The Hilltoppers

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P.S. I Love You 00:00 Tools
Only You (And You Alone) 02:32 Tools
Marianne 00:00 Tools
Trying 00:00 Tools
I Love My Girl 00:00 Tools
I'd Rather Die Young 00:00 Tools
From the Vine Came the Grape 00:00 Tools
Only You 00:00 Tools
Till Then 00:00 Tools
I Must Be Dreaming 00:00 Tools
Do the Bop 00:00 Tools
The Joker 00:00 Tools
Poor Butterfly 00:00 Tools
Love Walked in 00:00 Tools
Time Waits For No One 00:00 Tools
The Kentuckian Song 00:00 Tools
To Be Alone 00:00 Tools
Ka-Ding-Dong 00:00 Tools
P.S I Love You 00:00 Tools
If I Didn't Care 00:00 Tools
P. S. I Love You 00:00 Tools
My Treasure 00:00 Tools
Until the Real Thing Comes Along 00:00 Tools
Only You and You Alone 00:00 Tools
Must I Cry Again 00:00 Tools
I Love You 00:00 Tools
So Tired 00:00 Tools
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 00:00 Tools
A Fallen Star 00:00 Tools
If I Didnt Care 00:00 Tools
Chicken, Chicken 00:00 Tools
The Joker (That's What They Call Me) 00:00 Tools
Teardrops In My Eyes 00:00 Tools
The Door Is Still Open 00:00 Tools
Searching 00:00 Tools
From the Wine Came the Crape 00:00 Tools
I´d Rather Die Young 00:00 Tools
Ka Ding Dong 00:00 Tools
Only You - And You Alone 00:00 Tools
Why Baby 00:00 Tools
Maybe You'll Be There 00:00 Tools
No Regrets 00:00 Tools
You Try Somebody Else 00:00 Tools
D-A-R-L-I-N' 00:00 Tools
Marianne (Re-Recorded) 00:00 Tools
Tear Drops from My Eyes 00:00 Tools
P.S. I Love 00:00 Tools
Bettina 00:00 Tools
If I Were King 00:00 Tools
Mansion on the Hill 00:00 Tools
Tryin' 00:00 Tools
There Is No Greater Love 00:00 Tools
The Hill Toppers - Only You (Ram/Rand) 00:00 Tools
I Found Your Letter 00:00 Tools
You're All That I Need 00:00 Tools
Hilltoppers - Marianne 00:00 Tools
The Last Word In Love 00:00 Tools
Marianne 1957 00:00 Tools
For Keeps 00:00 Tools
'Till Then 00:00 Tools
You Made Up My Mind 00:00 Tools
Alone 00:00 Tools
About a Quarter to Nine 00:00 Tools
Until the Real Thing Comes a Long 00:00 Tools
I Can't Lie to Myself 00:00 Tools
Until You're Mine 00:00 Tools
Stormy Night 00:00 Tools
D-A-R-L-I-N 00:00 Tools
If I Didn´t Care 00:00 Tools
I'm Serious 00:00 Tools
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall 00:00 Tools
Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees) 00:00 Tools
Joker (That's What Tey Call Me) 00:00 Tools
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The Hilltoppers were an American popular music singing group with a series of hits; "Tryin", "PS I Love You", "I'd Rather Die Young", "To Be Alone", "Love Walked In", "From the Vine Came the Grape" and "Till Then", all top 10s, making The Hilltoppers one of the top US vocal groups of the 1950s. Originally the group was a trio formed at Western Kentucky State College (now Western Kentucky University), Bowling Green, Kentucky. The original members were three students; Jimmy Sacca (born July 26, 1929, Lockport, New York, died March 7, 2015, in Lexington, Kentucky); Donald McGuire (born October 7, 1931, Hazard, Kentucky, died September 7, 2018, in Lexington, Kentucky); and Seymour Spiegelman (October 1, 1930 – February 13, 1987). Spiegelman was born in Seneca Falls, New York. They took their name from the nickname of the Western Kentucky athletic teams. They later added a pianist, Billy Vaughn (April 12, 1919 – September 26, 1991). Vaughn was born in Glasgow, Kentucky. Vaughn was eventually to become famous in his own right as an orchestra leader. In 1952 they recorded a song, "Trying", written by Vaughn. A local disc jockey sent a copy to Randy Wood at Dot, and he agreed to distribute the record. It became a Top 10 hit single. They went on to record a number of additional hits until their break-up. Their 1953 release, "P.S. I Love You," sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Spiegelman died in New York City, NY. Vaughn died in Escondido, California. Sacca and McGuire both died in Lexington, Kentucky. Hit records Year Title Chart positions US CB UK 1952"Trying"75— 1953"Must I Cry Again"1522— "I Keep Telling Myself"2639— "If I Were King"2226— "I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old without You)"812— "P.S. I Love You"45— "Love Walked In"811— "To Be Alone"814— 1954"'Till Then"107— "Alone"(Jimmy Sacca, solo)—28— "From the Vine Came the Grape"83— "Time Will Tell"2738— "Poor Butterfly"1214— "Wrapped Up In a Dream"—37— "Sweetheart (Will You Remember"2425— "If I Didn't Care"1718— "Time Waits for No One"2526— 1955"D-A-R-L-I-N'"—16— "The Door Is Still Open to My Heart"—22— "The Kentuckian Song"2022— "Only You (And You Alone)"833 "Searching"8143— "My Treasure"3137— 1956"Ka-Ding-Dong"3817— "Tryin'"——30 1957"Marianne"3220 "I Love My Girl"7545— "I'm Serious"74—— "A Fallen Star"5824— "The Joker (That's What They Call Me)"2220— Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.