Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Cricket 02:51 Tools
The Story of a Boy on a Ladder 03:38 Tools
Painting Walls 03:42 Tools
Libelle 04:06 Tools
Lies and Libations 02:39 Tools
Somerset 02:49 Tools
Neither Here Nor There 01:18 Tools
A Call From Jane 03:11 Tools
Momentary Breaks 00:57 Tools
Wick 03:37 Tools
An Opportunity 01:44 Tools
In Everything Give Thanks 04:48 Tools
Pray 04:48 Tools
Woodwomen 06:09 Tools
Mistress of the dark 03:53 Tools
Silver Flame 03:58 Tools
Axe Nord Sud - Mix Cut 03:55 Tools
Halloween II 03:02 Tools
Serpent's fire 04:10 Tools
Shine 04:07 Tools
Dust 02:01 Tools
blue 05:20 Tools
Freedom 02:46 Tools
Platinum Standard 03:20 Tools
Black void nirvana 05:15 Tools
nightmare 03:24 Tools
Sun Song 03:55 Tools
Night reborn 02:19 Tools
Heart's Blood 04:32 Tools
Axe Nord Sud 04:39 Tools
A Shocking Twist 00:00 Tools
Soft Eyes 03:53 Tools
Murder In Roma 00:00 Tools
Descend From Heaven 04:06 Tools
Secret Lovers 00:00 Tools
Doberman 00:00 Tools
Electric Hellfire Kiss 00:00 Tools
Twelve Large 03:53 Tools
Vampira 01:56 Tools
Where Dreams and Nightmares Collide 06:05 Tools
Alienation 04:39 Tools
Vampira [Misfits Cover] 01:56 Tools
It's a Sin 04:47 Tools
Buried And Forgotten 06:35 Tools
Nocturnal Rhapsody 00:00 Tools
Axe Nord-Sud 00:00 Tools
Beauty Destroyed 00:00 Tools
she darks the sun 00:00 Tools
Death Becomes You 00:00 Tools
Malochia 00:00 Tools
Starlet Wolverine 00:00 Tools
Terror 05:27 Tools
Harvester of Souls 00:00 Tools
At the Mountain 00:00 Tools
Demon 02:20 Tools
Crimson Beast 02:52 Tools
Mark Ov the Beast 00:00 Tools
Demonicus Ex Deo 04:28 Tools
Jungle Frontier 00:00 Tools
The Call 04:51 Tools
No Time for Pain 04:24 Tools
God Speaks in Tongues 00:00 Tools
Darkness Bound 06:34 Tools
Tombola Voodoo Master 00:00 Tools
Without 03:47 Tools
I Am Your Ritual 00:00 Tools
Putana Satana 00:00 Tools
Alignment 00:00 Tools
In Xanadu 05:45 Tools
Gone With the Wind 00:00 Tools
Thy Darkness Come 00:00 Tools
Love 666 03:43 Tools
Scarecrow 03:43 Tools
When Razors Cry 03:29 Tools
Woodwoman 06:11 Tools
Come to Season 00:00 Tools
Like a Needle 03:24 Tools
Soulbleed 04:28 Tools
The Undertaker 00:00 Tools
No Wrong 02:35 Tools
Knives 03:51 Tools
It's A Sin (Pet Shop Boys) 04:47 Tools
Zone & Interzone 00:00 Tools
Goblin (12" Extended Version) 1982 02:59 Tools
A Bag In Disarray 00:00 Tools
Density 00:00 Tools
I 03:42 Tools
Thirteen 04:11 Tools
Axe Nord Sud (Original Mix) 03:51 Tools
Tenebre 04:58 Tools
Poison the Machine 04:58 Tools
Return to the Murder Scene 00:00 Tools
Axe Nord Sud (Mix Cut) 01:21 Tools
A Tormented Peter Neal 00:00 Tools
Prayer 00:00 Tools
It's A Sin (Pet Shop Boys Cover) 04:47 Tools
6. Pray 04:47 Tools
Essaim 03:59 Tools
Taste My Sin 03:49 Tools
A Cross On Your Door 04:27 Tools
Dead But Dreaming 03:57 Tools
moth to the flame 03:51 Tools
Rites Of Passage II 02:27 Tools
Thunrida 01:21 Tools
Tombola Vodoo Master 05:33 Tools
March Of The Dying Angel 09:24 Tools
The Woodwoman 06:09 Tools
The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward 03:59 Tools
Goblin 03:51 Tools
5. Blue 05:33 Tools
Dolce 03:51 Tools
Smart City, Dark Clouds 03:59 Tools
Them 00:30 Tools
The Mountain 01:21 Tools
Chimes Zero 03:59 Tools
Donggul (The Cavern) 03:59 Tools
Serpents Fire 04:10 Tools
Hit 03:59 Tools
Beyond The Shadows 00:30 Tools
Khanate 03:01 Tools
Out Of Breath 03:01 Tools
Drone Theory 03:59 Tools
Zone & Interzone (Original Mix) 03:01 Tools
Bright 03:59 Tools
Of Rust 03:01 Tools
Curtains 03:01 Tools
Fonction N°7 00:30 Tools
Grid Expansion 03:01 Tools
Meta 02:59 Tools
Starlet Wolwerine 03:59 Tools
Fonction N°3 00:30 Tools
Hydr 02:59 Tools
10 Songs for free download - Vol.4: United Gothic Underground - Pray 00:30 Tools
Living In The Nightmare 00:30 Tools
Your Reflection 00:30 Tools
Us 00:30 Tools
Pray (rough mix) 00:30 Tools
16 - Tenebre - Halloween II 03:01 Tools
And the Last Standing Tree 03:01 Tools
Summer 03:01 Tools
12 In Everything Give Thanks 03:01 Tools
Woodwomen (Bathory Cover) 03:01 Tools
She Wants The Sun 03:01 Tools
17 - Tenebre - Vampira 03:01 Tools
Return at Point Zero 03:01 Tools
Brute 03:01 Tools
06 Lies and Libations 02:59 Tools
Beauty Detroyed 03:01 Tools
echo at the door 02:59 Tools
The Woodwoman (Bathory cover) 02:59 Tools
10 Wick 02:59 Tools
06 Waiting Death 03:01 Tools
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There are at least three artists called Tenebre: 1) Ténèbre (2014 —) is a techno project from France depicting the sprawling urban development of the surrounding megalopolis. SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tenebre-audio Bandcamp: https://tenebre-audio.bandcamp.com/music 2) A post/math rock from the US. Taking their cues from 33.3, Don Caballero and Owls, the instrumental trio Tenebre have established themselves in the movement of San Francisco post-punk spearheaded by bands such as Deerhoof and The Aislers Set. Anything but a typical indie post-rock act, Tenebre are more concerned with creating beautiful soundscapes than imitating their influences. Both aggressive and subdued, flashy and tasteful, technically stunning and sincere, Tenebre's dense rhythmic structures, fluttering fret-tapped guitarwork, complex harmonization and dynamic instrumental interplay create a unique listening experience, equally impressive and beautiful. 3) Tenebre is a gothic rock/metal band from Sweden influenced by bands like The Damned, Sisters Of Mercy and 69 Eyes. These swedes have released 5 albums + a bunch of singles and a couple of vinyls, with the first album released in 1996. With the release of "Heart's Blood", in 2005, Tenebre became a little less metal and more gothic. The music is very much in the veins of the Sisters of Mercy, but one can also hear similarities to bands like Moonspell and Type O Negative. Members: Richard Lion - Guitars Michael Körner - Guitars and computers Jenny T - Bass Kalle Metz - Voices Andreas The Chef - Drums Ivana Satana - Keyboard myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tenebregoth Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.