Sons of William

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Easy To Love 03:26 Tools
Breaking My Back 02:25 Tools
Give Into To Give Up 02:51 Tools
Beautiful 03:50 Tools
Let Somebody Down 03:19 Tools
Simple And True (bonus track) 03:47 Tools
Sunrise Cigarettes 03:49 Tools
Message 03:10 Tools
High Heels 02:18 Tools
Savannah 03:07 Tools
Simple and True 04:24 Tools
Darkest Secret 03:05 Tools
Song About You 02:16 Tools
Lucifer Hands 03:12 Tools
Smile 02:51 Tools
Sympathy 04:01 Tools
Dreaming 04:13 Tools
When I Get Back 04:20 Tools
For Gods Sake 04:20 Tools
Independence Day 03:12 Tools
Count On Me 05:59 Tools
Everything I Own 02:59 Tools
Vicious World 04:00 Tools
Bloodshot 03:03 Tools
Bell Bottom Blues 04:30 Tools
Rosaline 04:28 Tools
Under The Sun 04:28 Tools
For God's Sake 04:28 Tools
Make Believe 02:50 Tools
We Are All Strangers 04:28 Tools
Angel Of Mercy 04:28 Tools
We Can Live 03:41 Tools
Stay All Night 03:41 Tools
Losing Fight 03:57 Tools
Put Your Heart Into It 03:57 Tools
Simple & True 03:44 Tools
Put Your Heart 03:44 Tools
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“Two brothers from south Louisiana who are looking for a band name choose the name Sons of William in honor of their father, Bill, who has been the main musical influence in their lives. It’s perfect, but it doesn’t just stop at the name. The songs are tight, the music is beautiful, and the performance is flawless. Whether they take after their old man or not, these kids have their jobs down to a science. The band proudly wears its influences on its sleeves, as aspects of blues and classic rock shine through the music. At the same time, a modern feel gives Sons of William the appeal they need to rise above their influences (sorry, Dad) and form their own unique voice.” From: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.