The Arteries

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Capture The Flag 03:50 Tools
Divergence 02:29 Tools
Mutual Friends 02:44 Tools
Acoustic Associations 02:15 Tools
No Place Like Home 02:40 Tools
No Guts No Glory 02:56 Tools
Bad Bangers 02:45 Tools
Shitty Band 01:43 Tools
Turn Of The Tide 02:18 Tools
Doing The Rounds 04:35 Tools
Steal Something 02:08 Tools
Three Cats 02:25 Tools
Talk Through Ones Hat 02:05 Tools
Shortcuts 02:12 Tools
Hey Mister 03:12 Tools
New Noose 04:09 Tools
Cornelia Marie 02:23 Tools
Major Threat 02:16 Tools
Dead Sea 04:13 Tools
Don't Come Around 03:55 Tools
Sick 05:28 Tools
Last Thoughts of the Old Me 02:28 Tools
Stop Today 03:07 Tools
(Keep On) Truckin' 02:25 Tools
Remember This 03:05 Tools
Already Tomorrow 04:01 Tools
Bleed Away 02:36 Tools
Spare Ribs 01:58 Tools
Die Nullte 02:46 Tools
Grow Up 02:36 Tools
Somebody To Blame 02:59 Tools
Emotional Decay 02:38 Tools
Nail Scale 02:12 Tools
Kings Of Shit 02:34 Tools
Quality Control 02:30 Tools
Paying For the Name 02:13 Tools
Turborocket 03:29 Tools
Beach Day 00:52 Tools
RPS 00:52 Tools
take the blame 03:42 Tools
Thirteen 03:42 Tools
Faded Away 03:42 Tools
dai snooks 03:42 Tools
Still on my Feet 03:42 Tools
Under Par 03:42 Tools
draw the blinds 03:42 Tools
Plain Sailing 03:42 Tools
Do You Feel Lucky? 03:42 Tools
Billy 03:42 Tools
More Books Less T.V. 03:42 Tools
Easy Way Out 03:42 Tools
stick to your guns 03:42 Tools
Do you feel lucky 03:42 Tools
Pay for the Name 02:18 Tools
do you feel lucky...punk? 02:18 Tools
Sequences 02:18 Tools
Turn The Tide 02:18 Tools
More Books, Less T.V. 03:50 Tools
Like Clockwork 03:50 Tools
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The Arteries are a punk rock band from Swansea, UK, they have been around since 2005, and according to Jamie "We aren't trying to change the world, we are just a bunch of friends that like to play music together and party - come and join in!" After several EPs and splits with other bands their debut album, 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' was self released in 3 parts over 2008 in the form of 3 coloured 10" records and is now available via Household Name Records on CD format. The second album 'Dead Sea' was also self released in association with Specialist Subject Records. It will also be released on vinyl by Paper + Plastick Records in early 2011. BIO ARTERIES are a Sydney based metal band which started out in 2011 with 3 mates who shared the same passion for heavy music. Soon after that they found their bass player and with the recent addition of a second guitarist, it’s helped form what ARTERIES is today, a diverse mixture of erratic riffs, brutal grooves and technical time signatures. Since their first show at The Annandale Hotel, they were immediately winning fans over with their impressive and energetic live assault. Influences Periphery, Dillinger Escape Plan, Underoath, Architects, Norma Jean, Meshuggah, August Burns Red. please go here and mark this as flagged correctly! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.