Still Going

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Still Going Theme 07:02 Tools
Spaghetti Circus 08:35 Tools
On And On 06:27 Tools
Untitled Love 07:54 Tools
Untitled Love (Instrumental) 06:12 Tools
D117 00:00 Tools
Work That Shit Party 09:20 Tools
RA.172 Still Going - 2009.09.14 10:46 Tools
Still Going Theme - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Still Going Theme (Original Mix) 07:06 Tools
Spaghetti Circus (Unmixed) 08:33 Tools
BIS #610 Part 1 with Still Going 08:33 Tools
On And On - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
D117 (Guitar Mix) 08:56 Tools
Untitled Love (Instrumental Mix) 06:12 Tools
D117-1 - Guitar Mix 08:56 Tools
D117 - Original Mix 08:54 Tools
WtSP (Instrumental Mix) 09:02 Tools
Wtsp - Instrumental Mix 09:01 Tools
Untitled Love (Vocal) 07:52 Tools
BeatsInSpace-01.31.12 Part1 with Still Going 38:25 Tools
BeatsInSpace-04.15.08 Part1 with Still Going 25:07 Tools
D117 - Guitar Mix 08:56 Tools
Work That Shit Party - Original Mix 09:18 Tools
Still Going Thme 06:12 Tools
BeatsInSpace-04.15.08 Part2 with Still Going 01:04 Tools
DFA, Untitled Love 00:30 Tools
Road Less Travelled - Still Going Remix 08:58 Tools
Spaghetti Circus - Original Mix 08:58 Tools
Still Going Theme-(Dfa) 05:21 Tools
B1. Untitled Love (Vocal) 07:52 Tools
Untitled Love - Original Mix 07:52 Tools
Theme 03:33 Tools
On And On (Original Mix) 03:33 Tools
Untitled Love [Instrumental] 06:12 Tools
Spaghetti Circus - Still Going 05:46 Tools
Acww 6 Pm 03:33 Tools
D117 (Radio Edit) 04:43 Tools
Still Going Theme ( 04:43 Tools
"Spaghetti Circus" 00:30 Tools
Still Going Theme (Taken From FabricLive 36: James Murphy & Pat Mahoney) 03:33 Tools
D117-1 (Guitar Mix) 08:55 Tools
Still Going - Still Going Theme 03:33 Tools
BeatsInSpace-15Apr2008 Part2 03:33 Tools
untitled love(vocal) DFA records 00:30 Tools
Work That S**t Party 01:30 Tools
BeatsInSpace-15Apr2008 Part1 01:30 Tools
Spaghetti Circus [Unmixed] 09:00 Tools
URB Presents: Still Going 00:30 Tools
Still Going Theme (DJ Apt One Remix) 00:30 Tools
Come 2 Me 00:30 Tools
Work That Shit Party (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
Tsugi Podcast 248 : Still Going 00:30 Tools
Still_Going_Theme 00:30 Tools
Untitled Love [Electronic 2009] [] 00:30 Tools
Moving (Still Going Remix) 00:30 Tools
Spaghetti Circus [Unmixed]/Unmixed 00:30 Tools
A1.Spaghetti Circus 00:30 Tools
RA.172 10:46 Tools
Work That Shit Party (Instrumental) 09:00 Tools
Still Going Theme - DFA 2179 09:00 Tools
Spaghetti Circus [Electronic 2009] [] 09:00 Tools
Untitled Love (Original Mix) 09:00 Tools
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"Work That Shit Party" - New Still Going 12" Single out now! Buy "Work That Shit Party" 12" Vinyl here: Juno Records | Phonica Records | Clone Records | Picadilly Records Still Going "D117" out May 2012. Pick up your copy here: Buy "D117" Digital: iTunes MP3 | Juno WAV/MP3[/url | [url=]Beatport WAV/MP3 | Amazon MP3 Buy "D117" 12" Vinyl: Juno Records | Phonica Records | Clone Records | Picadilly Records Still Going Bio: Still Going is the sublime partnership of composer/producer Liv Spencer & producer Eric Duncan. Their talents originally collided on the now classic single “Still Going Theme” (DFA Records). Along with its hypnotic flipside “On & On”, the single captivated listeners with it’s anthemic energy and quickly became a dance floor staple. Their second release “Spaghetti Circus” (DFA Records) propelled Still Going beyond the synthesized house and techno sound in the form of a guitar-fueled charging disco anthem. The EP’s B side – “Untitled Love” – became a balearic anthem in its own right, and cemented their reputation for creating timeless dance music. Considering their musical history, this came as no surprise. Liv Spencer, the composer and performer behind Still Going’s music counts a number of classic dancefloor anthems under his belt. The talent behind the timeless melodies of Spaghetti Circus and Still Going also produces and writes for House of House, who released the massive ‘Rushing to Paradise EP’ on cult NYC label Whatever We Want Records. Eric “Dr Dunks” Duncan is one half of legendary duo Rub-n-Tug. Who in the words of ID magazine; singled handedly ‘re-invigorated New York night life’ with their infamous Campire club night and roadblock parties around the city. Having built their reputation as masters of “disco theatre” they were soon requested to DJ all over the world and have remixed the likes of the Beastie Boys, LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music and Coldplay to name but a few. Still Going have built a solid reputation as remixers and lent their talents to artists such as The Doves, !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk), Groove Armada, Austra, The Presets, and Bryan Ferry amongst others. In 2012, the NYC duo steps up their game with the launch of Still Going Records. Their first release. “D117″, is an epic blend of psychedelic rock’n'roll, disco, and house music. The label will showcase original Still Going material as well as releases from new and established NYC talent. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.