The Dogs D'Amour

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
How Come It Never Rains 06:04 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go 05:18 Tools
Last Bandit 03:23 Tools
Drunk Like Me 05:12 Tools
Heroine 04:06 Tools
Billy Two Rivers 04:13 Tools
Debauchery 02:57 Tools
Errol Flynn 05:52 Tools
Satellite Kid 06:24 Tools
The Kid from Kensington 03:48 Tools
Empty World 02:29 Tools
Wait Until I'm Dead 04:22 Tools
Medicine Man 04:29 Tools
Sometimes 03:59 Tools
Gonna Get It Right 03:38 Tools
Princess Valium 04:14 Tools
Heartbreak 03:18 Tools
Everything I Want 04:18 Tools
The State I'm In 03:36 Tools
I Think It's Love Again 02:07 Tools
Trail Of Tears 03:15 Tools
Back On The Juice 03:51 Tools
Lady Nicotine 02:51 Tools
Saviour 03:25 Tools
Goddess From The Gutter 03:34 Tools
Victims of Success 04:08 Tools
Hurricane 03:49 Tools
Pretty, Pretty Once 04:08 Tools
Dogs Hair 00:00 Tools
Kiss My Heart Goodbye 04:13 Tools
Ballad Of Jack 03:50 Tools
Bullet Proof Poet 02:47 Tools
Comfort Of The Devil 02:26 Tools
Johnny Silvers 05:50 Tools
So Once Was I 02:54 Tools
Angel 03:58 Tools
How Do You Fall In Love Again 02:40 Tools
More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace 03:53 Tools
You Can't Burn The Devil 03:23 Tools
What You Do 03:53 Tools
Planetary Pied Piper 04:38 Tools
Swingin' The Bottle 04:50 Tools
Cardboard Town 03:14 Tools
Scared of Dying 04:41 Tools
Lie In This Land 03:07 Tools
What's Happening Here? 03:39 Tools
Prettiest Girl In The World 02:45 Tools
Baby Glass 03:39 Tools
When The Dream Has Gone 03:01 Tools
Things Seem To Go Wrong 01:52 Tools
Evil 03:26 Tools
No Gypsy Blood 02:22 Tools
Dynamite Jet Saloon 03:32 Tools
Cath 04:06 Tools
Pourin' Out My Heart 01:21 Tools
Get By 03:36 Tools
Mr Addiction 03:11 Tools
Firework Girl 04:27 Tools
Girl Behind The Glass 03:41 Tools
Chiva 04:59 Tools
Put It in Her Arm 04:06 Tools
Mr. Barfly 04:18 Tools
World's Different Now (An Ode to Drug Hill) 03:34 Tools
Mr Barfly 04:19 Tools
Angelina 03:49 Tools
Roll Over 04:35 Tools
Flyin' Solo 04:13 Tools
Spooks 03:52 Tools
Chains 02:34 Tools
Ooohh! Baby Glass... 00:00 Tools
Tales Of Destruction 03:11 Tools
She Thinks Too Much of Me 02:54 Tools
Gold 02:53 Tools
Don't Ask Me to Say I Love You 00:00 Tools
Girl In Black 00:00 Tools
Flying V Girl 03:42 Tools
Singin 04:55 Tools
Ever do right 02:57 Tools
Kiss This Joint 02:17 Tools
Wired and Wide Awake 02:17 Tools
Quick Joey Small 03:07 Tools
All About You 00:00 Tools
Fool 03:50 Tools
How Do You Fall in Love Again? 02:34 Tools
Dole Hero 00:00 Tools
Angel (So You Shall Be) 00:00 Tools
The Prettiest Girl in the World 02:45 Tools
Never Give Up 04:40 Tools
What's Happening Here 03:39 Tools
Little Boy You 09:23 Tools
All or Nothing 03:52 Tools
Even Angels 06:06 Tools
Can't Get You Out of My Head 00:00 Tools
When the Dream Was Gone 00:00 Tools
Ain't no Loser... Babe 03:10 Tools
I Think It S Love Again 02:12 Tools
All of Them Great 05:19 Tools
Bad Habit Motel 04:44 Tools
Unconcious Boy 05:23 Tools
Barbed Wire Ball 03:34 Tools
Gone Are All The Angels 03:06 Tools
When Bastards Go To Hell 05:17 Tools
Life's A Pain 05:22 Tools
love of my life 03:43 Tools
I Think It's (Love Again) 02:08 Tools
Shadow Town 03:38 Tools
I Think It's Love Again (For Lucie) 02:05 Tools
No one but you 05:00 Tools
Power 04:33 Tools
Live, Love, Die 05:55 Tools
demons 04:53 Tools
Gypsy Blood 02:22 Tools
Just One 00:00 Tools
The girl behind the glass 03:42 Tools
Flying Solo 04:13 Tools
Loves Ya 03:56 Tools
In The Dynamite Jet Saloon 01:13 Tools
Waiting for the next 04:47 Tools
What Price? 03:36 Tools
The Vampyres 05:07 Tools
Doomsday times 04:07 Tools
Grace of God 04:25 Tools
Just An English Outlaw 03:18 Tools
War Of The World 04:21 Tools
State I'm In 04:06 Tools
King, Queen, Jack or Joker? 04:29 Tools
A Thousand Days 05:14 Tools
X-Generation 04:24 Tools
Unconscious Boy 00:00 Tools
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 05:59 Tools
Stealin' From The Devil 05:20 Tools
4 Am 03:49 Tools
How Do You Fall In Love 02:36 Tools
Bullet Proof Poet (For Charles Bukowski) 02:21 Tools
Errol Flynn (For What The Silver Screen Did To Them) 02:08 Tools
English Outlaw 03:55 Tools
Flameboy 03:31 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go - Acoustic Intro 01:28 Tools
Saviour (For Ever) 02:29 Tools
How Do You Fall In Love - 2011 - Remaster; 03:40 Tools
Comfort Of The Devil (For My Soul) 02:14 Tools
Teenage 03:45 Tools
So Once Was I (For the Angel) 02:14 Tools
Hotel Daze 03:40 Tools
Died ' Fore She Got Young 03:46 Tools
Only Girl I Ever Loved 05:00 Tools
Wont You Let Go 04:17 Tools
Even Angels Have Bad Days 06:08 Tools
She Died Before She Got Young 03:15 Tools
When the Dream Has Gone (How Come It Never Rains Pt. 2) 01:41 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (Acoustic Intro) 01:27 Tools
Walk Away 04:53 Tools
How do You Fall in Love (Again) 00:00 Tools
Bloody mary 05:06 Tools
The Kid from Kensington - Extended 03:49 Tools
When Nobody Loves You 04:59 Tools
Heroine - 2011 - Remaster; 02:09 Tools
Livin' On... 04:56 Tools
King Of The Thieves 03:48 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (Extended Version) 06:04 Tools
Won't You Let Go 02:09 Tools
Put It in Her Arms 04:06 Tools
As I See The Poppies Fall 02:41 Tools
The Girl 03:41 Tools
I Think Its Love Again 02:07 Tools
Oooh! Baby Glass 04:18 Tools
Superstition Highway 03:02 Tools
Jewel 04:25 Tools
Phantom (Run To Me) 05:47 Tools
Drunk Like Me (Live Dominion Theatre89) 04:25 Tools
Homesick Angel 03:39 Tools
Forgotten 04:13 Tools
Stealing From The Devil 02:51 Tools
Ugly 03:28 Tools
Trail Of Tears (7-Inch Version) 03:14 Tools
02. So once I was 03:28 Tools
Last Bandit (Live Dominion Theatre89) 04:13 Tools
A Portrait Of Johnny Silvers 05:56 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (Live) 05:39 Tools
Fun 03:44 Tools
Kirsten Jet 04:18 Tools
08. Angel 04:18 Tools
Hard To Leave This World 03:32 Tools
Damnation 04:38 Tools
Whats Happening Here 03:39 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (Live Dominion Theatre89) 03:44 Tools
Everything I Want (Live Dominion Theatre89) 05:39 Tools
World's Different Now (Ode to Drug Hill) 03:34 Tools
Last Bandit - Instrumental 03:24 Tools
Trail Of Tears (Live Dominion Theatre89) 03:39 Tools
another girl another planet 02:42 Tools
Heading For The Target Of Insanity 03:10 Tools
(The Original) Unconcious Boy 03:10 Tools
Poppies Fall 02:42 Tools
Before you Ran away 02:42 Tools
Heartbreak (Live Dominion Theatre89) 03:24 Tools
Medicine Man (Live Dominion Theatre89) 02:42 Tools
Sometimes - Instrumental 04:03 Tools
Died 'Fore She Got Young 03:44 Tools
Can't You Get Out Of My Head 02:16 Tools
Ballad Of Jack (Live) 03:48 Tools
Never Had a Girl Who Would Die For Me 04:03 Tools
Firework Girl - BBC Session 04:07 Tools
Eye of the Beholder 04:03 Tools
Drunk Like Me (Acoustic) 03:42 Tools
All For You 02:39 Tools
What's Happening Here? (Acoustic) 04:25 Tools
(The Original) Unconscious Boy 00:00 Tools
Billy Two Rivers - Instrumental 04:15 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go - Instrumental 05:22 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (Acoustic Intro) - Instrumental 01:26 Tools
Everything I Want - Instrumental 04:16 Tools
Your Voice 03:42 Tools
she thinks too much of me (acoustic) 02:48 Tools
Rise of the Medusa 03:54 Tools
Drunk Like Me (Acoustic Version) 03:41 Tools
Fool Like Me 03:31 Tools
Leave Today 04:15 Tools
How come 04:15 Tools
Things He'd Do 02:32 Tools
Heroine - Instrumental 04:07 Tools
In Your Eyes 01:26 Tools
When The Dream Has Gone (How come it never rains Part 2) 04:51 Tools
Trail Of Tears (7" version) 03:15 Tools
Otherside 04:51 Tools
Goodbye Charlene 03:54 Tools
How Come It Never Rains - Instrumental 04:56 Tools
How Do You Fall In Love Again - Instrumental 02:43 Tools
World's different now 03:31 Tools
kirsten jet (live) 04:14 Tools
All or Nothing (Bonus Track) 03:39 Tools
How Do You Fall In Love Again - BBC Session 03:59 Tools
Wait Until I'm Dead - BBC Session 03:59 Tools
08 Back On The Juice 04:14 Tools
Secret Girlfriend 03:14 Tools
Won't Let You Go 04:17 Tools
The Paupers Fall 03:54 Tools
She Thinks Too Much Of Me (Acoustic Version) 02:52 Tools
English Outlaw (Bonus Track) 03:55 Tools
How do you fall in love(again) 02:59 Tools
things he'd do (acoustic) 02:31 Tools
Planetary Pied Piper - BBC Session 02:17 Tools
Berber wire ball 03:34 Tools
Wait Until I'm Dead - Instrumental 04:17 Tools
In The Dynamite Jet Saloon / Swingin' The Bottle - Instrumental 06:02 Tools
Forever & Ever 04:07 Tools
How Come It Never Rains - The Dogs D'Amour 04:07 Tools
No Gypsy Blood (Bonus Track) 02:17 Tools
01. Drunk Like Me 04:07 Tools
Billy Two Rivers (Live) 03:15 Tools
Drunk Like Me (acoust) 04:07 Tools
Trail Of Tears - Bonus Track 02:08 Tools
Victims of Success - Bonus Track 02:08 Tools
How Come It Never Rains - BBC Session 02:47 Tools
Everything I Want - BBC Session 02:47 Tools
I Dont Want You To Go 04:07 Tools
State I'm In - Instrumental 04:09 Tools
When Your Body Hurts 04:07 Tools
07 heroine 04:07 Tools
Last Bandit (Instrumental) 03:24 Tools
Last Bandit (Live) 03:48 Tools
Wired And Wide Awake! 00:00 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go - BBC Session 03:34 Tools
When The Dream Has Gone (How come it never rains, Pt. 2) 01:44 Tools
The Kid From Kensington (Extended) 03:48 Tools
Dead Flowers 03:48 Tools
How Come it Never Rains ('Unauthorised' out-take version) 00:00 Tools
More Uncharted Heights of Disgrace 03:53 Tools
Ballad of Jack (live bonus track) 03:48 Tools
01 how do you fall in love(again) 04:17 Tools
Heroïne 03:24 Tools
Drunk Like Me (Live) 02:47 Tools
How Come It Never Rains (Dynamite Mix 7" Edit) 03:59 Tools
Love Ya 03:59 Tools
Livin' On 02:47 Tools
09 girl in black 06:02 Tools
04 the state i'm in 06:02 Tools
Satelite Kid 02:17 Tools
04. Satellite Kid 02:17 Tools
Cant get you out of my head 02:17 Tools
01. Debauchery 03:59 Tools
How Come It Never Rains? 04:56 Tools
The Kid From Kensington - BBC Session 05:39 Tools
4 A.M. 03:49 Tools
Everything I Want - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 00:00 Tools
Last Bandit - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 05:59 Tools
02. Coddess From The Gutter 02:47 Tools
08. Trail Of Tears 02:47 Tools
06. Princess Valium 02:47 Tools
03. Hurricane 02:47 Tools
09. Ballad Of Jack 02:47 Tools
Godess From the Gutter 00:00 Tools
Little Boy You + Bonus - Fool (Acoustic) 09:25 Tools
How Come It Never Rains (Live) 04:56 Tools
02. I don't want you to go 02:47 Tools
Heart Shaped Skulls 02:47 Tools
05. Medicine man 02:47 Tools
What's Happening Here (Acoustic) 02:47 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 05:39 Tools
How Come It Never Rains - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 00:00 Tools
03 all about you 02:47 Tools
05 unconscious boy 02:47 Tools
Sometimes (Instrumental) 02:47 Tools
07. Dog's Hair 02:47 Tools
11. Baby Glass 02:47 Tools
03. How come it never rains 09:25 Tools
04. Last bandit 04:56 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (live bonus track) 05:39 Tools
Heartbreak - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 05:59 Tools
Heroine (2011 - Remaster) 04:17 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go Acoustic Intro 01:27 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (Acoustic Intro) (Instrumental) 01:27 Tools
wired & wide awake 02:40 Tools
Beautifully Insane 01:27 Tools
Poor Boy Blues 01:27 Tools
What U Do 01:27 Tools
On The Rocks 00:00 Tools
10. The Prettlest Girl In The World 01:27 Tools
World's Different Now(An Ode To Drug Hill) 03:34 Tools
Loves Yo 03:55 Tools
Victims Of Suggess 00:00 Tools
10. Wait until I'm dead 00:00 Tools
How Do You Fall in Love Again (BBC Session) 00:00 Tools
13. The state I'm in 00:00 Tools
Drunk Like Me - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 05:59 Tools
Trail Of Tears - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 05:59 Tools
Medicine Man - Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90 03:55 Tools
How Do You Fall In Love (2011 - Remaster) 02:40 Tools
11 (the original) unconcious boy 02:40 Tools
07. Everything I want 02:40 Tools
More Uncharterd Heights Of Disgrace 03:53 Tools
08. Heartbreak 02:40 Tools
Dynamite Jet Saloon # 02:40 Tools
I don´t want you to go 02:40 Tools
06. Gonna get it right 05:39 Tools
Victims Of Sucess 05:39 Tools
09. Billy two rivers 03:55 Tools
Hurrican 03:55 Tools
Heartbreak (live) 03:53 Tools
Let Sleeping Dogs Live 05:59 Tools
Last Dance 03:53 Tools
I Don't Want To Go 03:34 Tools
Get it On 05:59 Tools
Firework Girl (BBC Session) 05:59 Tools
Trail of Tears (Live In Concert At The Dominion Theatre 08/12/90) 05:59 Tools
Last Bandit - Wokington 1990 05:59 Tools
Flying Solo - Wokington 1990 05:59 Tools
I Don't Want To Go - Wokington 1990 05:59 Tools
Satellite Kid - Wokington 1990 05:59 Tools
Back On The Juice - Wokington 1990 05:59 Tools
How Do You Fall In Love - 2011 Remaster 05:59 Tools
Everything I Want - Wokington 1990 05:59 Tools
Trail Of Tears - 7'' Version 03:34 Tools
DynamiteJet Saloon 03:34 Tools
How Come It Never Rains (Instrumental) 05:39 Tools
You Cant Burn The Devil 03:53 Tools
Dont Ask Me To Say I Love You 03:53 Tools
Where were you 03:53 Tools
12. The kid from Kensington 03:53 Tools
111 03:53 Tools
What's Happening Here (acoust) 05:59 Tools
How Come It Never Rains (7" Remix) 05:59 Tools
Wait Until I`m Dead 05:59 Tools
Wait Until I'm Dead (BBC Session) 05:59 Tools
aant get you out of my head 02:08 Tools
Heroin 02:08 Tools
Heroine - 2011 Remaster 02:08 Tools
Trail Of Tears (Bonus Track) 02:08 Tools
The Kid from Kensington (BBC Session) 02:08 Tools
Forever And Ever 03:34 Tools
Poppies Fall (Acoustic) 03:34 Tools
Billy Two Rivers (Instrumental) 03:34 Tools
I Don't Want You To Go (Instrumental) 03:34 Tools
Everything I Want (Instrumental) 03:34 Tools
Intro 03:34 Tools
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The origins of the band can be traced to The Bordello Boys, formed in late 1982 by Tyla (born Timothy Taylor), formerly of Kitsch. An American vocalist who was staying in England at the time, Ned Christie (real name Robert Stoddard), was brought into the project and he gave the band the name, The Dogs D'Amour, and co-wrote many early songs with Tyla. Guitarist Nick Halls, bass guitarist Karl Watson and drummer Bam completed the line-up. The Dogs D'Amour played around fifty live shows during this era and recorded on two separate sessions, the second set of which was later released on the bootleg 7" EP, Blame It On Us whilst its lead track, Teenage (a cover of Kitsch's Teenager of the Week) was officially released on the 1983 glam-punk compilation, Trash On Delivery. On the strength of these tracks, the band was signed to a record deal with Kumibeat Records from Finland. However, shortly before the band was scheduled to record its first album, problems began to spring up and Christie left the band in late 1983 because of musical differences with guitarist Tyla. He subsequently joined L.A. Guns as guitarist and backing vocalist upon moving back to America and reverting to his real name. Another reason for the split was that Christie had recently started another band with Bam called On The Wire and had his own recording commitments scheduled with that band, around the same time that the Dogs D'Amour were due to record their own first album. The entire line-up with the exception of Tyla and Watson left the band during this time. The State We're In: Tyla rebuilds the band - Tyla took over on lead vocals (while still playing guitar) to replace Ned Christie and recorded the band's first album, The State We're In, in early 1984. Dave Kusworth and Paul Hornby were brought in on guitar and drums respectively. Hornby had been a founding member of another London band, The Quireboys, earlier in the year. The following year, the band returned from Finland to England and supported Johnny Thunders who was touring for the Que Sera, Sera album at the time. Original Dogs' drummer Bam came back to replace Hornby, and Jo "Dog" Almeida took over from Kusworth on guitar when he left to form Jacobites with Nikki Sudden. The Dogs D'Amour then signed a contract with a Japanese label Watanabe, but did not release any material with them. More changes came during this period when, bass guitarist Karl Watson left and was replaced by Mark Duncan. However, Duncan's stay in the band was only very brief and he gave way for Swiss bass guitarist Mark Drax for a tour in Paris, France. The classic era: late 1980s, early 1990s - A more permanent bass guitarist was recruited by 1987. Steve James was part of what would be known as the "classic" Dogs line-up which also included Tyla, Jo "Dog" Almeida and Bam. This line-up signed a record deal with China Records in 1988. The band released its second album In The Dynamite Jet Saloon in 1988. Essentially, this is the album which first introduced the British general public to the band. It contained singles such as "The Kid From Kensington", "I Don't Want You To Go" and "How Come It Never Rains?", all of which reached the UK Singles Chart top 100. Unlike the four year gap between their first and second albums, the Dogs became more prolific, releasing their third studio album A Graveyard of Empty Bottles in 1989. This album proved to be the highest charting recording of their career, reaching #16 on the UK Albums Chart. During this year, the band toured with Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter. Also in 1989, the Dogs released their fourth album, known as Errol Flynn in the United Kingdom, but King of the Thieves in the United States. Again, this album charted well in the Dogs' home country, reaching #22. It included what is their most successful single, and perhaps best-known song, "Satellite Kid". Another album appeared in 1990 named Straight??!!, but around this time the Dogs had started to fall apart. Tyla had recently split with his wife and the band imploded, live onstage, in Los Angeles. Tyla slashed his own body with a broken glass bottle and brought an end to the band. He needed 30 stitches for the wound. With the group disbanded, Bam Bam joined The Wildhearts and Tyla wrote a poetry book. A year later, the Dogs D'Amour reunited with a new line-up. Jo Almeida, however, decided not to return to the band as guitarist and so Darrell Bath of The Crybabys was brought in to replace him. In 1993, the band recorded a new album, ...More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace. It charted well and received favourable reviews. One of the singles from the album was a cover of the Small Faces song "All or Nothing". By 1994, the Dogs D'Amour had broken up again. The final act of this line-up was the recording of Tyla's solo album The Life And Times Of A Ballad Monger. Although this album was released in the name of Tyla, it includes all of the Dogs D'Amour members from the 1992 line-up. Activity in the 2000s - In 2000, The Dogs D'Amour reunited for a short time with a line-up of Tyla, Jo "Dog" Almeida, Bam and Share Pedersen of Vixen (Bam's wife). They released an album Happy Ever After that year, along with a special fan club only release Seconds. Bam and Pederson then left the band and now play in their own act entitled Bubble. Since the short lived reunion, frontman Tyla has moved to Barcelona, Spain, and has focused on his solo career, releasing a number of albums in the 2000s under his own name. He also released two albums under the name The Dogs D'Amour, When Bastards Go To Hell and Let Sleeping Dogs..., in 2004 and 2005 respectively, along with the live album Unleashed. These, however, are essentially solo albums under a different title, as for the most part they just feature Tyla playing all instruments and his then-wife Yella on backing vocals with none of the past Dogs D'Amour members except for a guest guitar solo from Darrell Bath on When Bastards Go To Hell's title track.. Tyla has toured the United States and the United Kingdom under the name Tyla & the Dogs in recent times and having released the album Bloody Hell Fire under this moniker. The United Kingdom tour saw The Yo-Yo's (the band of Danny McCormack of The Wildhearts) as his backing band. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.