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I'm Only Sleeping 04:18 Tools
Cecilia 02:27 Tools
Camden Town 03:52 Tools
I Am 04:06 Tools
Alcohol 04:27 Tools
Oranges and Lemons Again 03:38 Tools
The Tune 04:35 Tools
No More Alcohol 02:44 Tools
Off On Holiday 04:04 Tools
Green Eyes 03:51 Tools
Haunted 03:53 Tools
Cecilia (feat. Louchie Lou & Michie One) 03:03 Tools
So Tired 04:34 Tools
Fortune Fish 05:32 Tools
Invisible Man 03:19 Tools
Straight Banana 04:07 Tools
Our Man 03:37 Tools
Girl 03:41 Tools
The Three Pyramids Club 03:26 Tools
She's Gone 05:10 Tools
On Drifting Sand 03:37 Tools
4am 03:32 Tools
Blue Day 03:09 Tools
4 am 03:32 Tools
Jack O The Green 03:36 Tools
Sing 03:54 Tools
The Greatest Show on Earth 03:59 Tools
Cecillia 03:08 Tools
Cecelia 00:00 Tools
Sleigh Ride 03:16 Tools
Alright 03:45 Tools
Cecilia (7' Mix) [Speeded Up Version] 02:57 Tools
Drifting San 03:37 Tools
I Feel Good 03:14 Tools
Hang Out the Stars In Indiana 02:55 Tools
Same Again 00:00 Tools
Suedehead 03:34 Tools
Bedazzled 03:34 Tools
It Really Would Be Nice 03:53 Tools
I’m Only Sleeping 00:00 Tools
Cecilia (feat. Louchie Lou Michie One) 03:01 Tools
Blue Day feat. Chelsea FC 03:53 Tools
Off on Holiday (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
I Am (Radio Edit) 03:48 Tools
Cecilia [Speeded Up Version] 03:48 Tools
Cecilia (7" Mix) 03:01 Tools
I`m Only Sleeping 04:20 Tools
Cecilia (Rapino 7" Remix) 03:39 Tools
Cecilia (feat. Louchie Lou & Michie One) - 7" Mix; Speeded Up Version 04:00 Tools
Cecilia (Alternative Mix) 03:39 Tools
Two Bacon Sandwiches 01:48 Tools
Oranges And Lemons 03:40 Tools
Cecilia (Rapino'S 7" Mix) 03:39 Tools
Cecilia (7'' Mix) 02:41 Tools
Animal 04:36 Tools
Cecilia (Deep Pan Mix) 04:00 Tools
Jack o' the green 00:00 Tools
Camden Town (Camden Chili Pepper Dub) 07:06 Tools
feel it w/catvlyst 04:35 Tools
Blue day (Stamford bridge mix) 03:40 Tools
Cecilia (Drumapella Mix) 04:03 Tools
Cecilia [Featuring Louchie Lou And Michie One] 00:00 Tools
will w/elaksi & catvlyst 00:00 Tools
fiend 00:00 Tools
Make me scream 04:35 Tools
When You Came 04:35 Tools
Camden Town (Ragga in London Dub Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Cecila 00:00 Tools
Oranges & Lemons Again 00:00 Tools
The Girl Who Truely Loves Herself 03:07 Tools
Cecillia (radio mix) 00:00 Tools
Blackberry Way (Live Ben Elton Show) 03:20 Tools
This Road 00:00 Tools
Off On Holiday - Instrumental 00:00 Tools
born2loose 00:00 Tools
Cecilia (Rapino Mix) 00:00 Tools
Suedhead 00:00 Tools
in my dreams w/apollo 00:00 Tools
Suggs - Cecilia 03:20 Tools
Oranges & Lemons 03:38 Tools
I Should Be So Lucky (live) 02:03 Tools
Cecilia (Remix) 00:00 Tools
No More Alcohol - 0:00 04:35 Tools
Tune 04:35 Tools
Camden Town - Camden Chili Pepper Dub 03:38 Tools
No More Alcohol WWW.MAXIMUMFM.RU 02:46 Tools
Cecilia (Rapino's 12'' Disco Instrumental) 04:35 Tools
Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile) 02:03 Tools
The Tune (Instrumental) 00:30 Tools
Tune, The 04:35 Tools
7. Suggs - So Tired 04:35 Tools
Cecilia (Speeded Up version) 03:01 Tools
Cecilia (Rapino's 12'' Disco Mix) 04:35 Tools
Cecilia (Rapino's 12'' Disco I 06:06 Tools
Camden Town - Ragga In London Dub Instrumental 06:06 Tools
Cecilia (HQ Audio) 00:30 Tools
Suedehead (live) 06:06 Tools
Cecilia (feat. Louchie Lou & Michie One) - Rapino's 7" Mix 06:06 Tools
My Old Man 03:38 Tools
I'm Only Sleeping (A) 00:00 Tools
neverchange 00:00 Tools
I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles Cover) 00:00 Tools
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday ( Live) 03:01 Tools
Cecilla 03:01 Tools
The Tune [Instrumental] 00:30 Tools
Suedehead (Morrissey Cover) 00:30 Tools
On It 00:30 Tools
Blackberry Way 03:38 Tools
Oranges And Lemons Again (Suggs) 03:38 Tools
I'm Only Sleeping (Beatles Cover) 03:38 Tools
Cecilia (Rapino'S 12" Disco Mix) 03:38 Tools
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Born in 1961 to a heroin-addicted Jazz musician and a Soho nightclub hostess, Graham McPherson grew up with an absent father and a mother who battled against the stigma of single-motherhood. Like the boxer he coined his nickname from, Suggs' childhood was filled with fighting and violence. In the subterranean world of London's private members clubs and 60s gangster glamour, Suggs discovered a love for music and singing. Kicking around the streets of North London he met up with a group of like-minded teenagers and formed the band MADNESS. Inspired by the new Jamaican sounds, the seven members began to create a new mix of ska and exuberant pop, a fusion dubbed 'the nutty sound'. Their music hit a social and political chord, and after signing a one-off contract with Coventry-based record label 2-Tone, they issued 'The Prince' - a tribute to blue beat maestro Prince Buster whose song 'Madness' inspired the band's name. With Suggs as their charismatic frontman, their autobiographical lyrics and unforgettable beats became the soundtrack to a generation. From the nefarious streets of Soho to international acclaim - the nutty boy who did good - Suggs candidly recounts the London of his troubled childhood, his formative teenage years and the mad days that led to his writing of such classics as 'Embarrassment' and 'Baggy Trousers' Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.