Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Living End 03:48 Tools
Arkham 03:08 Tools
cRoOkEd 04:52 Tools
The Sound 04:41 Tools
The spy who came in from the cold 05:16 Tools
Megablast 03:38 Tools
Danse of the Dead 03:56 Tools
Evil Dub 03:55 Tools
Love 03:20 Tools
The Other Side 05:11 Tools
9th Secret Rule Of The Order 04:34 Tools
Mayday/Nightstalker 05:07 Tools
The Illness 05:00 Tools
Dust to dust 04:24 Tools
Elephant, Mosquito 02:30 Tools
Minions Of Set 03:18 Tools
Love It Mane 03:18 Tools
Kaos is and always will be 04:44 Tools
Beats within 05:15 Tools
Spectre Meets the Psycho Priest in the Temple of Smoke 00:00 Tools
Intermezzo 01:44 Tools
Whirling 05:22 Tools
Genesis 03:06 Tools
Valour 03:10 Tools
Bottom Feeder 05:07 Tools
The Rolling Force 02:52 Tools
The Bassick 04:23 Tools
Vampyr Killa 05:09 Tools
the struggle continues 02:06 Tools
la lunga via 04:32 Tools
Return Of The Ill Saint 05:37 Tools
Psychotic episodes 04:46 Tools
Alamut 03:22 Tools
Bandar 07:26 Tools
The Fire Within 03:46 Tools
My Dub Weighs a Ton 05:37 Tools
Purple Dusk 04:52 Tools
gold 02:30 Tools
Revelations 03:19 Tools
Spawn 04:37 Tools
Backstab 07:17 Tools
Crooked Knights 03:32 Tools
Heist 03:38 Tools
Age of the storm 04:45 Tools
The Edge 03:17 Tools
remembrance 03:43 Tools
The Beginning Of The End 03:31 Tools
A Shadow Unfolds 08:40 Tools
Al Qaida (The Bass) 04:51 Tools
Master Of Nothing 04:32 Tools
The Dark Rift 03:38 Tools
Spectre meets psycho priest in the temple of smoke 03:45 Tools
Death Trip 03:01 Tools
Ne Cede Malis 05:18 Tools
Spectrum (original mix) 09:00 Tools
Intro 00:00 Tools
Telemundo 03:30 Tools
Covert Dub (Experiments That Identify Change) 05:18 Tools
Blaze of Glory 03:29 Tools
Hell To Pay 00:59 Tools
Infra-Red (Danse Of The Dead Pt. 2) 04:40 Tools
Juggernaut 06:28 Tools
Pillars Of Smoke (Return To The Temple) 06:32 Tools
Love, Part 2 03:07 Tools
Soaring to the depths 03:27 Tools
Stik n Moov 04:54 Tools
Pillars of smoke 06:31 Tools
Leap Of Faith 01:03 Tools
Ye Of Little Faith 04:56 Tools
Savasana 03:50 Tools
Quiet Storm 03:25 Tools
Swagger 02:58 Tools
Feel My Disease 03:30 Tools
The Rapture 05:08 Tools
Oblivion 03:47 Tools
Mint 03:15 Tools
treacherous 04:08 Tools
Stone 02:07 Tools
The Dark 02:07 Tools
Fracture 02:14 Tools
Sub Version 04:32 Tools
Constant Elevation 04:42 Tools
Only in the Darkness 06:15 Tools
I 04:37 Tools
Apocalypso 03:35 Tools
Bloodsuckers 05:07 Tools
Step Inna Dub 04:42 Tools
High Plains Drifter 04:42 Tools
Dedicada 01:41 Tools
Accidental Terrorist 03:24 Tools
Mad For Ya Baby 03:43 Tools
Danse Of The Dead Pt. 2 03:57 Tools
i asked for water 00:00 Tools
The Last Time 05:15 Tools
Mayday / Nightstalker 05:06 Tools
Parallax 04:37 Tools
Krush (Bloody dub mix) 05:10 Tools
Mind Over Matter 02:10 Tools
Skrippin' 02:10 Tools
trash n ready 02:51 Tools
Part I 02:36 Tools
The Living Truth 01:57 Tools
Secrets (feat. Honeychild) 04:54 Tools
El Dia De Los Muertos 02:51 Tools
Unseen Forces 02:10 Tools
Smoke it exact 05:19 Tools
Operation World Domination 03:32 Tools
Boca De Fuma 04:04 Tools
Backstab (Night of the Long Knives) 07:18 Tools
The Hate That Hate Produced 04:36 Tools
Blazed (feat. Sensational) 03:15 Tools
Black Widow (featuring Laila) 02:57 Tools
Meeting The Shadow 03:28 Tools
Sangraal 02:36 Tools
Darvish 03:58 Tools
Impending Doom 03:17 Tools
Event Horizon 03:08 Tools
II 03:42 Tools
Follow The Smoke (featuring Laila) 03:53 Tools
RequiemFor The Ill Saint 03:08 Tools
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 04:35 Tools
blazed 04:35 Tools
Safety On Board 00:41 Tools
Kali Yuga (Age Of Destruction) 04:59 Tools
The Omega Point 03:42 Tools
Dark Matter (feat. the Space Poet) 03:28 Tools
Warziristan 03:22 Tools
Macumba 02:42 Tools
Riffin' 02:37 Tools
Catch a Fire 02:48 Tools
Dubs Of Smoke 06:03 Tools
Let It Grow 02:26 Tools
Banger 02:41 Tools
Vai Na Fe 02:31 Tools
[Jingle] Nur Electronic Radio 03:28 Tools
[Jingle] Cbs New I 01:14 Tools
Stepping Forth Into Daylight 02:58 Tools
Psychopathic Engine 03:43 Tools
Power Cipher Sniper 03:10 Tools
Destroyer 03:33 Tools
Hocus Pocus (feat. Sensational & Black Chameleon) 03:17 Tools
Peace 04:04 Tools
Reality TV 02:41 Tools
Secrets 04:54 Tools
Sunken Piano 02:27 Tools
[Jingle] Mind Effecting Drugs 04:04 Tools
Trillin' 02:33 Tools
Spectre Overseas 05:25 Tools
Night Train to Cairo 03:17 Tools
Panic 03:20 Tools
Jamdown 05:08 Tools
introduction 01:31 Tools
Makin' Huge Bucks 01:50 Tools
mantra voluntatis 05:26 Tools
Pyramid 01:54 Tools
It's Time To Let Go - Radio Edit 03:44 Tools
Warning 02:10 Tools
When Night Falls 04:14 Tools
S.L.A.M. (Self Lord and Master) 02:10 Tools
Part II 03:59 Tools
Hocus Pocus 03:17 Tools
Dark Matter 03:28 Tools
The Missing Two Weeks 04:20 Tools
My Rifle 01:54 Tools
Offside Dub 02:59 Tools
Skrippin 03:30 Tools
Beatitude 02:59 Tools
The Good Fight 03:59 Tools
melody 06:00 Tools
Goat's Blood/Orion 03:53 Tools
Hed Gamez (Neurons Take A Beating) 04:11 Tools
Abyss 03:15 Tools
Senstrumental #3 00:50 Tools
Barracuda 02:14 Tools
Lost Disco 05:24 Tools
Covert Dub 05:13 Tools
Triumph 02:32 Tools
Stimmen im Kopf (Voices in my Head) 02:56 Tools
Heat 01:15 Tools
The Howl of Wolves 05:57 Tools
Home Dub 01:13 Tools
777 02:02 Tools
Eye Against Eye 01:31 Tools
Senstrumental #7 00:34 Tools
The Spectre 07:36 Tools
PUT THE Money IN THE BAG 02:46 Tools
Hidden Agenda 01:27 Tools
Dedmode 01:53 Tools
Into The Vortex 01:15 Tools
Bin Laden Edit 01:02 Tools
The True & Living 03:23 Tools
Fanfare 01:10 Tools
Put The Dub In THe Bag 02:22 Tools
Power Cipher Sniper Ft. Sensational 00:00 Tools
The Eliphany 00:39 Tools
ILLogy 00:00 Tools
Belly 01:49 Tools
house of the king 01:10 Tools
Jamdown Ft. Sensational 00:00 Tools
Four Horsemen 00:00 Tools
Crooked (Movie Version) 04:51 Tools
Issues Dub 04:11 Tools
Shadows 01:51 Tools
Blow 04:52 Tools
Spectre Meets The Psycho Pries 03:44 Tools
Throw Down Spears 05:07 Tools
Spiral Of Cry 02:57 Tools
The Epiphany 00:37 Tools
Infra-Red (Danse Of The Dead P 03:44 Tools
Presepio Di Teschi (Nativity Of Skulls) 04:32 Tools
next time 03:28 Tools
Winds Of Blasphemy 05:24 Tools
Spectre In The Dance 04:47 Tools
Deadzone 01:27 Tools
Vibration Version 03:14 Tools
Brain damage 04:45 Tools
Errors 03:08 Tools
Skrippin' Ft. Sensational & Guess 03:27 Tools
Tribute To Scratch 05:48 Tools
amanti tristi 03:43 Tools
Infra-Red [Danse of the Dead], Pt. 2 04:40 Tools
King Cobra In The Temple Of Smoke - Free Time Remix 05:25 Tools
Mad Frank Lends A Hand 04:15 Tools
Infra-Red (Danse of the Dead Pt.2) 04:42 Tools
Night Soul 02:30 Tools
The Grave Of The Black Forest 02:57 Tools
World Of Destruction 05:24 Tools
Coldness In The Howl 03:14 Tools
Mayday, Nightstalker 00:00 Tools
3D 01:11 Tools
Blow (Dub) 04:03 Tools
The Prez 03:22 Tools
Nightstaker / Mayday 05:11 Tools
1985 00:00 Tools
Kush 00:00 Tools
Screams In The Silence Of The Old Forest 05:25 Tools
Love, Pt. 2 00:30 Tools
The Grind 03:14 Tools
signore non son degno 04:24 Tools
End Games 00:00 Tools
Broken Mirrors 02:34 Tools
apocalypse 06:36 Tools
Four Hoursemen 05:22 Tools
Triumph (feat. Sensational) 00:00 Tools
Maine Ehe (Reprise) 05:25 Tools
James Bond dance theme 04:10 Tools
Hedgamez (Original Mix) 04:09 Tools
ON_U 00:00 Tools
Rainfall 00:30 Tools
I Asked For Water (I Asked For A Remix From Another Planet) 02:33 Tools
The True & Living (feat. Killah Priest) 00:00 Tools
Paradigma 03:21 Tools
Forgotten 03:21 Tools
World Fascination - Mankind Abberation 05:11 Tools
Hidden Gods - DJ Vadim Remix 01:31 Tools
Things Shine Brightest When They're Being Broken 02:34 Tools
Four Horsemen W/ Teledubgnosis 05:24 Tools
Nightstalkers / Mayday 05:11 Tools
Lyrical Hacker 03:32 Tools
Vita Nova 03:32 Tools
Hidden Gods (DJ Vadim Remix) 06:16 Tools
Follow The Smoke 03:53 Tools
Side A 00:00 Tools
Stik N' Moov 00:00 Tools
Magick Shop 05:22 Tools
Datemi Pace 04:21 Tools
Sensational - Makin' Huge Bucks 01:51 Tools
Stimmen Im Kopf 02:53 Tools
Krush, Pt. 2 01:31 Tools
untitled 05:19 Tools
Enter The Holy Terror 02:53 Tools
Breus 05:44 Tools
Kali Yuga 00:00 Tools
Nur Electronic Radio [Jingle] 00:48 Tools
Ancient Echoes of the Past 00:48 Tools
The End 13:14 Tools
Traveller 05:06 Tools
The Nun´s Walk 05:06 Tools
Overseas 04:26 Tools
Krush Part 2 01:31 Tools
YAE YO 03:36 Tools
Abandon 03:44 Tools
Operation Duppy Conqueror 2000 03:40 Tools
Mayday-Nightstalker 00:00 Tools
My 02:30 Tools
The Annunaki's Return 03:00 Tools
IN THE Projects 01:53 Tools
Walk Tight 00:47 Tools
On U 02:01 Tools
I Asked for Water [I Asked for a Remix from Another Planet] 02:34 Tools
Father & SON 02:20 Tools
Mentre Andavo 05:09 Tools
Intro. 00:45 Tools
The Persuaders 04:22 Tools
Infra-Red 00:00 Tools
Wipe Out 05:06 Tools
Sofa Surfer's From Another Planet Remix 01:50 Tools
ralphthemoviemaker 01:50 Tools
e ad uno ad uno 03:36 Tools
Blofeld's Theme (ILL Saint Remix) 00:30 Tools
pillars of smoke (return to the temple) (feat. sensational) 00:30 Tools
The Blue Room 00:30 Tools
El Dio De Los Muertos 00:30 Tools
Creeping Chill 00:30 Tools
Spectre Meets the Psycho Priest in the Temple of Smoke (King Cobra remix) 03:53 Tools
Skrippin ft Sensational and Gu 03:27 Tools
the Negative Effects of the Dark Knight 03:17 Tools
Accidental Terrorist (featuring God Albino) 00:47 Tools
Jamrock 03:13 Tools
Darkstep7 00:00 Tools
Perseverance 03:13 Tools
Face Monkey 02:59 Tools
Jinn 04:41 Tools
High Planes Drifter 04:41 Tools
Radar (100% Tranquilo) 05:11 Tools
On The Run 03:40 Tools
Cbs New I [Jingle] 01:14 Tools
Close Encounters in the Red Zone 01:25 Tools
Mind Effecting Drugs [Jingle] 00:47 Tools
A Midnight Seance 00:47 Tools
No Prisoners (Techno Animal Remix) 03:10 Tools
Ruff Kutz Side One 03:40 Tools
Side B 00:00 Tools
A Grim Menace from Beyond 00:00 Tools
Ideal Home 03:40 Tools
These tormented eyes 08:30 Tools
Bin Laden 00:30 Tools
Saddam's Stargate 00:00 Tools
Breus (Orchestrale) 05:46 Tools
I Swear 08:30 Tools
Black Widow 04:41 Tools
Sofa Surfer Rmx 00:00 Tools
Spectrum 00:00 Tools
Burned To The Ashes 00:00 Tools
bloodsuckers (feat. mr. dead) 04:41 Tools
last 04:41 Tools
The End of the Borley Rectory 04:41 Tools
Dub overseas 03:00 Tools
Dirty Bomb 08:30 Tools
It's Time To Let Go - PR Alternative Radio 03:40 Tools
accidental terrorist (feat. god albino) 00:00 Tools
The Ill Jazz 05:06 Tools
Lady Of The Night 04:41 Tools
Veins of the Earth 04:41 Tools
Solutions 04:41 Tools
It's Time To Let Go 08:30 Tools
I'll Try 04:41 Tools
Jihad Special 08:30 Tools
Weird Science 05:02 Tools
The Grind featuring Sensational 03:47 Tools
Black Abstract Italiano 05:06 Tools
Cosmic Arsonist featuring Labtekwon 03:28 Tools
The Hunger 04:41 Tools
Silver Invaders 03:07 Tools
Danse of the dead Part 2 03:07 Tools
Thuds Like Scuds 05:06 Tools
Funny Q Scene (1080p) 05:20 Tools
Opening Tracking Shot in 1080p 02:36 Tools
Trance Roma E.S.P. 13:14 Tools
Hidden Gods 04:41 Tools
Searchin' 05:37 Tools
Age Of The Strom 04:41 Tools
Jamdown (feat. Sensational) 05:09 Tools
Time & Space featuring MY Werkz 03:10 Tools
Power Cipher Sniper (feat. Sensational) 01:31 Tools
Soaring to the depth 04:38 Tools
She's Hot 03:37 Tools
Stand Alone 06:21 Tools
Memories Now 00:00 Tools
Radar (100% Tranquilo) featuring BeNegao 05:11 Tools
L’Avvelenata 05:37 Tools
Scheming ON A Come UP 04:38 Tools
Hedgamez 03:37 Tools
A Darksynth Synthwave Mix 03:37 Tools
Hocus Pocus Ft. Sensational, B 03:17 Tools
The Grind (Ft. Sensational) 03:44 Tools
Insecure 03:29 Tools
Vampyr Killer (Feat. Caz) 00:00 Tools
Seven 01:31 Tools
Glory 01:31 Tools
Lowkey 05:09 Tools
Black Widow (feat. Laila) 02:57 Tools
Skrippin' (feat. Guess & Sensational) 03:30 Tools
Lyrical Hacker featuring MC Gebo 03:34 Tools
Can't Wait 05:09 Tools
Movie Review 05:24 Tools
Deep Control 04:22 Tools
Rise 00:00 Tools
radar 05:11 Tools
The sound  04:40 Tools
Void Of Mirrors 03:30 Tools
True Believers 03:37 Tools
RPG (Fedayyin Special) 04:38 Tools
Psychic Wars 01:31 Tools
Radar (100% Tranquilo) (Ft. BeNegao) 05:09 Tools
Hard Attacks 05:09 Tools
It's Time To Let Go - Original 01:31 Tools
Spectre Overseas (orbjects, overseas & oceans) 04:30 Tools
Stolen Moments 04:42 Tools
Submission 04:42 Tools
Mayday,Nightstalker 05:06 Tools
Freak Accident (ft. The Jungle Brothers) 03:30 Tools
Bloodsuckers (featuring Mr. Dead) 04:40 Tools
Der Ring 05:09 Tools
Spy Who Came in from the Cold 05:09 Tools
Follow the Smoke (feat. Laila) 03:53 Tools
Outside The Body 03:08 Tools
Lyrical Hacker (Ft. MC Gebo) 03:32 Tools
Time & Space (Ft. MY Werkz) 03:08 Tools
Void (Electro Mix) 05:09 Tools
Visions 05:06 Tools
Signore Non Sono Degno 04:24 Tools
Hype Flavor (ft. Sensational) 04:08 Tools
Quadroon 03:53 Tools
Thai phoon 00:00 Tools
Ekassa 05:06 Tools
Psychotic Episodes (feat. God Albino, Mr. Dead & Sensational) 04:45 Tools
Don't Be Surprised 00:00 Tools
Cosmic Arsonist 00:00 Tools
Four Horsemen - with Teledubgn 05:24 Tools
Paradise 02:48 Tools
Mayday_Nightstalker 00:00 Tools
Hype Flavor (feat. Sensational) 04:29 Tools
Solipsis 03:00 Tools
L'appel 03:00 Tools
Sunkeen Piano 02:23 Tools
Infra-Red (Danse Of The Dead Pt 02:23 Tools
Def Bond 05:07 Tools
Forever 03:25 Tools
Last Rites (ft. Psycho Priest) 08:40 Tools
Four Hoursemen (Feat. Teledubgnosis) 00:00 Tools
Cosmic Arsonist (Ft. Labtekwon) 03:25 Tools
RPG 03:25 Tools
On The Telephone 03:00 Tools
Elemental 02:34 Tools
Covert Drum & Bass 02:34 Tools
Meets the Psycho Priest in the Temple of Smoke 00:00 Tools
mayday nightstalker 05:07 Tools
Pillars of Smoke (feat. Sensational) 06:33 Tools
Ichor 02:34 Tools
Liverhead 04:29 Tools
Infra-Red (Danse of the Dead, Part 2) 04:42 Tools
Nice With Mine (ft. Sensational) 03:53 Tools
Makin Huge Bucks (Feat. Sensational) 07:30 Tools
Nightstalkers - Mayday 05:20 Tools
Digits 01:40 Tools
Forsaken 04:22 Tools
A1 - Bustin A Step 04:22 Tools
Blitzen 04:42 Tools
Uuuups 04:42 Tools
One heart 04:42 Tools
about to rock 07:57 Tools
Backstab [Night of Long Knives] 03:00 Tools
Event Horizon [Feat. My Werkz] 03:00 Tools
Culte des morts 03:13 Tools
Close Encounters in the Red Zone (feat. Torture) 01:25 Tools
Intoxification (Original Mix) 06:14 Tools
Vai Na Fe (feat. Mamelo Sound System) 05:45 Tools
Skrippin' (Feat. Sensational & Guess) 03:30 Tools
Deadzone (feat. Mr. Dead) 02:52 Tools
Catch a Fire (feat. Gebo) 05:15 Tools
Convert Dub 03:52 Tools
Kaos Is And Always Will Be (feat. Guess, M. Sayyid & Sensational) 04:45 Tools
Get Into This (ft. Sensational) 05:20 Tools
Event Horizon (feat. My Werkz) 02:52 Tools
Wickedness Increased (Seven Deadly Sins Remix) 05:43 Tools
Handy 01:40 Tools
Tanken 1 04:22 Tools
Radionics Energy 03:13 Tools
Tanken 2 04:22 Tools
I Asked for Water (I Asked for a Remix for Another Planet) 04:22 Tools
Flipsta 02:42 Tools
Take My Hand 02:42 Tools
Prince Valiant 02:42 Tools
Nightmare 07:30 Tools
It's Time To Let Go (Alex Kozma remix) 07:30 Tools
Supreme Love 03:30 Tools
Smoke It Exact (feat. Torture) 05:20 Tools
The Last Time (feat. Honeychild) 05:15 Tools
Riffin' (feat. Solomon Childs) 08:40 Tools
King Cobra In The Temple Of Smoke (Free Time Remix) 03:53 Tools
Makin Huge Bucks - Sensational 01:51 Tools
Time & Space 05:43 Tools
Danse Of The Dead 07:30 Tools
A2 - Lost World 03:45 Tools
Musik 1 03:13 Tools
Oper 1 03:13 Tools
Masterplan 03:13 Tools
[Untitled] 03:13 Tools
E Ad Uno Ad Uno..... 05:45 Tools
Casting Shadown Without Light (Extended Version) 03:13 Tools
Riffin' [Feat. Solomon Childs] 03:13 Tools
Vai Na Fe [Feat. Mamelo Sound System] 03:13 Tools
E Uno Ad Uno..... 05:45 Tools
Hellcat 05:45 Tools
High Plains Drifter (feat. Sensational) 05:45 Tools
Not About You 05:24 Tools
spectre meets psycho priest in 03:30 Tools
Freak Accident (feat. The Jungle Brothers) 02:27 Tools
Blow (Alt Dub Mix) 05:24 Tools
Sessed Out (ft. Mr. Dead) 05:46 Tools
Dance 4 Me 01:51 Tools
Keep The World Locked Out 05:28 Tools
Impending Doom A2 01:51 Tools
Stimmen Im Kopf (Voices In My Head) (feat. Plagiat) 05:02 Tools
King Cobra In The Temple Of Smoke (Free Time Remix Featuring King Cobra) 05:24 Tools
Hustlin' 03:45 Tools
Destroyer A4 05:43 Tools
Oper 2 03:45 Tools
Hidden Godz 05:43 Tools
La ballade nocturne de Jim 05:02 Tools
The Grind - feat. Sensationnal 03:44 Tools
Trillin' [Feat. Sensational & Black Chameleon] 03:44 Tools
Stimmen Im Kopf [Feat. Plagiat of Seelenfresser] 03:44 Tools
Wolfman 04:08 Tools
Last Tango 05:07 Tools
Radiohead 05:07 Tools
Spektre - A Shadow Unfolds 05:07 Tools
Schemin' on a Come-Up 03:31 Tools
B1 - Body Fusion 05:24 Tools
The Living Truth A1 03:31 Tools
Macumba A3 03:31 Tools
Reality TV A6 05:43 Tools
Book of the great awakening 05:46 Tools
B2 - Time Bandit 06:14 Tools
Musik-Konsens 05:43 Tools
Twist Of Love 06:14 Tools
blow _dub 05:43 Tools
Universe 05:43 Tools
A Living End 03:48 Tools
BORN OF THE DARK 05:11 Tools
Hip 02:40 Tools
James Bond Dance Theme (Radio edit spectre mix) 04:13 Tools
The Grind (feat. Sensational) 03:46 Tools
Cosmic Arsonist (feat. Labtekwon) 03:28 Tools
Oraison spectrale 07:26 Tools
Awakening 05:08 Tools
Notte di luna ( text Vladimir Majakovskij) 05:08 Tools
Messe de corps obscure 02:28 Tools
E Ad Uno Ad Uno... 02:28 Tools
Convert Drum & Bass 02:34 Tools
Krush,Pt.2 02:52 Tools
pillars of smoke ft.sensationa 02:52 Tools
9th Sector Rule Of The Order 05:20 Tools
The Missing Dub 02:52 Tools
Let It Grow (feat. HyPerAktiv) 03:33 Tools
Four Horsemen with Teledubgnosis 05:24 Tools
Pillars of Smoke (Return To The Temple) (featuring Sensational) 05:02 Tools
The Omega Point A7 05:02 Tools
The True & Living A5 06:14 Tools
It's Time To Let Go (Radio edit) 06:14 Tools
Abduction 06:14 Tools
Comeback 06:14 Tools
Four Horsemen (feat. Teledubgnosis) 05:24 Tools
My Dub Weights A Ton 05:33 Tools
For The Morning.. 04:47 Tools
Time Space - feat. My Werkz 03:08 Tools
Bandar (Instrumental) 07:26 Tools
Aquasky 03:08 Tools
Radar (100% Tranquilo) (feat. BNegão) 02:28 Tools
smoke it exact ft.torture 03:08 Tools
From Another Planet (Remix) 05:11 Tools
Krush Pt. 2 05:11 Tools
Darkstep 7 02:27 Tools
Ruff Kutz Side Two 05:46 Tools
Trillin' (feat. Black Chameleon & Sensational) 02:27 Tools
Fallout 05:02 Tools
Skrippin' ... featuring Sensational & Guess 05:02 Tools
The Journey 05:46 Tools
Dark horse (audiofly remix) 05:02 Tools
Musik 2 05:02 Tools
Heiko-Hesseloher See 05:02 Tools
Fading Out 05:00 Tools
Ranger 04:03 Tools
Cosmic Arsonist - feat.Laatekman 03:25 Tools
Brain damage (remixed and jinxed) 04:47 Tools
15.Sunkeen Piano 06:14 Tools
Trash 'N Ready 05:38 Tools
Jesus Christ 02:22 Tools
Lyrical Hacker (feat. Gebo) 02:28 Tools
Pres du cimetiere 02:28 Tools
Savage Wayne Mashup 05:45 Tools
blow (altdubmix) 05:08 Tools
vampyr killa (feat. caz) 05:45 Tools
psychotic episodes ft.mr.dead- 05:45 Tools
Deadzone [Feat. Mr. Dead] 05:45 Tools
Dance 4 Me (Rip) 02:27 Tools
Scarlet O'Hara 03:33 Tools
Close Encounters In The Red Zone [feat. Torture] 03:33 Tools
Last Rites (feat. Psycho Priest) 05:11 Tools
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold-thc_dub 05:46 Tools
Danse of the Dead, part 2 04:47 Tools
Covert Dub (Orbjects, Overseas & Oceans) 04:34 Tools
Infra-Red (Dance of the Dead, Pt. 2) 05:46 Tools
Jamdown ... featuring Sensational 05:46 Tools
It's Time To Let Go (Joel Smiel Remix) 05:46 Tools
Nice With Mine (feat. Sensational) 02:36 Tools
Night Train To Cairo B1 04:34 Tools
Meets the Psycho Priest in the 05:46 Tools
Wickedness Increased [Seven Deadly Sins Remix] 05:46 Tools
Oma 05:46 Tools
Infra-Red [Danse of The Dead Pt. 2] 04:42 Tools
Vampyr Killer-thc_dub 05:09 Tools
ARI 05:09 Tools
Bad Girls Go To Hell 05:09 Tools
Event Horizon (feat My Werkz) 03:07 Tools
Trillin' (feat Black Chameleon & Sensational) 02:29 Tools
Riffin' (feat Solomon Childs) 02:33 Tools
Crank - feat. Black Chameleon 03:32 Tools
Radar [100 Tranquilo] - feat. BeNegan 05:08 Tools
Spectre 05:11 Tools
L'echo des profondeurs 01:41 Tools
The Other Side (Instrumental) 05:11 Tools
Course des loups 04:47 Tools
Sinistre impression 04:47 Tools
Danse Macabre 04:47 Tools
Ruff Kutz – Side A 04:47 Tools
Outro 04:47 Tools
Piste 11 02:27 Tools
Four Hoursemen ...w/ Teledubgnosis 02:27 Tools
All That's left Behind 05:11 Tools
Makin' Huge Bucks - Sensational 04:34 Tools
Goat's Blood/Orion B4 04:34 Tools
Kursh (Bloody Dub Mix) 04:34 Tools
Triumph B2 04:34 Tools
S.L.A.M. (Self Lord And Master) B3 04:34 Tools
Power Cipher Sniper ... featuring Sensational 04:34 Tools
It's Time To Let Go (Original Mix) 04:34 Tools
Panic B7 05:11 Tools
Freedom 03:08 Tools
The Good Fight B6 04:34 Tools
My Rifle B5 04:34 Tools
Pent Up Love ( feat.Skream & Sam Frank) 04:34 Tools
Bloodsuckers-thc_dub 05:06 Tools
Pillars of Smoke (Return To The Temple)-thc_dub 06:32 Tools
Revelations-thc_dub 03:19 Tools
Dark Matter (Featuring The Space Poet) 03:19 Tools
The Last 03:03 Tools
A Letter to No One 04:16 Tools
Everlasting Peace 03:46 Tools
Catch A Fire (feat Gebo) 02:44 Tools
Vai Na Fe (feat Mamelo Sound System) 02:28 Tools
Pillars Of Smoke (Return To Th 05:11 Tools
Brain Damage (Remixes And Jinxed) 04:47 Tools
Piste 2 05:11 Tools
Piste 7 05:11 Tools
Safety On Board. CBS Jingle 05:11 Tools
Brain Damage (Remix and Jinxed) 05:11 Tools
La Loi 05:11 Tools
Libertas 05:11 Tools
Sessed Out (feat. Mr. Dead) 05:11 Tools
Bonus Track 02:36 Tools
Things Shine Better When They Are Being Broken 02:36 Tools
Spectre Overseas (The Orb Remix) 05:11 Tools
Thom Yorke solo at the piano - Fabrique , Milan 29.5.2018 02:36 Tools
07 pillars of smoke [return to the temple] 05:11 Tools
Dreamland 05:11 Tools
Blowing Up the Block Scene (1/10) | Movieclips 05:11 Tools
L'avvelenata 05:39 Tools
One nation 03:08 Tools
Intoxification 04:24 Tools
Genesis-thc_dub 03:06 Tools
Hocus Pocus Feat. Sensational & Black Chameleon 03:06 Tools
Until the End (Believing) 04:02 Tools
We Are the Fire 03:50 Tools
When You Come Around 04:28 Tools
Ouroboros 06:21 Tools
Sweat 02:57 Tools
Let It Grow (feat HyPerAktiv) 02:23 Tools
Out In The Woods 01:41 Tools
James Bond Dance Theme (Day After Edit) 04:47 Tools
Piste 5 04:47 Tools
The Rapture (feat. Oku Onuora) 04:47 Tools
Krush 04:47 Tools
Spectre - cRoOkEd 04:47 Tools
Bloom 04:47 Tools
Spectre Meets Psycho Priest In The Temple Of Smoke (Instrumental) 04:47 Tools
Du whisky et de la lune 04:47 Tools
Spectrum (Area 51 Ylem Mix) 04:47 Tools
The Spy Who Came In From The C 04:47 Tools
Time & Space (feat. MY Werkz) 04:47 Tools
I Swear (Original Mix) 04:47 Tools
spektre-always_too_much__extended_mix 04:47 Tools
0 04:47 Tools
Secrets Feat. Honeychild 04:47 Tools
Always Too Much (Extended Mix) 04:47 Tools
Makin' Huge Bucks (feat. Sensational) 04:47 Tools
Covert Dub (Youth Remix) 04:47 Tools
Dark Horse 02:36 Tools
Hocus Pocus (Featuring Sensational And Black Chameleon) 02:36 Tools
Notte di luna ( text: Vladimir Majakovskij) 02:36 Tools
Get Into This (feat. Sensational) 02:36 Tools
All Qaida (The Bass) 04:51 Tools
family portrait 04:51 Tools
Crooked Knights-thc_dub 03:32 Tools
Spectre - Wipe Out 03:32 Tools
Flight 19 04:24 Tools
The Spy... 04:24 Tools
Mankind Aberration 04:24 Tools
Four Hoursemen ...w/Teledubgnosis 04:24 Tools
ruff kutz 04:24 Tools
About To Rock, Trash'n Ready 04:24 Tools
Accidental Terrorist-thc_dub 03:23 Tools
Candles 03:23 Tools
Telempathy 03:23 Tools
Pruple Dusk-thc_dub 04:52 Tools
Intoxification (Prosync vs. Filterheadz Remix) 04:52 Tools
Vampyr Killer (featuring Caz) 04:52 Tools
Blazed (Featuring Sensational) 04:52 Tools
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There are multiple bands/artists that use this name 1) Skiz Fernando, electronica rapper producer dude. 2) Atmoshperic black metal from Newcastle, England. 3) Technical death metal from the USA. 4) Progressive doom metal from the USA. 5) Black Metal band from Barcelona, Catalonia Spain. 1) Spectre is Skiz Fernando, head of the Wordsound label, in his record producer, rapper and electronica artist persona. He is known for dark, brooding compositions inspired by illbient, trip hop, industrial music, and horror films, and has been described as "the Nosferatu of underground horrorcore". His first album was The Illness ('95), which drew comparisons with the Wu-Tang Clan and Lee "Scratch" Perry, and cemented his reputation in the musical community, and was rated at number 29 on music critic Piero Scaruffi's list of "Best hip-hop albums of all times", with Scaruffi describing Spectre's first three albums as "the hip-hop equivalent of a William Blake poem" He soon began collaborating with Prince Paul (on his Psychoanalysis album), Techno Animal (Vs Reality), Sensational (on Spectre's 2001 album Parts Unknown), and others. Spectre also released a 90 minute mixtape, RuffKutz, which showcased his new label, Black Hoodz, and featured tracks by Dr. Israel, Sensational, Mr. Dead, and the Jungle Brothers. His second album, The Second Coming was released in 1998, with a third, The End following in 2000. Psychic Wars was released in 2003, with reviewer Mason Jones commenting "Spectre's world is a dark, dank back alley, with echoes of doom-laden bass pulses and the distant clanks and thuds of a factory on the outskirts of town". German magazine Skug described the album as "Gnackwat for the brain cells". The album featured vocals from Honeychild and was mixed by Pere Ubu's Tony Maimone. 2) Spectre was conceived by Aungier, Wrote and released a demo, and Is working on an EP, entitled "Veins Of The Earth". Spectre plays Atmospheric Black Metal in the vein of early Wolves In The Throne Room, Deafheaven, Ash Borer and the like. Current Lineup is Angier (Composer, Guitars, Main Producer), Skuldafn (Vocals, Lyrics) Anti (Drums, some production). 3) Spectre is a Black Metal band from Barcelona, Catalonia Spain. Its unclear what year they were formed in. Another project from the guys in Argar/Grim Funeral. To date they have one split cd out "A Grim Funeral for Humanity / Coldness in the Howl" split with Grim Funeral (2004). Members : Ur Profanum : Vocals Gangreal : Guitars Darshan : Bass Black'et : Drums Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.