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Shine 03:44 Tools
Shine (Original Mix) 05:16 Tools
Miles Above You 03:44 Tools
Shine - Gabriel Drew & Bloom Remix 03:44 Tools
All Too Soon 04:26 Tools
Don't Look Down 04:37 Tools
Shine (Gabriel Drew & Bloom Remix) 05:08 Tools
In a Dream (Album Mix) [feat. Haneen] 05:31 Tools
Loretta (Original Mix) 05:08 Tools
Shrine - Spektrem (DH Remix) 05:08 Tools
Dirtybuzz 04:27 Tools
Sugar (Original Mix) 05:48 Tools
Shine [NCS Release] 04:28 Tools
Corr (Original Mix) 04:37 Tools
III. Story of the Summer 05:15 Tools
VII. Hope 05:15 Tools
In a Dream ft. Haneen (Album Mix) 05:31 Tools
Shine (Original Mix) [vk.com/officialjeffseid] 05:15 Tools
Shine [FREE DOWNLOAD] 04:37 Tools
Shine (Gabriel Drew Bloom Remix) 05:30 Tools
Shine (Gabriel Drew & Bloom Remix) [NCS Release] 05:15 Tools
Spektrem - Shine [NCS Release] 05:15 Tools
V. Staring at the World 05:15 Tools
Shine (Original Mix) [up by Ni 05:15 Tools
Dirtybuzz by Spektrem 04:27 Tools
Shine (Original Mix) [up by Nicksher] 05:15 Tools
II. Anthem of New School 05:30 Tools
Pac Man 05:15 Tools
VI. Out of This Dark 05:30 Tools
I. One Man Can Have Two Faces 05:30 Tools
X. I Will Return 05:30 Tools
Shine(lyrics) 05:30 Tools
Shine - Original Mix 05:30 Tools
IV. Moment v. Memory 05:31 Tools
IX. Miles Above You Pt. II 05:30 Tools
In a Dream (Feat. Haneen) 05:30 Tools
Spektrem - Shine 05:15 Tools
Shine (Gabriel Drew & Bloom Remix) Progressive House 05:30 Tools
VIII. Somewhere Like Mexico 05:30 Tools
Loretta 05:30 Tools
Sugar 00:00 Tools
In a Dream by Spektrem ft. Haneen 05:31 Tools
Shrine 05:31 Tools
In a Dream (ft. Haneen) 05:30 Tools
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Spektrem was formed in 2011 when two friends realized they had the same goal – to create and play great music. Jesse had been producing music for several years, and Mike had been Producing and Djing in the DC area. The group came together when they realized they all had different skills and musical tastes that complemented one another. Spektrem continues today with that same simple goal they started out with – to make great music. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.