Svarti Loghin

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Inner Desolation 07:27 Tools
Karg Nordisk Vinter 08:26 Tools
Cold Void 09:31 Tools
Empty World 08:57 Tools
Kosmisk Tomhet 07:50 Tools
Ödelagd Framtid 07:50 Tools
Red Sun Sets 02:17 Tools
Drifting Through The Void 07:31 Tools
The Silence Always Returns 06:21 Tools
Bury My Heart In These Starlit Waters 09:10 Tools
Nightsky Interlude 01:36 Tools
Stargazer 06:48 Tools
Planet Caravan 04:10 Tools
Outro 03:04 Tools
Cloud Man 03:19 Tools
Sea of Green 07:22 Tools
Transparent 03:15 Tools
Black Moon 05:45 Tools
Celestial Bounds in Cosmic Infinity 06:20 Tools
Anthem of the Sun 06:20 Tools
Vakuum I (Hit Förmår sig Ingen Lyster) 06:20 Tools
Vakuum II (Misantropins Väg) 06:20 Tools
Threshold of a Dream 00:50 Tools
Ascension to the Stars I (Channeling the Void) 00:50 Tools
Verklighet 04:19 Tools
Ascension to the Stars II (Leaving This World Behind) 00:50 Tools
Varför gråter du? 03:20 Tools
Blod 04:22 Tools
Luft 05:22 Tools
Stjärnätare Dväljs Under Torv Och Moss 02:19 Tools
Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath Cover) 04:08 Tools
Desperation 00:50 Tools
Svarti Loghin - Drifting Through The Void 02:19 Tools
This Craft Is Freezing Over 00:50 Tools
Atom 00:50 Tools
Skogen Väcks 00:50 Tools
Katzengold 00:50 Tools
Tusen Knivar (November) 00:50 Tools
Regn 00:50 Tools
Desolation 00:50 Tools
Mörk Energi 00:50 Tools
Vakuum III 00:50 Tools
Oceanic Drifter (The Little Blue Planet) 00:50 Tools
Besökare I En Annan Värld 00:50 Tools
Falun (Skogen Tronar) 00:50 Tools
London Conversation/I'm a Drifter (a John Martyn & Terry Callier Tribute) 00:50 Tools
Att ge sig själv åt sig själv (självoffringsrit ur odens mun tolkad) 00:50 Tools
Minne 05:57 Tools
Skog (luft del II) 03:20 Tools
Moment der Erlösung (Regnum Tribute) 03:20 Tools
Insertion Loss 03:09 Tools
The Mill Road 00:50 Tools
Skal 00:50 Tools
Contaminate 00:50 Tools
Drivor 00:50 Tools
Fifi the Flea (The Hollies cover) 00:50 Tools
London Conversation / I'm A Drifter 06:56 Tools
Moment Der Erlösung (Regnum Cover) 09:07 Tools
Bitter Vind / Ny Gryning 08:56 Tools
Empty World 2008 08:56 Tools
Fifi the Flea 00:50 Tools
The Sea of Green 00:50 Tools
Interlud 09:07 Tools
Introduktion 09:07 Tools
Att Ge Sig Själv Till Sig Själv (Självoffringsrit Ur Odens Mun Tolkad) 09:07 Tools
Bury My Heart In These Sarlit 09:07 Tools
Desperation (Live 2013) 09:07 Tools
Karg Nordisk Vinter. 01:38 Tools
Vakuum II (Misantropins Vag) 01:38 Tools
Skal II 06:24 Tools
London Conversation/I'm a Drifter 09:07 Tools
1 Red Sun Sets 09:07 Tools
red sun set 06:24 Tools
The Silence Always Returns (Remix) 06:24 Tools
4 Drifting Through The Void 06:24 Tools
kosmick tomhet 01:38 Tools
Vdelagd Framtid 07:52 Tools
2 Kosmik Tomhet 07:52 Tools
3 Odelagd Framtid 07:52 Tools
Nighstky (interlude) 01:38 Tools
Varför Grĺter Du? 01:38 Tools
03 Odelagd Framtid 01:38 Tools
drifting though the void 01:38 Tools
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Svarti Loghin is a black metal band from Sweden. Formed in 2006 and are currently signed with ATMF. They have three full length albums and an acoustic EP and one demo. S.L - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (Faustus (Swe)) Raymond N. - Bass (ex-Död) Emil - Drums (ex-Död) Limpan - Clean Vocals, Guitar (Black Ladies) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.