The Astronauts

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Baja 02:23 Tools
Meek We Go Spree 03:34 Tools
Competition Coupe 02:14 Tools
Brozem Rock 01:58 Tools
Kuk 02:03 Tools
Banzai Pipeline 02:15 Tools
Everything Stops For Baby 01:56 Tools
Pipeline 02:01 Tools
Movin' 01:55 Tools
The Hearse 02:11 Tools
Pacific 02:12 Tools
Donkey Riding 04:09 Tools
Susie-Q 02:07 Tools
Protest Song 05:42 Tools
Waiting For July 03:09 Tools
Batman 02:10 Tools
Sod Us 01:50 Tools
Surf Party 02:06 Tools
Surfer's Stomp 02:34 Tools
The Traveller 02:13 Tools
Baby Sings Folk Songs 05:34 Tools
How Green Was My Valley 05:34 Tools
Still talking 05:35 Tools
Let's Go Trippin' 02:03 Tools
How Long Is A Piece Of String 01:21 Tools
Misirlou 02:02 Tools
Midsummer Lullaby 02:52 Tools
Hot Doggin' 02:28 Tools
Surfin' U.S.A. 02:14 Tools
Amplified World 07:47 Tools
Erupting 08:41 Tools
Skydive 02:15 Tools
Syncopate 02:47 Tools
Devil Driver 02:07 Tools
Firewater 02:19 Tools
Back Soon 02:30 Tools
The Nurse 03:54 Tools
Typically English Day 02:57 Tools
Buckaroo 02:19 Tools
Devil Driver's Theme 02:08 Tools
Flashpoint 04:39 Tools
Baby Let's Play House 02:25 Tools
Seagull Mania 03:06 Tools
Suburbs 03:06 Tools
All Night Party 02:38 Tools
Come Along Baby 01:53 Tools
Subversion 02:12 Tools
His Latest Flame 02:13 Tools
Behave Yourself 03:35 Tools
Bo Diddley 02:39 Tools
Gold at the Top 05:17 Tools
New Dixieland Blues 04:58 Tools
El Aguila (The Eagle) 02:01 Tools
Chevy Scarfer 01:57 Tools
Little Ford Ragtop 02:05 Tools
Blood 02:40 Tools
Secret File 09:04 Tools
Hot Dog 02:21 Tools
Behind The Mirrors 04:31 Tools
Smelborp 01:54 Tools
Getting Things Done 02:47 Tools
'55 Bird 01:52 Tools
We Were Talking 04:20 Tools
Dream Lover 02:30 Tools
Hot-Doggin' 02:26 Tools
Sudden Pause 04:03 Tools
Survivors 05:43 Tools
If I Had a Hammer 01:56 Tools
Cold Climate / Problems 06:56 Tools
Gothic Rooms 03:14 Tools
Our Car Club 02:20 Tools
Fatigue 05:19 Tools
Moderation Is Boring 04:06 Tools
It's All Done by Mirrors 06:31 Tools
In My Direction 04:58 Tools
Day To Day 03:14 Tools
Happy Ho-Daddy 02:09 Tools
Big Ben 01:16 Tools
Latin and Greek 02:59 Tools
4:56 Stingray 02:00 Tools
Money 05:00 Tools
Vampires 04:06 Tools
China Rock 02:37 Tools
Flame Exchange 01:16 Tools
My Sin Is My Pride 02:51 Tools
Baby Lets Play House 02:28 Tools
Miserlou 02:05 Tools
Everything Stops The Baby 00:45 Tools
Big Boss Man 02:39 Tools
Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day 02:43 Tools
Spanish Archer 05:19 Tools
It's so Easy 02:02 Tools
Strings 02:24 Tools
Quiet Village 02:07 Tools
Hollow Ponds 02:59 Tools
Gouch 02:01 Tools
Stormy Monday Blues 03:53 Tools
Down Home Girl 02:52 Tools
I Need You 02:21 Tools
Try To Put It Out Of Your Mind 03:53 Tools
Young Mans World 04:02 Tools
650 Scrambler 01:55 Tools
Surf Softly and Carry a Big Board 02:24 Tools
Johnny B. Goode 02:55 Tools
Everything's a System, Everyth 02:21 Tools
Slow Days 02:17 Tools
Quasimoto 02:17 Tools
Surfin' Usa 02:15 Tools
Surfer Girl 02:26 Tools
Shortin' Bread 02:19 Tools
The Pier 02:21 Tools
Openside 02:55 Tools
Under The Boardwalk 02:42 Tools
What I'd Say 06:32 Tools
Diddy Wah Diddy 03:15 Tools
Can't You See I Do 02:26 Tools
everything stops for the baby (short version) 00:53 Tools
Walking The Dog 02:34 Tools
Surf's You Right 02:52 Tools
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star 02:47 Tools
Every One but Me 02:27 Tools
Main Title From Ride the Wild Surf 02:02 Tools
I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog 02:33 Tools
Good Golly Miss Molly 02:36 Tools
Let's Surf Again 01:57 Tools
Buy Me a Round 02:46 Tools
Tryin' to Get To You 02:15 Tools
Razzamatazz 02:21 Tools
Greenback Dollar 02:38 Tools
Scotch and Guitar 02:21 Tools
Let The Good Times Roll 02:20 Tools
Summertime 02:38 Tools
Roll Over Beethoven 03:10 Tools
Linda Lou 03:23 Tools
Shop Around 03:32 Tools
Around and Around 02:32 Tools
You Gotta Let Me Go 02:00 Tools
Wine, Wine, Wine 02:06 Tools
Burning Love 02:43 Tools
Bodies In The Bath 04:13 Tools
I'm a Fool 02:20 Tools
Rocket to Mars 02:54 Tools
El Aguila 01:59 Tools
We Were Taking 04:02 Tools
Swim Little Mermaid 02:40 Tools
Almost Grown 01:59 Tools
Go Go Go 02:35 Tools
Guitar Samba 03:07 Tools
Love Goes On 02:12 Tools
Bony Moronie 02:07 Tools
My Little Beach Bunny 02:20 Tools
Pyramid Stomp 01:38 Tools
Hey Sugarfoot 02:25 Tools
650 Scambler 01:56 Tools
Go Fight For Her 02:01 Tools
Little Lover 01:58 Tools
Blue Jungle 02:41 Tools
The La La La Song 02:14 Tools
Wine, Wine Wine 02:07 Tools
Surf Softly and Carry A Big Board (dubbed) 02:24 Tools
Still Living Out The Car Crash 04:24 Tools
Storm 02:48 Tools
The Tables Have Turned 02:25 Tools
Girls Like You 02:47 Tools
The Astronaut 02:39 Tools
Young Man's World 04:13 Tools
Sticks And Stones 02:10 Tools
Unchain My Heart 03:06 Tools
Laura 02:11 Tools
Count Your Mistakes 02:11 Tools
Out Of Limits 02:07 Tools
Be-Bop-A-Lu-La 02:13 Tools
Everything Stops For Baby (Short Version) 00:00 Tools
Ragtime Baby 02:31 Tools
Fighting Side Of Me 02:52 Tools
Dimples 02:28 Tools
Shame, Shame, Shame 02:52 Tools
Batman (Movin') 09:15 Tools
In My Car 02:35 Tools
Devil Drivers Theme 02:14 Tools
Mama Tried 02:26 Tools
Only Those In Love 02:06 Tools
Movin' (Mono Version) 01:59 Tools
I Know You Rider 02:15 Tools
Constitution 02:59 Tools
Space Laser 02:20 Tools
Mary Lou 02:27 Tools
The Seventh Son 02:27 Tools
Main Street 02:25 Tools
Nothing Is Impossible 02:43 Tools
Lost in Space 02:58 Tools
The Riff 02:44 Tools
In The Midnight Hour 02:07 Tools
The Things You Crave 05:36 Tools
Let's Go Get Stoned 02:07 Tools
It Doesn't Matter Anymore 02:21 Tools
I Still Remember 02:12 Tools
Ain't That Just Like Me 02:22 Tools
Please Don't Come 'Round Tonight 03:10 Tools
Travelin' Man 02:18 Tools
She's Just My Style 02:40 Tools
The Diary 02:37 Tools
Everything's a System, Everything's a Sign 02:37 Tools
For the Sake of the Art 03:08 Tools
Popcorn 01:43 Tools
Problems 02:37 Tools
Sweet Sweet Child 02:27 Tools
munsters 02:26 Tools
Blues Beat 01:46 Tools
Is the Revolution Coming? 03:43 Tools
Down The Line 02:20 Tools
I'll Stay With You 02:05 Tools
You Can Turn It Off 02:05 Tools
The Storm 02:49 Tools
It Takes All Sorts 03:18 Tools
Such A Night 02:19 Tools
Laugh Laugh 02:53 Tools
Baby What You Want Me To Do 03:11 Tools
When It Rains It Pours 03:13 Tools
If Only Time 04:03 Tools
Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going) 02:50 Tools
Crawfish Song 02:59 Tools
Shortnin' Bread 02:20 Tools
Books 03:12 Tools
Misrilou 05:16 Tools
Bungalow 06:46 Tools
Devil Driver's Themes 02:21 Tools
Better Things 02:50 Tools
Where There's Smoke There's Fire 02:10 Tools
Count Me In 02:16 Tools
Silence 03:25 Tools
Friends 05:53 Tools
Old Songs 03:46 Tools
High Board 05:10 Tools
Big City 02:51 Tools
Sweet Little Rock & Roller 02:28 Tools
Memphis Tennessee 02:46 Tools
Be-Bop-A-Lula 02:14 Tools
Desperately 02:08 Tools
What'd I Say 06:34 Tools
The Birds 09:15 Tools
Twist & Shout 02:35 Tools
Far Away 03:00 Tools
One Wave 07:28 Tools
Wild 09:04 Tools
It Could Never Be The Same 02:22 Tools
Following Orders 05:05 Tools
Can't Cheat Karma 03:44 Tools
Simple Things 09:04 Tools
Out Of Sight 02:18 Tools
Nutbreaker 02:06 Tools
Penetration 03:11 Tools
Lonely and Loaded 05:05 Tools
El Aguila ( The Eagle ) 02:06 Tools
Sorry 03:57 Tools
Amapola 01:43 Tools
Snap It 03:44 Tools
Yes We Can 02:40 Tools
I'm a Rolling Stone 00:00 Tools
Out of Sight, Out of Mind 02:18 Tools
Political Stances 03:57 Tools
The Birds & The Bees 01:57 Tools
New Drummer Boy Blues 03:32 Tools
Reelin' & Rockin' 03:25 Tools
blues for a sceptic 07:06 Tools
Sabre Dance 02:08 Tools
Cold Climate 03:55 Tools
space & shore 00:53 Tools
Brown Eyed Hansome Man 02:09 Tools
Baja (Best Version) 02:28 Tools
Che Che Che 02:07 Tools
Behave Yourself Dub 03:55 Tools
For The Sake Of Art 02:06 Tools
Fiona 04:00 Tools
Political 03:21 Tools
Laserfire 02:28 Tools
Baja [1963] 02:27 Tools
Montezuma 02:22 Tools
Astronauts Theme 01:49 Tools
Baja (Pronounced Ba-Ha) 02:28 Tools
everything stops for baby (short version 00:53 Tools
Don't Think About It 07:29 Tools
Moonshot 03:19 Tools
War of the Satellites 01:49 Tools
Let's Go Trippin 02:06 Tools
Main Title From "Ride The Wild Surf" 02:11 Tools
Sticks & Stones 02:11 Tools
Clarity 01:52 Tools
Dr Perfection 03:32 Tools
Fourth Way 00:00 Tools
Time To Roam 00:00 Tools
Away 00:00 Tools
Twist and Shout 03:54 Tools
Indisputable Fact 03:25 Tools
Faraway 03:10 Tools
Seedy Side of Paul 05:16 Tools
You Don't Know Like I Know 02:36 Tools
surfari 02:06 Tools
Marching 03:12 Tools
The Sheets Are Made Of Cotton 03:12 Tools
Memphis, Tennessee 02:29 Tools
превосходно 03:12 Tools
Highboard 02:06 Tools
Everythings a System, Everythings a Sign 01:58 Tools
Robot Ways 05:16 Tools
Brozem Rock (1962) 03:21 Tools
It's Incredible 04:38 Tools
Baby Please Don't Go 04:38 Tools
Brown Eyed Handsome Man 02:09 Tools
Climbdown 05:04 Tools
Bats In The Belfry 06:28 Tools
SpaceCorn 01:40 Tools
The Hearse (ギアーは叫ぶ) 02:12 Tools
The Surf Party 00:00 Tools
Movin' (太陽の彼方に) [Stereo Version] 02:00 Tools
Pinball Crazy 01:45 Tools
Maybe It's Not Too Late 02:12 Tools
Surf Softly & Carry a Big Board (undubbed) 02:02 Tools
It'll Happen Again 02:12 Tools
Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin') 06:01 Tools
4-56 Stingray 02:02 Tools
The Explorer 03:21 Tools
Space Safari 02:06 Tools
Main Title From "Ride The Wild Surf" (太陽の渚) 02:02 Tools
Seagull Mama 03:05 Tools
A1 Everything Stops For baby 01:43 Tools
Chevy Scarfer (アスファルトを追いかけろ) 01:58 Tools
A Radioactive Pencil 02:36 Tools
Scotch & Guitar 03:23 Tools
Rockin' Bartlett Home 02:06 Tools
cold climate - problems 06:48 Tools
Thugs 00:00 Tools
El Aguila (The Eagle) (ホット・ロッド・パーティー) 02:02 Tools
Bony Maronie 02:06 Tools
Picnic on Pluto 13:10 Tools
Reelin' and Rockin' 00:00 Tools
Still Want Me 01:43 Tools
MOVIN` 03:21 Tools
The House Of The Rising Sun 00:00 Tools
The Birds and the Bees 02:17 Tools
shazam 02:25 Tools
Jupiter Doodle 01:53 Tools
Cruel Space 02:17 Tools
Laugh, Laugh 02:38 Tools
Rockin' Alien 01:24 Tools
A Big Hunk O' Love 02:38 Tools
Baja (サーフィン No. 1) 02:02 Tools
Space Cocktail 00:00 Tools
Conjecture 00:00 Tools
that's where I'll be 01:43 Tools
I'm your astronaut 02:06 Tools
Tequila 02:06 Tools
The Lion Sleeps Tonight 02:19 Tools
Floating Lights 01:43 Tools
The Rain Is Burning 03:23 Tools
Heartbreak Hotel 02:03 Tools
(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 02:28 Tools
Not Doing It 03:54 Tools
Blues 07:05 Tools
Pyramid Stomp (ビートにまかせろ) 02:06 Tools
You, Me & Love 02:06 Tools
- Ride the Wild-Surf 02:01 Tools
Surfers Stomp 02:38 Tools
Chased By Dark Horses 01:43 Tools
Blue Moon Of Kentucky 02:03 Tools
Beatnik Fly 02:06 Tools
ride the wild surf 02:01 Tools
Unchain My Heart - Live 02:01 Tools
Susie Q 02:07 Tools
Medley - Live 02:19 Tools
Baja (1963) 02:27 Tools
Semaphore Men #1 06:50 Tools
Love Me Tender 02:03 Tools
Listen 03:10 Tools
One Mint Julep 02:06 Tools
Movin´ 02:53 Tools
Pudden Sause 02:46 Tools
the night 13:10 Tools
The Night (Baby sings folk songs Part 3) 02:07 Tools
I'm a Rollin' Stone 06:01 Tools
Surf Softly & Carry a Big Board (dubbed) 02:58 Tools
It Was Me 02:58 Tools
Civil Engineer 00:00 Tools
Breakout 00:00 Tools
Melissa's Party 07:25 Tools
A2 Protest Song 02:58 Tools
A1 All Night Party 02:19 Tools
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind 02:58 Tools
Lets Go Trippin' 02:02 Tools
I Walk The Line 02:03 Tools
Let´s Surf Again 02:02 Tools
Chances 00:00 Tools
Rocket Trip 02:09 Tools
Semaphore Men #2 07:25 Tools
Crossfire 02:06 Tools
Outer Limits 02:53 Tools
Movin 02:01 Tools
Baja ∆ 02:29 Tools
Red River Rock 02:07 Tools
A2 Back Soon 02:29 Tools
Baja (Lee Hazelwood) 02:09 Tools
The Astronauts - Kuk 02:09 Tools
Born Jamaican 02:29 Tools
Man With a Funny Talk 02:09 Tools
Banzai Pipeline (Henry Mancini) 02:09 Tools
The Astronauts - The Hearse 02:09 Tools
太陽の彼方に 02:01 Tools
Fire Water 02:19 Tools
Vampire Strippers 02:01 Tools
The Alchemist 02:01 Tools
Pudden Sauce - Intro 02:01 Tools
I'm Down - Live 02:01 Tools
Money - Live 02:01 Tools
Valley of the Blinding Mist 02:19 Tools
Bloody Roots 02:19 Tools
Rockin' Goose 02:03 Tools
El Águila 06:50 Tools
Secret Life (1978 Peel Session) 02:06 Tools
secret life 06:57 Tools
A2 Moderation is Boring 06:57 Tools
Hot Doggin 02:16 Tools
Hotdoggin' 02:16 Tools
A3 Everything Stops For Baby 06:01 Tools
Big Ben (1978 Peel Session) 02:07 Tools
Astronauts / Firewater 06:01 Tools
Memphis, Tennessee - Live 06:01 Tools
Gonna Buy Me A Dog 02:29 Tools
Main Title from Ride the Wild 06:01 Tools
Доброе Утро 02:29 Tools
The Astronauts - Let's Go Trippin' 00:00 Tools
Recondition 00:00 Tools
Skeleton 00:00 Tools
Dead Snare 00:00 Tools
A3 Sod Us 02:19 Tools
Guilty 00:00 Tools
A4 The Traveller 02:19 Tools
A5 How Green Was My Valley 02:19 Tools
Competition Coupe (Gary Usher, Roger Christian) 02:19 Tools
Switchblade 02:19 Tools
Carters House 02:19 Tools
The Seedy Side Of Paul 02:19 Tools
Got a Gun 02:19 Tools
The Level (Feat. Freeway, Reef the Lost Cauze, Millie Mag & Miss Daja) 02:19 Tools
Down the Line - Live 02:19 Tools
This Little Girl of Mine - Live 02:19 Tools
Hot-Doggin' - Live 02:19 Tools
Lonely Planet 02:19 Tools
Inside of the Deadly Wound 02:19 Tools
What Do Ghosts Say 02:19 Tools
The Legs Are Gone 02:19 Tools
The Dark Witch 02:19 Tools
Let`s Go Trippin` 02:03 Tools
Where Do They Go? 06:57 Tools
Motorbike Sluts From Hull 03:20 Tools
Baja (I) 06:57 Tools
back to sing for free again soon 06:57 Tools
How Long Is A Piece Of Stri 06:57 Tools
War of The Sate 06:57 Tools
See You 06:57 Tools
How Green Was My Valey 06:01 Tools
"Kuk" 06:01 Tools
Susi 06:01 Tools
Smellborp 06:01 Tools
Munsters Theme 06:01 Tools
Hey, Sugarfoot (Laurence Weiss, Larry Kusik) 06:01 Tools
Rub It Rub It 06:01 Tools
Surf Softly & Carry A Big Board 06:01 Tools
Track No03 07:27 Tools
Track No01 00:00 Tools
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1) Anarcho-punk band inspired in CRASS Records. 2) Surf band from Colorado in the early 1960's. Their appeal was primarily regional, but their 1963 single "Baja" drew national attention and reached #94 on the Billboard pop charts. 3) A nostalgic surf rock band from Bielefeld, Germany. Their style is instrumental space-surf rock n' roll. The liner notes from their 10" EP "Lost in Space", released in 1993 by Pin Up Records, shed some light on their retro aesthetic: "Do you play your Pin Up Monaural long-play recordings on a Mono phonograph? Please do. 4) Hudson Valley, NY rock band "Astronauts" consisted of 4 great friends and a desire to create music from the heart. 2 CDs and a demo were recorded ('Wizards', 'Avanti', and 'Deep Vermont') under the original line up consisting of Chris Bigley, Corey Burleigh, Simon Hegarty, and Steven Markota. Under the stress of juggling school and touring, Corey and Chris parted ways with Astronauts. Needing a guitar player and a singer, Steven and Simon found Mike Tash and Jacob Kolbinski to play. A 2 song demo was recorded, entitled "Boneshaker". The new line up of Astronauts played many shows but the original fire was not there. Astronauts soon fizzled out and new bands were started. 1) Anarcho-punk band. Inspired by the UK punk explosion. Mark Astronaut formed the band with a few friends in 1977 and began playing local gigs in their hometown of Welwyn Garden City.By 1979 The Astronauts were regularly appearing at free festivals and gigs in London organised by a hippy collective known as Fuck Off Records and from these began a close friendship with London punk bands Zounds and the Mob. That year the first Astronauts ep was released on local label Bugle Records and musically it reflected the hippie drug culture combined with the energy of punk.'All Night Party' still sounds like the paranoid nightmare it did back then.The record established the Astronauts on the local gig scene among the non mainstram hippie/punk/biker crowd.Also in 1979 an ep was released under the assumed name of RESTRICTED HOURS on the Stevenage Rock Against Racism label.'Getting Things Done' attacked the political apathy of smalltown life while 'Still Living Out The Carcrash' was musically a typically nightmarish theme. By 1980 gigs throughout England with Zounds had won over an army of fans and the 'Pranksters In Revolt' ep sold all its copies within weeks.Musically the 4 songs were not as adventurous as the first ep although the lyrics were as incisive as ever.Like many great bands from the postpunk era the Astronauts were completely ignored by the UK music press which then as now was only interested in anything trendy,fashionable or middle class.Local fanzine Zero began to champion the band as did the local newspapers. 'Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs' was released in 1981 to widespread acclaim.Incredibly it received great reviews in virtually all the UK music press.The typical Astronauts audience at the time was largely hardcore punks attracted by the energetic gigs and a handful of hippies so the album was something of a surprise.Full of heartfelt folk ballads and featuring legendary jazz saxophonist Lol Coxhill the album was not what fans had expected but appealed to a different audience.The contradiction of heavy chaotic punk performances and structured melodic alternative pop/folk/ambient songs continues to this day. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.