tools
Storm Warning 08:03 Tools
Theophilus Thistler An Exercise In Vowels 03:52 Tools
Paralexic Cliche 08:03 Tools
...Or Maybe Not 05:14 Tools
Time Is an Illusion 04:38 Tools
E-Ville: A Frontside Creation 04:34 Tools
It's Time: Infusion's Dark Times Dub 05:57 Tools
Get Up (Rise And Shine Remix) 04:35 Tools
Take The Time: The Pressure Remix 04:35 Tools
It's Time: Bexta Remix 06:43 Tools
The Message 05:06 Tools
I'm A DJ: Sharp Boy's Remix 03:58 Tools
Horror Movie 03:11 Tools
(Hey Lady) I Just Wanna Dance 03:09 Tools
Orchid For The Afterworld 04:35 Tools
I Will Be Twisted 04:12 Tools
Add It Up 03:56 Tools
Theophilus Thistler ... An Exe 03:56 Tools
It's Time (Bexta remix) 05:19 Tools
Paralexic Clichés 03:09 Tools
Take the Time (The Pressure remix) 04:35 Tools
orchid for the afterworld ...or maybe not 21:30 Tools
Devastated Heart 04:02 Tools
Tradgedy Has It's Favourites 05:28 Tools
E-Ville (need for speed underground 2 soundtrack) 04:27 Tools
It's Time (Infusion's Dark Times dub) 05:57 Tools
thophilus thistler - an exercise in vowels 05:57 Tools
There For I Am 01:01 Tools
E- ville 01:01 Tools
Theophilus Thisthler 05:57 Tools
E-Ville (Need For Speed Underground 2 OST) 04:39 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding (House of Rector) 05:57 Tools
Punk On The Dance Floor 03:46 Tools
Joy Ride 05:57 Tools
E-ville (original) 04:26 Tools
Funk 05:32 Tools
Melt Away 03:34 Tools
Take It From Me 04:02 Tools
4-Leaf Clover: Mijk Van Dijk's G3 Remix 04:26 Tools
Tradegy Has It's Favourites 05:28 Tools
Twins 02:57 Tools
E-Ville (A Frontside Creation) 04:34 Tools
4-Leaf Clover (Mijk Van Dijk's G3 mix) 04:03 Tools
Get Up and Ek's Remix 05:28 Tools
Will You Dance to This song? 04:05 Tools
Sonic Animation - E-Ville 04:31 Tools
Theophilus Thistler... An Exer 00:00 Tools
The Pick Up Artist 04:17 Tools
I'm a DJ (the prodigy child re 03:46 Tools
I'm Afraid I Think I'm Human: Phi K Vs. Nubreed Tribal Mix 04:17 Tools
Its Time 03:34 Tools
Theophilus Thistler - an exercise in vowels 00:00 Tools
This Is An Illusion 04:17 Tools
E-Ville [Reality By Deception] 04:26 Tools
The Other End of Somewhere 04:03 Tools
Theopilus Thistler 04:05 Tools
All I Want Is You 04:15 Tools
Last Call 04:39 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding (Radio Edit) 04:18 Tools
Get Up and Rise and Shine Remix 04:34 Tools
Stars In Her Eyes 03:35 Tools
Triple J's Live at the Whireless (Unbroken Set) 04:39 Tools
Doctor Alien God 03:35 Tools
eville 04:30 Tools
Theophilius Thistler (... and excersise in vowels) 04:30 Tools
Tralfamadore 04:00 Tools
Sbass Station One 04:00 Tools
Theophilus Thisler 04:03 Tools
I'm Afraid I Think I'm Human (Phil K vs. Nubreed Tribal mix) 06:33 Tools
Theophilus Thistler Exercise in Vowls 04:03 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding (Exordium) 04:00 Tools
Switchblade 04:17 Tools
Silence Is Deafening 04:17 Tools
Theopolis Thistler 03:35 Tools
Theophilus Thistler ...An Exer 03:56 Tools
I'm A Dj [Original] 03:50 Tools
Sences May be Numbed 03:56 Tools
Really Supa Dupa 03:19 Tools
I'm A DJ: Sharp Boys' Remix 03:19 Tools
Im Afraid I think Im human 03:19 Tools
E-ville [Original] 03:19 Tools
Take the Time [the Pressure Remix] 04:00 Tools
I Think I'm Afraid I'm Human (Phil K Vs Nu Breed Remix) 04:00 Tools
Fat Man 04:17 Tools
I Will Lick Your Arsehole (Karaoke Mix) 04:25 Tools
I'm a DJ (Sharp Boys' remix) 04:25 Tools
Take The Time - The Pressure Remix 04:35 Tools
Tragedy Has It's Favourites 04:17 Tools
Stars In Her Eyes - Bitrok Late Nights Remix 06:43 Tools
Sonic Animation - Theophilus Thistler 04:17 Tools
Didley Squat (Radio Mix) 04:17 Tools
Enter the Temple of Dawn 03:54 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding [House of Rector Mix] 08:16 Tools
E vVlle 04:25 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding (Love Lies Beating Full Mix) 03:54 Tools
Ville 04:25 Tools
Didely Squat 04:25 Tools
It’s Time (BeXta Remix) 03:54 Tools
Theophilus Thistler... 04:25 Tools
E-Ville - A Frontside Creation 04:25 Tools
Nothingness 04:25 Tools
I'm Affraid I Think I'm Human: Phil K Vs. Nubreed Tribal Mix 04:25 Tools
The Nothingness - Chaos in a Box Remix 04:25 Tools
E-ville (Pound System Mix) 04:25 Tools
Or Maybe Not 06:46 Tools
Theophilis Thistler 04:25 Tools
Theophilius Thistler 03:54 Tools
Nothingness (Chaos In A Box Remix) 03:54 Tools
I Think I'm Afraid I'm Human 03:54 Tools
E-Ville (Ost Need for Speed - Underground 2) 06:33 Tools
The Nothingness [Chaos In A Box Remix] 06:46 Tools
I'm a DJ (The Endorphin Mix) 06:46 Tools
Tradegy Has It's Favouirites 06:46 Tools
.......? 06:46 Tools
Get Up (Ek's Remix Radio Edit) 06:46 Tools
4 leaf clover (Mijk Van Dijk's G3 Mix) 06:46 Tools
Theophilis Thistler... An Exercise In Vowels 06:46 Tools
Sugar Spun Madness 06:46 Tools
I'm A Dj (Mark James Future Mix) 05:38 Tools
Get Up (EK Remix) 05:38 Tools
Theophilus Thistler.. An Exercise In Vowels 03:56 Tools
Senses May Be Numbed [*] 03:56 Tools
Orchid for the Afterworld...or Maybe Not 04:35 Tools
I'm Afraid I Think I'm Human (Phil K vs Nubreed Tribal mix) 04:35 Tools
Get Up - EK's Remix 04:35 Tools
Reticules Coming 04:35 Tools
Makin' Music 06:33 Tools
Sand To Stars 06:33 Tools
Orhid for the afterworld 06:33 Tools
I Think I'm Afraid I'm Human (Phil K vs Breed Mix) 06:33 Tools
Super Showbiz Star (Drum and Bass Biz Star) 06:33 Tools
Love Lies Bleeding (remix) 06:33 Tools
Rhabomyolisis 05:12 Tools
Preacher [*] 05:12 Tools
I Funk Therfore I Am 05:12 Tools
Fat Man, A 05:12 Tools
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Sonic Animation were an Australian band that made electronic music from many genres. Rupert Keiller and Adrian Cartwright were with the group through the entirety of its existence, but they also performed with others including Steve Berschtick, who was with the group when it formed, and Erica Mclean who sung the female vocals on the new tracks on their greatest hits album Eleven. The group split up in 2006. Their last headline tour was the aptly named Bugger off tour, and their final performance ever was at the Perth Big Day Out on the 5th of Feburary 2006. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.