The Hose

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I Survived (Original Vrs.) 04:14 Tools
the Piano Song 07:14 Tools
I Survived 01:29 Tools
The Piano Song (Collezione Autunno Inverno Mix) 06:34 Tools
The Piano Song (Alla Vecchia Mix) 05:28 Tools
The Pressure 07:34 Tools
Magma 05:04 Tools
my little stalker (technoboy opera mix) 05:25 Tools
Call It Hardstyle (The Raiders Remix) 07:10 Tools
Magma (Paco Ezemento Mix) 07:02 Tools
Pressure 06:29 Tools
Loudness 00:00 Tools
My Little Stalker 00:00 Tools
Call It Hardstyle! (Technoboy 04:43 Tools
Loudness (Loud version) 07:41 Tools
The Pressure (Original Mix) 07:34 Tools
I Survived (Different Edit) 06:54 Tools
I Survived (Original Version) 04:35 Tools
Magma (Paco Ezzemoto Mix) 05:12 Tools
Call It Hardstyle! (Technoboy Remix) 07:26 Tools
Rockmania 06:26 Tools
Rockmania (Hardstyle Rock mix) 03:05 Tools
I Survived (Original Vrs) 04:30 Tools
Call It Hardstyle [Technoboy Remix] 07:28 Tools
My Little Stalker (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
I Survived @ 04:02 Tools
My Little Stalker (Technoboy Remix) 07:26 Tools
Call It Hardstyle (Technoboy Remix) 00:00 Tools
The Pressure (Dubbona) 06:41 Tools
The Piano Song - Alla Vecchia Mix 05:28 Tools
The pressure - Original Mix 07:34 Tools
My Little Stalker (Technoboy Rude Mix) 00:00 Tools
magma (paco ezzemoto remix) 06:53 Tools
The Piano Song (Alla Vecchia Rmx) 06:26 Tools
Call it Hardstyle 00:00 Tools
Umanoide (Hitech Mix) 06:05 Tools
I Survived - Original Vrs 06:26 Tools
Call It Hardstyle (Original Mix) 03:44 Tools
Umanoide 03:44 Tools
Loudness (Ness Version) 02:35 Tools
The Pressure (Orig. Mix) 02:42 Tools
The Piano Song (Neroticz II Messilione Mash Up) 07:14 Tools
Umanoid (Original Mix) 02:42 Tools
One Million 01:39 Tools
Rockmania (Hardstyle Rock Cafe Mix) 00:00 Tools
Call It Hardstyle - The Raiders Remix 07:12 Tools
My Little Stalker (Live Mix) 08:10 Tools
DrugQueen (Dark Oscillators Remix) 05:54 Tools
Call It Hardstyle (The Raiders Rmx) 04:45 Tools
My Little Stalker (Chemikal Brothers Remix) 07:27 Tools
Umanoide (Lowtech Mix) 06:13 Tools
My Little Stalker (Technoboy O 07:24 Tools
Would You Mind Being Re-Animated 01:51 Tools
My Little Stalker (Live On Stage @ TBY Solo 09.12.2006) 08:10 Tools
The Piano Song - Collezione Autunno Inverno Mix 07:26 Tools
Call it hardstyle! (Original mix) 03:45 Tools
Hankyu-Rokko On The Seabed 04:49 Tools
Timewarp (K-Traxx Remix) 05:13 Tools
Magma - Original Mix 05:10 Tools
A Monk Who Reserves 02:33 Tools
One Million [Misar's Club House Mix] 07:42 Tools
I Survived - Radio Version 07:17 Tools
Lark 07:42 Tools
Drugqueen (original mix) 07:04 Tools
magma (original mix) 06:22 Tools
A Thing That Is Not As It Has Been Used To Be 15:59 Tools
Parabola Towards Death 06:22 Tools
Loudness (Loud mix) 04:24 Tools
Piano 15:59 Tools
47°9′S, 126°43′W 06:22 Tools
An Excuse To Live 07:04 Tools
Drugqueen 04:24 Tools
On Death 04:24 Tools
Captain (For Tetuzi Akiyama) 07:12 Tools
Timewarp (Old Skull Version) 06:53 Tools
Call It Hardstyle ! - Technoboy Remix 05:10 Tools
My Little Stalker - Original Mix 07:24 Tools
Rockmania (Hard style rock mix) 07:44 Tools
My Little Stalker (Live On Stage @ TBY Solo 09.12.06) 07:44 Tools
I Survived - Different Edit 05:10 Tools
My Little Stalker - Technoboy Opera Mix 07:24 Tools
Timewarp (Lifetec Remix) 06:53 Tools
My Little Stalker (Live On Stage @ TBY Solo 09/12/06) 08:12 Tools
My Little Stalker (Hardstyle Masterz 2008 Rmx) 06:53 Tools
drug queen 04:44 Tools
Rockmania (Hardstyle Rock Cafè Mix) 05:09 Tools
The Piano Song (Alla Vecchia Remix) 06:26 Tools
DrugQueen__Original Mix 08:12 Tools
Umanoide - Hitech Mix 05:10 Tools
My Little Stalker (Live On Sta 08:12 Tools
Magma - Paco Ezzemoto Remix 07:17 Tools
My Little Stalker - Live On Stage @ Tby Solo 09.12.06 Mix 05:10 Tools
The pressure - Dubbona 05:10 Tools
Magma (Pace Ezzemoto Remix) 06:26 Tools
DrugQueen__Dark Oscillators Remix 06:26 Tools
Nana Has Just Been Fired 07:24 Tools
DrugQueen__Dark Oscillators Re 06:26 Tools
Drugqueen - Original Mix 05:10 Tools
One Million (Black Hose mix) 05:10 Tools
How Buckwheat Noodle Could Be Introduced Into The Ground Nadir 07:17 Tools
Doomful House Where Saito Hose Used To Live 07:24 Tools
My Little Stalker - Technoboy Rude Mix 05:10 Tools
Rockmania (Hardstyle Rock Café Mix) 07:24 Tools
what i thought while i was watching a baseball game on TV 07:17 Tools
The Bilbao Specter 07:17 Tools
My Little Stalker (Live On Stage @ TBY Solo 09.12.06)***compilation by ZONG****** 07:24 Tools
Loudness (Loud Version)-easymp3s 07:24 Tools
unknown death of a wooden stick 05:10 Tools
My Little Stalker (Live On Stage @ TBY Solo 09.12.06 Mix) 08:10 Tools
Call it Hardstyle (Technoboy Rmx) 07:17 Tools
Drug Queen (Original Mix) 07:17 Tools
A Song Which Would Possibly Become Popular After Our Death 05:10 Tools
Drugqueen - Dark Oscillators Remix 05:10 Tools
One Million (Misar's Club House Mix) 05:10 Tools
Needlecraft Murder Case 05:10 Tools
La Mer 05:10 Tools
The Piano Song (Collezionne Au 05:10 Tools
One Million (Red Hose mix) 05:10 Tools
Call It Hardstyle ! - Original Mix 05:10 Tools
I Survived [Original VRS.] 05:10 Tools
Magma (Pacco Ezzemoto Remix) 05:10 Tools
my little stalker Technoboy Ru 05:10 Tools
Loudness - Loud Version 05:10 Tools
My Littel Stalker (Original) 05:10 Tools
Pressure @ 05:10 Tools
Call It Hardstyle! - Technoboy Remix 07:26 Tools
Qlimax Next Dimensional World 05:10 Tools
A Song Which Should Be Forgotten Immediately After It's Played 07:26 Tools
My little Stalker (RMX Chemikal Brothers) 05:10 Tools
Call It Hardstyle (The Raiders Remix)***compilation by ZONG****** 05:10 Tools
Time Warp 07:26 Tools
Timewarp - K-Traxx Remix 07:26 Tools
I Survived (Original Vrs) @ 29:11 Tools
One Million (Misar's Club Hose Mix) 29:11 Tools
Time Warp (Old Skull Mix) 19:08 Tools
Rockmania (Hardstule Rock Mix) 29:11 Tools
Timewarp 19:08 Tools
Rockmania [Hardstyle Rock Café Mix] 29:11 Tools
My Little Stalker (Original) 29:11 Tools
I Survived [Different Edit] 06:54 Tools
Loudness (Club Mix) 29:11 Tools
The Piano Song (Alla Vechia Mi 19:08 Tools
Call it hardstyle ! 19:08 Tools
Rockmania - Hardstyle Rock Cafe Mix 19:08 Tools
Timewarp [K-Traxx Remix] 19:08 Tools
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The Hose is one of the many hardstyle projects of DJ’s/Producers from the Saifam group. The Hose is formed by Cristiano Giusberti (Technoboy, DJ Gius), Antonio Donà (Tuneboy, K-Traxx), Luca Antolini and Mauro Farina. Known aliases for The Hose are Dark Oscillators and Hunter. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.