The Boppers

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Jag drömmer om en jul hemma 03:23 Tools
Kissing In The Moonlight 03:34 Tools
Under the boardwalk 04:18 Tools
Rama Lama Ding Dong 02:30 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart 02:32 Tools
Jeannie's Coming Back 03:57 Tools
Duke Of Earl 02:46 Tools
Jeannie 's Coming Back 03:56 Tools
All I have to do is dream 02:36 Tools
Runaround Sue 02:40 Tools
At the hop 03:34 Tools
Jingle Bell Rock 01:51 Tools
Mr. Bassman / Boppin' The Blues 03:38 Tools
Gonna find my angel 03:49 Tools
Mr Bassman 02:48 Tools
Who's Gonna Follow You Home 03:44 Tools
Who Put The Bomp 03:13 Tools
Sugar Baby Love 03:45 Tools
Wake Up Little Susie 03:01 Tools
Twang 03:33 Tools
Cotton Fields 02:58 Tools
Tempted 03:09 Tools
Blue Blue Moon 02:56 Tools
Heaven 02:06 Tools
A Little Bit Of Soap 02:12 Tools
Ski Bum 02:36 Tools
Pretty Little Angel 02:12 Tools
Remember Then 02:13 Tools
Surfin Bird 04:05 Tools
Poetry In Motion 02:34 Tools
57 03:17 Tools
Tell Laura I Love Her 02:50 Tools
Teenager In Love 02:32 Tools
Led By Love 02:38 Tools
Rockin' around the Christmas t 01:54 Tools
Stand by me 04:04 Tools
Hang On Sloopy 02:33 Tools
Come Go With Me 02:48 Tools
Santa is Rockin 02:51 Tools
Run To Your Love 03:18 Tools
Oh Pretty Woman 02:48 Tools
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 02:52 Tools
When I See Her Smile 03:09 Tools
My love for you 02:18 Tools
Heartaches 02:37 Tools
Kickapoo Joy Juice 02:35 Tools
Jingle Bells 03:55 Tools
I Wonder Why 03:02 Tools
Why 03:10 Tools
When you dance 02:46 Tools
Tick Tock 02:00 Tools
Hit The Road Jack 02:48 Tools
Angela 03:13 Tools
Merry Twistmas 02:06 Tools
Mary Jane 03:16 Tools
Tennessee waltz 02:52 Tools
Rocket From My Heart 03:58 Tools
Sixteen Candles 02:54 Tools
Little Girl 02:49 Tools
Little Darling 02:00 Tools
Hey Baby 02:18 Tools
That's All Right 02:05 Tools
Pretend To Stop Pretending 03:38 Tools
In Love With You 03:37 Tools
Only The Lonely 02:22 Tools
Hold Me Now 04:04 Tools
Back To The Hop 02:11 Tools
Pretty Little Angel Eyes 02:50 Tools
Christmas Wedding 03:56 Tools
Yakety Yak 01:50 Tools
Dagny 03:36 Tools
Runaway 02:32 Tools
Come On Let's Go 02:23 Tools
Crying In The Rain 02:43 Tools
House Of The Rising Sun 02:23 Tools
Calling Juliet 02:18 Tools
Take good care of my baby 02:54 Tools
Run Rudolph Run 03:28 Tools
Wip Wop Rabadab 03:58 Tools
Listen To The Music 03:08 Tools
White Christmas Turning Blue 03:09 Tools
Wake me up before you go go 00:00 Tools
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 01:55 Tools
His latest flame 02:36 Tools
Rock Tonight 03:16 Tools
Do That Boppin' Jive 02:51 Tools
Christmas without you 03:45 Tools
Christmas On TV 02:02 Tools
Jeannie´s Coming Back 00:00 Tools
Did I Tell You - Live på Börsen 03:31 Tools
I Fought The Law 03:17 Tools
Wanna Be Your Man 02:16 Tools
Danny Sang A Love Song 03:12 Tools
Do That Bopping Jive 02:53 Tools
Skateboard Sue 02:30 Tools
Santa is rockin' 02:51 Tools
Your Sister Told Me 03:00 Tools
My girl 03:12 Tools
Too much work 02:33 Tools
She's so Fine 02:26 Tools
Danspotpurri med raketen 02:30 Tools
Slip Away 03:18 Tools
Jackie Bop 03:08 Tools
Hallelujah I love her so 02:53 Tools
Win Your Love For Me 04:04 Tools
Guitar Man 02:55 Tools
Por que Te Amo Tanto 04:30 Tools
Mr. Bassman / Boppin' The Blues - Live Unplugged 03:38 Tools
I Wish 03:10 Tools
I Saw Mommy Kissin Santa Claus 02:54 Tools
Why Did You Break My Heart 03:55 Tools
Mona Lisa 02:19 Tools
Little darlin' 02:05 Tools
You 02:55 Tools
I've Got Myself a New Thing Going 03:55 Tools
Happy Days 02:19 Tools
Open Your Heart 02:03 Tools
Dancin'to the Rock'n Roll music 03:56 Tools
Baby Come Back To Me (New Recording) 02:55 Tools
Kissin'in the moonlight 03:33 Tools
Sweet Denise 03:30 Tools
Kissing In The Moonlight - Live Unplugged 03:05 Tools
My Girl (New Recording) 03:30 Tools
The Christmas Song 03:11 Tools
They Never Know 02:55 Tools
Diana 03:30 Tools
Gone Gone Gone 03:13 Tools
Medley: Keep On/I Can Jive/Git It/Cruisin' On A Saturday Night - Live på Börsen 03:30 Tools
Blue Christmas 02:59 Tools
The Great Pretender 03:30 Tools
Get a job 02:58 Tools
Santa Claus Is Back In Town 03:13 Tools
Dancing To The Rock 'N' Roll Music 03:11 Tools
Alone And Betrayed 03:11 Tools
Sad But True 03:06 Tools
Mr Bassman - Boppin´ The Blues 03:13 Tools
The girl can't help it 03:05 Tools
Rudolph the rednosed reindeer 01:57 Tools
Hard Times For Lovers 02:41 Tools
Heaven - Live Unplugged 02:16 Tools
Hats off to Larry 02:03 Tools
Har fallit som en sten 04:18 Tools
Itty Bitty Rockabilly 01:58 Tools
Don't Be Cruel 03:05 Tools
I'm in Love all over again 02:29 Tools
C'mon And Dance 02:29 Tools
Baby come back to me 00:00 Tools
Every Little Thing 04:08 Tools
Born to rock 01:50 Tools
I saw mommy kissin' Santa Claus 00:00 Tools
Some Get Lucky 03:42 Tools
Sheila 00:00 Tools
Dancin' To The Rock'n'roll Music 04:11 Tools
It Hurts To Be In Love 02:29 Tools
Lovers never say goodbye 02:35 Tools
Mother In Law 03:21 Tools
The Shape I'm In 02:14 Tools
All shook up 02:05 Tools
Baby Come Back To Me (Morse Code of love) 02:52 Tools
Santa is back in town 01:58 Tools
Little Town Flirt 02:52 Tools
Almost grown 04:13 Tools
Blue Christmas (Bonus track) 02:52 Tools
Loved By You 04:11 Tools
Wake Me Up Before You Go (New Recording) 04:11 Tools
Sol på mej 04:11 Tools
Guitar Man (New Recording) 00:00 Tools
Morse code of love (Baby come back to me) 03:58 Tools
Rocka På 03:01 Tools
Good Luck Charm 03:58 Tools
True love 02:41 Tools
Christmas song 03:01 Tools
Tren Solitario 02:18 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart - Live Unplugged 02:24 Tools
It Started With A Love Affair - Live på Börsen 03:21 Tools
Carry On 03:14 Tools
2 Fools In Love 02:18 Tools
Turn me loose 03:43 Tools
Rock Tonight (New Recording) 03:21 Tools
Do you love me 02:44 Tools
Eleonor 04:19 Tools
Oh baby 02:31 Tools
Under The Boardwalk - Live Unplugged 03:32 Tools
Someday 02:50 Tools
Magic Of The Moment 04:20 Tools
She'd Rather Be With Me 02:14 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight 02:44 Tools
Rock A Doodle - Swedish 02:44 Tools
I´ve got Myself A New Thing Going 03:21 Tools
Low Down Dirty Shame 03:37 Tools
Dancin to the Rock´n´roll Music 04:57 Tools
Himlen för mig 03:29 Tools
Book Of Love 02:15 Tools
Baby Blue 03:35 Tools
Stand By Me - Live Unplugged 04:04 Tools
I Don't Mind 03:51 Tools
Runaround Sue - Live Unplugged 02:40 Tools
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree 01:53 Tools
57 (fiftyseven) 03:16 Tools
Cotton Fields - Live Unplugged 02:58 Tools
Tears On My Pillow 03:13 Tools
Under The Moonlight 02:18 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart (feat. Sisters in Gospel) 02:31 Tools
Mr Bassman/Boopin the blues 02:31 Tools
Lana 02:17 Tools
Bring Me Down 02:38 Tools
High In The Sky 02:43 Tools
A Girl Like You 04:15 Tools
I Believe In You 04:11 Tools
Baby Come Back to Me (The Morse Code of Love) 03:17 Tools
Tick, Tock 02:01 Tools
Heart And Soul 03:16 Tools
Umbrella 02:42 Tools
Goodnight sweet heart 03:16 Tools
Gonna Rip It Up 03:09 Tools
Rock'n'roll is good for the soul 03:03 Tools
På andra sidan stan 03:31 Tools
Sweet Love 02:42 Tools
Fiftyseven 03:26 Tools
Boppin' 02:45 Tools
Crying Over You 03:53 Tools
Gee 02:45 Tools
Try Harder 03:17 Tools
Teach You To rock 03:17 Tools
Lycklig igen 03:04 Tools
Vild och vacker (Tuff Tuff) 03:17 Tools
Hey Ruby 03:16 Tools
När alla pengar tagit slut 03:02 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart (Well It´s Time To Go) 04:15 Tools
TV-Hop 03:25 Tools
Gotta Get You Near Me Blues 04:15 Tools
Honey don't 03:04 Tools
Hang On Sloopy - Live Unplugged 02:36 Tools
His Latest Flame - Live Unplugged 02:36 Tools
That's All Right - Live Unplugged 02:05 Tools
99 Chicks 02:00 Tools
There She Goes Again 02:00 Tools
Kärlek Är Bra 02:52 Tools
Wake Me up Before You Go-Go 03:17 Tools
Little Girl Of Mine 03:20 Tools
Who's Gonna Follow You Home - 12" version - Remix by Per Adebratt 04:15 Tools
Wake Up Little Susie - Live Unplugged 03:04 Tools
Tennessee Waltz - Live Unplugged 02:52 Tools
ChristmasWithout You 03:25 Tools
Röda tårar 03:46 Tools
Mannen av järn 03:08 Tools
C´mon And Dance 03:25 Tools
Ge mig ett tecken 03:20 Tools
Sandy 01:53 Tools
Baby Come Back 03:25 Tools
Heaven Sent 04:30 Tools
Små små ord 03:03 Tools
Sun Do Shine 03:03 Tools
Rocka på (bonus) 03:03 Tools
Jag Drömmer Om En Jul Hemma (White Christmas) 03:03 Tools
Modern Music - Live på Börsen 03:26 Tools
Promised Land 04:30 Tools
I´m In Love All Over Again 04:30 Tools
Do that boppin´jive 02:50 Tools
Come On Let´s Go 04:30 Tools
Surfin' Bird 02:38 Tools
Please Tell Me 04:30 Tools
Rock´n Roll Age 04:30 Tools
Baby Talk 02:54 Tools
Happ-E-2-C-U-A-GINN 04:58 Tools
(I've Got) Dreams To Remember - Live på Börsen 02:54 Tools
Leave My Woman Alone + I Confess - Live på Börsen 02:54 Tools
I´m Your Man 03:56 Tools
The Shape I´m In 03:56 Tools
Take Good Care Of My Baby - Live Unplugged 02:54 Tools
My Melancholy Baby 02:55 Tools
Mr Bassman / Boppin' the blues 03:37 Tools
I Got A Feeling 02:55 Tools
My Love For You - Live Unplugged 02:18 Tools
Rock 'n' Roll is Good for The Soul 02:55 Tools
Kissin´In The Moonlight 04:01 Tools
Love For You 02:53 Tools
Ali Baba 02:18 Tools
Do You Wanna Bop 02:31 Tools
När stjärnarna faller 03:17 Tools
Colina Azul - Bluberry hill 02:20 Tools
The Girl Can´t Help It 02:38 Tools
Wip Wop Rabadab (Live) 03:58 Tools
Lipstick, Powder and Paint 04:18 Tools
Turning 'round 03:58 Tools
Little Darlin 03:58 Tools
She´d Rather Be With Me 02:38 Tools
Cadillac 00:00 Tools
Hallelujah I Love Her So - Live Unplugged 02:53 Tools
Hallelujah I love her 02:53 Tools
Söka Skatten 02:53 Tools
Morse Code Of Love - Baby Come Back To Me 02:53 Tools
Puss och kram 02:53 Tools
Rock'n'Roll Age 02:20 Tools
Money's Funny 02:38 Tools
Bebop Blues (Interlude) 02:38 Tools
Dancin to the Rock´n´roll Music (Live) 04:58 Tools
Under the Boardwalk (Live) 04:18 Tools
White Christmas 02:30 Tools
Rock'n Roll Is Good For The Soul 02:30 Tools
Rock'n Roll Age 02:09 Tools
Everybody Wants To Be A Star 02:17 Tools
Mr Bassman - Boppin' the blues 02:17 Tools
Hey Baby! 02:17 Tools
Rock A Doodle 04:18 Tools
I'll Be Satisfied 02:20 Tools
It's In Her Kiss 04:18 Tools
Turning Round 04:18 Tools
Oh, Carol 04:18 Tools
Jeannie´s Coming Back (Live) 03:12 Tools
Kickapoo Joy Juice (Live) 02:47 Tools
Something's Missin' 04:11 Tools
The Visit (Stary) 02:09 Tools
Duke of Earl (Live) 04:19 Tools
Little Girl (Live) 02:45 Tools
The Boppers - Sugar baby love 02:09 Tools
Mr Baseman 04:11 Tools
Godnight Sweetheart 02:20 Tools
Kickpoo Joy Juice 02:36 Tools
Im in Love All Over Again 02:36 Tools
Rock 'n' Roll Age 02:09 Tools
I´ve Got Myself a New Thing Going (Live) 03:35 Tools
That´s all right 03:35 Tools
Bonus Track - Rocka På 03:35 Tools
Mr Bassman (Live) 01:56 Tools
Non Stop Rock & Roll Party 03:35 Tools
Dream 02:20 Tools
Surfin Bird (Live) 06:03 Tools
Hermosos ojos azules - Prety blue eyes 02:18 Tools
Jag Drömmer Om En Vit Jul Hemma (White Christmas) 02:09 Tools
Mr Bassman/Boppin The Blues 02:09 Tools
Goodnight Sweet Heart, Goodnight 02:20 Tools
Dancing to the rock n roll mus 02:20 Tools
Simma lugnt 02:20 Tools
Have mercy 02:18 Tools
In the Meantime 02:09 Tools
Bony Maronie 02:09 Tools
Stagger Lee 02:09 Tools
Mother in Law (Live) 03:43 Tools
At the Hop (Live) 03:51 Tools
Kiss And Coo 02:09 Tools
Jag drömmer om en vit jul hemm 02:09 Tools
Ill Be Satisfied 06:03 Tools
I'm Your Man 04:00 Tools
Rama lama din 06:03 Tools
Only the lonley 06:03 Tools
Back to the Hop (Live) 03:35 Tools
That girl 03:35 Tools
Tillbaks till dej 06:03 Tools
A Little Bit of Soap (Live) 02:18 Tools
Led By Lov 06:03 Tools
Remember M, Remember E 02:18 Tools
Something's Missing 03:43 Tools
All I Have To Do 03:51 Tools
It´s in her kiss 03:51 Tools
When You Dance (Live) 03:09 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart (Well It´s Time to Go) [Live] 04:15 Tools
Bikini Amarillo 03:35 Tools
She´s So Fine 04:15 Tools
Fiftyseven (Live) 03:25 Tools
Do That Boppin´jive (Live) 03:11 Tools
Come Back To You 03:35 Tools
Led By Love (Live) 02:52 Tools
Kickapoo 02:18 Tools
Kissing In The Moonlight (Live Unplugged) 02:18 Tools
Dreamer 02:52 Tools
Oh, Baby 02:31 Tools
The Boppers - Rama Lama Ding Dong 02:18 Tools
Por que Te Amo Tanto - ? 02:31 Tools
När Stjärnorna Faller 02:18 Tools
Pretty Woman 02:18 Tools
there she's goes again 03:09 Tools
Twang (Live) 03:35 Tools
Kissin´in the Moonlight (Live) 04:00 Tools
Only Lhe Lonely 04:00 Tools
Treasure Hunting 02:52 Tools
Little wild angels 02:52 Tools
09 - Born To Rock 02:52 Tools
Do that Boppin´ Jive 03:35 Tools
Rocka På (Bonus Track) 02:52 Tools
23 - Hey Baby 02:52 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnigh 02:31 Tools
There She Goes 05:40 Tools
Goodnight Sweetheart It's Time To Go 02:18 Tools
Ramalama Ding Dong 02:18 Tools
We're Gonna Rock You 02:18 Tools
Gonna Find Me An Angel 02:18 Tools
Turn Me Loose (Live) 02:18 Tools
If you were mine 02:18 Tools
Born to rock. 03:35 Tools
Poetry In Motin 03:35 Tools
Turning ´Round 03:35 Tools
Dancin' To The Rock'n'Roll Mus 03:35 Tools
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For nearly three decades The Boppers have been on tour with their mix of authentic Rock n´Roll and close harmony Doo-Wop. With over two million records sold in Scandinavia alone, The Boppers are one of the successful Scandinavian groups of their kind with a great love for the originals and a feeling for authenticity. Through the years they have been touring with artists like Jerry Williams, Chuck Berry, Suzi Quattro and many more. Together with Markoolio the group in early 2000 made the hit record 'Rocka På' a crossover with Hip-Hop which attracted a younger audience to their style of music. The Boppers of today continue to spread their love of classic Rock n´Roll & Doo Wop, and the group has become synonymous with the authentic groove of 50´s music, performed with joy and energy. Band: Ingmar Wallén: Vocals & Giutars, Matte Lagerwall: Vocals & Guitars, Kenneth Bjornlund: Drums&Vocals, Surjo Benigh: Bass&Vocals, Gaffa Karlsson: Piano, Lapsteel&Vocals, Jocke Svalberg: Organ&Vocals Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.