Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Breathe 04:50 Tools
I Fly Away 04:29 Tools
Sans Larmes 04:45 Tools
MOON SIGNAL 01:33 Tools
Future Stream 04:22 Tools
Is It Sun? 03:28 Tools
Hazy 01:30 Tools
Is It Sun 03:32 Tools
super noisy nova 01:26 Tools
HIGH POWERED 01:31 Tools
Divine 04:29 Tools
Non stop road 01:32 Tools
Now loading...SKY!! 04:16 Tools
Non stop road (TV Size) 00:00 Tools
Treasures!! 02:03 Tools
Sunbather 04:55 Tools
Neo Eden 03:57 Tools
Dangerous girls 01:35 Tools
Slow Motion 04:10 Tools
HIGH POWERED (TV Size) 00:00 Tools
Bad 04:17 Tools
Dreamer 04:56 Tools
A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E 05:25 Tools
Gravi Tech 06:52 Tools
Dream sign 04:56 Tools
Brave my heart 03:45 Tools
Now loading... SKY!! 04:20 Tools
I Can't Cry 04:19 Tools
Hello, my love 05:11 Tools
クライマックスホイッスル 02:24 Tools
明日への帰り道 04:32 Tools
かってな成長期 04:58 Tools
君の空が晴れるまで 04:34 Tools
LET・ME・DO!! 03:36 Tools
My Baby's Gone 05:45 Tools
手のひらに夢 01:15 Tools
Spring is here 01:50 Tools
本当だから困るんだ 04:48 Tools
風をあつめて 05:19 Tools
らくがきDictionary 04:35 Tools
Saved from heaven 03:16 Tools
Next Morning's Mass 03:42 Tools
サヨナラSEE YOU 04:35 Tools
Spring 03:57 Tools
Pride On Everyday 01:33 Tools
GENESIS ARIA 00:00 Tools
キミが太陽 04:29 Tools
Tomorrow 04:41 Tools
Why Don't You Just Kill Yourself? 03:02 Tools
Congratulations!! 05:18 Tools
By MY PACE!! 04:48 Tools
Vomit The Soul 04:05 Tools
Planet Freedom 04:50 Tools
Sticking Places 06:05 Tools
Primordial 04:59 Tools
Feathering me, Y/N? 05:24 Tools
Greed 04:34 Tools
Hardliner 05:11 Tools
Avalanche 04:13 Tools
Gravity 10:29 Tools
Joyful X Joyful 05:27 Tools
虹を駆ける旋律 01:36 Tools
Barrier 06:05 Tools
夢奏レコード 05:44 Tools
Stop Motion 04:00 Tools
Invincible Majority 02:33 Tools
Arbitrary 04:07 Tools
Shock and Awe 04:52 Tools
GrandNekroMother 00:30 Tools
Ritual Of Rotten Flesh 02:54 Tools
Climax Whistle 03:56 Tools
GO AHEAD!! 04:30 Tools
Hate Legalised Inside 03:22 Tools
Forever Sworn to Blasphemy 04:02 Tools
vestiges 05:06 Tools
Homo Hereticus 03:39 Tools
Ultimate Saviour 05:16 Tools
虹色の約束 04:07 Tools
Erratic 04:20 Tools
Godless Profanity 03:42 Tools
Realove: Realife 04:07 Tools
Third Scent Carcass 02:30 Tools
Sadistfucktion 01:46 Tools
Psalm to the Dark One 03:50 Tools
Enchanted World 03:33 Tools
Servitor 04:25 Tools
Holistic Paralisys 03:33 Tools
Space Love 03:44 Tools
War 01:32 Tools
Relativity 04:21 Tools
Grave's Cold Darkness 02:09 Tools
Katte na Seichouki 04:58 Tools
Vengeance's Core 02:50 Tools
Beyond Madness of Gods 02:35 Tools
Devils Reunion 02:19 Tools
Damned Souls Rituals 15:13 Tools
Eternal Tours 01:30 Tools
Puncture 03:20 Tools
Soul Science (Breaks mix) 05:29 Tools
Heretech 00:01 Tools
synchronicity 03:18 Tools
Ashita e no Kaerimichi (TV Size) 00:00 Tools
Ashita e no Kaerimichi 01:30 Tools
Joyful×Joyful 05:28 Tools
Nouveau Trip 03:22 Tools
Hazy (Off Vocal) 04:22 Tools
Future Stream (TV Size) 00:00 Tools
Hope 05:10 Tools
reve apres reve 06:00 Tools
Echo and Narcissus 01:47 Tools
Sin of 17 03:18 Tools
Automatic Samba 03:26 Tools
Tenohira ni Yume 03:41 Tools
Sin Of Seventeen 03:17 Tools
Glory Colors ~風のトビラ~ 04:31 Tools
Cry for You 04:38 Tools
Lo-oh-nely 03:28 Tools
Kimi no Sora ga Hareru made 00:30 Tools
REALOVE:REALIFE (Off Vocal) 03:40 Tools
Rakugaki Dictionary 04:35 Tools
Kaze wo Atsumete 05:20 Tools
微かな密かな確かなミライ 05:20 Tools
ワタシ♪NOTEと#ペンシル 04:59 Tools
Neo Eden (Off Vocal) 03:55 Tools
タイムマシン 04:38 Tools
music of the sphere 06:32 Tools
Sayonara SEE YOU 04:35 Tools
eternal green 05:29 Tools
Sultry Day 03:31 Tools
Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai 04:32 Tools
MOON SIGNAL (Off Vocal) 04:11 Tools
Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! 04:32 Tools
Ashita he no kaerimichi 04:32 Tools
If 04:18 Tools
輪郭の無い未来へと 04:18 Tools
Eliah 03:20 Tools
Rotation 06:51 Tools
Outside 08:20 Tools
Hello,my love 05:11 Tools
Tide Pools (In The Abyss) 05:22 Tools
Hontou Dakara Komarun da 00:30 Tools
paradisiac 05:08 Tools
Horizon 00:00 Tools
vivid brilliant door! 03:55 Tools
HIGH POWERED (Off Vocal) 04:28 Tools
Future Stream (off vocal) 04:21 Tools
NEVER ENDING PARTY!!!! 04:06 Tools
We See 08:30 Tools
STAR'S ELEMENT 04:06 Tools
Non stop road (Off Vocal) 04:39 Tools
tide pools (on the surface of the water) 05:42 Tools
Isfahan 08:16 Tools
Treasures!! (off vocal) 04:06 Tools
Society Foetus 03:42 Tools
little boy 04:32 Tools
Underwater Color 03:55 Tools
Hard to Handle 04:59 Tools
Baptism 03:55 Tools
Tenohira no Yume 03:42 Tools
Jolly Dolly's Music!!! 03:55 Tools
to the place where the light in the morning flows equally 05:43 Tools
Breathe (Original Mix) 04:50 Tools
Low-altitude Flight 05:03 Tools
Symbiont 08:47 Tools
Spider's Web 04:32 Tools
Super Noisy Nova (off vocal) 04:24 Tools
Sans Larmes (Jack Flash Remix) 06:05 Tools
Sunbather - Original Mix 04:56 Tools
Climax Whistle (Off Vocal) 03:56 Tools
Uncle Bubba 06:20 Tools
Inside A Doll 04:37 Tools
Dangerous girls (off vocal) 03:55 Tools
Sans Larmes (Remix By DJ Jauche Aka Jack Flash) 00:30 Tools
Now loading...SKY!! (Off Vocal) 04:20 Tools
Time Machine 04:38 Tools
Niflheimr 03:36 Tools
glory colors ~Kaze no Tobira~ 04:31 Tools
Retaliation 05:43 Tools
情熱CONTINUE 04:57 Tools
Come To Us! 04:38 Tools
Unreal 01:52 Tools
Twilight 00:00 Tools
Hornin' In 08:28 Tools
Let To Live 06:12 Tools
Glossy Flower 04:51 Tools
Spring (Original Mix) 03:57 Tools
Cage of Conformity 06:12 Tools
Leash 03:48 Tools
Hello, my love (Off Vocal) 05:10 Tools
Kill Without Fail 04:24 Tools
Mindless Mass 03:33 Tools
MOON SIGNAL (tv size) 01:29 Tools
Fragment 03:48 Tools
Is It Sun? (Original Mix) 03:33 Tools
The Sky Ties To Ground 03:57 Tools
My Only Place 04:20 Tools
Red Hood 04:27 Tools
Moon 05:12 Tools
The Things I Don't Like Anymore 06:06 Tools
Topography of the White Sea 05:06 Tools
Karaoke Star 03:45 Tools
The Plastic Heart, The Rusted Lip 04:27 Tools
君といたい feat.傳田真央 06:12 Tools
Spring Lullaby 03:57 Tools
Tenohira ni Yume (Off Vocal) 03:41 Tools
Jounetsu CONTINUE 00:30 Tools
Manifesto 02:36 Tools
Golden Calf Sculpture 04:48 Tools
Now loading... SKY!! (Off Vocal) 04:20 Tools
Monk's Dream 06:01 Tools
Non stop road (Non stop road) 11:06 Tools
Four In One 06:54 Tools
Buck And Wing 07:52 Tools
Evidence 06:01 Tools
DREAMS, Count down! 04:25 Tools
Light Blue 03:38 Tools
Katte na Seichouki (Off Vocal) 04:58 Tools
Reflections 05:58 Tools
Miracle shooter 03:45 Tools
Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareru You ni 04:25 Tools
I Am The Cross 07:23 Tools
Hontou Dakara Komarunda 04:48 Tools
Horizon (Full Version) 03:24 Tools
優しい風が吹くあの場所で 02:36 Tools
I Believe in Spring 02:32 Tools
Brave my heart (off vocal) 03:45 Tools
Sans Larmes - Jack Flash Remix 06:06 Tools
TEKTONIC 00:30 Tools
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top 07:23 Tools
Magnolia 04:33 Tools
Eronel 06:53 Tools
CHANCE! 03:11 Tools
Of the Martyrdom 06:06 Tools
膝枕で過ごす放課後 02:52 Tools
Sincerely 05:58 Tools
Te no Hira ni Yume 03:41 Tools
Still 04:07 Tools
スローライフに憧れて 02:32 Tools
I Can 04:19 Tools
Kasuka na Hisoka na Tashika na Mirai 04:18 Tools
イマジネーションは終わらない 02:43 Tools
If I Should Lose You 10:34 Tools
Cthulhu Rises 07:23 Tools
Hazy (Hazy) 11:06 Tools
Balaenoptera Acutorostrata 15:17 Tools
Kimi ga Taiyou 04:29 Tools
明日への帰り道 (Off Vocal) 04:33 Tools
tide pools ( in the abyss ) 05:22 Tools
Hazy (TV Size) 01:30 Tools
黄昏の帰り道 03:02 Tools
Spiritual Dope 06:53 Tools
The sunshine filtering through foliage 05:46 Tools
Havis Amanda 05:20 Tools
Rinkaku no nai Mirai e to 05:07 Tools
New Beginning 05:48 Tools
スローライフに憧れて -Anime Version- 02:46 Tools
Feathering me,Y/N? 05:24 Tools
Impression, soleil levant 05:24 Tools
Tenohira no Yume (Off Vocal) 03:41 Tools
君といたい feat. 傳田真央 05:07 Tools
Christina 09:19 Tools
Bad (Remix By Alien Cafe) 04:18 Tools
eastern eclipse 07:50 Tools
Flame color 06:03 Tools
子守歌じゃないのに 03:33 Tools
Bad (Alien Cafe Remix) 04:19 Tools
大空と紙飛行機 02:46 Tools
Atmosphere 03:56 Tools
Heart to Heart 00:30 Tools
かってな成長期 (Off Vocal) 04:58 Tools
soul science 05:29 Tools
This Train 04:41 Tools
優しさに包まれるように 04:25 Tools
SPHERE-ISM 05:19 Tools
LET・ME・DO!! (Off Vocal) 03:35 Tools
膝枕で过ごす放课后 -Anime Version- 02:53 Tools
頬を伝う冷たい涙 03:17 Tools
寂しい夜 04:23 Tools
Flight Path 04:55 Tools
01.优しい风が吹くあの场所で -Anime Version- 02:56 Tools
Pumpkin's Delight 04:41 Tools
Weeds 04:44 Tools
The forgotten planet 05:54 Tools
手のひらに夢 (Off Vocal) 03:41 Tools
Played Twice 05:44 Tools
クライマックスホイッスル (Off Vocal) 03:56 Tools
Watashi Note to # Pencil 04:59 Tools
Sunbather (Original Mix) 04:55 Tools
開闢新地 02:37 Tools
avalanche original mix 04:14 Tools
Feathering me,Y-N- 05:24 Tools
素直と不器用と意地っ张り -Anime Version- 03:35 Tools
追い求めてきたもの -Anime Version- 03:52 Tools
Kaze wo Atsumete (off vocal) 05:19 Tools
漆黒の思惑 01:56 Tools
Musou Record 05:44 Tools
GENESIS ARIA (Off Vocal) 04:41 Tools
Ashita he no Kaerimichi (Non stop road) 11:06 Tools
大空と纸飞行机 -Anime Version- 02:43 Tools
The Blue Danube 02:09 Tools
LET・ME・DO!! 03:36 Tools
追い求めてきたもの 03:50 Tools
Sticking Places (Off Vocal) 04:43 Tools
Avalanche (Original Mix) 04:14 Tools
Quiet Island 04:44 Tools
Kattena Seichouki 04:58 Tools
黄昏の帰り道 -Anime Version- 03:02 Tools
My Baby's Gone (Original) 05:45 Tools
Refresh 06:42 Tools
Rinkaku no nai Mirai he to 05:45 Tools
Snow 03:37 Tools
気持ちの狭間 02:09 Tools
Ashita e no Kaerimichi (Off Vocal) 04:33 Tools
Hontou Dakara Komarun da (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 04:14 Tools
Pride on Everyday (Off Vocal) 04:52 Tools
夕立の欠片 05:45 Tools
& SPARKLIFE 04:26 Tools
無くならない大事な心 03:34 Tools
むふ~ 02:23 Tools
未来へ踏み出す一歩 03:37 Tools
无くならない大事な心 -Anime Version- 03:37 Tools
I Try 05:45 Tools
Bad - Alien Cafe Remix 04:19 Tools
Is It Sun? - Original Mix 03:34 Tools
Game Over 01:32 Tools
Breathe***compilation by ZONG***www.trancelaciya.com*** 02:43 Tools
LOST SEASON 04:26 Tools
HIGH POWERED (TV ver.) 01:32 Tools
星の滴 -Anime Version- 03:11 Tools
Inside Ourselves 08:37 Tools
Imagination wa Owaranai 05:54 Tools
Niji wo Kakeru Senritsu 01:36 Tools
Once Upon A Place 02:43 Tools
寂しい夜 -Anime Version- 04:26 Tools
頬を伝う冷たい涙 -Anime Version- 03:17 Tools
Insignia (Feat. Sphere) - Original Mix 06:06 Tools
Nouveaux Trip 05:27 Tools
The Break Of Dawn 04:44 Tools
夕立ちの欠片 04:58 Tools
素直と不器用と意地っ張り 03:26 Tools
子守歌じゃないのに -Anime Version- 03:35 Tools
漆黒の思惑 -Anime Version- 02:54 Tools
Inside 01:32 Tools
未来へ踏み出す一歩 -Anime Version- 03:37 Tools
楽しんだ今が胜ち! -Anime Version- 02:06 Tools
Symbiont (Motion Mix) 03:30 Tools
Alicia 06:52 Tools
むふ~ -Anime Version- 02:22 Tools
Navy Blue 01:35 Tools
Is It Sun ? 03:30 Tools
REALOVE:REALIFE (TV Size) 01:29 Tools
Sans Larmes Remix 06:03 Tools
気持ちの狭间 -Anime Version- 02:17 Tools
Detour 02:06 Tools
开辟新地 -Anime Version- 02:45 Tools
Away From The Old 02:06 Tools
Wishful Thinking 02:06 Tools
フタリ 04:41 Tools
キミ想う旋律 07:17 Tools
humble brothers 04:04 Tools
Another Day 03:11 Tools
よーしやっちまえ! -Anime Version- 01:45 Tools
Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai (Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai) 06:03 Tools
Sticking Places (Sticking Places) 01:35 Tools
Sayonara SEE YOU (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 03:11 Tools
Now Loading ... Sky!! (Now Loading ... Sky!!) 11:06 Tools
Feathering me, Y/N? (Off Vocal) 05:23 Tools
Ashita he no Kaerimichi (Off Vocal) 04:33 Tools
Cordovan 05:54 Tools
風をあつめて (off vocal) 05:19 Tools
Dual Force 00:00 Tools
Gravi-tech (Hong Kong Mix) 04:56 Tools
REALOVE:REALIFE (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou OP Single - REALOVE:REALIFE) 00:30 Tools
synchronicity (Off Vocal) 11:06 Tools
一分一秒君と僕の 03:40 Tools
Leaving 00:30 Tools
Yuudachi no Kakera 07:17 Tools
Bright Light 05:27 Tools
Feathering me Y/N? (LET ME DO!!) 11:06 Tools
A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 00:30 Tools
Red Cross 05:54 Tools
Time Machine (GENESIS ARIA) 11:06 Tools
Bios 04:34 Tools
星の滴 03:15 Tools
フタリ (春日野穹ver) 04:42 Tools
楽しんだ今が勝ち! 02:05 Tools
The Story 02:05 Tools
Non stop road(Off Vocal) 04:38 Tools
El Sueño 00:00 Tools
MOON SIGNAL(Off Vocal) 04:11 Tools
Pride on Everyday (Pride on Everyday) 01:00 Tools
Super Noisy Nova (Super Noisy Nova) 04:11 Tools
MOON SIGNAL (Otome Youkai Zakuro OP Single - MOON SIGNAL) 04:11 Tools
03 - Greed 04:11 Tools
Let-Me-Do!! 03:36 Tools
Joyful~Joyful 05:27 Tools
Realove:Realife '[Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou OP] 03:40 Tools
Celadon 05:45 Tools
Moose The Mooche 05:45 Tools
Baiana 00:00 Tools
Spiral 04:21 Tools
Horizon (TV Version) 01:35 Tools
synchronicity (Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai) 11:06 Tools
Lonely Girl 11:15 Tools
Gravi-Tech 07:17 Tools
Tayamisha 00:00 Tools
Volt 00:00 Tools
Tenohira ni Yume (REALOVE:REALIFE) 11:06 Tools
Rakugaki Dictionary (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 11:06 Tools
Joyful Joyful (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 00:30 Tools
Angela's Anger 03:33 Tools
Set The Mood 03:33 Tools
愛に出会い恋は続く 03:36 Tools
Home At Last 01:00 Tools
素直と不器用の意地っ張り 03:35 Tools
LET?ME?DO!! 03:36 Tools
Quasimodo 05:18 Tools
Air Dance 00:00 Tools
06 - Sin Of Seventeen 03:36 Tools
Endless Anniversary 03:38 Tools
Te no Hira ni Yume (off Vocal) 03:41 Tools
Where 07:43 Tools
I Didn't Know What Time It Was 10:31 Tools
Dewey Square 06:51 Tools
Ah-Leu-Cha 05:52 Tools
Breathless 06:52 Tools
Changing 06:52 Tools
Scratch 00:00 Tools
Bittersweet 05:49 Tools
I Love Sound 06:06 Tools
Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai (Off Vocal) 03:36 Tools
LET ME DO!! 03:36 Tools
Burgundy 03:40 Tools
よーしやっちまえ! 01:44 Tools
The Touch Of The Voice 01:00 Tools
Nijiiro No Yakusoku 04:06 Tools
Melancholia 04:30 Tools
Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareru You ni (Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareru You ni) 06:06 Tools
Saud's Song 05:52 Tools
Neo Eden (Hazy) 11:06 Tools
dear-dear DREAM (dear-dear DREAM) 00:00 Tools
Still (Radio Edit) 06:06 Tools
Feathering me, Y/N? 05:24 Tools
My Baby´s Gone 05:46 Tools
I Can’t Cry 04:21 Tools
Barbados 05:12 Tools
LET ME DO!! (LET ME DO!!) 11:06 Tools
PRINCESS CODE (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 05:18 Tools
Hello,my love (Off Vocal) 05:10 Tools
Resistance 06:06 Tools
el sueno 05:29 Tools
ワタシ♪NOTEと#ペンシル (Off Vocal) 04:58 Tools
Glory Colors -Kaze no Tobira- (ZONE Tribute -Kimiga kuretamono-) 11:06 Tools
REALOVE:REALIFE (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou OP) 11:06 Tools
Future Stream (Future Stream/Treasures!!) 00:00 Tools
LET.ME.DO!! 03:36 Tools
Spitfire 00:58 Tools
March 03:56 Tools
Aquamarine 05:24 Tools
Just Friends 07:40 Tools
A.T.M.O.S.P.E.R.E 05:25 Tools
Time Machine (Off Vocal) 04:38 Tools
This Time The Dream's On Me 05:31 Tools
タイムマシン (Off Vocal) 04:33 Tools
REALOVE:REALIFE (off Vocal) 03:40 Tools
交響詩ヨスガノソラ 06:32 Tools
Bad (Remix by Allen Cafe) 06:51 Tools
Dangerous Girls (Super Noisy Nova) 04:30 Tools
Hard to Handle (Original Mix) 04:58 Tools
glory colors ~風のトビラ~ 04:31 Tools
01 REALOVE-REALIFE 03:40 Tools
道の先、空の向こう 04:57 Tools
星の雫 03:11 Tools
Lunacy 00:00 Tools
Tokudo 11:06 Tools
Beautiful Friendship 11:06 Tools
輪郭の無い未来へと (Off Vocal) 03:11 Tools
Golden Days 05:49 Tools
HIGH POWERED(TV ver.) 01:32 Tools
Ecru 03:56 Tools
Music Power→!!!! 03:56 Tools
REALOVE:REALIFE (off Vocal) 03:36 Tools
よーしやっちまえ! 01:45 Tools
Lupe 09:18 Tools
Now Loading ... Sky!! (Now Loading...Sky!!) 03:49 Tools
Tu es le seul 07:14 Tools
Kimi no Sora ga Hareru made (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 05:47 Tools
Baby’s gone 05:47 Tools
Feathering me,Y/N? 05:24 Tools
SUPERNOVA 05:24 Tools
Ender 05:02 Tools
クライマックスホイッスル(Off Vocal) 04:57 Tools
vivid brilliant door! (Off Vocal) 03:35 Tools
Watashi ♪NOTE to #Pencil 04:59 Tools
アリガト 03:50 Tools
Deceptakon 09:18 Tools
夜明けのプリズム 04:36 Tools
Magnolia (Sinan Mercenk's Aromatica Mix) 03:38 Tools
Now loading...SKY! 04:21 Tools
Ashita he no Kaerimichi (TV size) 01:33 Tools
San Francisco Holiday (Worry Later) 07:14 Tools
Well, You Needn't 00:00 Tools
Slow Motion - 0:00 04:18 Tools
Hello, my love (HIGH POWERED) 03:37 Tools
is it sun (original) 03:35 Tools
ラッパ寿司のテーマ 02:13 Tools
weeds (original mix) 02:13 Tools
Rinkaku no nai Mirai he to (Off Vocal) 05:02 Tools
Super Noisy Nova (Sora no Manimani OP Single - Super Noisy Nova) 04:36 Tools
JoyfulラJoyful 05:27 Tools
Gravi-Tech (Brancaccio & Aisher Remix) 09:14 Tools
Brave my heart (Kaze wo Atsumete / Brave my heart) 05:27 Tools
Swing'en It 09:14 Tools
Niji wo Kakeru Senritsu (虹を駆ける旋律) 01:36 Tools
Glory Colors 〜風のトビラ〜 04:31 Tools
Jonetsu Continue 05:06 Tools
The Plastic heart/The Rusted Lip 04:25 Tools
Kattena Seichouki (Off Vocal) 04:58 Tools
My Babyґs gone 04:31 Tools
When You Feel Love? 04:31 Tools
My Sweet Words 04:31 Tools
Love Clover (Instrumental) 03:37 Tools
Absolute Pride 03:37 Tools
Love Clover 03:37 Tools
Turquiose 01:33 Tools
君、繋ぐ空。 05:02 Tools
Treasures!! (Future Stream/Treasures!!) 07:31 Tools
Simiento 07:40 Tools
09 - Hate Legalised Inside 07:40 Tools
Climax Whistle (クライマックスホイッスル) 03:58 Tools
Kimi ga Taiyou (キミが太陽) 04:29 Tools
Kaze wo Atsumete (風をあつめて) 05:20 Tools
Katte na Seichouki (かってな成長期) 04:58 Tools
CITRUS*FLAG 04:58 Tools
Pl@net Spheres!! 04:58 Tools
Whistle Climax 03:56 Tools
明日への帰り道(Off Vocal) 04:33 Tools
20.sphere-is it sun 04:33 Tools
楽しんだ今が勝ち! 02:06 Tools
Imagination wa Owaranai (vivid brilliant door!) 02:21 Tools
Eternal Tours (Off Vocal) 01:33 Tools
Future Is Now! 01:33 Tools
best friends 01:33 Tools
I Believe in Spring (Original Mix) 05:27 Tools
Soulscape 07:31 Tools
Sphere 05:02 Tools
TEKTONIC (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
The Plastic Heart / The Rusted Lip 07:07 Tools
Polyphonic Groove 07:07 Tools
Vast Air Breez Evah Lodeck Tes 07:07 Tools
Breathe - Original Mix 04:51 Tools
Tenohira ni Yume (手のひらに夢) 03:38 Tools
Sign 03:38 Tools
Pride on Everyday (Bakuman 3 - Ending) 00:00 Tools
Sincerely (Off Vocal) 00:00 Tools
SPOTLIGHT 00:00 Tools
优しい风が吹くあの场所で -Anime Version- 02:56 Tools
微かな密かな確かなミライ (Off Vocal) 05:24 Tools
Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai (TV Size) 03:56 Tools
Punpkin's Delight 03:49 Tools
Future Stream (Instrumental) 04:39 Tools
Visions Of Sunset 07:31 Tools
Hazy (Hanasaku Iroha ED Single - Hazy) 04:39 Tools
Now Loading ... Sky!! (Asobi ni Ikuyo OP Single - Now Loading ... Sky!!) 04:39 Tools
Echo & Narcissus 01:47 Tools
Now loading... SKY!! (Asobi ni Iku yo! OP1 - Now loading... SKY!!) 04:39 Tools
Watashi Note to # Pencil (Off Vocal) 04:58 Tools
Now loading...SKY!!(akiren's over there mix) 04:39 Tools
Musou Record (夢奏レコード) 05:44 Tools
フタリ (Instrumental) 04:41 Tools
DAYS 02:21 Tools
Watashi♪NOTE to # Pencil 04:59 Tools
Glory Colors -Kaze no Tobira- (ZONE Tribute -Kimi ga Kureta Mono-) 03:30 Tools
MOON SIGNAL (TV Version) 01:29 Tools
Dreamer (original) 01:29 Tools
Again 04:22 Tools
Magnolia - Sinan Mercenk's Aromatica Mix 04:41 Tools
君といたい feat. 傳田真央 (Instrumental) 05:02 Tools
Feathering me,Y-N- (Off Vocal) 05:02 Tools
Feathering me, Y-N 05:24 Tools
明日への帰り道 (TV size) 01:33 Tools
Weeds (Rockford Inc. Rework) 11:06 Tools
Pride on Everyday(Off Vocal) 04:53 Tools
Miracle shooter (My Only Place) 03:20 Tools
Now loading...SKY!! (crabMixx) 04:25 Tools
Rock It Science (feat. RA Scion) 03:20 Tools
Hazy (Hana-saku Iroha ED TV size) 01:30 Tools
Intro 01:32 Tools
Brave my heart (Kaze wo Atsumete/Brave my heart) 03:49 Tools
Hazy (Hana-Saku Iroha ED) 04:23 Tools
Niji wo Kakeru Melody 03:49 Tools
Hazy (Instrumental) 04:22 Tools
sphere - is it sun 03:32 Tools
アリガト (Instrumental) 03:49 Tools
Is It Sun?" 01:33 Tools
Civil Writes 04:22 Tools
Sincerely (Sung by Takagaki Ayahi) 01:00 Tools
Three simple words 01:38 Tools
Kaze wo Atsumete (Kaze wo Atsumete / Brave my heart) 04:22 Tools
Scars of you 05:55 Tools
君といたいfeat. 傳田真央 05:06 Tools
Sans Larmes - 0:00 04:38 Tools
ワタシ♪NOTE と # ペンシル 01:33 Tools
寄り道 02:04 Tools
Now loading... SKY!! [Asobi ni Iku Yo] 04:21 Tools
Magnolia (Original Mix) 06:03 Tools
puls (intro edit) 01:33 Tools
Barrier (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
道の先、空の向こう ~off vocal~ 04:57 Tools
Away From The Cold 01:33 Tools
die nieren dinieren 01:33 Tools
夜明けのプリズム ~off vocal~ 04:37 Tools
02 手のひらに夢 03:41 Tools
02 / Bad 01:33 Tools
james 01:33 Tools
fly (intro) 01:38 Tools
Weeds - Rockford Inc. Rework 01:00 Tools
Slow Motion @ 4UsOnly.biz 01:38 Tools
Set The Mood (Original) 01:38 Tools
Sacrifice 04:29 Tools
Black Heart 04:28 Tools
MOON SIGNAL 04:14 Tools
By MY PACE 04:14 Tools
organo 04:55 Tools
Hellbitch (S.H.E. Is H.E.R.) 04:55 Tools
Is It sun ( lounge version) 11:06 Tools
Ai ni Deai Koi wa Tsuzuku 01:34 Tools
Kun no sora ga hare rumade 11:06 Tools
知らない想い出 01:51 Tools
Sunbather [Original Mix] 11:06 Tools
Kaze wo Atsumete (Kaze wo Atsumete/Brave my heart) 11:06 Tools
Hontou Dakara Komarunda (A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E) 00:00 Tools
Ippun Ichibyou Kimi to Boku no 04:28 Tools
Kimi to Itai feat. Mao Denda 00:00 Tools
Treasures!! (Instrumental) 04:57 Tools
Asleep 04:57 Tools
全員集合 02:51 Tools
Horizon(TV Version) 04:51 Tools
biontic wave (handy mix) 04:41 Tools
君、繋ぐ空。(instrumental) 05:03 Tools
手のかかる保護者 05:03 Tools
a mutant 03:41 Tools
targo 03:41 Tools
Changing Seasons 03:41 Tools
little me 04:41 Tools
Futari (Instrumental) 04:41 Tools
Tumpy 04:41 Tools
Christiana (Dedicated to Buster William's Niece) 03:30 Tools
REALOVE:REALIFE (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou OP1 - REALOVE REALIFE) 04:41 Tools
Neo Eden (Instrumental) 04:41 Tools
70X70 04:41 Tools
Time is Running Out 04:43 Tools
Fuck that shit 26:08 Tools
南風ドラマチック 04:38 Tools
Planet Freedam 04:38 Tools
あたらしい街 01:46 Tools
オモシロイにきまってる 02:02 Tools
いろんなカタチ インストゥルメンタルバージョン 01:25 Tools
まなざし 02:25 Tools
is it sun (original mix) 02:07 Tools
手をつないで 01:25 Tools
ѓNѓ‰ѓCѓ}ѓbѓNѓXѓzѓCѓbѓXѓ‹ 02:02 Tools
パルタージュ 02:02 Tools
Kimi Omou Sora 02:02 Tools
Now loading...SKY!! (Short Ver.) 01:25 Tools
High Powered (Shinryaku!? Ika Musume OP) 04:28 Tools
Yasashisa ni tsutsuma reru yoni 04:25 Tools
The Touch Of Your Voice 04:25 Tools
ソイネノソラ 27:04 Tools
君をここに 02:51 Tools
ラッパ寿司のテーマ (Instrumental) 00:30 Tools
Hello,my love(Off Vocal) 05:03 Tools
楽しいことはまたこれからも 04:51 Tools
Ultimate Saviuor 05:03 Tools
04 / Dreamer 05:03 Tools
phlex 04:18 Tools
水着で山登り 05:03 Tools
breakdown (1bit mix) 04:18 Tools
is it sun is it rain 03:30 Tools
da b 01:00 Tools
HIGH POWERED(Off Vocal) 03:30 Tools
Bad (Alien Cafe rmx) 04:18 Tools
Rappa Sushi no Theme (Instrumental) 04:18 Tools
arigato (Instrumental) 04:18 Tools
orko 01:00 Tools
Culture Dub 01:00 Tools
07 / Eliah 04:18 Tools
Ural altaic 8 am 03:30 Tools
Twilight Song 03:30 Tools
Breathe [Trip-Hop] 01:00 Tools
Real Love: RealLife (Demon King Daimao Theme Song) 01:00 Tools
Shaman 03:30 Tools
Damned Souls Ritual 01:00 Tools
Hazy (Hanasaku Iroha ED1 - Hazy) 01:00 Tools
Future Stream (Future Stream / Treasures!!) 01:00 Tools
Melancholic Senses 01:00 Tools
The ballad of cyberjack 01:00 Tools
Future Stream (Hatsukoi Gentei. OP1 - Future Stream) 01:00 Tools
Tenohira ni Yume (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou OP Single - REALOVE:REALIFE) 01:00 Tools
Take It Hard (Original) 01:00 Tools
Watashi ? NOTE to # Pencil 01:00 Tools
ゴールはすぐそこに 02:16 Tools
Rinkaku no nai Mirai e to (Off Vocal) 02:16 Tools
テユ、リ、ホ爾、・タ 04:33 Tools
A.T.O.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E. 04:33 Tools
Low-Aititude Flight 04:33 Tools
光と水の楽園 02:33 Tools
ツナグミライ ピアノバージョン 02:33 Tools
淡い芽生え 02:40 Tools
Now loading…SKY!! 02:40 Tools
言葉にできない 02:07 Tools
Les vents stellaires 02:07 Tools
La symphonie des sphères 02:07 Tools
わかってほしい 02:07 Tools
ひととき 01:57 Tools
Etrenal Tours 01:57 Tools
白鳥寮 02:07 Tools
My Only Place (TV Size) 03:30 Tools
Feathering me, Y/N? (Off Vocal) 03:30 Tools
Eruption 03:30 Tools
Imagination wa Owaranai (off vocal) 05:09 Tools
Katte na Seichouki (Off Vocal) 02:07 Tools
Shock & Awe 04:51 Tools
now its on 05:09 Tools
Sans Larmes (DJ Jauche 'Jack Flash' rmx) 06:03 Tools
The Way Back To Tomorrow 04:51 Tools
影を追い抜いて 02:42 Tools
Prélude 02:42 Tools
unser schorf soll döner werden 03:30 Tools
Horizon (KH-R Full Tide Ver.Ⅰ) 03:30 Tools
derb dabei 03:30 Tools
Deep As Fuck 03:30 Tools
Postlude 03:30 Tools
subseven 03:30 Tools
Dub² 02:42 Tools
oym 03:30 Tools
JoyfulxJoyful 05:27 Tools
crenomicon 03:30 Tools
Is It Sun (original mix) [Баллады] 03:30 Tools
Qiet Island 05:27 Tools
Hallows 03:30 Tools
Breathe!! 03:30 Tools
"Enchanted World" 03:30 Tools
I Love Sound (Original Mix) 03:30 Tools
イマジネーションは終わらない (Off Vocal) 03:30 Tools
Joyful × Joyful 03:30 Tools
06 / Spring 03:30 Tools
Wooden Dummies 03:30 Tools
Breathe [Трип-хоп] 03:30 Tools
GENESIS ARIA [Arata Kangatari OP] 03:30 Tools
Soine no Sora 03:30 Tools
Barrier (Original Nu Breed Mix) 03:30 Tools
Walkin' on Air (remix) 03:30 Tools
Divine - Is It Sun? 01:40 Tools
Well You Needn't 01:40 Tools
Shrimp SNG 01:40 Tools
sphere - breathe 01:40 Tools
Angels Anger 01:40 Tools
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There are seven bands with the same name: 1. Japanese J-Pop group "Sphere" 2. Norwegian Cyber/Modern Metal band "Sphere" Sphere (NO) 3. Polish Death Metal band "Sphere" 4. American Jazz Quartet "Sphere" 5. Czech Metalcore band "Sphere" 6. A female trip-hop singer 7. A Japanese shoegaze band 8. American Jazz Quintet from Detroit "Sphere" 1. Sphere (スフィア) is a Japanese pop idol unit formed by four voice actresses affiliated with Music Ray'n. The group made their major debut in April 2009 under Lantis with the single "Future Stream" which was used as the opening theme for the anime Hatsukoi Limited. Helped by the popularity of Tomatsu Haruka (known for her role as Nagi in Kannagi) and Toyosaki Aki (known for her role as Hirasawa Yui in K-ON!), "Future Stream" reached #22 on the Oricon weekly charts. Their second single, "Super Noisy Nova" reached #14 on Oricon charts, rising their popularity. In December 2009, Sphere released their debut album "A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E" but it did not include their third single "Kaze wo Atsumete / Brave my heart". 2. Sphere (http://www.facebook.com/sphereofficial) was formed in Oslo, Norway early summer of 2012 by Isak Haugan (Wheels of Rust, Loga) , Marius Strand (Black Comedy), Michael Hebo (http://www.youtube.com/user/cataclysmichael) , Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow (Trail of Tears, Sevenfield, Wheels of rust) and Øystein Sundsbø (Vanishing Void). In October the same year Sphere recorded their debut album "Primordial" in Strand Studio, and it was released September 19th 2013. 3. Sphere is a Polish death metal band founded in February 2002 by Bolek & Cthulhu (guitars), Th0rn (drums), and Jasiek (vocal). Their first shows were filled with cover songs. Jasiek and Bolek left the band in the fall of 2002, shortly after their debut. A new guitarist, Lechu, and bass guitar player, Zeras, brought new inspiration to the band and they began writing original material. However, after writing only 3 new songs for an unfinished demo, Lechu and Zeras left the band. The remaining members slowly but surely continued to write new material and recruit new members. They played many shows between the fall of 2003 and spring of 2004, with bands such as Demise, Pyorrhoea, April Ethereal, Spiral Madness, Hellfire, and Atropos. Sphere's first official demo was released in the summer of 2004. Despite their success the lineup still continued to change, but has remained relatively stable since 2005. They released their first album Damned Souls Rituals through Empire Records in 2007. They are currently five members: Analripper (vocals, formerly of Pyorrhoea), Cthulhu (guitar), Lukas (guitar), Burning (bass), and Th0rn (drums). 4. Sphere is a four-piece American Jazz Quartet created in the first place as a tribute band for Thelonious Monk. The members are Gary Bartz (tenor saxophone), Kenny Barron (piano), Buster Williams (bass), and Ben Riley (drums). Ex-members include Charlie Rouse (tenor saxophone). 5. Sphere is a young Czech metalcore crossover band, from Šumperk. They released their first EP album in 2010, called Mutiny. Their succes raising, playing concerts all over Czech Republic and making new songs. They were formed in 2008, First members were Petr Šuška, Jakub Machoň and Jan Eliáš. In 2009 Michael Prchal joined to the band as a vocalist, few weeks later joined Jaroslav Fojtík. In this formation they were played some concerts. Because of some arguments inside Sphere, Jaroslav Fojtik left the band. New guitarist was Jakub Novák. In this formation they're record their first 5 songs album Mutiny. Members: Michael "Prchyz" Prchal - vocals (leader) Petr Šuška - guitar Jakub Machoň - bass Jan Eliáš - drums Jakub Novák - guitar Ex guitar - Jaroslav Fojtik 6. Sphere is a female trip-hop singer. 7. Sphere is a shoegaze group from Japan. They are signed to Tetrahedron records and have two releases: "Echo and Narcissus"- 2008 "Separation and Diffusion"- 2009 Band members are: KIYOSHI - Bass, Pedal, Synthesizer Sachiko Ishibashi - Vocal, Piano Ryutaro Ishibashi - Drums Makoto Gomi - Guitars, Programming 8. Sphere is a five-piece American Jazz collective group from Detroit, that recorded the album "Inside Ourselves" in 1974 on the legendary label Strata Records. The members are Larry Nozero (Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone), John Dana (bass), Jimmy Peluso (drums), Keith Vreeland (Electric Piano) and Eddie Nuccilli (Trumpet, Flugelhorn). Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.