The Dreamside

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Spin Moon Magic 03:39 Tools
Forsaken 05:37 Tools
Into a Frenzy 04:06 Tools
Mirror Moon 04:36 Tools
Slay Your Dragons 05:34 Tools
The Feast Is Set 04:15 Tools
Gates of Dawn 05:03 Tools
Dreaming All of You 04:39 Tools
Somewhere Before 04:45 Tools
Open Your Eyes 03:55 Tools
Die Hoffnung (Dance Version) 04:12 Tools
This Quest 08:15 Tools
Nocturnal 04:47 Tools
Song of the Sirenes 01:52 Tools
Joyfire 04:30 Tools
Apaika 04:35 Tools
Get Away 04:07 Tools
Faery Child 05:39 Tools
Nuda Veritas 05:12 Tools
The Dreamside 04:55 Tools
Goddesses 05:06 Tools
Wonders 05:37 Tools
Forsaken (Vigilante Remix) 03:44 Tools
Everlasting 03:35 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Feat. Rogue) 03:41 Tools
Into a Frenzy (Hungry Lucy Remix) 04:49 Tools
In Longing 04:13 Tools
Die Hoffnung (Angels and Agony Remix) 04:31 Tools
Sticks and Stones 04:50 Tools
Silently Awake 04:09 Tools
The Divine 07:01 Tools
Above Below Around (Version 2007) 03:59 Tools
Cest Soir 04:30 Tools
Divina 04:29 Tools
Lunar Nature 05:01 Tools
Higher Ground 04:50 Tools
When Stars Fall 03:49 Tools
Above Below Around 05:05 Tools
In Longing (Satyrian Remix) 04:12 Tools
Nuda Veritas (Version 2007) 05:08 Tools
Slow 06:23 Tools
Fairy Child 05:41 Tools
Carpe Diem 04:22 Tools
Sternenkind 06:37 Tools
Carry On 04:41 Tools
Faery child (Crüxshadows Remix) 05:59 Tools
La Tempesta 05:04 Tools
Serpents Kiss 03:56 Tools
Hush 03:30 Tools
Seeds of Pain 04:04 Tools
Ritornerai 05:20 Tools
Fallen Angel 04:47 Tools
Travel 05:50 Tools
Willing to Learn 04:05 Tools
Amazing Descendant 04:34 Tools
Lúis 05:06 Tools
Eurylheia 03:52 Tools
Symbol 00:55 Tools
Fear of Being 03:58 Tools
Sticks and Stones (The Dreamside) 05:18 Tools
Unforsaken (Storm Katrina Remix by Illa Noiz) 05:34 Tools
Women's Chant 03:19 Tools
Unspoken 04:44 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Blutengel Remix) 04:46 Tools
Vlindertje 01:34 Tools
In Longing (The Dreamside) 04:12 Tools
Open your eyes (feat. Rogue) (single version) 03:40 Tools
Dead End Streets 05:06 Tools
Forever And A Day 10:31 Tools
The Feast Of The Sirenes (Lunascape Remix) 04:57 Tools
Forsaken Moog Bass (Aaron Jasinski Remix) 06:04 Tools
Fantasy 04:06 Tools
Troppo Per del Tempo 04:01 Tools
Paroles Dans la Nuit 05:07 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Lunascape Remix) 05:01 Tools
Godesses 05:05 Tools
collide 05:01 Tools
Die With Me 06:59 Tools
Sorrow Bearing Tree 04:12 Tools
Godsent 08:06 Tools
Faery Child (Cruxshadows Mix) 06:59 Tools
Treasures (Featuring 18 Summers) 04:27 Tools
Walking in my Shoes 04:12 Tools
Perfection in Disguise 04:12 Tools
Unspoken (Remix Featuring Kenji Siratori) 04:12 Tools
Miracle Days 04:12 Tools
What Life Deserves 04:12 Tools
Feeling Strong 04:12 Tools
Seraphim 04:12 Tools
Breathe with Me 04:12 Tools
Two Steps Ahead 04:12 Tools
Rain and Rivers 08:06 Tools
Dreaming of Angels 08:06 Tools
Disconnected 08:06 Tools
The Spiral Leads 06:17 Tools
Die Hoffnung 04:13 Tools
Godsend 08:06 Tools
Open Your Eyes - Blutengel Remix 04:47 Tools
Untitled Hidden Track 06:17 Tools
Die Hoffnung - Dance Version 04:13 Tools
Forsaken - Vigilante Remix 03:45 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Album Version) 03:57 Tools
Unspoken (Remix) 04:11 Tools
Into a Frenzy - Hungry Lucy Remix 04:50 Tools
Treasures (Feat. 18Summers) 04:26 Tools
Pale Blue Lights 00:00 Tools
Goddess 05:07 Tools
Die Hoffnung - Angels and Agony Remix 04:32 Tools
Godsent (live) 05:27 Tools
Dance Goddesses Dance 05:46 Tools
Mirror Moon - Original Version 04:36 Tools
Open Your Eyes Featuring Rogue (Album Version) 05:46 Tools
Open Your Eyes - Lunascape Remix 05:03 Tools
Treasures 05:09 Tools
In Longing - Satyrian Remix 04:13 Tools
Fairy Child - Original Version 05:41 Tools
Above Below Around - Original Version 05:05 Tools
25 Years - Session Recording 1998 03:25 Tools
Symbol - Original Version 00:56 Tools
La Tempesta - Original Version 04:57 Tools
Mia Vita - Demo 1998 - Bonus Track 05:19 Tools
Unspoken - Remix 04:12 Tools
Faery Child - The Cruexshadows Remix 04:28 Tools
The Feast Of The Sirens - Lunascape Remix 04:58 Tools
Above Below Around - Version 2007 04:01 Tools
Eurylheia - Original Version 03:52 Tools
Get Away - Original Version 04:08 Tools
Joyfire - Acoustic Version 06:01 Tools
Faery Child - Cruxshadows Remix 06:01 Tools
Die With Me - Bonus Track 07:00 Tools
Forsaken Moog Bass - Aaron Janinski Remix 06:06 Tools
Fragments - Bonus Track 03:04 Tools
Louis 03:41 Tools
Fallen Angel - Original Version 04:47 Tools
Forever and a Day - Original Version 04:22 Tools
Hidden Track 01:27 Tools
Kemistry - Demo 1998 - Bonus Track 05:02 Tools
Wonders - Original Version 05:39 Tools
Dreamside Dreamtime - Demo 1998 - Bonus Track 05:01 Tools
Womens Chant 04:28 Tools
Sticks And Stones - The Dreamside 05:20 Tools
In Longing - The Dreamside 04:13 Tools
Unforsaken - Storm Katrina Remix By Illa Noiz 05:36 Tools
Mirror Moon - 2011 Version 04:36 Tools
Forsaken - Acoustic Version 03:41 Tools
Above Below Around - 2011 Version 04:24 Tools
Somewhere Before (Angels & Agony Remix) 04:56 Tools
Treasures - Feat. 18summers 04:28 Tools
Open your eyes (feat. Rogue) (album version) 03:57 Tools
Silently Awake - Acoustic Version 04:28 Tools
Spin Moon Magic (Dreamside Remix) 03:28 Tools
Faery Child [Crüxshadows ReMix] 04:24 Tools
Nuda Veritas - Version 2007 05:10 Tools
Wonders [onAir: SCHWARZE WELLE] 00:30 Tools
Spin Moon Magic - Acoustic Version 04:28 Tools
Slay Your Dragons - Piano Version 04:28 Tools
Dance Godesses Dance 04:28 Tools
Everlasting - Acoustic Version 04:28 Tools
Faery Child (Cruxshadows Remix 04:28 Tools
Open Your Eyes - Single Version 03:41 Tools
Die Hoffnung (Dance Version) [onAir: SCHWARZE WELLE] 00:30 Tools
Treasures [onAir: SCHWARZE WELLE] 00:30 Tools
Eurylheia - 2015 Mix 04:28 Tools
La Tempesta - 2015 Mix 04:28 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Lunascape re.. 03:41 Tools
Open Your Eyes (blutengel re.. 04:47 Tools
Faery Cild 04:28 Tools
Divina - Remix 04:28 Tools
The Feast Is Set - Lunascape Remix 04:28 Tools
Untitled 04:28 Tools
Forsaken - Aaron Jasinski Remix 04:28 Tools
Unforsaken - Illa Noiz Remix 04:28 Tools
Above Below Around - Re-Recording 2007 04:28 Tools
In Longing - 2006 Demo Version 04:21 Tools
Treasures - Original Version 06:59 Tools
Sticks and Stones - 2006 Demo Version 04:21 Tools
Spin Moon Magic - 4Factor Remix 04:21 Tools
Fairy Child - 2002 the Dreamside Remix 04:21 Tools
Open Your Eyes [Blutengel Remix] 04:28 Tools
Nuda Veritas - Re-Recording from 2007 04:21 Tools
[Untitled Hidden Track] 04:28 Tools
Die With Me [трибьют Type O Negative] 06:59 Tools
Everlasting - The Dreamside Remix 05:59 Tools
Forward - The Dreamside Remix 04:28 Tools
Faery Child (The Cruexshadows Remix) 03:40 Tools
Treasures (feat. 18 Summers) 04:27 Tools
Ophelia 05:34 Tools
Open Your Eyes [Lunascape Remix] 05:34 Tools
Forsaken (Moog Bass Remix) 04:21 Tools
Unspoken (remix feat. Kenji Siratori) 04:12 Tools
Somewhere Before - Angels & Agony Remix 04:21 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Featuring Rogue) [Single Version] 04:21 Tools
Spin Moon Magic - Dreamside Remix 04:21 Tools
Open Your Eyes feat. Rogue 03:40 Tools
Open your eyes (ft. Rogue) 03:55 Tools
Faery Child [Crüxshadows Mix] 05:59 Tools
Open Your Eyes [Single Version] 03:40 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Featuring Rogue, Single Ver) 05:59 Tools
Die Hoffnung (Angels & Agony Remix) 03:40 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Feat. Rogue) 03:55 Tools
Sorrow Bearing Tree (2014) 03:55 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Featuring Rogue, Album Ver) 03:55 Tools
Mirror Moon (2011 Version) 04:36 Tools
Open your Eyes (feat Rogue) 03:55 Tools
Mia Vita - Demo 1998 03:55 Tools
Fragments (Bonus Track) 00:00 Tools
Forsaken Moog Bass [Aaron Jasinski Remix] 03:55 Tools
Open Your Eyes (feat. Rogue) (Blutengel remix) 03:55 Tools
In Longing (2006 Demo Version) 00:00 Tools
Above Below Around (2011 Version) 03:57 Tools
Open Your Eyes (feat. Rogue) (Lunascape remix) 05:03 Tools
Above Below Around (Re-Recording 2007) 05:00 Tools
Fragments 00:00 Tools
Die With Me (type o negative cover) 03:55 Tools
Die Hoffnung (Dance Version Bonus Track) 04:36 Tools
Nuda Veritas (Re-Recording from 2007) 05:36 Tools
Kemistry - Demo 1998 03:57 Tools
Kemistry - Demo 1998 (Bonus Track) 05:02 Tools
Mia Vita - Demo 1998 (Bonus Track) 05:18 Tools
Mirror Moon (Original Version) 05:18 Tools
Die Hoffnung [*][Dance Version][Version] 04:15 Tools
Serpents Fiss 03:57 Tools
Tear of Being 00:00 Tools
Nuda Seritas 00:00 Tools
Divinia 05:36 Tools
Die With Me (Bonus Track) 03:57 Tools
Die hoffnung (dance version) - bonus song 00:00 Tools
Open Your Eyes [Album Version] 00:00 Tools
Athis Quest 00:00 Tools
Unforsaken 05:36 Tools
Forsaken (Acoustic Version) 05:36 Tools
Open Your Eyes (Blutengel Remi 00:00 Tools
Nuda Veritas (Remix) 00:00 Tools
Dreamside Dreamtime - Demo 1998 (Bonus Track) 05:00 Tools
Unforsaken (Illa Noiz Remix) 05:00 Tools
Dreamside Dreamtime - Demo 1998 05:00 Tools
Women's Chart 05:18 Tools
Faery Child [Cruxshadows Remix] 05:18 Tools
Joyfire (Acoustic version) 05:18 Tools
Slay Your Dragons [onAir: Schwarze Welle] 05:36 Tools
Walking In My Shoes (Depeche Mode) 05:36 Tools
Divina (Remix) 05:36 Tools
01 - Everlasting 05:00 Tools
The Feast Is Set (Lunascape Remix) 05:12 Tools
Forsaken Moog Bass 05:12 Tools
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The Dreamside is a rock band formed in the Netherlands in 1994. Their music is most often described as ethereal Goth rock, tending to the faery end of the spectrum, although there are also elements of shoegazer, trip-hop and industrial in early music. They have been compared to everyone from This Mortal Coil and Tori Amos to The Gathering and Nightwish. The band was formed by Italian-Dutch singer Kemi Vita and bass guitarist Roman Schoensee, who have remained the band's core songwriters. They recorded Pale Blue Lights, the band's debut album, pretty much solo with assistance from various musicians; it was released in 1994 to excellent reviews. To tour the album Vita recruited guitarist Fried Bruggink, who became another core member of the band. The Dreamside's next release, Nuda Veritas (1995), consisted of several dance/techno remixes of songs from their debut album. In 1996 they released their second album, Apaika, a glossier, more ethereal album than the first. Again reviews were excellent, and the Dreamside steadily became more popular in Europe. They also toured the USA for the first time, although to a tepid response, as the American Goth scene had shifted attention to harder-edged styles. The band took an extended break, returning in 2001 with Mirror Moon, a harder, more metallic album. The group, and particularly Vita, changed looks, abandoning their Victorian-style dress for corsets, rubber and fetish gear. The following year the band returned to the USA, releasing Faery Child, a "best of" compilation. A breakthrough remained elusive, however. The Dreamside's fourth "proper" album, Spin Moon Magic, was released in September 2005; it continues in the harder, more rock style of Mirror Moon. In 2007 The Dreamside celebrated their 13th anniversary by releasing “The 13th Chapter”, a remix album with 13 tracks featuring contributes from acts like Angels and Agony, Lunascape, Satyrian and Vigilante as well as duets with 18Summers, Born from Pain and the Japanese poet Kenji Siratori. In 2009 The Dreamside released their 5th studio album on the Finnish label Lion Music. Highlights of this release were the beautiful stop motion animation of the Dutch animation artist Eva de Winkel for the song “Sternenkind” and the collaboration with the band “Information Society”. In the same year Louis Buurman joined The Dreamside on the guitar. He played his first show at the Rotterdam Winterborn Festival where Rogue and Kemi performed “Open Your Eyes” live together on stage. The Dreamside is currently working on their 6th album. The album will be released on the bands own label “Spin Moon Media”. The band currently consists of Kemi Vita, Roman Schoensee, Louis Buurman, guitarist Cees Visit and drummer Merijn Mol. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.