The Burning Season

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The Eternal Now 00:00 Tools
Pick Up The Pieces 00:00 Tools
Watch In Faith 00:00 Tools
Weight Of The World 00:00 Tools
The Broadcast 00:00 Tools
A Fate Like Yours 00:00 Tools
First Glance 00:00 Tools
Year Of The Cicada 00:00 Tools
Bite The Bullet 00:00 Tools
These Things 00:00 Tools
Morse Code Romance 00:00 Tools
Something More 00:00 Tools
Losing My Voice 00:00 Tools
Dear Seductress 00:00 Tools
onward anthem 00:00 Tools
Awaking The Ghost 00:00 Tools
Wearing Thin 00:00 Tools
Throwing Caution 00:00 Tools
My Spirit My Stride 00:00 Tools
Martyr 00:00 Tools
You Can't Say Dance On A Record 00:00 Tools
Losing My Voice [Acoustic Instrumental] 00:00 Tools
Born From Dirt 00:00 Tools
Our Dissolution 00:00 Tools
// 00:00 Tools
\\ 00:00 Tools
Fatal Eucharist 00:00 Tools
Beneath The Demon's Wings 00:00 Tools
The Burning Season - Pick Up The Pieces 00:00 Tools
Grave Flowers Wilt 00:00 Tools
Faith and the Muse 00:00 Tools
H And The Muse 00:00 Tools
Orrat Agon 00:00 Tools
House of Straw - Bury Your Dead Cover 00:00 Tools
Track 10 00:00 Tools
Free to Decide - Morning Again Cover 00:00 Tools
broadcast 00:00 Tools
Moment of Silence 00:00 Tools
Pick Up The Pieces (Demo) 00:00 Tools
The Burning Season - Watch In Faith 00:00 Tools
Someting More 00:00 Tools
The Enternal Now 00:00 Tools
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1. THE BURNING SEASON began in late 2001, taking their name from the concept of their previous band's disaster. After facing copyright issues and member changes; THE BURNING SEASON started off on a clean slate with the drive to push the limits of their past endeavors. This Maryland based group set out to redefine the landscape of modern metallic hardcore. Blending melodic hooks with searing riffs and punishing breakdowns, THE BURNING SEASON became a force to be reckoned with as their debut album, The Haze Of Infatuation, hit the market. With wide appraise for their debut effort, THE BURNING SEASON shared the stage with some of metal's finest such as THE AGONY SCENE, AS I LAY DYING, HASTE THE DAY, and EVERGREEN TERRACE. As great fan reactions melded with their hard work and dedication, they knew it was time to get back to the studio to put out a sophomore album for their fans. Recording their first album for their transition to Eulogy Recordings, Onward Anthem is posed to be new and exciting ground for the band. With THE BURNING SEASON’s new record, they will continue to usher in a new age of metallic hardcore. 2. Burning Season, Hardcore/Metal from Sydney, Australia. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.