Stielas Storhett

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Der letzte November 09:19 Tools
Vandrer... 05:47 Tools
Gräfin Dämmerlicht 07:20 Tools
Schmerzerfüllter Zorn 06:12 Tools
Dieses Eis wird niemals schmelzen 06:05 Tools
Unholy Black Metal 03:57 Tools
Nymåne 02:52 Tools
Ihr Königreich 04:46 Tools
Stille weiße Wildnis 07:45 Tools
Taedium Vitae 10:38 Tools
Dying Delirium 05:57 Tools
Buried by Storm and Eternal Darkness 05:39 Tools
Angel Of Death 09:51 Tools
SKD I 08:13 Tools
All Paths Lead to Oblivion 08:56 Tools
Two Lifeless Months 06:46 Tools
Expulsè 05:57 Tools
Hush-a-bye 02:45 Tools
SKD II 02:14 Tools
Playfields of Gods 02:14 Tools
Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments (Burzum Cover) 08:12 Tools
Sic Itur ad Astra… 08:36 Tools
Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments 08:14 Tools
Untitled II 06:37 Tools
Untitled I 05:52 Tools
Unholy Black Metal (DarkThrone Cover) 03:57 Tools
Untitled III 04:29 Tools
D 06:14 Tools
I Burn For You (Lord Foul cover) 02:51 Tools
Erblicket die Tochter des Firmaments 08:14 Tools
Gasp for Change 08:14 Tools
Nymеne 02:52 Tools
A 04:16 Tools
Sic Itur Ad Astra... 08:34 Tools
I 04:08 Tools
M 05:42 Tools
N 03:49 Tools
E 03:42 Tools
T 05:20 Tools
Sic Itur Ad Astra 08:36 Tools
Grдfin Dдmmerlicht 07:22 Tools
G 06:12 Tools
Hates 03:05 Tools
You 03:40 Tools
Just Walking Around 08:14 Tools
Schmerzerfьllter Zorn 06:13 Tools
Stille weiЯe Wildnis 07:47 Tools
Constant 08:14 Tools
Ihr Kцnigreich 04:46 Tools
Sic Itur Ad Astra& 08:36 Tools
Spyglass 08:14 Tools
Backdoor Mate 08:14 Tools
Null (The Last Journey) 08:14 Tools
Ode to My Slaves 08:14 Tools
Omnivores 08:14 Tools
Erblicket die Tцchter des Firmaments (Burzum Cover) 08:14 Tools
TMS 00:00 Tools
Alter Ego 05:55 Tools
Ангел Смерти 00:00 Tools
doci.nnm.ru_mad_max_Der letzte November 09:21 Tools
Nymĺne 02:52 Tools
Tearing off.. 02:52 Tools
My Kingdom of Gods 02:52 Tools
Shallow then Halo (Cocteau Twins Cover) 08:14 Tools
Null 08:14 Tools
The Curtain (feat. Max War-M) 08:14 Tools
Erblicket die Toechter des Firmaments (Burzum Cover) 08:14 Tools
Sic Itur Ad Astra… 08:36 Tools
WLKNGRND 08:14 Tools
Erblicket die Tochter des Firmaments (Burzum cover) 08:14 Tools
Stielas Storhett - Taedium Vitae 08:14 Tools
The Journey of A. 08:14 Tools
Erblicket Die Tцchter Des Firmaments 08:14 Tools
Stille wei￟e Wildnis 08:14 Tools
The Curtain 02:52 Tools
Sic Itur, Ad Astra 08:36 Tools
Erblicket die T￶chter des Firmaments 08:36 Tools
Stille wei?e Wildnis 08:36 Tools
The Journey of A 02:52 Tools
I Burn For You 02:52 Tools
All Paths Les to Oblivion 08:56 Tools
Drownwards album teaser 02:52 Tools
new album excerpt 02:52 Tools
Stielas Storhett / Hush-a-bye 02:52 Tools
Erblicket die Toechter des Firmaments 02:52 Tools
Stielas Storhett / Expulse 02:52 Tools
Stille Weife Wildnis 02:52 Tools
Stielas Storhett / Two Lifeless Months 02:52 Tools
Erblicket die T?chter des Firmaments 02:52 Tools
Erblicket Die Toechter Des Firmaments(Burzum cover) 02:52 Tools
Stielas Storhett / All Paths Les to Oblivion 08:56 Tools
Stielas Storhett / Buried by Storm and Eternal Darkness 08:56 Tools
Stielas Storhett / Dying Delirium 08:56 Tools
Der Letzte November .. 09:21 Tools
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Stielas Storhett was formed in Murmansk in 2005 by the only member - Damien T.G. Having certain musical experience as a background (Unhallowed, later – Sect, Mor) Damien recorded the debut album straight in 2006. The same year "Vandrer..." was released by the German label Northern Silence (Amesoeurs, Valkyrja, Dusk etc.) as cd/digi. The release was heralded as Black Metal Record of the Year by Aquarius Records (USA) and was highly acclaimed in the press. The next year the album was reissued as mc by Belorussian Misanthropic Propaganda. 2007 was marked by work on the split album "Death Comes from the North", with the line-up of Stielas Storhett, Mor, Liholesie. That lengthy and conceptual album was released by Assault records (Old Wainds, Nav', Mor etc.) as cd/digi in 2008. In 2010 a mini-cd "SKD" comes out on the French label De Profundis Editions (Peste Noire, Valfunde). Later in 2010 Stielas Storhett made a deal with CODE 666, a legendary italian label, for recording and release of the second full-length album and EP a bit later. In the summer 2010 Damien T.G. will enter studio for record of the second Long Play under aegis of CODE 666 RECORDS. The new work, material for which prepared during 2008-2009 will carry the name "Expulsè". The album's got to become an adequate continuation of previous "SKD" mignon, expanding the style borders, withdrawing from the stamps of traditionally interpreted Black Metal into the fields of deeper emotional atmosphere, full of hate and desperation. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.