The Black Twig Pickers

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Blind Man's Lament 02:47 Tools
Rough Carpenters 02:41 Tools
Little Rose 02:44 Tools
Banks of the Arkansas 02:54 Tools
Elkhorn Ridge 02:36 Tools
The Poplar Pole 03:52 Tools
Where the Whippoorwills are Whispering Goodnight 03:28 Tools
You Play the High Card and I'll Play the Ace 03:30 Tools
Old Christmas Morning 02:13 Tools
Roll On John 02:12 Tools
Jack of Diamonds 04:03 Tools
Charleston Girls 03:19 Tools
Sift the Meal and Save the Bran 04:29 Tools
I Can't Stay Here By Myself 04:34 Tools
Don't Drink Nothing But Corn 01:55 Tools
Last Payday At Coal Creek 03:53 Tools
Little Sadie 00:00 Tools
Dead Man's Piece 02:51 Tools
Smoker Wedding March 02:03 Tools
Lay Ten Dollars Down 03:37 Tools
Sweet Little Julie 01:56 Tools
Fire On The Mountain 02:31 Tools
Ducks On The Pond 01:42 Tools
Saro O Saro 01:56 Tools
Craig Street Hop 02:47 Tools
Old Jack Gillie 03:35 Tools
Bonaparte's March Into Russia 02:48 Tools
Pickin' Out The Devil's Eyes 02:09 Tools
Walls of Jericho 02:58 Tools
Love My Honey I Do 03:28 Tools
Sail Away Ladies - I Shall Not Be Moved 02:09 Tools
Rockin' In A Weary Land 04:04 Tools
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane 04:04 Tools
Merry Mountain Hoedown 13:33 Tools
Kensington Blues 13:33 Tools
Soft Steel Piston 13:33 Tools
Some Happy Day 13:33 Tools
Revolt 13:33 Tools
Brushy Fork of John's Creek 10:58 Tools
Ride Old Buck 13:33 Tools
Special Rider Blues 13:33 Tools
Forky Dear 05:16 Tools
Falls Of Richmond 02:00 Tools
Warming By The Devil's Fire 01:46 Tools
Crossing The James 03:52 Tools
Bright Sunny South 10:58 Tools
Goodbye Booze 10:58 Tools
Horseshoe 02:39 Tools
Barnswallow 01:42 Tools
Wednesday Night Waltz 01:42 Tools
Death Of Jerry Damron 04:55 Tools
Last Kind Word Blues 04:30 Tools
Rattletrap 03:06 Tools
Yellow Cat 01:41 Tools
Glory In The Meeting House 02:15 Tools
Stay All Night 03:13 Tools
You'll Never Miss Your Mama 05:45 Tools
Cherry River Line 03:13 Tools
Boatsman 02:48 Tools
Lonesome Valley 02:37 Tools
At The Head Of Every Creek 03:20 Tools
Train 45 07:04 Tools
Paint Bank 03:05 Tools
Callahan 02:10 Tools
Frosty Morning 02:00 Tools
Old Joe Clark 04:17 Tools
Sally Coming Through The Rye 01:46 Tools
Walking In The Parlor 04:17 Tools
Never Miss Your Mama 04:41 Tools
Old-Time Fire On The Mountain 02:11 Tools
Twin Sisters 03:04 Tools
Old Joe Bone 02:50 Tools
P.E.A. Vine Blues 02:23 Tools
Isak's Blues No. 1 01:11 Tools
Get Along Home Cindy 00:00 Tools
Poor Boy Long Ways From Home 00:00 Tools
Spike Driver's Blues 00:00 Tools
Sail Away Ladies 00:00 Tools
Cold, Frosty Morning 00:00 Tools
Angelina Baker 00:00 Tools
Reuben's Blues 04:12 Tools
Lonesome Clinch Mountain 00:00 Tools
Ebeneezer 00:00 Tools
Rambling Hobo 00:00 Tools
Isak's Blues No. 2 01:46 Tools
Great Valley Mine 02:47 Tools
Fair and Tender Ladies 00:00 Tools
Ironto Special 02:37 Tools
Train on the Island 00:00 Tools
Floyd Allen 05:16 Tools
Two White Horses In a Line 00:00 Tools
John Brown's Dream 03:29 Tools
Pallet On Your Floor 03:37 Tools
Lightning Strike 02:57 Tools
Have You Been To Alabama? 03:26 Tools
Waiting On My Rider Back From Town 02:05 Tools
This War Is Killing Me 06:40 Tools
31 Week Blues 03:13 Tools
Roanoke Cindy 01:28 Tools
Lost Indian 02:51 Tools
Oh Death 02:58 Tools
Life on the Ceiling 02:39 Tools
Cherry River Lane 05:18 Tools
Walking in the Parlour 02:43 Tools
I Cant's Stay Here by Myself 02:43 Tools
Trailways Ramble 02:43 Tools
Dive For The Pearl 02:43 Tools
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 00:00 Tools
Cardinal 51 00:00 Tools
Where the Whipoorwills Are Whispering Goodnight 00:00 Tools
Seasonal Hire 00:00 Tools
Old Jack Grille 00:00 Tools
Don't Drink Nothing But C 00:00 Tools
Where The Whippoorwills Are Whispering Tonight 03:28 Tools
Weary Bones Waltz 00:00 Tools
River's Flooded and Robin's Drowned 00:00 Tools
Tell it to the Bossman 00:00 Tools
Original Natural Bridge Blues 00:00 Tools
Rafe Calls the Undertaker 00:00 Tools
P.E.A. 03:28 Tools
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