The Fools

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Psycho Chicken 03:11 Tools
It's A Night For Beautiful Girls 03:52 Tools
Running Scared 02:25 Tools
Night Out 03:06 Tools
I Won't Grow Up 02:09 Tools
Psycho Chicken (Clucked) 03:11 Tools
Life Sucks... Then You Die 02:58 Tools
Mutual Of Omaha 03:45 Tools
Spent The Rent 02:45 Tools
Sold Out 03:22 Tools
Fine With Me 03:19 Tools
Rise You Restless Dreamers 02:28 Tools
Mind Control 04:08 Tools
Sad Story 04:27 Tools
Ambiguous Utopia 01:44 Tools
To A Bear 02:15 Tools
Little Boxes 02:39 Tools
Dressed In White 03:47 Tools
Lost Number 03:31 Tools
Do Re Mi 03:02 Tools
Alibi 03:44 Tools
The Job Song 01:17 Tools
Seeing The Elephant 02:46 Tools
Last Cadillac On Earth 03:33 Tools
Come On Me 01:26 Tools
I Don't Want To Be Alone 03:12 Tools
Kitchen Sinks 02:56 Tools
Easy For You 03:35 Tools
Destroy All Dreamers 04:09 Tools
She Makes Me Feel Big 03:29 Tools
The Moon Song 03:20 Tools
Free To Pay 03:55 Tools
Lobster Pudding 01:50 Tools
Uncarved Block 01:52 Tools
Local Talent 04:13 Tools
What I Tell Myself 04:29 Tools
Tell Me You Love Me 02:53 Tools
Coming Home With Me 03:39 Tools
Around The Block 03:39 Tools
わけなんかないさ 05:21 Tools
World Dance Party 04:19 Tools
for my mother 02:53 Tools
cosmic love 00:30 Tools
いつだってそうさ 05:45 Tools
Psycho Chicken (1980) 03:22 Tools
I Love Your Tits 02:34 Tools
Time Will Not Erase Us 02:08 Tools
Come On Boogie 03:47 Tools
Heart Strings NEW 02:34 Tools
The Great Whale 02:08 Tools
Last Time 03:46 Tools
Fly With Me 03:46 Tools
Dancin' On The Moon 04:49 Tools
Heart Strings 03:47 Tools
つくり話 04:47 Tools
空を見上げて 05:35 Tools
Mr.Freedom 09:15 Tools
Give Me “Chance” 08:07 Tools
Time Goes Slipping By 03:55 Tools
Fever Dream 05:35 Tools
No Free Love 04:33 Tools
Be All Right 03:54 Tools
Don't Tell Me 05:35 Tools
Million Miles 04:33 Tools
Crazy 04:33 Tools
Doo Wah Diddy 03:41 Tools
Untouchables 03:22 Tools
Open Door 01:45 Tools
All I Got 03:58 Tools
Sex 03:17 Tools
Wastin' Time,Off Your Beat 05:51 Tools
Life Sucks...Then You Die 06:21 Tools
Bite It 03:36 Tools
Arount The Block 03:36 Tools
Baby I Want To Know 02:38 Tools
Can't Keep My Mind on You 03:27 Tools
街を歩いてみろ 04:28 Tools
Baby, I Want to Know 02:40 Tools
It's A Night 03:27 Tools
the lullaby 01:47 Tools
Enjoy It 03:27 Tools
まるで宝物のように 04:32 Tools
あの娘はメロディー 06:32 Tools
We're Not Alone 03:20 Tools
カラッポな一日 06:06 Tools
Mr. Big 11:13 Tools
いい時も悪い時も 04:48 Tools
Tom Dooley 04:48 Tools
となりの誰かに 11:13 Tools
Texas Chainsaw Square Dance Massacre 03:44 Tools
Life Sucks, Then You Die 06:32 Tools
Bigfoot Stole My Wife 04:40 Tools
Highway Song 05:32 Tools
the dream 04:17 Tools
Kill For The Devil 05:32 Tools
Modern Man 02:18 Tools
Two Feet 07:05 Tools
I'm Drunk 07:05 Tools
A Good Day 02:18 Tools
3.50 05:32 Tools
がんじがらめの愛 05:32 Tools
PSYCHO CHICKEN (Beeped) 03:19 Tools
このままゆこう 07:05 Tools
Play With Me 03:19 Tools
I've Never Had It So Good 07:05 Tools
Too Many Ways To Die 00:00 Tools
The Club 00:00 Tools
Dreamer 00:00 Tools
Reaper 00:00 Tools
酒飲んでParty 05:48 Tools
Long And Hard 03:19 Tools
L.L. Cool Bean 04:40 Tools
Hello My Pain 05:12 Tools
What You Want? 07:31 Tools
April 8th Poem 00:00 Tools
What I Tell Myself (Single Edit) 03:06 Tools
What You Want 00:00 Tools
I Rock, Therefore I Am 05:12 Tools
SILLY BLUES 00:00 Tools
Dear Santa 00:00 Tools
On Our Way 00:00 Tools
Yo-Yo Love 04:40 Tools
Ruby 06:40 Tools
Too Far 00:00 Tools
Bullmoose 00:00 Tools
Back To The Real World 03:06 Tools
Bing Bong 05:48 Tools
I'm A Nun 03:06 Tools
戦争反対 02:13 Tools
MONEY 00:00 Tools
イントロ 00:00 Tools
So Tough 06:45 Tools
Tender Radiance 05:48 Tools
Oh Betty 03:06 Tools
That's It, Go Home 03:06 Tools
GIVE ME 'CHANCE' 08:07 Tools
Wastin' Time, Off Your Beat 05:51 Tools
Easy Driver 06:40 Tools
I Go Beyond 06:06 Tools
Freedom 12:30 Tools
Even Fools Know 01:30 Tools
always tomorrow 03:06 Tools
Get Up,Stand Up 00:00 Tools
無力のかけら 12:30 Tools
Life Sucks ... Then You Die 03:47 Tools
空を見あげて 05:57 Tools
CHINA BLEEDS 00:00 Tools
When Will I Go Swimming? 05:48 Tools
動き出せ! 07:55 Tools
Top & Joy 07:55 Tools
酒のんでPARTY 05:48 Tools
Just Give Up 03:37 Tools
Oh.Baby 05:17 Tools
I Rock Therefore I Am 06:06 Tools
What You Want ? 07:31 Tools
Instrumental 08:03 Tools
OH. BABY 00:00 Tools
Sweatshirt Poem 03:19 Tools
Gel Pen 00:00 Tools
Plumbing On My Mind 05:48 Tools
World Dance Party (Remix) 02:40 Tools
Introduction 01:11 Tools
Gun On My Radio 02:40 Tools
Brain 06:06 Tools
Let's Go To Bed 05:48 Tools
Sensou Hantai 06:06 Tools
Mr. Freedom 03:19 Tools
I Shot Santa In My Underwear 03:19 Tools
Dance Around the Room 03:19 Tools
Freedom91 05:51 Tools
Hey! Souri-Daijin 05:51 Tools
Closure 03:03 Tools
Chiktyuu No Uede 03:03 Tools
I Love Pigs 05:48 Tools
20 Lint 2 Coffee 05:48 Tools
The Fools - Life Sucks Then You Die 03:03 Tools
Folly 02:40 Tools
Hen House 02:40 Tools
More of Everything 05:48 Tools
SPY OF LOVE 03:19 Tools
I Feel Good Tonight 03:19 Tools
Mack The Knife 05:48 Tools
Monday 05:48 Tools
Ugoki-Dase! 05:48 Tools
Rookie At The Plate 05:48 Tools
Psycho Chicken (Clucked Version) 00:00 Tools
Scary Movies 00:00 Tools
I Wish That I Was Not Along Tonight 00:00 Tools
Lay it Down Lady 00:00 Tools
Exodus 05:48 Tools
Shelter 03:33 Tools
Psycho Chicken (Version 1) (1980) 03:19 Tools
Psycho Chicken (Clucked Version) (Bonus) 03:19 Tools
Life Sucks...Then You Die! 03:19 Tools
TV EAZY 03:19 Tools
Things That Lovers Do 03:19 Tools
I Don't Know 03:19 Tools
Sports And Beer 03:19 Tools
Phantom Of The Laundromat 03:19 Tools
REBEL MUSIC 03:19 Tools
やつらWOO 03:19 Tools
Muryoku No Kakera 03:19 Tools
I Don't Know 03:19 Tools
Sports And Beer 03:19 Tools
Phantom Of The Laundromat 03:19 Tools
American Healing 03:19 Tools
It's A Night For Beautiful GirThe Fools 00:00 Tools
Hear me out 00:00 Tools
Ancient Age 00:00 Tools
Free Ballin' 00:00 Tools
Stand Up and Fight 00:00 Tools
I'm Gonna Take you Home 00:00 Tools
Oh Yeah 00:00 Tools
The Groover 00:00 Tools
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1) The Band of “Psycho Chicken”. 2) Mark Gunnery (of the Riot-Folk collective) and Mahra Parian. 3) Japanese R&R Band.Check also フールズ. (1) The Fools Story By Hugh Jarse Sometime around 1975, deep in the Home of the Fried Clam, Ipswich, Massachusetts, a really fun bunch of guys who had a band called "The Rhythm A's" somehow changed and became The Fools. This is their story. All entertainers have a gimmick, a shtick, if you will (even if you won't). The object of a Fools show was to blow real life out of all proportion and morph ‘just another night out to see a band’ into the most fun anyone had ever had — anywhere! Meeting with great success, it wasn't long before the lads were masterminding stage trickery, pratfalls, skits, themes, twisted audience participation, practical jokes, paybacks, big nights and even some colossal events. Then they discovered radio. In 1979 "Psycho Chicken," X-rated parody of The Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer," exploded over the airwaves of Boston. The boys were so excited they followed up almost at once with another whopping hit — "It's a Night for Beautiful Girls." And the guys weren't the only ones to get excited. EMI Records signed the band and sent them right out to tour the U.S. with The Knack. The tour was a smashing success. Then, off to Miami to record the victorious debut album "Sold Out." The 1980’s saw the band through a storybook journey of mounting success and achievement. Adoring fans, media attention, the second album "Heavy Mental," touring the U.S. with Van Halen, massive "hometown" shows in Boston, TV appearances galore, European Tours with dizzying record sales, music videos and MTV. Then came the break with EMI. The band, alone and exhausted, retired to Cape Cod for a summer and bravely wrote their most successful album, "World Dance Party." Fueled by no less than four big radio tunes, WDP flew out of stores all across the nation. The title track "World Dance Party," along with a "Doo Wah Diddy" remake, "Life Sucks…Then You Die" and "She Makes Me Feel Big" all added up to a blockbuster of an independent release bringing in sales in excess of either 500,000 or 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 — depending on which band member you ask. Are they playing it up? (Or playing it down.) Record-breaking radio airplay, new videos with heavy MTV play, new releases and constant touring propelled The Fools through the mid-1990's. Now in the new millenium they're at it again. Do not miss an opportunity to experience the spectacle and splendor, the legendary bombast, yes the shock and the awe — The Fools! Who Have To Fools Played With ?...Heres just a few according to Rich Bartlett ! Let me see........There were more than a few....Though not a complete list I do remember these: In no particular order: The Doobie Brothers,[ our first 'big' show. people threw things at us] Rush,[couldn't have been nicer] J Geils,[a few times] Jefferson Starship, Blondie,[ the show at the Orpheum got us signed to EMI] The Knack,[ they're one and only tour] Van Halen,[nuff said] Toto, The Plasmatics [with Wendy O'Williams. Scary!], The Bangles,[sigh] Alvin Lee, Joan Jet, Roger McQuin, Steppenwolf, Rick Derringer, The Ramones, The Motels, Otis Day and the Knights [what a joke], Los Lobos, David Johansen, that guy who did 'It's too late for Sharon Tate' and 'People who Died', Oh yeah, that girl who did 'Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves. I know there's more. The mind is a terrible thing. Plus we did some television in Europe with Cheap Trick, Motorhead, Girl School, Peter Gabriel, The Pointer Sisters, Kate Bush, Billy Squire, 'The Dolly Dots' , a 1981 Dutch version of 'The Spice Girls, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes. Or is it Jukes? I know I'm forgetting some... Then there were a lot of Boston bands like: The Drive, The Del Fuegoes, The Dawgs, Jon Butcher Axis, The Cars,[remember Footstock?], Til Tuesday, The Nervous Eaters, Farrenheit, The Stompers, New Man, Steve Smith and the Nakeds, Girls Night Out, Face To Face, Private Lightning, The Bristols, Tom Hambridge, Human Sexual Responce, Robin Lane, Reddy Teddy, James Montgomery, The Neighborhoods, New England, Orchestra Luna, The Joe Perry Project, The Rings, The Swinging Erudities, The Orbits, and most of Ralph Fatello's bands [The Vinny Band, The Nor'easters, Semper Fi] My apologies to those I can't remember now. If I can think of anybody else, I'll let you know... Rich Bartlett You know, I was looking at the web site and saw all those bands you guys played with ! VERY impressive ! If you want to add a few local band names to the list, here's what I got ! In August of "76 ( that's right,I was 5 years old ) yoos guys played at the Twin Rinks on 114 in Danvers with : " Hot To Trot ", "Cloud ", " Voyage " and " Blue Moon " ( My second band with Paul Bonaiuto and Mike Shea )! Let's not forget the many times we played together when Sadler and I had "The Carmody Band " ! Gigs at the Summit Club,The Main Act ( Harbor House ) and I believe the Paradise ( though I'm not too sure about THAT one, I know we played with " The Stompers " and " Private Lightning" a couple of times) I'm sure you're getting inundated with "has beens" trying to re-fresh your memory of those legendary bygone days and I won't take-up any more of your time ! It's not that IMPORTANT to me! Roger Carmody (2) The Fools are Mark Gunnery (of the Riot-Folk collective) and Mahra Parian. Their S/T (2006) album was recorded in Mark's bedroom in Berkeley in fall and winter, 2006. The CD has a twenty page booklet full of foolish lyrics, art and writings. They have toured parts of the USA and Canada. They are currently working on a zine/CD combo, no release date as of yet. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.