Team Doyobi

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Team Doyobis Boolean Plan 02:44 Tools
E5 03:42 Tools
Radial Fold 03:45 Tools
Plastic Vampires 04:17 Tools
Chouax Bomber 06:43 Tools
Remix 04:17 Tools
Mylar Thought Screen 02:14 Tools
Rephase V 03:22 Tools
Fuck Tha Police 01:50 Tools
ORCH 5.4 04:43 Tools
Skylight Red Omega 05:30 Tools
Thus Jacked Zarathrusta 04:07 Tools
Team Doyobi / Pigeon Man 05:30 Tools
Sinusoidal Man - Locate Sector 7 08:07 Tools
Metabeast 03:39 Tools
Guru Meditation 07:18 Tools
Choose Your Own Adventure 06:05 Tools
Radar Garden 04:46 Tools
Goobers 01:33 Tools
58008 02:07 Tools
Art of Memorex 04:05 Tools
Mod Truckin' 05:01 Tools
Pigeon Man 04:49 Tools
Square It 05:57 Tools
Zenthial Arches 03:10 Tools
Test008 04:44 Tools
Soft Ocean Extract 03:56 Tools
Pidgeon Man 04:50 Tools
Song Of Metabeast 05:26 Tools
Maltazers 03:59 Tools
Mostly Harmless 06:18 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (Autechre remix) 00:00 Tools
A12000000FLEX 04:59 Tools
Horse and Trap 05:55 Tools
Naked to the Stars 07:03 Tools
Nomen Luni 06:08 Tools
Music for Cat 01:02 Tools
Summit Melody 02:32 Tools
Erin Chamber Vs. Golog 05:24 Tools
Weaken Not, for You Are the Magma 05:31 Tools
Brightlichen 04:28 Tools
Definition 04:29 Tools
Re-dimensioning Shape Battles 05:59 Tools
2XTD Header 01:33 Tools
Hipatropic Doyobi Drive In Freefall - Dinosaur Green Grass Revisited 15:21 Tools
The Luminous Image 02:06 Tools
Dusk Over Raxxla 04:03 Tools
Brutal Deluxxe 04:21 Tools
Cryptoburners 03:43 Tools
The Solar Sailor 01:21 Tools
Re-run 05:03 Tools
The Era of Hopeful Mutants 12:58 Tools
Per Aspera Ad Astra 03:07 Tools
Chevron 05:31 Tools
Heavy Petting 06:18 Tools
Sky Legends Of The Wolds Pt. 2 04:06 Tools
Stick Versus Sword 04:00 Tools
Dawn Of The Apes - Heavy Light Cylinders 16:32 Tools
Santeloco 06:57 Tools
Lu-Fuki 3D 03:52 Tools
A Walk Through M and D 03:52 Tools
Rob Shreds V.03 06:32 Tools
Tube Dispenser 06:32 Tools
Parallax Avenues 06:32 Tools
Pushchairs For Grown Ups 05:55 Tools
Stickleback 00:29 Tools
Kitten Development 06:00 Tools
Uberfonk 05:40 Tools
Birdstrike 03:10 Tools
Two of Everything 05:28 Tools
Airel's Adventure in Easter Island 03:15 Tools
Azure Systems 15:19 Tools
Znc-Fz 15:19 Tools
Hipatropic Doyobi Drive in Freefall 15:19 Tools
A Song for ______________ 02:08 Tools
Überfonk 00:00 Tools
Zone 6 Gynobots Attack! 00:00 Tools
Dawn Of The Apes 16:30 Tools
Spotbots Theme 00:00 Tools
Video Terrain Csm 02:22 Tools
Hope Strafe 00:00 Tools
Style n Stance 00:00 Tools
Cassette 00:00 Tools
Deproid Pre - Remix 02:44 Tools
DF0:BAD 00:00 Tools
Aviate 00:00 Tools
Time Blanket 04:06 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (SND remix) 00:00 Tools
Spidermonkey 00:00 Tools
Vortcycle {Cern Remold} 00:00 Tools
spider monkey 00:00 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (Ryo Co remix) 00:00 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (Made remix) 00:00 Tools
Wheels of Anterion 05:27 Tools
empire 11:08 Tools
four alchemical studies 04:41 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (Nick Birmingham remix) 00:00 Tools
On The Money 00:00 Tools
A-Mode (Wizards Are in the Cave mix) 00:00 Tools
Demons to Diamonds 00:00 Tools
Little Plastic Bricks 00:00 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (Hottroche remix) 00:00 Tools
Sky Legends of the Worlds, Part 2 04:05 Tools
Autechre Remix 00:00 Tools
The East Coast 00:00 Tools
you have the power 03:53 Tools
The Müller Fokker Effect 00:00 Tools
Splendid Dash 04:36 Tools
87c5875ucpro 04:36 Tools
Tuna Fix 04:36 Tools
Forevergreen 04:21 Tools
Incandesent VPO array 335.14 Neo-STAK11hazard in nine GIVR1009679982210 Air Combat emulator 04:22 Tools
SND Remix 00:00 Tools
Orch 5.2 02:17 Tools
Sinusoidal Man: Locate Sector 7 07:49 Tools
Rephase IV 03:12 Tools
Made Remix 00:00 Tools
On Th Money 00:00 Tools
Spidermonkey (Autechre Remix) 05:41 Tools
Haddockers 05:41 Tools
Vortcycle {Cern Remold} (Operator Remix) 04:21 Tools
A Walk Through M And D (Team Doyobi) 03:54 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups (Beige Remix) 05:23 Tools
Birmingham Remix 04:08 Tools
A1 - DF0 BAD 00:00 Tools
a song for 05:00 Tools
Wevie Stonder Remix 05:00 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups (Wevie Stonder Remix) 05:00 Tools
Magic Johnson 02:36 Tools
Secret Thirteen Mix 048 00:30 Tools
A4 - Aviate 05:00 Tools
Beige Remix 05:23 Tools
A Spider Monkey 00:00 Tools
Ryoko Kuwajima Remix 04:21 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups (Hecker Remix) 04:32 Tools
Haddockears 00:00 Tools
B4 - On The Money 00:00 Tools
Magic Johnson (Michael Winslow + The 8bitoperator Remix) 04:32 Tools
Hot Troche Remix 03:12 Tools
Hecker Remix 04:32 Tools
87c5875uc pro 05:02 Tools
Dawn Of The Apes/Heavy Light Cylinders 16:30 Tools
Pushchairs For Grownups 16:30 Tools
Ryo Co Remix 16:30 Tools
Stick vs. Sword 03:59 Tools
A1200000Flex 03:40 Tools
Autechre 03:40 Tools
A Song For ____ 03:40 Tools
Erin Camber vs. Golog 03:40 Tools
2x Td header 01:13 Tools
Pidgeonman 04:49 Tools
A1 autechre remix 04:49 Tools
Untitled 14:56 Tools
Magic Johnson (M. Winslow 8 B 04:49 Tools
Hottroche Remix 03:12 Tools
Push Chairs for Grownups 02:19 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - SND remix 03:12 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (Made) 03:12 Tools
A Song For__________________ 02:08 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - Beige remix 14:56 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - Wevie Stonder remix 14:56 Tools
Kate (She Rocks), Sky Ledgends Of The World Remix 05:41 Tools
Beige 14:56 Tools
Made 05:41 Tools
Racing Line 02:19 Tools
Ьberfonk 05:40 Tools
The Müller Fokker Effect 07:15 Tools
Push Chairs for Grown Ups (Hot Troche) 02:19 Tools
Weaken Not 02:19 Tools
Stickle Back 02:19 Tools
Sky Legends Of The World pt.2 02:19 Tools
Breezeblock Mix 2006-11-17 02:19 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups (hot troche remix) 02:32 Tools
Team Doyobi's Remix 02:19 Tools
Snd 07:15 Tools
For You Are The Magma 02:32 Tools
ART OF MEMOREX (SKAM 2012) 02:32 Tools
Cul-De-Sac 02:32 Tools
BONUS TRACK 02:32 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - Made remix 02:32 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - Ryokokuwajima remix 02:32 Tools
photon harvester 02:32 Tools
Brightchen 02:32 Tools
A2 ryo co remix 02:32 Tools
B2 hot troche remix 02:32 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - Birmingham remix 02:32 Tools
Weviestonder 02:32 Tools
Remix of Deproid Pre 02:32 Tools
The Solat Sailor 02:32 Tools
A3 snd remix 02:32 Tools
B3 made remix 02:32 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - Hecker remix 02:32 Tools
Team Doyobi remix 02:32 Tools
team doyobi 30mins for radio1 (on air).mp4 02:32 Tools
03 brightlichen 02:32 Tools
01 horse and trap 02:32 Tools
Mod Truckin 02:32 Tools
04 music for cat 02:32 Tools
A Song for ____________ 02:32 Tools
Pushchairs For Grown Ups (Autechre Remix) 02:32 Tools
hassockers 02:32 Tools
Santloco 02:32 Tools
Push Chairs For Grown Ups - Hottroche remix 02:32 Tools
brytal deluxxe 02:32 Tools
Birmingham 02:32 Tools
Hottroche 02:32 Tools
Hecker 02:32 Tools
02 nomen luni 02:32 Tools
13 santeloco 02:32 Tools
O Superman (Team Doyobi’s Remix) 02:32 Tools
Ariels Adventure In Easter Island 02:32 Tools
team doyobi's boolean plan (person) 02:32 Tools
A Song For________________ 02:32 Tools
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Alex Peverett and Chris Gladwin are Team Doyobi. Their sound has been influenced by various forms of electronic dance music (e.g. techno, electro, acid house, italo-disco, glitch, 8bit), as well as progressive rock, krautrock, noise, free jazz, and electro-acoustic and ambient music. Gladwin and Peverett met while attending school in the Linconshire Wolds, a culturally remote area on the east coast of England, and immediately began their creative partnership. Originally working together to produce analogue video art, their first joint expeditions into computer music began by producing their own soundtracks to these video pieces. Having grown up during the home computer boom of the 1980s they didnt have to look far to begin utilizing cheap and accessible technology. Using Commodore Amiga home computers running public domain software they began making collages of beats and melodies with 8-bit samplers. After producing several home made cassette releases under the name “Doyobi”, (picked at random out of a Japanese phrase book) they shifted their focus to performing live. Following a record studio launch party in the UK’s “techno city” Sheffield, their live show caught the attention of Brighton’s Fat-Cat records who quickly released the newly titled “Team” Doyobi’s first record as a split 12” with Req (WARP) in 1999. One of their early cassette releases had also found its way to Manchester’s Skam records who were keen to add them to their growing roster, alongside acts such as Boards of Canada, Bola, Gescom and Jega. In 2000 Skam released their first full EP "Pushchairs for Grownups” and the Team began regularly performing in the UK and throughout Europe as a part of the larger Skam crew. 2001 saw the release of Team Doyobi’s first full length album for Skam “Cryptoburners” and a very successful series of gigs in support of Autechre throughout the European leg of their “Confield” tour. Afterwards Gladwin and Peverett took time to develop their sound and also working on solo audio projects and multimedia art works, individual interests in video art and computer music which had preceded their initial collaboration. They have appeared on many compilations on labels like Warp (UK), Tigerbeat (USA), Spezialmaterial (Switzerland), Alku (Spain) and Active Suspension (France). A track submitted for the Japanese noise label ALEIN8 went to press unnoticed using a corrupted audio file of the original piece, the original version was later released. Reworking tracks for Sketch Show, N.W.A, Emilliana Torrini, Laurie Anderson, Goodiepal, Machinedrum, C64 Orchestra, Marco Passarani, Bogger, and others. Shortly before the release of their second album "Choose Your Own Adventure” (SKAM, 2004), Gladwin and Peverett showcased a range of new material at the Autechre-curated All Tomorrow's Parties, although under other guises their ATP performances have since numbered 5 times. After the bulk of Team Doyobi’s third full length album had been written, Peverett relocated to Japan, and he and Gladwin completed the project by collaborating over the internet. “The Kphanapic Fragments : Observing Spacial Anomalies in the Dynaflow, an amateur field guide (Heavy Light Cylinders CSR8-II through to MNN9-78 {vormathrom index}.”, finally appeared in 2006. They were subsequently invited by BBC Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbs invited to do a special 30 minute session, marking the third BBC Radio 1 show to play their music following repeated airplay from John Peel and a shorter session for the (now defunct) Breezeblock program. The most recent Team Doyobi EP, "ORCH V" was released by Skam in June 2009. The Team Doyobi Myspace page reports that another release, titled "Sixty-Four", is due out soon as well. Team Doyobi and UK electronic artist Skeksi are launching their own label, Icasea, on July 27, 2009. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.