The Chronicles of Israfel

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
The Equinigma 04:26 Tools
Burning Day 02:25 Tools
Starborn, Part III: On A Forever Road 06:23 Tools
Laudanum 07:49 Tools
Starborn, Part I: Empire of Light 04:45 Tools
Kill Division 03:21 Tools
Nation 05:43 Tools
Born Fighting 04:51 Tools
Starborn, Part II: Citizen 01:23 Tools
New Mood Therapy for a Medicated Babylon 06:07 Tools
Lacrima Christi 02:14 Tools
Eugenics 05:21 Tools
Home to Oblivion 03:52 Tools
Goddamned 06:11 Tools
Life I Know 03:52 Tools
In Ruins 03:52 Tools
Colors of the Energy Construct 03:52 Tools
Hatred In My Heart 03:52 Tools
Spirit Carousel 03:52 Tools
I Remember 06:11 Tools
Violet Empress (Last Love) 03:52 Tools
Nightmare 06:11 Tools
A Trillion Lights 06:11 Tools
Greet the Sun 06:11 Tools
The Turning Of The Heavens 06:11 Tools
Incendia 06:11 Tools
New Mood Therapy 06:11 Tools
Starborn 06:11 Tools
Violet Empress 06:11 Tools
Starborn, Part I: Empire Natof Lights 06:11 Tools
Starborn Part I - Empire of Light 06:11 Tools
Kill Division (Radio Edit) 02:45 Tools
The Equinigma (Radio Edit) 03:47 Tools
Starborn Part III 06:47 Tools
Starborn Part II - Citizen 06:47 Tools
Starborn Part III - On a Forever Road 06:47 Tools
Nation (Radio Edit) 03:59 Tools
Starborn, Part II : Citizen 01:24 Tools
Starborn Part I: Empire of Lig 00:35 Tools
Starborn, Part III : On a Forever Road 06:24 Tools
Empire of Light 04:46 Tools
Starborn Part III: on A Foreve 04:46 Tools
On A Forever Road 00:35 Tools
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The Chronicles of Israfel is the brainchild of Dominic Cifarelli, former guitar player for Pulse Ultra. The project was born during a very uncertain and difficult period in his music career leading up to the breakup of Pulse Ultra. Many late night jam sessions combined with the constant viewing of violent Japanese anime movies helped form the sound of this sometimes brutal and very dark album. The first part "Starborn, Tome I", follows Israfel, the main character, in his search for a new home and the self discovery of his superior inner design. Starborn was released in 2007 through Bridge of Hands Entertainment, an independant arts label dedicated to the development and the distribution of original art not limited to music. Dominic is currently writing the second instalment of The Chronicles of Israfel after a hiatus from the project while playing bass for Scars On Broadway. Visit the band on Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.