The Bots

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Blinded 00:00 Tools
All I Really Want 00:00 Tools
Northern Lights 03:38 Tools
Won 03:07 Tools
5:17 02:53 Tools
No One Knows 03:07 Tools
Vanity 06:35 Tools
Ubiquitous 06:35 Tools
All of Them (Wide Awake) 03:56 Tools
I Like Your Style 03:56 Tools
Wet Blanket 35:38 Tools
You Name It, We Got It 02:46 Tools
Notre Monde 35:38 Tools
Alanna 03:49 Tools
War 03:49 Tools
Bad Friends 03:49 Tools
Ethiopia 03:49 Tools
Silhouettes 03:49 Tools
Side Effects 03:49 Tools
Plastic Jacket 01:54 Tools
These Feelings 03:35 Tools
My Apparatus 03:04 Tools
You Are A Liar 01:28 Tools
Stop 01:21 Tools
Push 03:45 Tools
We Are Not Kids Anymore 03:47 Tools
Old Days 03:46 Tools
Dream 02:32 Tools
Art Star 02:02 Tools
Electronic Paradise 03:09 Tools
I Feel The Love 03:25 Tools
Freak 04:04 Tools
5.17 02:52 Tools
Sieben Tage Lang 03:25 Tools
Can't Explain 03:19 Tools
Money 03:53 Tools
Power And Domination 03:21 Tools
Rock The Beat 03:26 Tools
Don't Funk (With The Funk Junkie) 02:58 Tools
I Just Wanna Be Dancin 03:18 Tools
Take The Power Back 03:29 Tools
The Secret Of Life 03:02 Tools
The Sea Of Time 03:05 Tools
Computer Control 04:04 Tools
It's Driving Me Crazy 03:22 Tools
Its Time To Go Shopping 03:31 Tools
Rock On 03:22 Tools
Now Is The Time 03:47 Tools
Weapons Of Mass Deception 03:22 Tools
Where Has Our Love Gone 03:01 Tools
Give It Up 03:35 Tools
This Thing Called Happiness 03:11 Tools
My Mind Is Free 03:23 Tools
It Just Feels Right 04:02 Tools
Never Fall In Love 03:14 Tools
Fuzzy Math 00:00 Tools
The Bots Are On A Mission 04:07 Tools
Smoky On Da Mic 03:04 Tools
Give Me Some Truth 03:19 Tools
Fuzzy Math 00:00 Tools
You Name It We Got It 02:46 Tools
POPPIN' JAY 00:00 Tools
OVERHEAT 00:00 Tools
I'm Gay 00:00 Tools
BLOWIN' THE MIND 00:00 Tools
BAD TIMES 00:00 Tools
All Of Them 02:21 Tools
'I'm gay' 02:21 Tools
Wat Zullen We Drinken 03:27 Tools
Blinded (IJsbreker) 03:27 Tools
Was wollen wir trinken 03:27 Tools
Fake Gold 03:27 Tools
'Shit Dixon' 02:38 Tools
Cokes and Snickers 02:06 Tools
Scratchin' 02:38 Tools
Blowin' The Mind (Studio Demo) 03:28 Tools
Scape Grace (Studio Demo) 03:49 Tools
Zeven Dagen Lang 02:06 Tools
Won (OST NFS 2015) 02:06 Tools
Rock-A-Rebel Train 02:36 Tools
Third Desert (Bonus Live) 02:36 Tools
Desperate 04:25 Tools
Trouble Traveller (Studio Demo) 04:25 Tools
Give Me Somethin' (Live At Tbs Radio Akasaka/Nov. '83) 03:17 Tools
Overheat (Studio Demo) 03:17 Tools
Als je maar klaarkomt 00:00 Tools
Overheat (Live At Tbs Radio Akasaka Nov. '83) 03:00 Tools
Poppin' JAY-Humming Version- (Studio Demo) 03:00 Tools
Argument 03:00 Tools
Wild Ravin' (Studio Demo) 02:38 Tools
Hot Rock (Live At Tbs Radio Akasaka Nov. '83) 02:38 Tools
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There are three Bands known as The Bots: 1. The Bots are a two-piece lo-fi punk rock band. Los Angeles residents and brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei are just 18 and 15 years old. They have already played high-profile tours such as Warped in 2011, wowing crowds with their talent at such a young age. 2. The Bots are a Japanese rockabilly band. 3. The Bots are also the internet's first virtual band. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.